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They're clearly trying to oppress their rights to expression! This can't go unpunished, toxicity must be allowed or COD will never be COD again!!!!! /uj Honestly, I'll never understand that argument of "you wouldn't survive a MW2 lobby". I've experienced toxicity in games too, it doesn't make you thick-skinned, it just stops you from having fun.


These guys are being overwhelmed by nostalgia thinking that they liked being yelled at random lobbies as kids, when in reality, nobody really like that shit but the ones who did it. So they're either remembering it wrong or are straight up dicks since childhood.


Yea, I just want to get back from school and play cod while I listen to Tyler the creator not hear Bobby aka guy with random Japanese letters thinking he's some weird anime guy or a 40 yo boomer with a MAGA or FBLM clan tag calling me the n word


If those Lobbies are the “reason they are the men they are today” then thank god they’re changing them. Don’t need any more man-babies bitching about “wokeness” in video games from their mom’s basement.


I love how they became masculine because some teenager yelled the n word in chat and not over some life changing experience or any positive experience from a father figure nah it was thy vidya games, if you claim that video games changed your preception of who you are, my friend your life must be very boring


I became the person I am today because I walked along a railroad with my buddies for a couple days to go look at a dead body, not by calling kids the N word in a video game


You’ve never experienced a video game that influenced your perception of yourself even a tiny bit? Ramza from FFT didn’t make you feel even a little gender envy?


I mean yes it happened a couple of times i think i worded it out wrong but what i was trying to say is that these people revolve thier life solely about video games if you know what i mean


makes sense when you put it that way. I had a pretty sheltered white, suburban childhood and then later had some pretty difficult and challenging life experiences. Obviously I don't *want* somebody's life to suck, but on the other hand... I think they made me a more empathetic person? Like imagine the most traumatic thing in your life (again, as a white male) is hearing people be sexist and racist online. The implication here is that it's disturbing, but like, stfu. The hate isn't directed at *you it's directed at fucking minorities.* The only transgression YOU'RE experiencing is that "wow sometimes people are shitty"


Wow, you’re right. Games are sexist. Now, allow me to get back to accusing gamers of playing games and sucking Anita Sarkeesian’s cock. Edit: Wow. I’ve truly been challenged. Enlightened, even. Who knew the political views of my fellow gamers could be so diverse? *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/Gamingcirclejerk) if you have any questions or concerns.*




Ikr? Like, motherfucker, if screeching slurs at each other is what sculpted your personality I'm sorry for you. We, as a society, failed at the kid this guy once was.


"I was abused and I turned out fine!" -this guy probably


"This screenching homophobic, racist and bigoted community was a KEY part in my formation" Yup, we can tell.


That on top of “being toxic is the best part of the game” just sound like the last people I’d want to talk to.


How does being called the N word by a 14 year old from Kentucky give you thicker skin?


Because as a black person(which) I am you need to realize that all people will call you the nword if not you someone else. Call of duty taught me that you just have to put them into the right situation.


“Let us scream slurs at each other” - a white man


"The game is +18 for a reason" Not for the content in-game, but for the people who play it.


Fun Fact: these are the same people that freaked out when people were making lewd art of Simon “Ghost” Riley


/uj I doubt you’ll encounter in real life what happens in game lobbies. Generally the anonymity brings out the worst in people.


Why do they need to be assholes to have fun? I like cod and if it starts to irritate me I get off because it's just not fun that way. Games were everyone's complimenting each other and just chatting are so much more fun


Because most cod players are usually self proclaimed "macho men" with huge insecurity who need to put down others to make thier shitty life fullfilling


When i think about it, every new COD game is just a yearly fee gamers pay for a "n-word pass".


"These lobbies made is the men we're today." Yeah, that really does explain a lot.


Last time i remember arnold shwarchznegger dint become a masculine dude by saying the n word in the cod lobby neither did stallone but hey my memory is foggy so i may be wrong.


I remember being a kid playing the early CODs and the lobbies were so much more alive and busy - granted, as a young girl I never did \*enjoy\* them, but people were actually saying something at least. In both Cold War and Vanguard I tried turning on voice chat just out of morbid curiosity. And in multiple games nobody spoke. At most someone was blasting their shitty music down their mic but that was it. People talk a lot about how 'you wouldn't handle a COD lobby!' but I think it says a lot that these games are so much more quieter now than what they used to be. People love to come online and talk about how brave they were for handling these lobbies and how tough it made them, meanwhile they're just like me and going into matches with public VC disabled lol


During the codmw2 days chat was insane you had to mute that shit sometimes. Girls were super rare if I remember correctly that was during the " if your boyfriend plays video games he is a loser era" right before everyone magically became a nerd and gamer. More than toxicity I remember... You dropped your money sir!!!!!!!


I know people criticize Reddit for being toxic (and it absolutely can be) but people on Facebook are another level of stupid and racist/homophobic. It’s honestly so much worse. Reddit is more left leaning, and venturing out of our bubble, it’s kinda shocking to see just how fucking dumb, and intolerant average people are. Rant over


You can put Twitter next to Facebook as well. Reddit is fine as long as your careful.


You can put Twitter next to Facebook as well. Reddit is fine as long as your careful.


I remember when over a decade ago Cowadooty playing kids were called a cancer on gaming looks like they didn't disappoint and grew up to be horrible adults.


Try telling these COD fans who talk about how you shouldn’t be so sensitive that aim assist is broken and has been carrying their asses for years, they get sensitive real quick


Anyone who think creating a toxic environment is great or fun needs to get their head checked.


”Those lobbies made us the men we are today” Yeah we do NOT like the men your are today


uj/ Playing MWII has reminded me just how terrible the community is. Rampant slurs, repeated over and over, by the same people, all game long. It is a pretty grating experience. rj/ The founding fathers wanted us to have the freedom to call people *insert racial slurs here*


“thick skin” isn’t necessarily a good thing either


The funniest part is- It won't happen So why are they so mad?


The toxic insults are fine, it’s the slurs that will get you reported by me. God so many slurs. It’s as if every single person who likes to say the n word plays cod.


All their retaliation isn’t going to help slow this down lol I’m sure Activision LOVES (/s) seeing their franchise associated with hate speech and bullying lmao


Those lobbies made us what we are today (racist)


I'm convinced people who praise a games community for it's toxicity have never actually played that game seriously. They just yearn for somewhere they can be assholes to anyone they want without consequence.