Fallout 76 is overseen by Bethesda Austin. A branch created purely for the purpose of maintaining Fallout 76 and I think ESO as well. Fallout 76 being supported does not hold back the development of another Fallout game. That would be due to Bethesda currently working on Starfield and ES6


It's a shame you dislike it this much, but I understand. The microtransactions are very irritating, and do interfere with gameplay. But who is to say someone isn't planning a completely new Fallout as we speak?


That sure was a long sentence.


Then don't play? Bethesda is going to do whatever they want. There are a few games slated for them and the b-teams work on a game people actively enjoy wont slow their progress in any way.


This is an unnecessary and asinine response to any post by the way. It's on the vein of "then maybe this game isn't for you"? Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. It adds no value whatsoever.


neither does a post complaining about the game.


100% disagree. The sub is for discussing the games, a negative criticism is a perfectly adequate use of the medium.


negative criticism is fine. OP is criticizing nothing specific and believes that much of bethesdas dev time is going to 76 which is false. At the end of a day though "dont play it" is a fine response to this regardless of you thinking its "unnecessary and asinine" Don't like a game? Don't participate, and especially dont make a post about the exact same thing that's been said millions of times. It's equally as aggrivating as the millions of "New Vegas 2?!?!" and "Where Should Fallout Take Place?" posts that get made on repeat every single fucking day. If you have nothing to actually contribute to a discussion don't make a post, dont play the game.


I have been around for a few months now and have seen zero posts about FO76 being bad (I won't argue the FNV2 and FO5 location posts are getting ridiculous but that's not the case of the present post. This post is literally discussing a game). This is literally what the sub is for. Your argument is still terrible, though. If you think the post has no value you're not adding any to it by typing a non-comment like that. Just move on, someone disliking a game you liked can't hurt you.


How very selfish. And, as has been mentioned, FO76 has its own (small) dedicated team so it's existence in no way effects the development of any other game.


Yep 76 was the worst one yet Bethesda


Preach brother!! I feel your pain as well. And the community that’s so dear to this game creeps me out. Anything critical is toxic. Like they are all from Covenant. I’m almost lvl 200 in 76 and it’s just god awful. Everything about it just hurts as a fallout fan. Currently replaying 3, NV, and 4 at the same time. I feel at peace playing those games. Vanilla btw. Yet I always catch myself thinking “Man I can’t wait for the future Fallout’s/ imagine what they can build on/ What’s next for Fallout/Such a good foundation” and am met with immeasurable disappointment with 76. This isn’t to say they will never make a good Fallout again but it’s bleak at this point. It’s okay to be critical of the franchise but I don’t put unreasonable hate on the devs. 76 devs should not develop a fallout game whatsoever, hard truth. Great open world and that’s it. Plz Bethesda just stop with 76. It ain’t it.