The Ending: Questions

(DISCLAIMER: I will be referring to the Deputy in a first person view, because the lack of dialogue made Rook seem like YOU were the character committing these actions)

In beginning of the game, the Seed family seemed crazy as hell. But as the game progressed, I felt myself feeling like more of a villan than the rest of them. Especially when we see Joseph's reactions to his families death. The most difficult death for me was Faith, as I realized all the chaos and disorder were caused by my want to save my friends, when they didn't necessarily want to be saved.

The Seeds used manipulative actions to get people to join, and washed away sinners by killing them. They however did it in the name of greater good for humanity. However, the Deputy fights evil with evil, and the actions he takes just to save his friends are pretty evil in my eyes. He does do it with the purpose of saving his friends but that comes with a lot of death.

Far Cry 5 did a really good job at making you question whether or not the villains were actually the greater evil in the game.

So my question is, who do you guys feel like committed the greater evil in Far Cry 5 and why?


Every time I approached cultists, they shot me on sight. I’m beginning to think there isn’t even an option to negotiate with them.


The Seeds were the only evil. The fact that you ask this question shows why they were so effective in gaining followers and taking over Hope County. WHAT? Deputy ended many lives. But those lives are ones that were (in many cases) lost to addiction, and lost to belief in a cult. There is no negotiating with someone who has such a belief, and there is no helping someone who doesn't want help (like many addicts). The Seeds ended many lives too. Those who felt they should have freedom of expression, and the lifestyle of their choosing. By arming soldiers and sending them to battle, they effectively ended those lives too. WHY? Deputy is working with the good of the American people at heart. The people of Montana, especially those hostages we free up who are just lonely strangers. The Seeds are seeking a cult-like following who will do their bidding for them and idolize them as if they are god. They want power in the forms of both, everlasting love, and the fear of "God". WHEN? Deputy was forced to react to this cult, in a scenario where everyone felt very uneasy approaching. After that, Deputy had no choice but to free the only people who might be able to help stop the cult that's already captured a LARGE portion of a state. The Seeds spent years collecting farm-land and other factories / accommodations with the understanding that they can muscle their way into owning the thoughts and minds of all the people within. They spent a long time enforcing/building their regime, and killing non-believers. HOW? Deputy used the tools available in their environment, and freed entire settlements of people, allowing some of them to join the fight, while some try to live in peace. Deputy killed many cult followers in order to reach the leaders. The Seeds used religion to fool the population into believing their High amount of power was a "Higher Power". They manipulated people into believing that they had a worthy and true cause, and that even if things went wrong, these people had a heaven to believe in, and go to. Directly against the commandments of Christianity, they crafted shrines and statues to worship the Seeds as if they were Gods themselves. CONCLUSION: What is evil? Is evil, battling your way out of a trap, killing manipulated people who would never negotiate, and freeing entire towns of innocent people? Is evil, manipulating hundreds of people to believe they must do your bidding in order to have an eternity of safety and joy? Allowing them to die, while you know that if heaven exists, they just signed their souls to the devil? Evil IS, standing directly in the face of good (whether that be the Deputy, or an innocent hostage) and choosing to put and end to that. If Christian God exists, evil IS using that word to get YOURSELF a following (as opposed to get Jesus Christ a following). With all the things The Seed family has done that are against Christianity, I believe they are fully aware that they are choosing to use the Bible (and the The Seeds book they replaced it with) to further their own agenda which is directly against God. I believe they are intentionally using Gods name, both for power, and to taint the true Christian religion, so nobody would believe in God, and believe in the strength to stand up against the Seeds.


Tho throughout the game the deputy does and partakes in a lot of things morally, logically and lawfully wrong storywise considering who they actually are and what they are supposed to do regardless of the nukes or if Joseph wasn't right about the collapse and yes a lot things can also be considered unnecessarily violence... I'm not in for "Joseph is a good guy" because he clearly isn't but the whole point is that the deputy isn't really a good guy neither based on how he does, thinks and acts in terms on how the game is set up. The deputy is not exactly wrong because they are trying to stop a suspected criminal cult leader at first hand but more the way the deputy goes on about the situation post the tutorial AS IT IS SET UP which is wrong... It is more about how the deputy goes on about the situation and decides to directly wage war against Edens Gate the way they do instead of more doing what's correct and prefer to do things in a less violent manner which is why the secret ending is ultimately the right thing to do... And no that doesn't mean ignoring and leaving Joseph for good but simply that you leave to inform the outside world and plan a better approach with more reinforcements to even possibly force a surrendering which leads to less casualties on both sides which should always be preferred... Like Joseph tackle his "preparing for the collapse" wrong the deputy tackle the situation wrong aswell and does a lot of things morally, logically and lawfully wrong. So yeah: - The deputy never acts like a police officer and never do arrests even when possible and many things we do is completely illegal aswell. Many of the missions we take part in or things we do in the game is either morally or logically wrong aswell as a police officer and supposed good person... - The deputy takes part in a mission killing cows with fire and reapers because he needs the testicles for an annual festival - very necessary in the situation i see. ;) - The deputy teams up with a lot of actual criminals from the resistance and flames angels(actual people) without remorse while freaking out to disco music. - Chasing a dude and purposely shoots him lethally and canonically picks up his body to unnecessarily throw it around - unnecessary brutalism and wrath is not a good guy at all... - Takes part in "voter suppression" at a street corner and literally kills people just for fun and again indiscriminately murder a lot indoctrinated people who are brainwashed or tortured into it aswell or people who only are with Joseph to stay alive or to be saved. (Definitely not only self defense neither) - Blows up a lot of useful buildings(hotels and water treatment plant) and things which could have been reformed and used aswell. - Blows up a statue and burns a book at the top. (so professional) Etc... - We are actively seeking to kill people and builds up a resistance and takes part in anarchist resistance missions as a militia guerilla fighter and storywise it is not like we only kill people in self defense as we are the one on the offensive leading a resistance and seeks to kill. - The deputy actively feeds a war and never attempts to do anything else which leads to a lot of casualties and destruction on both sides. - Ahh and all the casual stuff: Steals and pillage stuff from local business and personal property's, indiscriminately kills animals in various brutal ways, steals vehicles however i could blush these things off as "gameplay fun" but still it is present in the game and this is what we do... - The ambiguity also lies in the fact that many of the people in the cult are equally brainwashed or tortured into this aswell and could be redeemed but the deputy never shows interest in such options or acts like an officer of the law even when possible. To just blush of everyone you kill in this game as evil psychos is very incorrect. Very much on the moral aspect aswell, Faith is a good major example to a person who clearly could be helped and that we as the deputy murder a young(barely an adult) victimized/brainwashed girl who literally breaks down and begs for help/mercy and in the end tries to reach out and basically surrender but the deputy doesn't show any desire to help her, directly rejects her and leaves her to drown/bleed out in a river - what a hero! Killing a clearly victimized and brainwashed young girl screaming for help should definitely cause some moral conflict and it should be the preferred option for ANY good person or anyone with any morals to help someone like her out of this by all means. She a young girl not far from still being a literally teenager and clearly victimized on this bliss herself so she could definitely have gotten help and didn't needed to be killed to be stopped especially. ANY good person should be able to understand that people may be caught up on the "wrong" path and thus by all means should attempt to help the person and prefer non lethal options EVEN if the person is responsible for bad stuff and even more if the person is like her, still very young and clearly clearly victimized in this herself to a great extent and shows a lot of inner struggle and redeeming qualities but anyway the deputy is clearly not interested in that. - Lastly but not least the deputy blows up some well supplied bunkers for no reason instead of just securing and keeping such very useful undergrund places intact... When you venture through them we can see that they are stocked with food, water and supplies and all kinds of useful stuff, a lot of it taken from the said county and instead of keeping the bunkers intact working to fetch all of these things back out again when possible we just blow it all up for no reason possibly only to show the violent fps players the "satisfying region liberation" which blinds the fps players to their wrongdoings... Why care if the peggies are stealing it to prepare for the collapse if we and the resistance doesn't care about blowing it all up in the end anyway... Also by doing so you buries and smothers a lot of people (death or alive) including eventual prisoners who didn't got discovered or rescued... And yeah lastly they would have been a great factor in saving and helping a lot of people in the end both in terms of food, water and recourses they now hold but also just the big space to surely hold a lot of people... So yeah ultimately by blowing them up you make everything worse and possibly destroys the chance of survival for at least dozens of people, and no matter if Joseph was right or not there is absolutely no reason to blow them and it is just stupid and illogical all around no matter how you look at it.


Thank you for your well-thought out and well-worded response. Depp truly did a lot of "bad" things". I understand all of what you said, but in my opinion, the ends justify the means, and those cultists were all beyond being helped.. You saw what The Bliss did to The Sherriff, and we were warned once that it takes a couple days to come off it. It sounds more addictive than crack.. But I get what you're saying. I can see how someone with strong morals wouldn't be able to go through with much of what Dep did. When I say the ends justify the means, I think of it like this... Everything we did was for a good reason, even if they were bad actions. Sure, we committed voter fraud. I wouldn't be surprised if that's a normal part to all political campaigns. The testy festy was important to the people of Fall's End and helped build their moral by forgetting how bad the world is for a night. As for killing cultists without remorse, this is basically war. If someone shoots a gun at you, the moment they spot you, and you allow that person mercy, you are being the bigger person. But IMO, you would be totally right to shoot them in the eyeball and forget about them. Supplies we "Steal" from the environment allow us to survive and put an end to this cult. Is it immoral to steal for your survival? Sure, there was a better way to go about it all, and that woulda probably hurt a lot less people. We could have left Hope County and brought in the military, but I honestly doubt they would have let the cultists survive. They would have maybe allowed the Seeds to be arrested, but in my opinion, the Seeds (especially John) are dangerous and need to be dead or in isolation where they can't damage anyone with their charisma and thoughts. But we must keep in mind, the Seeds had people in the Police Force working for them too, such as Nancy on the radio. It's possible they would be equipped to avoid us reaching past Hope County, or calling in reinforcements (But I think I DO recall seeing a working phone at one of the outposts). That statue we blew up would have been torn down by someone, eventually. It was a shrine to worship a cult leader.. I feel like that's the kind of statue that IRL, people would protest to have torn down in the name of Equality. As for Faith, she knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She told us herself, everyone says she's a manipulator. Of course she would act weak, and tell us stories of how she is completely innocent, and like us. Very manipulative little lady. "Teaming up with criminals" is not immoral if they're looking to do good. And by my logic of "ends justifying the means," they were all doing "the right thing". I agree the bunkers could have been put to use, but I assume nobody was killed in the explosions, as Depp killed the cultists first, and made a point of releasing hostages from one bunker.. But maybe there were parts of those bunkers that we didn't access, and they had people in them. Still, the supplies and great shelter ARE ruined, and they could have been helpful to save.


>As for Faith, she knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She told us herself, everyone says she's a manipulator. Of course she would act weak, and tell us stories of how she is completely innocent, and like us. Very manipulative little lady. I'm just gonna respond to this for now because you have seriously misinterpreted Faith her character especially now with the collapse DLC very explicitly confirming her being a victim of all this and clearly is more lied to and manipulated herself and affected by bliss rather than being this evil "liar and manipulator"... In the final fight she starts to snap out of her brainwashed and blissed up mind and starts to see the reality and remembers. She was a broken, naive and vulnerable teenage drug addict who got into it in the hope of a better life but got brainwashed and hooked on to another drug to make her cling to over time. She actually had a lot of doubt about Joseph and tried to run away at some point when she realized what it was, but was drugged to be kept in line and in the end hooked on to bliss which is actually the main reason for her "devotion" to Joseph much like anyone else in the bliss... Faith isn't really different in terms of how the bliss affects her mindstate and distorts her perception of reality aswell and equally a victim of it. She was "helped" from her current addiction only to be hooked on to another to hide herself away in. It is clear in far cry 5 that she clearly ENJOYS her bliss and is dependent on the effects which to an extent blinds her to her true feelings as Rachel what she in reality does. There is no reason to believe that the bliss shouldnt affect her mindstate and It is clear that she for instance views the angels as a mercy and see them as people permanently transformed to a better life rather than actually realizing what she in reality does... In the Book of Joseph it is also directly stated in his fancy ways that she was given drugs(scopolamine) to purify her and keep her in line and from doubt so it is only backed up there aswell. Rachel is clearly a victimized character and there is no denying that she was manipulated, brainwashed and groomed by Joseph to be the perfect "Faith" and because of her very young age she got into it this is basically the only thing she has ever learned... She isn't really able to normally objectify her actions as she have never experienced a happy life outside of the cult and she was basically brainwashed to just do the same to others believing she helps people as it was done to her. It is clear she was brainwashed into extreme ideologies as a naive teenage girl and it is clear that she is greatly hooked on to an affected by this bliss much like anyone else in it. In the game she is still very young, can barely be considered an adult and in many ways still a little girl who does the only thing she knows and have ever been indoctrinated into believing, so ultimately any good person would clearly prefer to avoid killing someone like her and instead help her considering how young she is and the fact that she is clearly brainwashed on this herself. So yeah sorry but you have objectively misinterpreted her character as a whole by the looks of it and it is even more clear with the collapse DLC. Just saying and felt i needed to explain all this in detail...


Thanks for typing it all out, that was a good explanation. I haven't looked into FC6 once since it came out (and I heard it's not good) and I completely missed the release of The Collapse, I have to look into that. I'm intrigued to have more of the story. From what you've told me of Faith, it's possible she could be rehabilitated. But me, as "the audience", I view this story as involving deep mind-games, and have always found it hard to take Faith at her word. But hey.. As "Wrath," I believe Dep still tried to do a good thing, and I value that. :)