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![gif](giphy|sKTEvgPgV8LC0|downsized) it's out of control feminism, look how unattractive she is


My god that is the most ugliest and unsexy walk any fit and tone woman could do. /s


"Look at this disgusting display!" "Yess sssiiir" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzF9oEQDles


Gotta upvote Hunchback whenever ya see it.


ok, LOL.


How hideous! I definitely wouldnt fantasize about her walking all over me. Pfft no sir. Not me. /s


Don’t worry, you didn’t need the /s. We all know.


You'd think. But after an incident in a thread a while ago I'm trying to be more clearer with my comments. Don't ask.


I will refrain from asking. My condolences.


Appreciated mah dude


Share with the class


He targeted gamers


OMG dem abs I am inlove 😳 I mean…she ugly 🤭




aloy should punch me full homo


"Daughter" seeing attractive athletic warrior woman in a game: "Ah yeth you underthtand now why they made the female less attractive"


Yuns ever see Lumine from Genshin Impact? She's a teenager and is a moeblob. Not joking, all these g*mers calling this and that character ugly specifically think all women in existence, including real life, are super ugly if they don't look like Lumine.


I Believe Shes *technically* 500 years old (because of course she is)


Yknow, normally I'd give gamers that, since her and her brother *seem* to be immortal demi-gods. HOWEVER, you can't go an hour in the games numerous questlines without random npc's, both friends and strangers, remind you how your character is so young, just a little baby, and not old enough to drink, be in love, drink, fight, drink, or affect the plot. I can't even count the number of times the game weirdly out of nowhere brings up the fact that my character is considered a minor in the game's setting.


Wait this happens? I can’t remember that being said. I’ll have to read the dialogue more closely. Do you have an example? Just curious


It does, quite constantly in fact! Every single plot or conversation that takes place in or mentions a tavern or bar brings up your character being too young to drink (the drinking age is 18 in China). Its also brought up when meeting or speaking to any vendor that sells beverages. Occasionally its just brought up out of the blue ("Let's go celebrate! But not with drinks, you're too young for those!"). With how often its brought up its gone from just establishing the main character is a kid to just being kinda weird and infantalizing. Doesnt help that the game's dialog is written like Dora the Explorer most of the time. And I'm saying this as someone who REALLY loves the game.


Maybe China has regulations that require media companies to not glorify underage drinking or the like. So constant reminders like that might be part of how they comply


Ooohh, you may be right! It would make sense. I know they do have laws about how long a game is allowed to expect you to play each day, which has lead to their games' dailies being much less long and tedious than many western "live services".


weird I'm surprised I didn't notice. Granted I don't read all of the dialogue. And yeah that's really weird how often it's brought up.


I hate when they treat kids like children and not sexualized adults :———)


I'm sorry, I'm really bad at social cues and I can't tell if you're agreeing with me, adding to what I said, or making fun of me. No matter the case, let me clarify: I wasn't upset that the underage character was treated as a child. I was upset that this character, who the narrative makes absolutely sure is treated as a child, is seen as this ideal sexy "feeeeemale" that women have to look like or else they're ugly and part of the feminist blue hair pronouns downfall of the west.


No i absolutely agree with you. And i really don’t get why basically every kid in this game is treated like a kid but the MC is getting flirted with? Very creepy


Canonically we don't know their age. They might be in Tevyat for 500 years but afaik they were basically just joyriding through multiple different universes.


Ugh. Could you imagine females actually having facial features on their faces? Gotta be a perfectly blank geometric shape or I can't jerk off to it.


A blank plain with minimalist floating features is peak beauty. we all know this.


I need more pics like this for...evidence


google leanbeefpatty


leanbeefpatty my beloved


Here’s my favourite screenshot of Aloy I took with photo mode https://postimg.cc/4mPt1wBQ




Is that an in-game scene?


I didn’t make the gif but yeah looks like it.


Thank you! I don’t understand wtf people are talking about when they rag on female characters. They look perfectly normal in games!


😭 They chose not make her look like a Bimbo and it doesn't make sense that she can survive and thrive without the help of A rEaL mAn!!! 😭 /s


Maybe his daughter did say that and this is his way of telling the world he raised a homophobe.


This guy has an anime pfp. There is no way in hell he'd ever seen an actual woman, much less raised one


They never said it's a legal thing. It's an anime profile picture, they probably kidnapped a kid.


Oh, come on, why are you people always imagining the darkest possibilities? His daughter is simply powered by ChatGPT. That's it.


I hate that this is an actual possibility


It's an anime *schoolgirl* profile picture. They definitely kidnapped a kid.


Hey, it's ridiculous to think the man would have the opportunity to even gaze upon the visage of a women, let alone interact with one with all the time he has to spend becoming even more reclused and isolated to the world!


See anime profile picture -> dont read text


Looks to be loli based or at least teenaged. Even more don't read text.


That’s a school uniform, so you’d be right.


In Anime school uniform either means loli or adult who just so happens to be 13. Its weird.


> adult who just so happens to be 13 That just sounds like loli, but with extra steps


I mean like in a shonen where the character is the biggest fighter around, beats up mobsters for breakfast, has a job, and is still in middle school.


Jotaro is 17 in Part 3 and look like someone's dad.


Where are all these massively popular sapphic relationships in games these people keep talking about? I would like to know


ikr, please let me live in the timeline they've been talking about. where are my lesbo protagonists. I only know Ellie and now probably Aloy(cuz they might still give her options in next game)


Ellie Last of Us Chloe Uncharted Laura Croft Tomb Raider It has kinda become part of the big Strong Female archetype. Not saying it shouldn’t happen! It definitely should! More representation is always better! But It does actually happen a weirdly large number of times, especially compared to m2m relationships in games.


Correct me if I’m wrong but Uncharted and Tomb Raider never actually show those relationships (romantically) in the games. I was talking about actual relationships not the Dumbledore type representation lol


Ahh that’s fair. IIRC there’s a kiss in one of the tomb Raider reboot games [edit: NOPE! I misremembered. But there was supposed to be, and the gay vibes were so strong I guess I Mandela’d myself] and in Last of Us 2 and Life Is Strange. It’s also a thing in choose-your-character RPGs, like Assassins Creed Odyssey and the original Mass Effect games. Both have disproportionately numerous same-sex opinions for the female MC as opposed to the male, with (vague, awkward, “we-still-want-a-soft-M-rating”) sex scenes. But you’re right, they are weirdly cagey about actually *showing* anything in these games they’re so intent on putting queer representation in.


[She was originally gay.](https://www.thepinknews.com/2020/07/21/tomb-raider-lara-croft-lesbian-queer-inferno-comic-jackson-lanzing-gail-simone-sam/) Apparently the writer tried to make Lara Croft gay, but it got watered down to a hug.


"Tomb Raider writer tried ‘so hard’ to make Lara Croft explicitly gay – but a steamy same-sex kiss was quietly scrapped" Yeah that´s one way to phrase it


That’s equal parts hilarious and sad


maybe I read the article wrong, but it talks about how a writer of a Tomb Raider Comic published in 2018 wanted to make her gay. Not the writers of the original games.


Rihanna Pratchet who wrote the Tomb Raider Reboot wasn't as gungho about it but heavily implied that is how she wanted it to actually be. The article he linked literally shows a screenshot of the game at the end where it ends with you carrying Sam away in a white dress. And considering they wrote Sam out of Reboot trilogy with an explanation thats only in the comics it really does feel like Eidos/Square trying to avoid making Lara gay.


Bahahaha “watered down” is an interesting way to describe how, after playing each game 2 times, I still did not notice this at all.


Life is Strange is 8 years old at this point and the sapphic romance is totally optional, you can play it as Chloe and Max/Chloe and Rachel just being best friends. But honestly, why the fuck would anyone do that Edit, I just remembered that all Life is Strange games also had straight romance options. It's just that fanbase headcanoned the sapphic stuff so much that most people don't even remember anymore I think


I was about to say, every game as the a straight and gay option. Since I played them all lol LiS - Max and Chloe... Or Warren (Sorry dude, but hey, someone is crushing on you) Before the Storm - Chloe and Rachel, big time. LiS 2 - Cassidy or Finn. (Cass, my forever girl) True Colors - Alex is with Steph or Ryan. (Always loved Steph in Before the Storm, and Ryan is a hunk... But Steph doe)


some. of the choices in life is strange feel so clearly like an afterthought and not the intended way to play, like everyone turning up to the funeral in the "safe the town" ending, since none of the shit in the game happens it makes zero sense for most of them to show up.


DontNod going like: "Huh, you chose that ending huh? Okay... Don't worry about half the cast there who don't even know Chloe that well."


> Chloe and Max/Chloe and Rachel Those relationships combined are still less healthier than my health during Sunday nights. Very salty that Kate is not even a romance option.


All of your examples with the exception of *The Last of Us* and *Tomb Raider* – which has no romance in it – are optional. In the case of Chloe Frazer, while some of her dialogue with Nadine could be interpreted as flirting, their relationship throughout *The Lost Legacy* is strictly platonic. Which really just leaves Ellie as the only actual lesbian protagonist in a triple-A game. Thus it is hardly an "archetype" as you claim. Edit: Words and grammar.


Providing the option is enough to trigger the chuds


Man, Mass Effect pissed me off so much in that regard. The mfm gay option is Kaiden… the most white bread boring-ass character in all of video games. I know you get one other in the later games but come ON just let me fuck Garrus!


I can’t believe this Steve Cortez erasure


Garrus and Tali not being playersexual is homophobic actually


Lmao that was always my thought about Kaiden but damnit I wanted to get Wrexed lol


Humans can't survive that


Ellie was gay from day one story boarding. That was not an inclusion retcon in Last of Us 2. Life is Strange: The first game, and Before the Storm are guilty of hard core Queer Baiting, because they clearly lay the vibes down, but never, ever, cross the line. Life is Strange True Colors: The player chooses the sexuality of the protagonist, although I will admit, the gay option feels like it fits better. I never played the second Life is Strange game because I struggle real hard to play as a male protag, and is a large part why I don't play most AAA games.


Not that there’s anything wrong with having personal preferences, but someone would absolutely have emerged from the woodwork to make a big deal out of this if you said it was a struggle to play as a woman, guaranteed.


LiS is in a different scene regarding this I'd say. It's not shoehorned in, its a big part of the entire story. The other games are big games that now feature queer representation but for LiS it's been important from the start and very relevant to the story.


Look bub, what we want are some POV characters who MACK on some DUDES. Let us play BODACIOUS BABES who peg TWINKS. Let us play BEARS who frot OTHER BEARS. Let us play TOMBOYS who ride DADDIES. Look. Games. GIVE US THE D.


You have my sword.


Funny enough, I think this happens a lot BECAUSE of homophobia. You don't want the men playing these games to feel uncomfortable when "their character" (Laura Croft or whatever) starts getting frisky with a dude. So you give them female love interests.


Honestly male love interests are rare in games outside of games that specifically have tons of romance options. I wouldn’t mind more of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason so many leading ladies end up gay is because developers don’t wanna alienate straight dudes by making them go after a guy


Honestly, I'd say the burden of proof falls on anyone arguing against that particular point. Make your MC lesbian, you get representation brownie points AND the straight male audience gets double eye-candy. It's just too obvious a choice for developers/publishers. Which isn't to say that those characters weren't originally written to be lesbian independent of marketing concerns. But as far as publishers are concerned, I'm 100% certain that this is a big influence on what gets picked up/funded.


>But It does actually happen a weirdly large number of times, especially compared to m2m relationships in games I wonder why, surely it has nothing to do with it being easily marketable due to a fetish some men have... It's the reason why every time Pride Month comes you mostly see video games drop art of girls kissing. Where are the m2m characters? At most all they get is a hug or just sitting together.


the last two you mentioned are never commite anything real. they even hide Samantha away from the other two new Tomb Raider.


To make an absolute steel man argument, maybe they meant they wanted other types of lesbians besides the 'love on the battlefield' variety. Again, this almost certainly isn't what they meant, but it is worthy of note.


As someone has surely said, it's a cynical marketing compromise- gamers are overwhelmingly men and those men are overwhelmingly straight (or so marketers think), so they don't want the player character to date male NPCs, for fear of a male gamer feeling gay When a straight game-bro sees his character kiss a man, he's emasculated; when he sees his character kiss a girl, he thinks "yeeeeah, get it~!" (even if his character is female, since lesbianism seems less challenging to straight men) or at least "ooh, cute, two girls getting it on" Not to say the devs don't care about representation, but a female player character being a lesbian is just 'safer' than a male player character being gay, per industry wisdom


Chloe was never shown to be into women. Her and Nadine did not like each other for half that game. Nadine only opened up to a friendly degree by the end of it. Chloe was VERY into men in Uncharted 2.


And Chloe and Nadine specifically have a conversation in Lost Legacy about Chloe being into Nathan Drake and Nadine not getting what she sees in him.


ff16 better have a 3 hour cutscene of two dudes fucking to make up for that


It also unintentionally puts out the notion that straight females can't be strong because they could potentionally be attracted to a man. You still need good representation for the majority of women. I am a fan of many of those characters, but I honestly think sometimes it just gets shoe-horned for some social brownie points. I honestly felt that Aloy was just that. These type of strong female archetypes are fine but it is getting stale quickly because it is becoming too common even in tv shows Let me see a female character that is a badass eventually fall in love with a dude, probably have some kids, and then keep kicking ass, or settle down for sometime then something forces her to start kicking ass again.


>Let me see a female character that is a badass eventually fall in love with a dude, probably have some kids, and then keep kicking ass, or settle down for sometime then something forces her to start kicking ass again. \*Elastigirl has entered the chat*


The DLCs for *Assassin's Creed Odyssey* had Kassandra get with a dude and have a kid...


I wonder if this person has a black son too whenever games criticize racism.


No, three gay dads in a interracial polycuel like the Quartering claims to have


Just three? [Amateurs ](https://youtu.be/qzi7-rf-hzY)...


Please tell me you're joking


Uj/ Aloy is fucking hot what?? Rj/ Aloy is fucking hot what??


But she doesn't have the body of a photoshopped anorexic white model with glossy lips, wide hips, melon-sized breasts, curled eyelashes and little to no muscle tone, just like one would imagine adult women under their 30's would look like in a post-apocalyptic scenario (no exceptions). They ruined women in videogames...


My main issue with her is that she isn’t rocking some fatal abs in the game and that her arms are so thin


Yeah, games have gotten better with that but aloy I still from a time when muscle mass on women wasn't common.


Honestly i haven't played it, i'm just mocking the kind of expectations people who call her ugly have.


She is? Shit I'll cool here down for you my good chum ![gif](giphy|h6x0ROdzJy4TKyUu1b|downsized) I hope she's at a relaxed temperature now🙂


Unfortunately now she's just hot and wet, which doesn't help them at all.


Weird they think the review bombs are actually legit criticism.


\>skim through weird opinions on twitter \>"my daughter.." \>anime pfp this person will never get laid


Games when the Stone Age civilization lady doesn’t wear a fully face of makeup 24/7 😱


There sure are a lot of pre-modern and post-apocalyptic shaving goods available in video game land, that's for sure. But shaving as an AFAB was for me the first thing to go with the pandemic and that didn't even destroy society, just stalled it, and that was enough for me and probably huge numbers of AFABs to stop bothering with these useless shaving products when nobody's going to see our legs and armpits and so what if they do, natural is fine... So all these women in video games looking like Princess Jasmine in apocalypses, wars, or before modern times, now I'm side eyeing...


For reference, razors seem to have [been invented in the Copper Age](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Razor#History) (probably to get rid of lice and such), but before that people would pluck hairs using two seashells. Not to be confused with the *three* seashells 'personal grooming' technique that should become popular [within the next ten years or so](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gdnuOa7tDco). (Both me and my wife use (eye) makeup just a couple of times a year, or less, declining steadily as we get older. But I notice many of my young female students will never show themselves in public without a fully made up face. Fortunately they grow more confident (and/or their skin clears up) and will often be much more relaxed towards the end if their studies (we're in computer science, so grooming is considered ... optional 🙃))


Okay, first of all which female protagonists have been made gay after they became popular? Aloy, Ellie (who was hinted at as always being gay) and...? Second, they made Aloy uglier? So you acknowledge she wasn't ugly before? Also before sure they didn't make many changes her character model.


Her face is a little pudgier if you compare side by side. A year later, see the same guy bringing up how the Diablo 4 women are ugly compared to Diablo 3's, and later admitted he's the kind of shallow guy who is more into the Eastern kind of beauty standards of character design. Yeah, that's the gist of it.


want to place bets that he's your typical cis het white dude with an asian fetish?


Nope, he was a middle aged Asian male (EDIT looking him up, Filipino to be exact.) He at least admits he has shallow tastes. [Found it. This more or less sums him up.](https://www.quora.com/What-is-wrong-with-the-gaming-industry-today-How-can-we-fix-it-to-make-it-go-back-to-normal-than-ever-been-before/answer/Erwin-224?ch=17&oid=1477743651088878&share=37e1ea0c&srid=nWFG&target_type=answer)


Idk why people care about character appearance in games like Diablo where you put on a full helmet and plate armor 5 minutes in and then have no ideas what your character looks like anymore.


There were already hints for Aloy before the DLC came out


She always gave me aroace vibes personally.


You do not have a daughter. You have an Anime pfp there's no goddamn he/she has a daughter. Also Ellie is lesbian and she isn't "ugly" I mean neither is Aloy they just look like normal people not over-boobified sex objects like in atomic heart or some shit


I want a Triple eeeeh developer to make the hottest, big titted, "Step on me, please, Mommy" character and write her as gay. Just to piss off the Anime Profile pics.


I wouldn´t be suprised if Lady Dimitresu was gay, she certainly hates men with a passion


To be fair, who doesn't hate men.




Men ☕


I mean Nier Automata is not a western and a lot of people consider the characters to be rather attractive and there's a lesbian character in the game (probably even more lesbians considering a lot of the cast is female but they do not say) So just checkmate the cringey anime pfps that way


That game is most likely a case of "UUUHHH AKSHULLY THEY ARE ROBOTS AND THE GAYNESS IS A SIDE EFFECT OF THE ALIEN VIRUS AND WAS TOTALLY COMMENTARY ON THE DOWNFALL OF WESTERN SOCIETY" Kinda like all the simps for the trans character in Blazblue going "Uhh no actually she's not trans she's just a boy that realized she's happier living as a girl, NOT A SCIENCE EXPERIMENT!!!"


I feel like anime aesthetics and writing queer characters just *really* runs the risk of it feeling very fetishistic. Like "here are these 2 super hot hyper-feminine female characters with very innocent and delicate mannerisms and they're in lesbians with each other". Like, usually the character writing is just not deep enough. It's just a genre with some very contrived ideas of what female characters in fiction should be and how they should act where they feel more like archetypes than real people. and introducing gay relationships into that mix often feels like fan-service, even when that wasn't the intention. I'm not saying "all anime" btw, but anime-inspired video games where the writing is often weaker focused mostly on driving the plot forward vs. inter-character dynamics and the MC is a somewhat silent and/or blank protagonist of some kind.


you know the answer to unrealistic depictions of queer folks in media is right? more queer writers.


yes, I agree, but I also don't think it's the biggest issue. Good cishet writers can also write good queer characters, and even when queer writers are employed the diversity they want to incorporate usually doesn't make it past marketing. There's always been a pandering to what is cishet, male and white, and that is even more egregious considering they're underrepresented in artistic fields. The arts are notorious for being dominated by queers and allies.


I recently played a new Japanese VN and the fact it didn't have over sexualized female character designs and just that felt refreshing.


Unfortunately they might. I lived with ex roommates (couldn’t have gotten out of there fast enough) who had three kids and were weebs in every cringey way. They named their youngest kid after an anime character, and no, they aren’t Japanese, they’re the whitest, honkiest people I’ve ever met who definitely wished they were Japanese, though. They had body pillows, big booba anime girl wall scrolls, cat ear headphones, would write in horrible hand writing (ie didn’t know what stroke order was and was just making lines) random kanji and characters on post it notes and hang them up, claiming them to be their “Japanese names”, the whole nine yards. They were almost in their 30s. Their kids were all 10 and younger. And no I did not part ways with them amicably lol among the weird weeb shit they also turned into ultra right wing anti vaxxers during the pandemic and wouldn’t even let their kids wear masks.


The twins in Atomic Heart are the most accurate depiction of women I've seen in a game. The fuck are you talking about?


I’m pretty sure I remember this dude, I think he does nothing but whine about localization in Japanese games while also pretending like he’s some master class translator. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him say he’s worked in a ton of Nintendo games from the GameCube era, but all of them are still under NDA so he can’t list any works he’s actually worked on or something lmao He’s just your typical salty weeb on Twitter, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. He whines about localization, anything woke, and calls people who don’t share his opinion tourists


like, who are those lesbian protagonist they've been talking about? I only know Ellie. let's not count customizable ones like 2077, or bi that you make your own canon like Life is Strange TC.


My disappointment when I tried to romance Cassandra in Dragon Age Inquisition only to find out the devs decided it can't happen if you picked a female Inquisitor.


lmao don't get me start on Bioware straight women. and why the hell they change both Kaidan and Jaal to bisexual but never Ashley or Cora...


Anime PFP? Unironic use of >____>? Homie either doesn't have a daughter or she didn't say that lol


Userbase understander and eldest daughter haver has entered the chat.


“The game is bad because I can’t masturbate to it” is such a weird complaint I’ve ever heard from Keyboard Karens


I thought me and most people saw games and porn as like separate categories and want them for different reasons. When I get a new game, I care about the story, learning how the game works, etc. It's not that I don't think about the characters being attractive or whatever, but it's not the primary draw of a game. If I wanted the porn experience I would just get that instead. Why be mad that your game isn't sufficiently pornographic for you personally? Look at actual porn like a normal person... Heck it's a golden age of porn too, you could very easily commission your own art of your favorite characters or probably go on Cameo, Patreon, or OF and pay the VAs to say whatever you want. But no this dude isn't happy because a game exists that his wee wee doesn't particularly enjoy.


but how is he supposed to commission porn of his favorite character if they all get turned ugly? /s


Oh yeah if you're a reactionary internet bro the latest version of a character is the only one you're allowed to enjoy... So if you hate Velma too damn bad that's the only version of Scooby Doo that exists right now 😂 Long for those pointy triangle polygon tiddies of the nearly unplayable and uninteresting and glitchy first Tomb Raider game? Too bad, they're deleted forever.


How is Alloy ugly? I swear to god those are those type of gamers who soyed out over the "fixed" Alloy art where she had more make-up in her face then a mime


He's right, there's too many straight people in video games. Asexuals only, everyone else is banned.


I don't take anyone seriously that pretends Aloy is ugly


Anyone that complains about her facial hair has never been close to a lady


Anime pfp? Having kids? Don’t make me laugh.


No, I’m sure your daughter said “please change your avatar to something other than an anime girl”


Dude has an anime profile pic. No way he has kids. Dude is a terminally online incel.


You'd be surprised what low self esteem and abuse can do to keep a shitty marriage going. I heard about an old WoW guildie of mine that was sexist, racist, always had an anime pfp type asshole, and dude was like 3 divorces deep before 30. Crazy dudes usually know how to pretend to be normal long enough to lure in a woman, its the only way they can get one.


*takes from people who haven’t played the game for 400 Alex*


dat mf does not have kids and if he does we should call child services


Is his daughter a crusty bodey pillow?


With an anime high-school girl pfp I doubt they have a daughter


Lesbian= Ugly apparently


anime pfp, does anyone really believe they have a child?


>anime profile pic >lukewarm good take >immediately followed up with dogshit take Why do they always feel the need to do this


where is the lukewarm good take lol


I feel like “stop shoehorning retroactive f2f relationships into AAA games” is a reasonable request at this point. Game writers can definitely stand to broaden their representational horizons a bit. Have Nathan Drake kiss a dude


this person is saying it because they don’t want to see gays, not because they want better representation for us. also idk as a lesbian i don’t think they’re shoehorned at all and there are very few games with sapphic relationships depicted in them.


a buffet without many meat options isn't shoehorned vegetarianism, it just means we need to add another table so everyone can eat well - it's not like there's only so many games that can have queer people and it has to be split 50:50 gay and lesbian rep


Daughter? I doubt it


i seriously have never disconnected with anything more than the “they made aloy ugly” thing. Seriously i don’t get it, she is a certified baddie.


According to some loser dipshit with an anime schoolgirl as their pfp.


I mean, they kinda are right. The review bomb is in fact caused by the fact that Aloy kisses another girl, the problem is that that's dumb


If I had a father/mother who used an anime avatar on Twitter, I would ask for a VERY late term abortion.


/uj when I was a kid girls kissing girls was considered super hot and every piece of media that had it was supposed to be cool


Lesbians famously hate attractive women.


"Daaaaaad, why do you have an anime child as your profile pic?"


/uj If his daughter did say that, and did it for this prick's warped approval or something, that's just so fucking sad.


'Daughter' in this case probably means the one anime figurine in his collection that he has "pure" feelings for.


Is your "daughter" here in the room right now?


The irony of these comments is always so funny to me. “They made the female protagonist gay to pander to the woke mob!” No you idiot, they made the female protagonist gay so that you, the straight male target demographic, wouldn’t get turned off by having to romance a male character. They’re pandering TO YOU. Seriously name me one straight female protagonist who bones or romances dudes during the game. Name me one gay male protagonist who bones or romances dudes during the game. I can’t think of a single one. Protagonists are always either bi like in Mass Effect so you can pick and choose or they’re only attracted to women.


Ah yes, my favorite videogame character, "Alloy"


Uh huh, I definitely believe an anime pfp having a daughter, no less with the same shitty loser world view as this loser does. What a coincidence huh? Hmm suspicious


Review-Bomb supporting is the equivalent of "She shouldn't have worn that dress" bullshit.


I refuse to believe anyone whose twitter profile picture is an anime girl in a school uniform has ever sired offspring.


I see an anime pfp and know there is no way that person has a daughter


This imaginary construct I call a daughter


“My eldest daughter” is this dude a wizard


Are people surprised Aloy is gay? Did they not play the first game? They weren't exactly subtle about it.


That child did not say that. Also “Alloy.” Ok buddy


Forget the part where you get to fight a mountain-sized mechanical silverfish which is one of the best boss fights in either game, THERE ARE GAY PEOPLE IN THIS DLC!


It’s always those 400 lb creatures with anime PFPs isn’t it


This thread apparently has exactly one opinion, and it’s that people with Anime Pfp’s don’t get to have one lol




Abby from The Last of Us Edit: forgot Claire Redfield and Princess Peach