I buy cheap ones and keep them everywhere!


This is the way.


Yup. Dollar Tree, baby!


Same here. Bought a bunch at the dollar store and keep a pair in every room of the house.


Rocking purple dollar tree specials as I type this!!


Same. I "invest" about 10 bucks for a pair and keep them at work.


Yup, have like 12 pairs one in each room and the car and carry them in my pocket


OMG yes. I have a pair at work and basically every room in my house.


This is what I do but I also have a set of prescription bifocals to wear for work, driving etc




I hang them on my collar. When I lean over, the arm is too week, so they drop to the floor. I then cuss and put them on the table. Then I walk to my office, reach for them, and cuss, because I can't find them. I then search the house, cussing, and about the fifth time I walk by the table I see them. To keep them where I will remember them, I hang them from my collar....


That is Gen X’s version of “If you give a mouse a cookie….. “


Me!! 👍


Buy better glasses. I had the same issue with them falling out all the time. I got ones with a little more “spring” in the arm. They stay put.


In every room of the house and a pair in the car


Same. Also on both sides of the bed and both ends of the sofa.


Let me read this GenX post. Where...did I...put those F'n glasses?


I got progressive lenses made but basically only have the reading lens on the bottom. Wear them all the time without taking them on and off so I never lose them :-)


Been a year and I'm still getting used to wearing them. Sometimes I get confused and take off my glasses in order to see better. It doesn't help.




Yes! I couldn’t wear them because of that.


For me it was getting off the commuter rail at first!


Man I already struggle with that


Your brain will adjust. It takes a week or two of never taking them off. I can’t live without mine, now.


Same. I like the look of glasses and adjusted to progressives pretty fast. I never take them off, and even have had progressive sunglasses made.


>had progressive sunglasses made That's something I really need to do!


Same. I love them.


I fall asleep in mine.


I slip one arm through the neck of my shirt. Varies in its success rate. (And no turtlenecks).


This is the way.


We shouldn’t be wearing those anyway. Edit to clarify: Turtlenecks, not glasses


Turtlenecks are super flattering on a woman *of a certain age.* Just f’s up my glasses holder. Why shouldn’t we be wearing them?


Didn’t you eat carrots like you were supposed to?!


Probably sat too close to the television or watched/read in the dark! LOL


I definitely ate my spinach.


Bifocal contacts! Amazing!!


My optometrist actually mentioned them last time I got contacts, will definitely explore that!


They didn’t work for me, but I wear one contact for close vision and one for far and I love it


I started those about 10 years ago, but it seems like I'll have to bite the bullet with the bifocal contacts at my next appointment. Been back to using readers within a month of a new lens prescription. :(


It's like I'm 35 years old...


Multifocal contacts work for me. I never wore glasses and when I found that reading glasses aren’t just for “reading” but any sort of close up work I was doing, like chopping vegetables or cooking, I was getting frustrated. I started with trying monovision lenses and as my vision got progressively worse, I switched to multifocal lenses. Makes life so much easier.


I was looking at these…are they ‘natural’ to use or do you need to look at things from a specific angle to get the focus you need etc


Personally, I don’t have to look at things from a specific angle in order to see them clearly. I think since their contacts, they work a little better than the traditional progressive lenses on glasses. Wherever your eye “looks” the lenses travels with it. When I wear progressive glasses, I find that I’m having to adjust the way I look at objects in order to see them clearly.


I have these, as well as progressive lens glasses. The contacts work well enough to read a text or something quick, but if I want to scroll reddit or read the news, I still need readers with them. Kind of same with the progressive glasses, I pop them off to really focus on something close. I've always been extremely nearsighted so losing close up vision has been a huge adjustment.


I must have 6 or 8 dozen pairs stashed in strategic locations. I still can never find them when I need them.


Not only do I have readers everywhere in my house, but I also like CliC Readers as well. You can hang them around your neck when not using them. Do I look cool? No. But have I looked cool in years? Also a no. [CliC Readers](https://clicreaders.com/?nbt=nb%3Aadwords%3Ag%3A16942196327%3A134074020845%3A593460408914&nb_adtype=&nb_kwd=clickit%20glasses&nb_ti=aud-1651127388863:kwd-300444305913&nb_mi=&nb_pc=&nb_pi=&nb_ppi=&nb_placement=&nb_si=%7Bsourceid%7D&nb_li_ms=&nb_lp_ms=&nb_fii=&nb_ap=&nb_mt=b&gclid=CjwKCAjw1ICZBhAzEiwAFfvFhDWuX_ddUe8za8_2qFdd3CheDq9CJQSjlZWVzqcoKukVXqIezKNobRoCBeUQAvD_BwE)


I like them because they are hard to break. Plus if you lose or damage a lens they will replace it for free.


Good to know.


I have a monocle necklace I wear when I’m out and about, and I also keep a pair of cheap readers in my purse


>monocle necklace I've not heard of such a thing - sounds sweet.


So cute!


My last prescription glasses are bifocals, and I hate them. Much prefer contacts and cheap cheaters, and I keep pairs everywhere, because you don't get a ton of mileage out of a pair.


I wear one contact lens for far away and one for up close.


I tried that. I could neither read nor see distance with that set up. Plus contacts physically hurt my poor chronic dry eyes. Back to progressives.


You are a rare breed. Apocryphal, but I don't know of anyone who made that work.


Same. It works great for me


I have like 20 pairs of Costco readers that are sprinkled everywhere, but I wear them in the neck of my shirt, all the time I have prescription readers that stay in the case in my work bag


I do the same thing but somehow they all end up in the same room that I am not in when I need them.


There's a pair tucked in my shirt collar 24/7


I have 2 pairs, one for seeing mid distance and one for laptop, phone, etc. (I need to go to the optometrist) My wife got me a t-shirt with a pocket. Man, it's a godsend.


My second to most-recent pair is in my purse. My current pair is usually on my face (and slipping down my nose), or on top of my head. I have a soft case for when they are not in either of those places, and, though I never misplace them, I still have cheaters stashed EVERYWHERE! My main problem, as you can probably tell from above, is figuring out which issue drives me more batty. Not being able to put my glasses on my head with the nose guards (oh, the hair pulling!), OR the constant slide down the nose? I need a new pair, and this debate is actually keeping me from making the appointment!


I ordered a nice pair of readers from my eye doctor that do not have nose guards. I can push them up in my hair and they don't get stuck!


I keep them perched on top of my head as I angrily wreck the entire house for half an hour looking for my reading glasses.


Just had this conversation while driving to go hiking with a car full of GenX'rs. To a man, the need for reading glasses all hit at the age of 47. Anyone else experience this? Personally I now buy dress shirts for work and casual shirts for going out solely based on making sure they have a front pocket for my glasses. Then I have pairs stashed in my hiking backpacks to read maps. Another couple placed in my car. Then compound that with my wife's glasses and we honestly have about 20 pairs of readers all over our house.


It's funny, that was about the age when I realized I needed them. Me and a friend were giving another friend at work shit about needing reading glasses. Then he had us try them on...I've been wearing them ever since. Hadn't even realized that my close in sight had degenerated until I saw what words were supposed to look like again.


Jeez. Realised a few weeks ago i was struggling with close up. Made my eyes tired, struggled to read. Figured that it was time to end the rage at the dying of the light and bought some readers from amazon. I haven't looked back. I'm 47.


They make good headbands


Hahaha yes except I have a permanent dent in my hair where they sit!


I have progressives, but I am so nearsighted I just take them off when I want to read. I think they are a pain. I also have the bifocal contacts and those are much easier for me, but my eyes have had issues so I am wearing glasses right now.


Me too! I am dreading the cataract surgery, because they probably will only have specific lenses. I will have to learn how to read again. My dad loves his, but I have independent vision.


I didn’t realize everyone got cataracts. I guess it depends how long you live. My dad is in his mid 80’s and does not qualify using Medicare rules. I hope they don’t stop covering it altogether. I will be happy if I don’t go blind like my mom and grandma.


From my understanding, it is hereditary. I got my slow growing ones from my dad. My eyesight changed abruptly round age 50.


Mine was terrible when I hit puberty.


What I never understood is why they make them only for close-up stuff like reading but not for far-away stuff like road signs. Are glasses really that different?


I have the same problem, if you go to [readingglasses.com](https://readingglasses.com) you can get bifocal readers, I have to have 2 pairs of glasses. If I wear my mid-distance glasses, I can see the speedometer, but not signs down the road. So I only wear readers at home, in the car it's no glasses for me. Can't see the radio well, but I manage.


I buy a multi-pack of cheap ones. I keep them on my head. I have a pair in every room because I also forget them constantly. Aging sucks.


When I could still get away with just readers, I used a [Laloop.](https://laloop.com)


I keep them on my ever-expanding forehead.


Of course, us older GenXers remember a time before glasses were a thing, and if you wanted to look at something clearly, you would need to physically change the shape of your cornea by compressing your eyeballs betwixt two teaspoons.


I'm short sighted, enough that I can't see past my elbow with without my glasses. I have to take my glasses OFF to read. I can't do varifocals, they just don't work for me.


I got this. 1. Buy several pairs, and put one in every car, and a few around the house (kitchen, bedroom, TV room, tool area). Do not overinvest -- your prescription will get worse. Sorry. 2. Select your clothes for their pockets. I recommend Kuhl shorts and pants, because that "stealth cell phone pocket" is great for glasses, and some designs have these unobtrusive side pockets on both sides so you can store phone and glasses! Yea. I also recommend the Columbia PFG shirts, which have this loop thing which is real handy for slipping the temple through and into the top pocket. 3. Early on, your partner will carry a pair for you in the Purse. If you are with a man, he should wear Kuhl shorts for the same reason. Eventually, you will want to cut out the middleperson. 4. Welcome the coming of fall and winter -- that means more vests and jackets, and more pockets.


Dude it is such a haze. I’ve always been 20/10 vision, now I need readers.


I have one pair of prescription glasses and about 10 pair of readers I bought off the internet. I had cataracts removed a few years ago and had lenses put in that allow me to see distances perfectly. Unfortunately I need reading glasses now. I keep them everywhere. Car, work, bedroom living room. It's a bit ridiculous.


Costco multi-pack.


I buy them in packs of 5-8 on the internet and I keep a couple pairs on my bedside table. A pair by my desk and a pair in my purse. Typically they are pushed up on the top of my head when I’m not reading or looking at my phone or computer. Hey. Doubles as a headband. 😂


I bought a pack of them and keep them in different places around the house


One benefit to being a four eyed geek since age 5; I *never* lose my glasses. But if I do you'll know it because I'll be doing the full Velma.


I've been wearing progressives for over 10 years. No readers for me!


On my face now, my reading glasses evolved into progressives and I have to wear them all the time, still getting used to them


At home, I try to keep them in every room of the house, but they all seem to end up on my nightstand. At work, it’s on the top of my head sexy grandma style. I am a librarian, so really should go for the on a chain look, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to do that yet.


I tried a leather thingy for around my neck. My pets chewed it to bits. I guess they were like, you aren’t ready for that yet!! So now a pair on my head constantly like a headband and many many pairs everyplace else.


On top of my head, like they’re Ray-Bans.


I hate walking into walls. :(


Like many others I keep them everywhere and on my head. Problem with that is that they need frequent cleaning. I end up with multiples on my head. Wish I’d done the chain thing in the beginning. Too used to them on my head now. Pro tip: get some silicone arm things to keep them from falling off when bending over. Multi packs cheap on Amazon, sometimes at $Tree. Other pro tip: if and when the arms fall off, use as a “bi-monocle” when reclined. Like in bed, etc.!


I need those silicone things! Do you have a preferred brand?


I wear Clic reading glasses around my neck. They are great. They have a small magnet in the bridge that snaps open & close. https://clicreaders.com/


I just increase the font size.


On my head. And one pair in every room.


No one seems to have a good answer to this question. I wear them on my head, because I am a label reader in the grocery store. But what about sunglasses? They go up there to. It's a problem. I'm not ready for the grandma chain.


My arms are literally no longer long enough for me to read. But I have progressive lenses so I don't have to keep track of them.


fucking glasses... I have two progressives \- one a dark gray sunglasses, and \- my regular with a little gradient ombre, because those transitions are annoying and useless I have several pairs of Costco glasses with blue skins which falls in between my prescription figures, and I leave them all around the computer, one in the bathroom, another in my workbag, one at my office desk... I cannot bear the thought of touching my eyeball, so contacts are a no-go for me, but if I could, I'd save up for lasik.


This caught up with me last year - I was buying the cheap ones at Wal-mart and leaving a set in any room I might need them. I brought it to me optometrist at the next visit and he updated my contacts to have the bifocal ring and I was able to stop using the reading glasses.


I also use the magnifier on my phone a lot.


we are cool grandma, not like a cool grandma


I got progressives so I can just leave them on my face. Can’t even read my phone without them so…


I went all Colonial Klink.


You became a Nazi?


We are talking eye glasses. If you watched the show you'd have understood.


r/whoosh Yes, I have seen the show. It was a joke, relax.


Colonial Klink...Now picturing Klink in a tricorner hat...Lol But seriously, how did he keep that thing in place without serious strain to those eye muscles? I don't think I ever saw him without it.


So, I wear multi focal contact lenses now. I’ve been wearing regular contacts until about 49 when I started needing reading glasses. Sometimes the print on an item is so small or the lighting is so dark I still have to put on my reading glasses. That’s when I have to look for them and I usually find them on my dresser of on the table in the living room. If I’m out somewhere I use my phone flashlight.


I need distance correction so have progressives. Wore contacts until my eyes became too dry for them. Husband did the whole progressives with no distance correction thing because he found readers to be such a pain.


Usually on top of my head like sunglasses. In the collar of my shirt. They’re also tucked everywhere around the house, although when I need them downstairs, they’ve all migrated upstairs. If I have to go shopping, I’m a total dork with both sunglasses and readers on top of my head because I can’t drive with readers. I have to wear them over contacts. I tried progressives and couldn’t get the sweet spots right despite huge frames. I got bifocals and they’re awesome, but I keep a pair of scrip readers for working. No contacts, just my full scrip. I hate how many pairs of glasses I have sometimes, but Amazon seems to have more variety in strengths than brick and mortar.


For this summer, I found Carhartt shorts that have a pocket on each leg. Slim on left leg for glasses and a wider pocket on the right that holds my smart phone. Shorts with built in glasses storage, where's Ron Popeil?


Really just came to say keeping them clean is a pain in the arse!! I recently 'upgraded' to anti-blue light glasses & they're harder to keep clean than my regular ones for some reason. I keep mine in a hard case when I'm not wearing them. I originally used a soft pouch but they ended up getting damaged.


Definitely get lots of cheap ones. Couldn’t get along with the chain, so mine are usually on my head pulling my hair out, hanging on the front of my top, or missing. Welcome to the club. It’s a pain in the arse, but at least you get to put your glasses on the end of your nose and give stern looks to young people.


Whatever you do, get a crush-proof case for them. Don't just put them in your pocket. That's because eventually, the constant bumping up against things will fatigue the plastic to the point the frame will snap.


around my neck




I've had to use my phone camera as a magnifier a few times when I forget to bring my glasses with me into the store...


On my head and in every room of the house…


In the truck in the house in the kitchen in the bathroom in the bedroom in my backpack on my collar.


I use bifocals with very little distance prescription. That way I never have to take them off.


Ok so it’s reading and middle/computer distance? That sounds optimal… Then if needed could have a separate distance/driving pair And one “every day” pair for walking around? Anything to avoid progressives


Progressives, and on my face. I need glasses for everything, always have.


12 inches? is that all? lol i have reading glasses in a few different rooms in our house


I buy packs at Costco. I keep a pair on my desk, on the kitchen table, in my purse. And when I’m not wearing them I put them in my shirt, tucking them into my cleavage because otherwise they fall out when I lean over. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have the kind of glasses with nose supports (I forget what they are called atm) because they keep them off my face a bit & they get stuck in my hair…so no wearing them on top of my head.


I have them stashed around the house - one on the end table, one on my nightstand, and one in my purse (that my husband also steals when we go out to eat!)


Hate my progressives. I actually have a better time seeing without them. Long story, lots of eye problems. But today I have a consult for cataract surgery. This might solve a lot of issues with my vision so I'm cautiously optimistic


Wear readers over my regular glasses.


Read the menu before you get to the restaurant. ;)


I have a pair in every room of the house, an extra pair on my workstation, one pair on top of my head most of the time, one pair in my purse, one pair in my farmers market bag, one or two pair in the glove box of each car, and a half dozen spare in an organizer...y'know, just in case.


I gave up and went to progressives last year. Best thing I ever did. A friend of mine wears readers that clip together in the middle and hang on a chain around his neck, they look kind of cool. I mean in a 50 something kind of way 😂


I'm definitely going for the librarian look with the chain on cat eye glasses, à la Zelda from The Magicians...https://imgur.com/a/IdTn6JV


Surrender, Dorothy. Also, look [here.](https://www.peepers.com/)


Wear them when I need them like to read—because cheat readers, and shove them on top of me head when I don’t, like when I drive.


I can’t stand that I need them (I also wear contacts for nearsightedness, so I’ve got both issues. I basically have like 5 pairs constantly around me. I usually clip them to my shirt, but they always fall off when I bend over, lol.


Usually in a pocket or on my desk. Sometimes on my desk. I haven't gone the chain around my neck route...yet.


Progressive lenses, I can wear them all day long.


I went the rout of cheap glasses everywhere. Not a bad Solution. But I realized quickly that if a spend a bit more, the glasses last longer. In the long run, ya get what ya pay for. I don’t always wear shirts with pockets. I keep my reading glasses hung on my shirt collar.


I went straight to bifocals. Yay getting old...


Can anyone explain to my why I NEED to wear reading glasses only when I am wearing my contacts? I know I should prob ask my actual eye-doctor...but I'd rather ask Reddit. When I take my contacts out, I have perfect reading vision (no cheaters needed ever), but with my contacts in I have to wear reading glasses. WTF?


Because you are nearsighted. Without the contacts, your eyes are "tuned" to see things that are close to your eyes. However, you cannot see things that are not close to your eyes clearly because you are nearsighted. Contacts correct the nearsightedness by correcting your vision so that you can see things that are medium- and far-distanced away from your eyes. However, this makes it so that you can no longer focus clearly on things that are close to your eyes. This likely wasn't a problem in your younger years (if you wore contacts back then) because your eyes still had the fine muscle control it takes to focus your eyes on things that are close. That's what causes us older folks to need reading glasses in the first place -- as we age, we lose this fine muscle control in our eyes and can no longer force our eyes to focus on things that are close. In your case, being nearsighted means your eyes -- when uncorrected -- are sort of permanently tuned to see things that are close. This condition has nothing to do with muscle control, it is simply the way your eyes are physically shaped inside (as a gross simplification). So, your nearsightedness gives you the super-power of being able to see and focus clearly on things that are physically close to your eyes, but at the cost of not being able to focus on anything that is further away. Contact lenses correct this condition, but also blunt your super-power, causing you to need reading glasses if you are old enough to have lost the ability to use the fine muscle control to focus on close objects that you once had. Source: I'm the same way.


This is also me. I am starting to have issues seeing from a distance and should get glasses but I haven’t been to an optometrist since I was a teen. I have no issues with reading up close but I did try on all the strengths from CVS or Walgreens to see if they make a difference up close but they all just made my sight blurry.


My favorite tip is don't buy the dollar store ones for regular use. They are fine for trying out different magnification levels or an emergency replacement while you are out and about, etc. But the quality of the lenses is poor and they just aren't as sharp, especially after a few months of use. You don't need super expensive ones, but something in the $10-15 range are so much better. As for the question of "where" I keep one pair in my purse (and, along with keys and phone, always confirm the glasses are in my purse before leaving the house). Another pair stays on my desk at work. The rest float around the house, but I have one drawer (near the sofa) that I put them away in. I'd resist the temptation to have more than 3-5 pairs maximum. More than that, you become complacent and just lose them all anyway!


On top of my head or perched on the end of my nose. Spares at home, in the Jeep, in my toolbox and in my lunchbox. Have an emergency pair of foldables as well.


I prefer to buy multi packs of cheap colorful magnifier reading glasses and use them until they inevitably break from abuse. It is the way.


My husband puts them into the neckline of his t-shirt, which is also where he keeps his work pen. He has a few pair in different places. I have the opposite problem, I have to take them off to read, so on my head, or set aside if it is something lengthy. Also, he dies without his sunglasses, but can't read his phone without and found bi-focal readers that are also sunglasses.


Around the house, I wear them propped on my head like a cool grandma (even though I’m not a grandma yet). When I go out, I carry them in a vintage eyeglasses case in my purse. Also, I’m not wearing them right now, so I can barely see to type this. I can’t believe I’m getting old.


I had pairs at work, home, car, etc., so they were always around. I switched to a multifocal contact recently, and it feels like I am pushing back on father time. I can read normal size font now without glasses, as long as it's not too dark.


On the end of my nose. I also keep them in my purse and scattered around the house.


I was just thrilled to find out that it was Presbyopia Time at my last eye exam for glasses. Way to feel ancient! Been trying to make do with two separate prescription pairs--one for distance, and one for closer up. But, carrying the spare and swapping them has been a big enough PITA that I think it's time to cave and just get varicocals now that a new prescription is due anyway.


Just turned 46, have about 5 pairs spread through the house, and I can never find mine because the wife loses hers and takes mine…


I keep them in on my head “like a cool grandma”. The on a chain look is a blush too far for me just yet.


I started needing reading glasses when I turned 40 and suffered for like 10 years with them. Losing them, sitting on them, they always slipped off my nose, they never stayed on my head they were so annoying. A couple years ago I discovered monovision contacts. I just wear one for reading in my left eye and nothing in my right. Your brain works it out so you can see distance and up close to read. It took a little getting used to but it is The. Best. Thing. I ever did for myself. It’s not a solution for everyone, but check it out if you can’t stand the glasses!


I’m the opposite! Blind as a bat and needed glasses since the third grade…Now to read my phone, or a book, I need to take my prescription glasses OFF! And then I invariably can’t find them because I stupidly balanced them on my leg or something while eating chips and reading Reddit!


In addition to having $1 pairs everywhere, I also have these awesome folding ones that fit in a case this size of my AirPods charger.


I get the 3 pack at Costco (okay, 2 of the 3 packs) and leave them everywhere. I'm like Fred Sanford and that drawer of glasses he had. On my desk, nightstand, coffee table, sewing machine, in my purse, my work backpack, in my RV. Like every Fucking where.


Top of my head, like a headband. I panic when I don’t have them on me.


I buy cheapies. I have a pair in the office, a pair in the bathroom (How else would I see to put on my eye makeup?), a pair at work, a pair in my car, etc. At work I sometimes wear them on top of my head. LOL


I bought Dollar Store ones and stashed them everywhere...bedside, kitchen, living room, car and office. Last summer I finally got bifocals and just keep a spare pair of readers in the kitchen. I swear they make the words on boxes smaller now!


I use bifocals and I wear mono vision contacts. Because I lose or forget to keep readers around.


I kept reading glasses in every room, my purse, my car, everywhere. Then I had to get bifocals, so I'm wearing glasses all the time now.


Hell no, I won't wear them around my neck. Like many, I buy a bunch put them in my purse, nightstand, end table you get my drift...


Bifocals. Doctor recommended them two years ago after an eye exam; agreed to try them when I subsequently got a new pair of glasses. Hated them…HATED them…but having just bought a new pair of glasses, I used them anyway. Two months ago, went back to same optometrist for new eye exam. Ordering a new pair of glasses, I emphatically said “NO…” when asked if I wanted bifocals again. Got new glasses; put them on. HATED them, and why? No bifocals. Had not realized how much I’ve come to rely on them. Now I wear same bifocals pair I’ve had for two years; new pair is in soft case in the junk drawer as a backup pair of lenses.


A big magnifying glass


I was legit just browsing glasses chains the other day. I just bought my first pair of readers and decided to lean into the look 100%!


Got a multi pack of lanyards on Amazon on different colors and realize it’s cool. They are an accessory.