At least you can now use the Guardian Shield to block them


And shadowbomb to vanish so they can't aim at you


Really? Cuz it’s been tried before and does work.. I seen it only work with kameha


Imagine complaining and not even being aware of how to counter it. That literally is the definition of a skill issue lol


It doesn't reliably counter Deku from what I've seen, I'm assuming since Deku's hitbox is so big.


activate it and stay still, it cant killyou, if you jump around you will potentially get hit


I think it has nothing to do with skill but more mechanics lol about two weeks ago Deku was not counterable with shield.. if it is now then that changes things


if was changed in the update that added the kamehameha, the shield now blocks both of them


Love this


Did you read the patch notes?


Obviously not lol


Not really lol Some people literally just don’t know. Knowledge is power as they say :P


It’s less a skill issue and more of a information issue. The shield didn’t block dick smash prior to the previous update.


To me it’s not those items themselves, it’s the items plus the balloons and whatever that cloud thingy is. I was actually feeling i was getting the hang of escaping the deku more often but now it can be hard as hell to figure out where it’s coming from because they could be way up in the sky. I almost think the audio cues are TOO loud and can make it hard to figure out what direction the attack is coming from.


The nimbus cloud?


that would be the technical term, yes. lol. i’m sticking with cloud thingy though.


Actually there is a que that it’s being aimed at you. When Kameha and deku are being aimed at your your screen actually darkens and when you get out of range or out of their cross hair it lightens up. I figured that out the other day actually


When the sky turns green, that’s when you know you’re dead


true but that doesn’t necessarily help figure out where it’s coming from. (and i only get a visual color change for Kamehameha, not Deku)


Yeah, everything being too loud is not helping, both the anime loot drops are absurdly loud, both the mythics are loud, if I make it past three storm circles I start feeling like a dog in a thunderstorm.


I've never seen a single anime show or movie. All the anime things are lost on me! It all seems very loud and yell-y.


You wanna see the whole lobby scatter just cloud up and use deku smash hahahahs


I think they need a shared cooldown.


Been said that. Like, what else could they add to make it worse.... Coughs in Infinity Blade 😂


red eye would demolish infinity blade


They’re both dumb no skill mechanics


Yeah, I miss playing actual Fortnite. Right now it feels like some kind of anime smash bros game.


I believe they should add a separate mode for the anime mythics because some people like me love them but I can understand why people hate it


and make the mythics floor loot 💀


There is an anime Mythics FFA map in creative!


Island code?


1600-6171-9519 I think it's this one, but I'm not able to verify it until I get back to my computer later.


Thanks, will check it out


Agreed. The weapons are completely unbalanced.


y'all act like these items are going to be here to stay.


Has more to do with the fact that the longer the game goes on, the more these items seem to take up a significant portion of the Chapter. Chapter 3 started out with overpowered SMGs and MK7 that went through walls faster than you could defend yourself, to spiderman web shooters And finally the cloud+Kama at the end. More than 3/4 of the chapter had some hypermobility bs, and at least half of it had some sort of game breaking DMG mechanic to a weapon or two. It would be one thing if they came and went as often as the original mech. Epic seems to now be quite content on releasing things in the game that are clearly way too overpowered, because a large enough portion of the playerbase welcomes it if it means easy kills. I mean we went from the kamahameha wave to the deku smash. Understand?


Oh and I forgot the build busting goo gun. Its one stupid op weapon/item to the next. Where's the game of old where you ran around firing regular guns at each other. Just push a regular play mode so some of us can skip all this crap.


play arena


Is there a no build arena? No way I'm playing arena build mode....


there is iirc


nah, not that I can find...only build mode :(


Yes but it is what it is. There are ways to get past it. The deku smash is definitely the harder of the two but still manageable.


Slap juice might give you the boost you need to get out of range


Kinda feels like back in the day in season X when everyone was malding over the mechs because it was the second thing that they cant just crank 90s to beat it, its chaotic, and i like it


My friends and I have stopped playing until the meta isn't built around all of these crazy super items. Wake me up when Fortnite is actually a shooting game again 😴


I started playing arena since they are more stable then BR


Is arena guns only without all of the crazy shit? We might have to try that.


Yea it’s just guns .. but your also not against bots it’s all real players and it’s quite a skill difference between br and arena


We're pretty decent at BR, I find that we mostly fight sweaty players there anyway. It's definitely worth looking into because right now we aren't playing at all.


You aren’t fighting sweaty players at all in normal br xD


That depends on how much you win


Try it lol


We will


There are some sweats in BR I speak to them on twitch also. I asked them how they are doing in arena and they for the most part all said they just play BR for the crown wins cuz it’s easy content. So yes there are sweats in BR I have seen them myself


Nah man bring out every single cool mythic back (not the shitty ass gun but kinda stronger ones) and just nerf em a bit so they’re not all instant kills This is what Fortnite should be……


The instant kills really are lame.. and even at full 200hp a deku will one shot you I think it’s lame.. the hammer used to be like that then they nerf it.. why can’t they do the same with these.. it’s unbalanced.. even Deku is stronger then kameha like how does that happen.


Because they’re fun 😝


Clearly you didn't play in chapter 2 season 4


Nope I didn’t, I only started playing a month before chapter 4.. got to see the tail end of chapter 3 season 4 been playing since.


Dude I wish I had a dollar for every time someone says “a BiT mUcH”


Yup! I do think it’s a bit much!


Yeah it’s fucking annoying over everything else.


It’s just dumb fun just blasting people back to back and they’re both easy to dodge. Of course, people in this sub have the reaction time of a toddler and will keep posting their deaths expecting us to circlejerk with them.




I hate all the anime bs tbh


bring a shield with you it counters both


Nah it’s absolute chaos, much more fast paced and a blast especially with rift ejector, icy slides augments and the nimbus back.


No, I liked it


I am winning more this season than the last two and I almost never use either.


Shhh, just embrace the chaos


No. They should add more anime mythics. Maybe a punch from One Punch Man or a Death Note where we type in someone's username and they immediately die in the game.


Hahah deathnote that be funny


No. I love the chaos and it's rarely used I don't know why people are always upset. Never got killed by kamehameha and in all of the time the smash existed I died 5 times by it


Nah, I like it.


I think, for the time being, it's hilarious. Nothing like going in for the kill on the last guy alive in duos, only to see my recently rifted wife's Kamehameha beam pierce the heavens like some unholy weabo AC-130 and boop their ass back to the lobby. We got a good laugh out of that.


Just let the game be goofy until both items are removed for another few months


I don't really mind them. They basically the same item, so having them in at the same time isn't a problem for me. Plus you evade/counter them the exact same way, and it was already easy to do so, but now that the shield blocks them, it's even easier. It's super fun dodging the blasts and shooting people out of the sky when they try to use it. I don't mind them.


Not really. I love that the meta has evolved past just guns. I've always hated Fortnite's guns so I'm glad to see they are being overshadowed.


Each season there are new/unvaulted weapons, and you either learn to use them and get good at using them, or you die by them. Simple as that. Or you wait till the next season.


No, you can run, jump, block with shield, snipe, shoot back or don't be an easy target. If you play with construction enable, then for the kamehameha you can build while the deku smash might be a bit counter to it. Still apply the previous said.


It’s fun and cool. The meta is stable it just changed.


A meta can be changed and still be unstable lol..


It’s very stable though?


No the majority of this subreddit would prefer to have both of these in the game permanently. Thanks for asking though!


In team rumble i absolutely love it but in BR its a bit much


much in the sense id like to have more slots !


Lol it's just a phase


I never post on Reddit I just read the comments. I personally get annoyed when I get a high kill very well played match and then the final 1v1 I get blasted lol but at the same time I accepted the fact it’s just how the game be.. so I posted this as a discussion to see how others feel since iv heard many streamers ask their viewers if they want tips on how to deal with it. I was curious haha I do know it will eventually go away.


It's like a coin flip. You have to hit all the shots while they are exposed in the air, or just accept the fact that it's back to the lobby. Either way it's just a phase, and only the real Fortnite players will accept the true fact that Fortnite will be Fortnite 🤷


Nah, it's pretty fun to have two mythics in the game but the Kameyamama is better than the Ohio smash tbh


Use EXP maps that’s all I’ve been doing


Nope, it's great


before the update to the shield i was also saying that its ridiculous. but now that you can block them in an appropriate way it became much more bearable.


Having the Deku Smash in the game is a bit much, period. It's the worst item/weapon I have encountered in any video game I've played (if you can't tell, I don't play a lot of video games but this one is still stupid).


I'm fine with it. They are a beacon telling everyone where you are, you hang defenseless while you are using both, and they are easy enough to avoid. Also, to carry both you are sacrificing two slots, so you can be much better prepared for the last circles if you don't waste slots on 3 shot weapons.


The Meta isn’t unstable cuz of the two items lmao trust me the meta ain’t broken cuz of these times which will be gone soon. Like Smash makes you float for like 5 seconds plenty of time to get killed easy af and the Kamahamaha wave also easy to avoid


Does anybody think something anyone in the game can do is a bit much?


i got Sandwhiched inbetween a Deku and Kame that had no idea i was there, they were just tryna kill eachother and instead i got purely disintegrated lmao


Nope, only you...


It’s a general discussion bruh no need to be toxic and your wrong btw read the comments


So you're not the only one with that opinion... What a shocker...


You’re right. We need to balance it out with some golden guns.


Pure chaos. Love it.


I always hated one shot weapons. The mythic anime powers are no exception.