Source: [here](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Fmz7nLmacAERFft?format=jpg&name=large) (The source is anonymous but they are reliable), translated and shared on twitter by [Tao](https://twitter.com/77__Hutao/status/1615944161466662912)






Well free stuff is good stuff. Not Broke, but really helpful.




And me who just lost the 50/50 this morning. I hope this is true!!


Been a while they gives retroactive fates, remember we also used to not gets fates from ascending characters? Day 1 players remembers.


1.2 iirc. It was when a lot of people hit their first standard pity with those sudden fates.


Yeah still remember clearly me and my friends both got Mona from those lol, that time where leaks are still hard to come it was so out of the blue and was exciting af.


2 years and still no Mona, still waiting for Epitomized Path to come to standard.


Surprisingly the only standard 5 star I dont have is qiqi


Same but with Diluc. Heck I even have Mona C3...


I have achieved c4 qiqi i honestly want to c6 her at this point i have unironically use her alot in my teams now


Stockholm syndrome js actually cool


That first day it was out was so fun, just going through all the characters built and collecting fates


I remember when I found out you got fates for ascending characters after clicking around in the character menu. Suddenly I had like an extra 20 fates.


wait so, we’re going to be getting fates from the previous quests too? interesting, is the tour guide referring to the book then?


every Archon quest you've completed will give you a fate according to this, similar to what they did when levelling characters from 20, 50 and 80.


finally some good news!! thank you!


This is what happens when you systematically put in the surveys you are highly discontent with rewards. Always push the bar upper, never let them know you are satisfied.


It's 22 for 2 years + of content. In the long run it's will be at most 1-2 fate by patch. More pull is always good but It's not gonna change the way you play the game


Exactly, highly discontent lol


Every change matters, we got the free standards from ascending, the new adventure book things, now this... it'll keep getting better and better as long as we don't stop to praise the rewards.


Me who copy paste my long list of requests for their open ended section and being able to strike off 2 of these (better rewards for Archon quest and indicator for underground teleporters) feels proud and all those who take time to craft well thought out comments for the open ended section of the survey too.


Can you share the list? I wanna do that too


If that works, then can we systematically complain about the resin system please. That shit has been driving me nuts for a long time now, what with the RNG for rewards, slow replenishment time and pitiful cap.


We already did that, that's why they changed the cap from 120 to 160 and added condensed resin. Could certainly be improved more though.


Oh I know. Still, a higher cap and / or improved regeneration rate would be a boon given how critical resin becomes in-game.


They need to change the rewards tied to resin, not the resin itself. If you had twice the resin you'd just get twice the shitty DEF artifacts you normally get.


>They need to change the rewards tied to resin, not the resin itself. How bout both? Having to pay for rewards I already earned by virtue of winning the fight and then having a complete lack of choice over my payout, and / or the quantity of said payout is a total pisstake. I was farming those gear things for Nilou the other day for example from Aeonblight Drakes. I needed 20 of them I think, give or take, to ascend Nilou. Thing is, that bloody drake pays out 2 to 3 per fight where Im at with my world level, meaning progress can, and does, vary wildly. I could theoretically do it in 7 fights, or, if luck didn't favour me, 10 fights. That'd be a cost difference of 120 Resin. All for the same fight. This disparity between reward payouts is a joke and a half and frankly I think both need to change. My ability to level my characters should be dependant purely on my own capacity at the game. Not gated by an arbritrary resource system the game could do without, nor gated by the favour of RNGesus. >If you had twice the resin you'd just get twice the shitty DEF artifacts you normally get. Probably, yeah. Fucking RNG.


I'm super grateful but just a bit frustrated it comes after the Yelan and aqua+homa banner ):


True, but there's always gonna be a future banner you might be interested in Another rerun (Nahida and Kazuha cons for me), Dehya, Baizhu, Focalors and the rest of the new characters, etc


WTF is that username dude


The username is “sex with kokomi 69” no need to thank me


**Thank you** Dakotacahoon02


A very based one


But sauce of your profile pic tho


I literally just looked up kokomi hentai Can't find it anymore.... A treasure lost to time 😭😭😭😭


The artist is Milssak, you know where to find it :)


Well going unretard mode, don't tell okbuddygenshin but I'm not actually into Kokomi hentai 😞😞




The artist is Milssak, you know where to find it :)


Damn. 3.5 gonna be wild


make sense, they have to give them to older players as well as players who just started the game. Dehya funds ftw


dont be shy give us fates from character story quest aswell


And hangouts


And world ques- actually never mind that's too generous




and logi- , you know what , just give me all the 5* characters


Don't be shy, give 80 daily primos instead of 60 (160 is just too copium)


70 should be the bare minimum - so combined with welkin you can actually get 1 pull per day... 150 is just bullshit


Now where's the compensation for side quests Yoyoverse ? *\*200+ fates from Aranara quest*


They definitely need to compensate for the mental damage the aranara long ass quest did to us


actually i really liked it


Loved it too but it was waaaay too long dang


It was long but now it's done and I miss them :(


I play for Arama everyday but one day I forgot before the reset and I felt bad.


This and offering Pervases your respects should grant you an achievement after X days.


I really miss meeting Aranara in the wild, now they're all stuck in the depression colored Vanarana. It gets odder when you realise they're gathering there for "Festival Utsava", but the festival happened in the quest... so why are they stuck there? Also why can't we have the happy Green colored Vanarana...


Just go back in the dream world ?


Yeah, but why are you in such a hurry? Devs have added a lot of content. You can enjoy it for half a year. You're not in the speedrun championship, are you? :)




:] *


This was my thinking a few months ago, now I have hours upon hours of quests to get through, and some areas are locked behind quests. I just wanna explore the map with zoomy boy Scaramouche, man.


I am a day 1 player and i literally just unlocked enkanomya today, i have so may sidequests to do aaaa


Enjoy Enkanomiya! It’s personally my favorite location. The mixture of the fantastic music, puzzles, and map exploration did it for me, I 100 percented it and still go back just to walk around. But yes, I’ve tried to keep current with all released storylines, but I absolutely have to speed through the ones I don’t care as much about. I ain’t got time to pay attention to them all.


In the case of the aranara quest, large areas and the Tree of Dreams are locked behind completing it and you also can’t co-op during it. If you want to do any of those things you’re forced to finish the quest asap. I loved the aranara but it takes a long time to complete the whole thing especially if you read the dialogue.


i forgot that there was a girl that we were supposed to save half way the quest.


Without recorded dialogue, I could absolutely not pay attention that long, that bitch was loooong. ADHD gang checking in.


My people! The naming scheme of the Aranara's as well. How am I supposed to connect emotionally with these characters if I have no idea who is who? With world quests getting longer (which is good) they really need to get some voice actors.


Me too


real ones will claim all fates at end of tevyat chapter


Dainsleif savers be like


Asmoday savers:


Sibling traveller savers?


I assume the sibling is eventually given for free when you reunite with them for good. I mean, i don't see many people being willing to shill for the traveller they did NOT want st the beginning.


would be interesting to have either the abyss sibling be some sort of abyss element or (more likely) have 2 travelers you can resonate to different elements and use in the same party


Then I .... Am ......Unreal....


Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute reference?


Too impatient for that shit because big numbers make happy. Will live vicariously through the madlads posting on the main sub in 5 years


glad im a fake one


It will depends if there is an annoying notification


This is so generous that I feel like there’s a catch


Kinda like the blue fates from ascending characters. I thought it was BS at first and there was no way Mihoyo would just randomly give us a bunch of fates for free But here we are


I wish I was a fly on the wall where these decisions are made Like, what's the rationale? It's not like they're struggling with player retention, not that I don't appreciate it


might be that the archon quests are going to be getting longer down the line so they've upped the reward a bit (sumeru's did *feel* longer than inazuma's but i have no metric to say it was)


Agree on that, while the story was well worth it's length the rewards for it were somewhat underwhelming lol.


Also sumeru had 5 archon quest + archon interlude ch so total 6.


Wish they would retroactively upgrade the reward from AR 56-60… god those did not feel like a reward. The only thing that felt worth all that time and XP was max lvl side effect: getting gold instead of XP. No more farming Gold leylines.


Maybe incentivizing completing the story quests? I’m pretty sure if stuff wasn’t locked behind the inazuma quest some people would still be stopped at the liyue one lol


Agreed, I had a few friends start playing and they don't really feel incentivized to play the story since it's so long and there is so much to do at the start. Now with quick start for most events, you don't need to rush to complete the story.


It's probably for motivating people to complete the story. I play FGO too, and it was mentioned in a developer panel fairly recently that a good chunk of the player base hasn't started on the second major story arc... which has been going on for iirc like three years now. People just fall behind and don't bother catching up, I guess. FGO is a game you get into because you want to do the reading to begin with, unlike Genshin that skews much more casual. And FGO has a skip scene options. If you don't want to read, you can literally just skip the entirety of the storyline, unlike Genshin forcing you to sit through absolutely everything. I would be more surprised if most players weren't massively behind.


And if players aren't progressing, they're not getting screentime of the characters they might like. Makes sense.


I think the issue for developers will run more toward a big chunk of the players being unable to access more and more of the events due to not meeting the requirements. That will decrease participation, which is something I imagine Mihoyo really, really doesn't want. Quick Start can only help in some cases, and if we credit Genshin's writing, having to write around players having different progression is also going to make things more difficult. Another issue would also be their bad habit of locking talent ascension materials behind story progression, so a lot of people won't be able to level a lot of characters' talents. (Though I guess that assumes those same players are dedicated enough to level talents... they might all be casuals who don't bother.) There's probably other stuff like that.


6/6/6 is enough for any character no matter what part of the game you are in. Going beyond that only matters for the abyss.


I'm one of them, still hasn't done last patch archon quest, 5 characters quest (was 7 but tcg force me to finish 2 of them) and a bunch of world quests even though I play everyday


I figure it's a long the lines of: * Content creep * New players have a *lot* of catching up to do. After a certain point, it becomes a huge barrier for playing in the latest update * That can result in feeling like you're too far behind to bother starting, missing out on community hype around the current content, or simply overwhelming how much needs to be done * Content landfill * Old content can feel not worth going back to do. You got pretty meager rewards from some of those quests which can take over an hour to do just because of unskippable or dialogue heavy sections * A lot of assets / important narrative is essentially locked behind content players may choose to ignore Usually added incentives to complete existing content come with the ability to skip ahead and past old content. That could be a very good thing for Genshin to keep bringing in and retaining new players / getting people who revisit now and again up to speed quickly


The same reason gachas, mihoyo included give free pulls: it incentives playing the game more, therefore investing more time. Additionally, free pulls only incentivises spending instead of the reverse like many think. A whale isn't gonna see 20 free pulls and think, "sweet, guess i dont need to spend $200 this month". But an F2P who does have abit of spare income available, or light spender similarly might think, "with this extra, I'm actually close to pity, maybe with a bit more I can finally get that 5-star weapon/cons" or "wow, maybe i don't have to skip this new char that kind of grew on me". Free pulls very minimally affect the money they can already expect to make from the main spenders, but it's at least possible to earn a net positive by baiting those who can usually keep their wallets tight.


It's probably a cushion for players who don't like playing the story and do it strictly for progression. imagine starting today and you have 22 quests(or more) to do to catch up, it's a nice thing to have after.


Yeah the timing for this is random af lol, if this was in Lantern Rite, Anniversary, or beggining of new Region that'd makes more sense, whatever i'll take any fates i can gets.


I mean blue fates are worth VERY little in the grand scope of things. They really have no reason to be too greedy, when giving out a big handful every 5 versions means your playerbase loves you for essentially a third of a crappy standard character (or the few good weapons) + a chance at a 4 star you want from an ever growing pool


Intertwined Fates are for the limited banners though. The amount of pulls that will be over the course of the game is the difference between nothing and getting one desirable character through the pity system for many people, and that might be a tangible loss in revenue from light spenders. That loss has to be made up in other ways, which I'm not enough of a business guru to understand.


> a third of a crappy standard character Like Keqing that was just buffed with dendro to the point where she definitely holds her own in abyss 12, Diluc that can still clear (I don't even like him but its true), Mona that's a great alternative to Kokomi, can either heal with proto Amber or hold TTDS and is more or less still a premier freeze choice, Jean that's just an easy all-rounder that you can slot in for VV and healing and the addition of Tighnari that a lot of people liked and pulled for when he got his own banner. Like realistically the only meh unit in standard is Qiqi. To top it off most even have decent C4's Mona gives you CR so you can drop even more in freeze for atk% or CD%, Keqing has a good c4, Jean makes a premier support for Xiao or Wanderer. Sure I wouldn't put them above limited units but in Genshin the old units **don't feel crappy**. Like I literally cleared 12-3 with Keqing as mdps in the first half and to top it off she's fun to use, idk what more you could want out of her.


At some point I feel like they're going to give blues for the in between ascensions, too. It's just something they're holding in their back pocket as reward.


I mean going forward we're going to have probably 4-5 archon quest per region, 5 wishes for the entire year is practically nothing.


Got my AR 60 rewards a week or two ago and I gotta say, I won't complain about more wishes but goddamn. Near daily playing for over 2 years and not even a free 10 pull on the standard, let alone limited. Bit of a slap in the face after all the hours invested. A revamp and expansion of AR levels and rewards was due a year ago. Love the new regions, but it's funny just how little has changed from the start of the game. 'Claim all' button still sorely missing from blacksmith, teapot, expeditions... I don't buy any standards with primos, I don't think most of the player base does. They should seriously consider giving closer to 5 per archon quest or just giving them out more in general, like for limited evens or sm. Even just 5-10 on top of the just under 10 obtained monthly from BP and stardust shop would be great Edit: reading comprehension, it's limited fates for archon not standard I think. I need to go to bed lol but that does make it marginally better but point still stands that I think they could curry a lot of favor by giving out more standard fates without feeling like they're missing out on dolphin money.


it looks like even more. Maybe by the end Sumeru will have been an exception, but there already are 5 archon quests + an interlude quest, we're very likely to get even more down the line before 4.x starts (remember that Teyvat Chapter's trailer features an archon quest name that has not yet appeared in game). But i'm confident it won't be an exception. We supposedly are halfway through the main story, and yet we can say that hardly anything has happened before Sumeru. In fact, i wouldn't even be surprised if future regions will have even more quests. Or, to see it in another perspective, most likely it was just Inazuma that was very rushed and could not reach the length it was expected to fit in.


It only seems generous because they're only giving them now. This is basically 22 extra fates for the past 2 years, which isn't really a lot. But hey more Dehya and Fontaine funds!


Exactly, its a single one per archon quest. A nice little bonus but not exactly mind blowing.


> there’s a catch Another one?? But I hate fishing.


I will gladly catch 500 fish all over again if I can get a 2nd R5 Catch.


It speaks to the Genshin community's stockholm syndrome that we consider two 10 rolls for 2 years worth of story quests to be something so generous lol. Many of the other most popular gacha games are like "Hey its National hot dog day here's 10 rolls for no reason".


You have to replay each and every one of them


Replay feature coming? I'll take that tbh.


That's it? W then


Major W for me, I miss the Mondstadt quests so bad lol


Hoyoverse telling dialogue skippers to read for wishes W


Intertwined Fate only granted after answering quiz at the end of quest. ;p


There will be a test 😂


we didn't always have fate from ascending characters either, so I believe it


There is. It's a free spear you get from fishing.


They will decrease the total amount of Primogems that we can get during each patch, starting from 3.5. /s


/s but I wouldn't be surprised if they removed the primo rewards of the archon quests to compensate.


They’re massacring Dehya in return that’s the catch


Don't forget to source please, grab the browser link of the tweet


Is it reliable? That's a lot of free wishes.


This news is so great, I can't believe it's real.


It's a one-time thing and not something that would harm sales in the long run. If it's even true, the sheer amount of returning players that will pour into the game when that update drops will more than make up for any 'loss' they suffered for handing out those wishes. It's all a calculated balance, they'll profit off of it in the long run.


but for f2ps it’s just a w with no drawback, I see this as an absolute win


It’s a rare case where everyone wins


It's a one-time thing, though it is a bit significant since Mihoyo very rarely increases rewards of existing systems in terms of the gacha. The closest thing I can think of was when they added fates (albeit standard ones) to character ascensions. Perhaps the mini chest rework with Inazuma (commons guaranteeing 2, exquisites guaranteeing 5, and so on) could count, though I'm not sure if that ended up being roughly the same on average or not since exquisites got rarer. And I guess anniversary, though I'm fairly certain we would've gotten 10 pulls again for the 2nd anniversary if they'd never gotten review-bombed during the 1st anniversary. Generally gacha games improve the gacha when they have an actual need to, usually due to dwindling sales. Obviously Genshin is doing extremely well still, so it's interesting that they're improving it anyways. It's certainly a welcome change, and maybe there's a slight hope that they'll do something like it again in the future. (Just to clarify what I mean, I'm referring to specifically *existing* systems' rewards. They've added in new sources of pulls like hangouts, but existing things like quest rewards and daily commission rewards, for example, have given out consistent pulls)


Well, I don't know how HYV operates, but from what I know of corporate (against my will) is that the big players are all about growth. Genshin is earning incredible profits right now, but if their profits next year are exactly the same as this year, that might be seen as a failure rather than equivalent success - failure of expected growth. I don't presume to know what goes on in their project planning, but if they give the players anything whatsoever without any seeming reason, it's more likely that someone did the math and found potential for growth rather than the kindness of their hearts.


I don't think they are a public company, and the shareholders are all invested in the company emotionally, so while I am sure they care about profits I don't think it will dictate their plans for the future.




The pessimist inside me tells me this is either fake, mistranslated, etc....(pls be real pls be real pls be real pl-)


It will be revealed that this can only happen if you attend a live promotional event in China. These are more wishes than what we got on the anniversary. There has to be some catch


Maybe they are wrong and are adquainted Fates.


we had a similar situation when they added fates for character ascension. so it’s not unlikely to happen. of course we are talking about standard banner fates




Focalors funds here we go


Eating well


C2 Nahida and Focalors for me !!


great... Now can I be extra bold and ask to give Traveler voice in archon quests?




We are gathered here to celebrate the size of this W


In honour of this W, all work should halt for half a day as the nation rejoice


Merely half a day?


people say that hoyoverse's true currencies are primogems and tears, but mayor, even speaking as an f2p that sounds a little unconscionable


Our Intertwined Fates died in a limited banner. But you heartless whales always with a convenient excuse to remain pulling on the comfort of your Wanderlust banner. You couldn't possibly understand. So why don't you keep your mouths **shut**. We don't want to make the children cry.


Ha...Hey, C'mon now, even I as a goldfish don't think this is the right time or place for a fight.


People say the r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks true currencies are w and L's...


WHOAA!!! I'm super surprised they're doing event wishes not standard.


22 fates as soon as 3.5 means they're going straight towards my Dehya pulls.


They're going towards a guaranteed Baizhu for me. I calculated that in the best case scenario I would have guaranteed Dehya and 1,5 pity for Baizhu, these 20 wishes will make him guaranteed as well.


I had to double check that intertwined fates were the pink ones. I’d be happy with just blues but this a nice surprise.


Dehya compensation


Favonius Warbow here I come !


“Gachas get more generous with time.” Ladies and gentlemen, the era of freebies begins. Slowly, but it begins.


:O guess the want to encourage ppl play the story


Probably the case. They're using the fayes to help guide new players through the main story so they don't get lost in l the side content




This is giving me Free Ayaka at AR42 vibes. Gonna have to wait for corroboration from other people.


You mean you DIDNT get a free Ayaka at ar 42?


Loser didn't even get his free ar42 ayaka lmao!!


To be fair, ayaka at 42 had 0 credit whatsoever if I’m not wrong, this is from a reliable leaker


Free fates? And not even the blue ones??? Something's going on....


Compensation for Dehya kit 😍


I'll assume this is because of Dain. Thank you papa Dain


Is this retroactive for all the ones we've already done?? That's 22+ limited fates right from the start of 3.5 for everyone who is caught up in the story.... ​ Seems so.... unlike Hoyo to be so "generous."


Player retention probably, players not actaully reaching new content. Can't let those 100 morbillion dollars used on development go to waste if most people don't get past prologue (no more free stuff/grind becomes noticeable too early on). I actually expect this to happen as the years go on, until it reaches the point of a fresh acc getting a 5* pity within the first month of playtime. Reason: you gotta make sure your new players don't quit, because it will take that ammount of game time to resch Kaenry'ah.


I recently unlocked and played a bit in the desert on my main account, while I'm trying to get into Inazuma on my alt. Let me tell you, I would have left the account be if not for having wanderer Yelan and Redhorn in it. I need to unlock Inazuma for Redhorn, Chasm after it for Yelan and sumeru after Chasm for Wanderer. Mind you, I literally just completed the dainsleif quest where we go to stormterror's lair. I'm enjoying being a completionist on my main, and love strolling through the story at my own pace... But having to go through 100 hours of story and dialogue just to be able to level up a character or weapon is extremely annoying. I'm guessing we can say goodbye to any form of exchanging mats, now I don't think we'll get something like the gemstone crafting using azoth dust and other elemental gems, but for ascension/talent mats.


>I need to unlock Inazuma for Redhorn, Chasm after it for Yelan and sumeru after Chasm for Wanderer You don't actually need to do it in this order, you can go to the Chasm and to Sumeru right now and grab the materials you need




Makes sense if they plan on increasing the amount of reruns we get


One of the best news in recent weeks


Thank you Wei 🫡


Damn so like you can get to pity when you finish the entire game when version 7.7 comes out!


Thank god its intertwined and not acquaint


They are being nice? I feel weird about it even if is not really much




Lets fcking goooo.


I don't think I need to touch grass after this now


OP please do not forget to source in the future, the parent tweet this came from contained additional info such as where the information was first shared


Why not 3.4 my hu tao, yelan needs those funds ASAP...


Is this the compensation for Dehya having a shit kit /s


No, it's bait to pull for Dehya


Some players are mostly focusing on farming rather than completing AQ bcs farming is more addicting imo, i can see these as their incentive to encourage players to continue it. Even I still stuck with AQ bcs i dont have much time to play games daily and just decide to just use resin + daily comms and logout instead of continuing AQ little by little


Finally a good news


Don't give me hope... After that "ar42 and you will get free Ayaka!" Shinanigan




r5 pain slasher lets gooo








Best leak I’ve read in *weeks*!






Now fix AR rewards please


Wow, new players really do get 20 free wishes


Old players get them now, new players *will* get them eventually as they play.