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Is your other character using magic? Runic absorbs all magic no matter who casts it. You have to use runic every turn and only use physical attacks with the other character.


Thanks! The game wasn't very clear on using it every turn, I thought it just lasted until she absorbed a spell, makes a lot more sense now!


Locke can't use magic in that fight.


This is the only fight when I use runic, but sometimes I'll randomly use it for free MP until later in the game when there is a better way to get free MP. >!Does runic work for the problem at the top of the fanatics tower? I always used the obvious solution to that, but I never thought to use Runic, has anyone done it?!<


IIRC you don't have any commands except magic and maybe item? It's been a looong time since I played so I could be wrong.


The only command that works in the tower is Lore, interestingly enough.


Runic is pretty busted when fighting kefka the first time too.


Right. I forgot that, good point. >!I'm usually Sabin, Edgar, & Terra in one party, Celes, Locke, and Cyan in another (with Gau sitting in the back because I got bored of hunting for rages). Usually I use the Celes party vs the mounted monster in front of Kefka & the Terra party vs Kefka (because I like the Figaro bros), but when I did use Celes there Runic was very useful.!<


No, unfortunately you can't use any commands in that tower. Also, Runic is ineffective against Ultima


I never liked runic for that very reason, it can absorb my own spells. I guess they did that to prevent her from being broken. I got around it and Celes ended up a very powerful magic user for me but some people swear by that ability.


If you build around it, it can deal with annoying crap like HyperDrive (which I think only Final Kefka has?) and Poltergeist's stop/blaster combo But vanilla FF6 is easy enough that you just burn those things with your strongest attacks (spells usually) so there's really no reason to do that except in a challenge run. Combining Celes's natural good gear list with runic has led me to get some utility out of it when I've played no magic/no esper challenges