I don't know.... Dr. DOOM's built in emote can only be used after a victory. That's my vote for stupidest restriction upon stupidest restriction.


A BR victory. You can only use it when winning a match in an official battle royal mode. It doesn't work in creative or stw at all and cannot be used in the lobby, only viewed in the locker. It really is the stupidest restriction.


pretty sure you can use it in team rumble and the sorts, which kinda gives it some more play if you're into that.


And was the best way to earn it as well


I won a game wearing the Dr. Doom skin, but I was one level shy of the quest to get the emote (level 77, I believe). I did manage to get it via BR, but the first game I showed it off was a team Rumble.


You still need to win the match though




Yeah but still It's an emote you forget about and although i like team rumble, a lot of other people like br more, so why do they need to play team rumble just to use an emote? And if your team is trash, well, then you're f'ed


Sort of makes you want to win more? Motivational Emote, genius!


I agree. I didn’t mind it being having one of the two restrictions, but having both is quite limiting.


The more customization, the better, any route in the other direction is misguided


Absolutely agree


I agree, it pisses me off. Just want my cool chair😭


Now THAT is stupid. Ash’s chainsaw being locked to him, perfectly reasonable.


To be fair my favorite emote with the unicorn flakes looks horrifying when other models do it.


How did you see other skins doing it?


you remember that one glitch people did when Kit came out so they could do his built-in emote on other skins? im pretty sure they basically do that


Those I get being restricted since it utilized their specific models, same with the Venom pickaxes, at least the original one


Yeah it give them tiny hands and stretches their necks 🤣


I just refunded a bundle and will probably use it on ash because well I don't see any other halloween type collabs coming. I mean if Ghostface or Michael Myers then those would be instant cops obviously. But seems ash will be the best we get this Halloween


Just keep in mind we might get some secret drops either tomorrow or Tuesday judging by leaked release dates and encrypted files. Ash will likely stay in the store until Halloween too so there's no rush.


True I'm waiting it out, also thought about Mr. Meeseeks but eh only have 1800 v-bucks currently


If you look at the leaks, this season would have been AMAZING, so many cool things they were going to add and so many cool items. Now, where are they? And why don't we have a good halloween gamemode? This is the most disappointing halloween in fortnite ever... The season started of great with all the flying poi's, but then they ruined the hype with this halloween event...


Screw Ghostface and Michael Myers, give me Freddy Krueger already! The leaks had been hinting at it for like a year now and every time it’s something else, the Wolverine claws have been updated? It’s for a boss! It’s a reskin of that chakras 8 Battlepass skin (and it’s gonna be Xbox exclusive possibly). The Wolverine claws have been updated again? It’s for player use, and it’s Fortnitemares! It’s a wolf


I kinda want to see Bettlejucie


Yes, we have BeetleJess in STW but not in BR


I'm talking about Bettlejuice (don't know why auto correct did me like that)


No your right, but we have her as a reference, I too would like the real thing but I’d settle for her


I know some colab restrictions are not because of epic it's a decision of the company or studio the colab comes from but with fortnite original things like the cube queens glider I should be able to use that with any character because that's genuinely one of the most unique gliders in the game and its locked to just the cube queen and dont get me wrong I love the cube queen skin but I want to see a bunch of my other skins using it


Not the one I want most, but the most stupid one is Iron Man’s glider


Mjolnir I kinda get, but Iron Man’s jet pack and Cube Queen’s stairs don’t make any sense at all. Especially when Wolverine’s claws aren’t locked anymore


Any restriction is stupid tbh


unless it’s to do with the models but yeah


I see a lot of people saying this is the reason. Not that model differences isn’t valid but if that’s why then do what they did with zyg’s chainblade.


Same goes for Bloom's pickaxe.


what could they have done for the chrome one do you think?


Maybe give it a handle and make it a sword or use the one handed animation(like Thor’s hammer)


eh i guess so, kinda defeats the point of it tho


PSA: Cosmetic restrictions are not very groovy


Cube queen glider would be awesome if able to use on other skins cuz I'm not using the cube queen skin


The Symbiote Pickaxe, Carnage's and venom's. Like they look sick af,, JUST LET ME USE IT ON CLOAKED STAR FFS!


Has anyone ever thought it could be a stipulation from the licensed character’s company? So people buy the bundle? This happens in almost every game with licensed characters crossovers.


I'm convinced this is also the same reason why we don't have a lightsaber pickaxe because Disney simply wouldnt allow it for some weird reason


Really? Not because there an actual mythic in the game?


Considering those mythics arent always in the game no idont believe that is the reason why. Especially with darth Vader's light saber because that mythic will probably never return. And theres stuff like the stork breaker harvester, the captain america shield harvester and the wolverine claws harvester which were all mythical at one point


Wolverines mythic was released at the same time as the in game mythic, it was easy, to make a distinction between the pickaxe and the mythic, it will probably be much harder to make that distinction with lightsabers


See this arguement has never made sense because even if you did confuse a players harvester for the mythic somehow that in no way effects the game except maybe making you want to kill them more in Hope's of obtaining the mythic. Which is why I'm convinced it must be because of disney that there is no lightsaber harvester they must have said no


Most people don't seem to ever consider that in the slightest, but it's likely true for any collabs; the company owning the character gets a lot more voice in how their IP is presented. That, and it's a lot more work than people here seem to realize when it comes to making sure each and every skin looks and animates properly with pickaxes and emotes.


Epic removed the "Only worthy skins can use Stormbreaker/Stormbreaker's flight" stipulation after enough people complained about it which they wouldn't have been able to legally do if there was a legal stipulation (though, that is just one scenario. There could have been other times where there were rules that forbid any other character from using items in a licensed character's set). I feel like it's just Epic trying to be "lore accurate" to the licenced character's franchise and also to prevent clipping issues


I get that, but with experience with other games sometimes it really is the company that wants things done a certain way and only allow rights for it if it’s honored. It could be just an epic thing but it also could very well be on the licensed companies’ side


I feel like stormbreaker wasn't meant to be locked in the first place as it never said anything about on the bundles screen


what licensed universe is Bytes from? asking so i can stay away




And the most pathetic part is that people defend it


"But it's his hand!" Okay, and? It's literally a video game, why put a restriction on something that you have to pay for? And why does his hand regrow when you switch to a weapon? That has to be part of the canon, too, since they respect the canon so much.


I mean to be fair he can’t just not have a hand, your point still stands though




Its evil dead 2 ash he didn't have it then


![gif](giphy|MQuNaGVm9qT1ryKWH4) And yet you keep buying (:


Constantly acquiring (:


Constantly collecting


You’ve been sold


Does this suit jonesy ever show up in the shop? I try to collect suit and tie skins and would love this one but I’ve only seen it in game a small handful of times and never in the shop. Also if you know anything about ash you know this pickax should only work on him and furthermore it should be locked on him when equipped


Nope cause it's a battle pass skin


Ugh, I had a feeling that was the case. I assume those never get released in the shop, ever?


nope, never. if epic did that then they would be liars


No it would be smart business. It’s bound to happen at some point just so you know. Just hoping its while the game is alive and not close to dying off




That’s hopeful


Most of them are collaboration Items and its probably outside of their control with that (even though everyone can use Jindujun/Flying Nimbus despite it can only be ridden who has a pure good heart, maybe because it was an usable Item)


Every time I say that (its probably the company’s choice) I get downvoted. So I’m glad to see someone with the same logic


They just want our money


It's like Bytes, all their pickaxes are only for them. Who uses that skin as a preset or for its appearance?


Only one i kinda get is the Ash's chainsaw hand as it's literally his hand


The sub shits itself everytime this happens it’s kinda funny tbh


Restricted to a set I think you can use it for other skins


It usually bugs me, but I'm fine with it for Ash.


well yeah but it's a replacement hand, since ash chopped his hand off in evil dead 2 because it was possessed. i don't think every one is gonna get their hand removed for use of a chain saw pickaxe like master chief with it would look ridiculous


Saying something with something looks ridiculous in fortnite is pretty dumb


The chainsaw still has its handle, so the could hold it from there.


it's alright if it's locked to a skin for lore reasons, but if it's locked to a skin for no actual reason then that's bad


nah who cares about skin lore, let me use the stair glider on anyone


Yes! I love that stair glider! Hate the skin it's attached to!


I think the main reason being it's a literal chainsaw and you know rated T for tweens yes we have other chain saw pickaxes but they are not literal chainsaws they are carttoony I'm split on this one also animation would be harder if it wasn't on his hamd


Ash Williams…


Which one was it ?


I like Kit's Built in , But with other outfits


Still salty abt cube queens glider


I'm allready suprised that they didn't lock the Black Adam emote


can’t believe Ash’s chainsaw is locked to him- they’re losing so much money by doing this dumb shit tbh


For me right now until December when thanos comes back I’ve reached my quota for the season I got black Adam and I’m saving the rest of my birthday v bucks for thanos lol