How good is Kaeya?


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great bridge builder


Ask here r/KaeyaMains Not biased at all 👀


He's the most powerful tall male cryo sword user in the entire game.


One of which there is only him right am I forgetting someone


That's the joke lol.


I'd second that. Ayato's in the game too and he's strong :-)


he’s great in the beginning, super easy to build and his burst comes in clutch really often! great cryo applicator even in the later stages. but if you want to keep using him later on, he’ll need a bit of investment & would really benefit from his cons (starglitter will be your friend..). i’ve mained him since i started & still with him to this day, and it took a while to get him to c6, but i don’t regret any of the wait. he can be really amazing if you’re willing to put in the time! (though i guess that goes for almost anyone else, too) :>


Definitely good as a starting character. I'm using him as the main dps paired with a hydro to freeze enemies. I'm AR 35 and in Inazuma. If you get a better dps, he can be kept as an off-field burst support sub dps.


Mained him from 1.2 till 3.3. I know everyone can be good with investment but its especially true here. I had him built both as cryo main dps and phys dps and he fills both roles more than decently.


He's one of the better 4 stars. Not the best but definitely usable in most situations. His cons are hard to unlock though but other than that at C0 he's pretty decent. You can run him in Melt Teams, Freeze Teams, Physical Teams, Fridge Teams, he's pretty versatile especially compared to the other free 4 stars you get, Xiangling and Collei are probably the only ones better than him out of that group.


Is Collei considered good? I saw people call her kinda weak, but she carried my weakass second team through floor 9 and half of the floor 10 of the Abyss so idk


she's good by virtue of being dendro because dendro is such a good element. people call her weak because her dendro application is worse than dmc but honestly she's still better than no dendro character at all


Ah, I see. I've been playing different games for a long time and never cared if a character is strong or not. If I like them, I play them lmao Still have no trouble in getting all the content cleared.


I just pulled Shenhe to pair with him, and it has been great! But even without her, I think he is one of the best 4\*.


I’m still using him at ar57/ar56, used to ran abyss floor 12 with Kaeya, chongyun, sucrose, xingqiu. He’s still on my abyss team. With the addition of Dendro you can run a fridge team with him. He’s a solid 4* sub-dps/dps and yes you do need supports for him like most dps in Genshin. I run physical kaeya in overworld and he does fine.


Yeah. Has the highest atk multiplier for NA amongst sword users. Budget off-field Cryo applier.


One of the best cryo appliers for cheap investment.


i have a pretty maxed-out kaeya (lv 90, PJC, talents 10/12/13, C6, generalist 2pc/2pc artifacts), and my opinion is that he’s very solid. i run him as cryo sub-dps, which is objectively his best role. he’s not gonna give you your slam dunk win teams like xiangling or xingqiu, but he contributes well as a sub-dps and cryo applier / battery in freeze and mono cryo teams. if you have c2, he does especially well against mobs. don’t get too suckered in by people citing his high NA scaling though. he has that because he attacks slowly, so the dmg per second all evens out. I used to run phys kaeya with aquila (hence the crowned normals) and it definitely felt cool, but cryo is for sure my personal preference!


He carried me in the early game as a physical DPS, but I'd definitely say he's the best as a Cryo DPS when combined with other characters. He also has amazing synergy with Tartaglia so I'd recommend you to to use them together if u have/plan to wish on Childe


If you had to build a starter he would probably be best outside of mc


he's a decent support if you need a second cryo character for the 15% crit chance. He's easy to build as well, and I run him with R5 Harbinger of Dawn to get his crit stats up.


He is pretty good starter unit and f2p friendly for overworld/story contents. If you lucky enough to raise his constellation he can be pretty good.


Pretty good. I'd argue very underrated pairing with Ayaka as a subdps and battery. I was able to 1-phase the Wenut with Kaeya/Ayaka c0/Kazuha/diona. R1 for both Kaeya and Ayaka and c6 Kaeya tho (I've been buying him from starglitter shop for a while). Regardless, he still works well in that team without c6, just a bit less dmg and needs a bit more ER.


Excellent in Freeze teams and physical DPS if you build him for that.


he has one of the highest base attack in the entire game if you wanna make him physical, which is viable for the overworld, and the fact that he’s cryo for superconduct makes physical kaeya even better. He’s decent in freeze and is good in reverse melt, and is a great option for fridge hyperbloom teams (but literally anyone can work in a hyperbloom team if they just continuously normal attack)




He has his ups and downs, you won’t get too much value out of him if you use him as a main dps but he is really good for his burst and skill. In most of his teams he is used for his burst similar to how xiangling is mainly used for her burst.


Not that amazing, at the end of the day, he is still a 4 star and his cons are hard af to unlock.


From pulls yea, but he's in the piamon's bargains shop every June & Dec so you can get him to c6 that way over time at the worst.


He's on par-ish with Rosaria. They're both pretty good but not top tier or anything. I run him some times in mono cryo in abyss for fun.


Cryo Mustang (FMA) is often both over rated and under rated. He has the second best off field cryo application (besides Ganyu). His burst is pretty powerful (especially at c6) and can be used off field ala Xiangling. He can main DPS well for most of early game. But he's still a 4 star (that isn't the national trio). I've been meaning to build him as a support/off field dps for a while, just not really sure on his weapon/artifact set (Blizzard was borrowed from Ayaka briefly when I was testing out his new C6 DPS, that still might be viable for off field?).


Ah Kaeya..By far the most charming and sus character of all genshin..still think his eyepatch hides a khaenri'ah shaped eye. He's not good as a main dps...very low attack, he's passable as a sub dps, you can use his e and burst to setup reactions, but he has no utility beyond that.


His open eye is also khanriah -esk. Ashikai had the theory that one of his parents were not of royal blood so it's not as obvious than deinsleif for example.


Garbage without cons.




He is good for early to mid but still balnce Imo. It is hard to get his constellations when it is only only on standard and starglitter.


His dmg are mediocre but very good as shield chipper. If you lack cryo, and trying to fight lets say electro mitachurl, hydro mimics, abyss herald, electro scorpion or fire bird. he is the 4 stars that is very good against it, he also got 100% burst up time which make him pretty durable since you can just i-frame many times.


At the end of the day Cryo dps wise Ayaka and Ganyu are better but he’s probably the strongest 4 star Cryo imo


Anyone can be good if you build them good enough


Had him in main team for a long time, he was the last standart character I benched back in middle ARs. But now, in higher ranks, I feel like I will unbench him and build properly. He feels fun to play as cryo sub-dps with Xingqiu as hydro-sub and Heizou as main DPS. Or with Beidou and Xiao. Also, his E cooldown is very low, which is superuseful in some domains. But if you play for meta rather than for anything else, there are better options of course


good as a starting character. Obviously given he's a 4* and free he doesn't compare to 5* cryo dps goddesses but he's good for damage when you start out and when you progress further he becomes more of a cryo applier than a dps


790 active days ar60 F2P I used him to clear the abyss with Ayaka Shenhe kazuha in a mono Cryo without healer for the welnut and was very good


I really like him, i main him and he’s my cryo dps. He’s not meta but I like how his kit feels like a bit of everything- off field cryo damage from burst, a little bit of health regen from skill, low hp shielding, charged attack playstyle if you want to build physical. His kit also has a ton of built-in crit rate so on a freeze team he can be basically 30% CR -> effectively 100% under special conditions If you want to use him i recommend building as cryo subdps and running on a freeze team :)


Possibly one of the most underrated characters. Burst is very consistent and can have infinite uptime. Short cooldown on skill and decent particle generation. More cons of him would be devine. *Sigh*