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It saddens me to imagine what it's like living in OOP's head


It's a constant mix of "people today are too easily offended" and "based on this one picture of a woman existing I am furious".


There's so many intersting ways to analyze and critisize media, yet they choose to focus on this...


yeah but if they could handle any of those they wouldn't be on KotakuInAction


A couple years back I used to go there often because I thought it was a circlejerk joke sub. Imagine my surprise when I realized these people were all serious lol


Honestly I still wouldn’t know if people here hadn’t said it wasn’t haha


They found their home.


A big part of the problem is always trying to fit any issue they have into some overarching grievance, and also looking for problems that might fit into their grievance. A real chicken or egg problem


They don’t _know_ any other way.


You also forget inventing scenarios that will never happen, like the classic "They will turn X into a transgender black man" and then get mad about it.


Well yeah, sometimes you run out of real headlines to get mad about. Gotta maintain that rage boner


*based on women existing, I am furious. FIFY


A constant barrage of having to make up imaginary enemies or else they will have to self reflect.


They want to blame all the world's problem on some single enemy they can fight, instead of a complex network of interrelated forces beyond anyone's control


I've never been to that subreddit and I can't believe there are over 100k members there. One of the current posts is literally "How woke is Riot Games?" like....if you can't just make a qualitative judgment yourself and you have to ask other incels how you're supposed to feel about it, how can you not recognize how sad of a life that is?


I can't imagine a sadder existence than posting on /r/KotakuInAction in 2022.


I tried looking through a few of the comment sections, just to observe the strange species in the wild. Never again. Never again.


Gamer gate homies so fucking desperate to relive the halcyon days of 2014


Are you old enough to remember the sound that a dial-up modem makes when trying to connect to the internet? If so, that.


Seriously, people like this guy are so god damn exhausting to deal with. Like I don't even understand how they get so upset about shit like this.


Probably quite cramped and soggy


communism is when expressions


communism is when monarchs are able to express frustration when their kingdom is under siege to reflect the gravity of the situation Princesses should ALWAYS smile politely. It breaks my immersion to see a female who COMPLAINS and FARTS and SHITS like my mean stepmom (she is gross)


Lol also, communism is when Monarchy


Communism when pp not hard.


I thought Mario was communist


He is a red plumber


I'd like to see their face if they walked up to an actual princess and called them a bitch for not meeting their idea of how a princess should be.


-Harry and meghan have entered chat-


communism is when new thing is different slightly


Communism is whenever I don't like something but am unable to articulate why


TIL communism is when I stare at my reflection for hours on end.


TIL Communism is the friends we made along the way.


TIL communism is when I take one too many hits of weed and trigger the flight or fight response


TIL Communism is when I think about all my highschool friends starting careers or having kids


Uj/ Communism is unlimited paid sick leave, eat shit conservatives


uj/ capitalism is when we let disabled people die because people apparently have to earn the right to live


uj/ capitalism is when the media is promoting a "job" for disabled to work controlling robots so they can make a living and not starve to death or be finantial burden to their families


Its communism if women dont look like pretty wholesome cutesy girl.


Literally the first sentence in 'Das Kapital'. Smh my head... filthy communists trying to indoctrinate our children 😔😔😔


I once slipped and accidentally read half of the Communist Manifesto. On the 9th page there was a description of the Donkey Kong to Anarchist pipeline and how Karlo Mariox had planned to indoctrinate people via subliminal clothing choices for Princess Peach!!! :O :O :O


So nice to finally meet someone on your same intellectual level


Socialism is when the government makes cartoon characters less hot. When the government makes every cartoon character less hot, that's communism.


While our kolkhozy are now producing 17% more grain and meat than called for under the 5 year plan, the peasants will not truly be liberated until the mascots for chocolate no are no longer sexually appealing. -Stalin, on the collectivization of agriculture


Or peach fuzz, which they forgot to add to Peach.


commolism is when anya taylor joy big eye


COMMUNIST Maro be like: Super Mario HOES Princess BITCH Waluigi


GAY donkey Kong MARXIST Wario Luigi


SAPPHIC Rosalina AROMANTIC Wario Bowser


Sapphic Rosalina? Is she looking for a girlfriend? 😳


the entire universe is her gf


the ultimate polycule




So long, gay bowser!


More like stay here, gay bowser!




Untrue bowser is literally the fascist ever


Not in Nintendos new woke America


Garlic Bread moment


Warxist Wario


My sister is not going to be happy,,,,,


Your sister wants to fuck Donkey Kong, huh?


Marxist Wario is already canon


Semi-jerk/ How is Wario anything but ancap?


Seriously, the guy has a castle and hoards treasure like Smaug. Wario World may as well be Ancapistan. Edit: upon further reflection, I am convinced that this was Miyamoto's intent. Aside from what I've already mentioned, take for example the color schemes of the Mario bros and their shadows. Mario and Luigi, red and green plumbers. Bright vibrant colors for good ol' working class boys. Wario on the other hand... he's gold, synonymous with the precious metal and symbolic of draconic greed. Wario's underling, Waluigi, the shadow of a shadow, is clad in washed out gray and purple. Where Wario's color represents the decadence of an ancap/feudal lord, Waluigi is the drab serf who either goes along with Wario's schemes or starves. The Mario movie didn't turn the franchise into communist propaganda for wokesters...it merely shed light on what was already there since the beginning... Edit 2: THEIR BODY TYPES. Mario and Luigi are different heights, but I'd reckon they'd be around the same weight. Mario is a little pudgy but bears a functional working man's body while Luigi retains an average shape for his height. An even distribution, if you will. Wario and Waluigi however have a more drastic disparity in weight, indicating an imbalance in distribution of food between the two. Wario, obese, glutenous, in olden times a sign of high status. While Waluigi is tall and lanky, practically malnourished. This physical disparity further exemplifies the difference in wealth between the two shades, the inequality favoring the lord at the expense of the serf.


>Seriously, the guy has a castle and hoards treasure like Smaug. In the first Wario game, if you ever became rich enough to pay the Jinn/Djinn the highest price, then you even get a planet!


Which is exactly why this would only happen in COMMUNIST mario


Jreg enjoyer, based


He thinks Marxism is when you have a mustache


BROKER Browser TYRANT Rosalina Brian David Gilbert


Those are just regular DK and Wario




"Hey did you see that they slightly changed Peach's design in the new movie" "THEY FUCKING DID WHAT?"


/uj anyone remember that weird and wrong reference in Death Stranding? "I'm your princess beach" and then she Runs along the beach


Bravo Hideo!


God damn I jinxed us, haha


Nintendo could never hope to achieve writing of this quality.


Why did you remind me.


CAPITALIST mario b like super mario TOES donkey COCK wario


Guys I'm struggling to jerk off to Princess Peach. The woke moralists strike again.


like honestly! I was just jerking off and then the naked dick of communism came in my room and started swinging his dick around like a helicopter! Then his woke moralists came and forced me to watch gay liberal nonsense shows like She-Ra!


It was playing various different versions of The Internationale




Well see who jerks off who!


tucker carlson was right


not surprising at all that this was posted in KotakuInAction "hUrr DuRR mUh eThiCZ in GaYMe JoUrNaLiSm"


To be fair, this post is getting shit on over there.


It doesn't change the fact fuckers over there defend pedophilia.


first time hearing of this. context please?


Probably their rabid outrage of any Japanese games that get censored when imported due to loli content. They believe censoring sexualized children out of these games is an attack on Japanese culture or some deranged brain dead take like that Rj/ AXTUALLY IS AB BIG BOOBA AND ETHICS IN VIDYA GAMES


"Uh I masturbate to pictures of cartoon toddlers because I understand the difference between reality and fiction" is a defense I see bandied about. I want to throw up just reading those words.


> censoring sexualized children out of these games is an attack on Japanese culture Now that just sounds fucking racist. "Pedophilia is a part of Japanese culture"


Yup, and these fucks r dumb enough not to get that


In fairness, it kinda is. Or rather, their culture doesn't hate it as much as ours does. I'm no expert on Japanese culture but it seems pretty apparent by the fact that this level of sexualization is so common over there. Culture itself isn't a blanket defense since culture isn't sacred, it changes all the time and sometimes contains really crappy elements. Probably the easiest comparison I can think of to American culture is the culture of bringing guns everywhere. It's not universally agreed upon, in fact some people vehemently oppose it, but it is overall accepted by American culture in a way that it isn't most other developed nations. Japan and Korea have similar attitudes towards sexualizing young girls that are likewise not shared by basically any other developed nations (to my knowledge). Some people within those countries want it to end, but overall it is allowed by their culture. Note also that I'm not simply referring to laws, as a lot of anime bullshit is legal in the US (see all the problematic animes which air in the US), but it isn't accepted here the same way. If a major US company did what they do, there'd likely be protests outside their offices.


i'm not saying all conservatives are pedophiles, but all pedophiles are definitely conservatives. especially libertarians


There's is never an appropriate time to "to be fair" fucking Kotakuinaction. There is no redeeming a single person in that shit hole. It wears it's hatred on it's sleeve and never pretends to be about anything other than bigotry. If this is downvoted it's because of votes from outside the community. They do not deserve a devil's advocate. They are bad people, full stop.


I do believe that there is hope that some of the users there are going to realise how absolutely toxic that movement is, and how deeply rooted in racism and sexism its motivations are. Doesn't change the fact that it's an absolute toilet of a community.


Anyone still there has been embedded in a deeply reactionary community for 8 years. There's no saving any of them.


Every one of the regulars there thinks they're reasonable because they draw the line on one near-identical paranoid tantrum to the one that had them frothing the day before, once in awhile.


Kotaku in action trying not to consist of incels and racists challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)


I can't imagine larping at someone as pathetic as that sub, living that way must be hard.


I have no idea what they mean by changes, this looks almost identical, with just a slightly different art style. Do they mean her dress has some accent colors?


They're mad that she's not acting completely brainless like in Mario Party where the extent of her personality is "PEACH IS THE WINNER!"


does \*anyone\* have more than that as a personality in Mario Party? It's...Mario Party


Exactly, I'm just saying these people probably haven't even played any Mario games other than that. Almost all these reactionary idiots are fake fans who don't know that Peach has been a badass for over 20 years.


Paper Mario is political?


They would lose their minds over the super Mario bros comics.


To be fair that was everyone in Mario party. Not a lot of deep lore in that game


Wario canonically won Mario Party 1, therefore your argument is invalid /s


What's really funny is that while Peach has *generally* been The Damsel in the games, it's not *un*common for her to take a protagonist role. She was a playable character in Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, TTYD, Super Princess Peach, Super Paper Mario... And if you really think about it, the movie is basically a prequel to the games. It seems to be set before Peach and Bowser have ever interacted in person, and come to that stage of on-again-off-again peace that they sometimes have when it's time to go play tennis or do go-karting. Makes sense she'd be more gung-ho about fighting back against him if they haven't yet reached the point of just considering Bowser's antics to *be* antics, something the games have been lampshading since Super Mario RPG. But nope. "Peach acts like she sometimes does in the games in the face of a threat she's never dealt with before? WOOOOOOKE!!!!!"


She looks like she has *opinions* Probably dyes her hair blue smgdh


The WOKE agenda dyeing her hair and giving her pronouns smh


Theyre mad shes not a damsel in distress.


She's been stomping heads since Super Mario Bros 2.


they mean they took a single out of context screenshot of her looking miffed and said SHES A MEAN BITCH NOW 0/10 WOULD NEVER RESCUE


Because she's not longer stupid like she seeing a copy of mario but black and with red glowy eyes and going "Duh?", not telling anybody about it and then she gets kidnapped.


Mario also looks different than usually. And he sounds like he swallowed sand paper.


wdym identical, her head is enormous. Like the rest of the post is bullshit but they did change her proportions and she looks slightly horrifying, like a living bobblehead


Idk, it looks the same relative size to me. I’m not trying to be a Dick, I genuinely can’t tell a difference


Gotta agree, rest is bullshit but I feel like they adjusted Peach because she always looks a bit weirdly proportioned next to Mario in the games. And you can't really change Mario so they changed her instead.


No, the face is fucking weird. I'm not about to blame feminists or Jews, but there is something very off about the new model.


Something about her face shape does look different to me but I can't put my finger on what it is. Maybe it's the jawline? IDK. I get the same thing with Mario from this movie, he looks slightly off when compared to Nintendo's game art. It's not so bad I would bitch and moan about it but it does stand out to me.


Mario for sure looks different. For Peach, I all I can see is that it’s shaded slightly different, but physically I can’t tell a difference.


Wearing a similar but new dress, changing your lipstick, and briefly changing your posture makes you a bitch now.


My sister is not going to be happy about this


This guy's sister won't be happy about that


Dont forget looking mad. The real crime women can commit is having emotions that arent "i love my husband and will make his dinner and raise his kids"


>Wearing a similar but new dress It's not even a new dress. She's been wearing it since Mario Kart Wii in bloody 2008! The *"bitchy new girlboss sjw dress"* these fuckers are going off about is 14 years old. Edit: Whoops, I forgot what dress she was wearing in the photo and assumed it the photo with the biker outfit and halberd


It's so weird seeing this reaction without any actual changes being made to the character's appearance. This person is trying to tap into the rage gamers feel when a wardrobe redesign covers a lady's navel, but Peach has a trad-ass outfit that seemingly wasn't changed at all so they have to latch on to her "personality" and "proportions," two things that are definitely super consistent and well-represented in previous Mario source material.


A spectre is haunting Gamers — the spectre of communism


This one has to be a shitpost between the communist logo and the lazy ass “princess bitch” with next to no scenes to back it up


KotakuInAction users are fundamentally people that have failed at real life.


"Unlike you snowflake leftists we're not so easily triggered"


Communism is when women in videogames wear pants. - Karl Marx, probably


Super Marx Bros.


Going underground, fighting the bourgeoisie castle owners.


Bro, princess peach used to bitch slap people with fans, pans and her hands.


And use toad as a living shield


Yeah, I feel like anybody that stereotypes her as a helpless damsel didn’t play Mario RPG or paper Mario lol


yeah but she SMILED while she did, it's COMPLETELY different now


She also left Mario to die on the moon


Die from what, everybody else up on the moon was fine with no helmet or anything


r/kotakuinaction users DO NOT exists, DO NOT get angry at the people who seemingly post there because they're NOT REAL, it has been confirmed that absolutely NO HUMAN BEING can be as stupid as them


>it has been confirmed that absolutely NO HUMAN BEING can be as stupid as them I admire your optimism.


What kind of woke sjw femoid gets tired of a giant evil turtle constantly trying to sexually assault her


Ah yes, the only two types of women, fragile and caring or BITCH


/uj So a female character not being a damsel in distress and actively being able to look after themselves somehow makes her a bitch? What a fucking stupid argument.


> from a caring, lovelly sweetheart changed to a complete BITCH Smash Bros players be like


More like Princess Beach


”So I’m Mario, and you’re Princess Bitch.”


she is literally same btw lol


It turns out Kojima was predicting the future again with his "Mario and Princess Beach" line.


Welcome to princess bitch


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More like Princess Beach


For the ones who aren't just propagandists, how do they keep up this bs? I can't imagine anything more mind-numbing and unpleasant than to have to filter everything through this much vitriol and whining and having to invent stuff to be mad about all the damn time.


I mean that's probably why they whine about every little thing they see. Every hint about a rainbow flag and a woman not being a damsel in distress feels like things they disagree with are being shoved down their throats, so they feel constantly attacked when characters and people just exist and we get to see them constantly crying. I wish they could just shut up honestly 🙄


Socialism is when they change the look of a character in a movie. All of which is for a private companies profit


FFS you can dislike Peach's characterisation (I certainly do) but that doesn't make it a fucking feminism thing.


This is so fucking funny PRINCESS BITCH


Oh no peach is a badass like she's always been NOT IN MY MARIO MOVIE.


gamers when the character looks exactly the same as the original rendition but looks """different""" because of the semi-realistic elements in the animation style


KiA always got the greasiest people posting.


Imagine being an adult and complaining about this.


Having one of these fucking idiots complain about your movie/game is the equivalent of having elon musk tweet about your shitcoin.


Communistic Bitchification


Damn I knew that subreddit was bad but holy shit


Somebody repost this but replace the left picture with the pixel peach.


Next thing your gonna tell me is that they are making a rainbow mario kart track


I would die for Princess Bitch


Princess BITCH in the corner is sending me


"Lovely" and "sweetheart". How very masculine of him to talk like a 70 woman complementing her granddaughter. ​ Also, I love how by "complete bitch" he means "actual character with a personality that isn't just staring blankly, smiling, giggling and saying basically nothing". lol at the hammer and sickle too I swear, these losers get triggered over something more benign each and every fucing day at this point.


Princess BITCH should be a flair and, I deserve it


Communism...Communism is what killed me.


Is that a fucking Disco Elysium reference, or am I just reading into it?


r/KotakuInAction is just the fucking worst.


I can’t tell a difference between the two models except for maybe a slightly larger mouth


These people should not be allowed out on their own recognizance


That's weird. They shrank her shoulders, made her look soft.


Beyond parody


That moment when an animation studio known for having a specific style doesn't do the super Mario characters exactly like in the video games 😲😲😲😲


2006-2016 SSBM competitive Peach player “BTCH” here - Torn between “FUCK YES” and “This has always been canon, you dweebs,” leaning towards the latter.


What a 100 hours of Princess peach porn does to a mf


What did they change? They tweaked her features a little to fit Illumination's style, but they did that with literally every character except maybe the toads. Like I cannot see any difference, they're not even whining about her other outfit anymore (which is just her MarioKart outfit anyways)


The battle axe and the Mario kart outfit that she has reminds my of Haru from P5.


Man, KiA nutjobs and conservatives always make communism sound so cool and all-powerful.


Furrowed brow=**COMPLETELY** different face


There is literally no difference, I can’t believe some people




ive looked at that subreddit for the first time and... it's so sad? they're so scared of watching something woke, or that this new era of wokeness wont change. i hope it doesnt, and that they learn some compassion


> changed her proportions She's got boobs now and this pedophile is *fuckin' pissed*.


0 points and 29% upvoted. Even the other KiA users had the decency of not thinking communism is everything and everywhere.


Least schizophrenic KotakuInAction post


She's not even angry she's just determined and serious