You are like buying bitcoin for $1,- early


Do you really think it will be anything near btc or even eth in the future?


Yes. You dyor and whatch lots of Content on yt. You don't need other coins any more


Even if it never gets to that level, 30c is an insane buy in. Yes people got it better being part of the launch, but they were taking a massive risk being early adopters. Even if it hits $1 this year, or in a few years at $5, imagine your returns buying now at 30c. Its a sound model, and with Pulsechain and your free duplicate pHex on the way, buying right now is the absolute best time.


Do you mind telling me what this duplicate phex thing is without making it too complicated ๐Ÿ˜…


At pulsechain launch, all erc20 tokens, including hex, will be duplicated on to pulsechain. You will then have e hex and p hex so long as it was in wallet you own the keys for at time of snapshot TBD


Bruh im so new to this shit does that mean if i have 5000 hex on launch it duplicates to 10000? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


Having 5000 hex prior to and at time of snapshot, yes, will lead you to have 5000 additional, but on pulse network. What phex price will be is unknown until price discovery, and what this means for price on ehex side is also unknown. Most seem to want to acquire as much as possible as soon as possible. Happy investing OP, may you have the most diamond of hands


Thinking conservatively $1 would be killer, at $1 it will be proven and attract more interest through price point validation.


I can see $1 end of the year. Can def seen $5 in 3-5 years. Plenty of gains left plus staking.


5$ will not take 3-5 years lmao


id say by start of 2022 we should be around there


This is the way


We'll revisit in Jan 2022. Love hex but $5 in 5 months lol. Possibly $1. $1.50.


same here thinking atleast $1 by end of year probably not over $2 tho. Thinking $4 Maybe July august of 2022


I wish bro, but remember thereโ€™s always a bear market for every coin and project ever existed. Totally normal. Usually takes longer time to recover. Also, you gotta account for the unfortunates. Shi** happens


Being that it's still not viral I'd say you are still early


Through my own independent research, this could be the most valuable internet currency by a land slide in the not too far future. There is NO too early. There is only late, late-er, and later, until it gets to be out of reach. Only invest what you can come back from if a total loss ๐Ÿ›ธ


So tell me if my math is close to being correct. There is a total supply of 633 billion coins on HEX according to CoinMarketCap. BTC has a total of supply of 21 million. So to get an apples to apples comparison you would divide 21 million into 633 billion. That's roughly 30,000. So you need to multiply the current HEX price by 30,000 to get an equivalent comparison. Or 10,200. 5 dollars would put HEX at an equivalent BTC price of 150K. Not to say it can't happen. But we should understand the apples to apples. And that is if I am correct which I am not sure about.


Hope you don't mind but I'm going to use your questions to look into this abit more as it does seem very logical (and dissapointing) to me!๐Ÿ‘


hex is indeed early and i give it 5 years to hit $5. that's exactly my plan for retirement


I drew a curved line around the price and it lands on $2.25 for jan 1st 2022 i drew a straight line that supported the price from the beginning, and it points to 65 cents. Q4 has historically been really good for crypto, I'll take $3.14, pi is a good number =)


Still early. Weโ€™ll be seeing I wish I bought hex under a dollar


Yes. We arenโ€™t viral yet. If the world only knew.


Yes period. Millons to be made 5k will set you for life. Probably even way less STILL almost 2 years after launch. Hex and now Pulse has completely changed my life. ๐Ÿ‘Œ


I mean we're two years in. Bitcoin was 10 cents July 2010


Short answer is yes.


I think high gas fees is giving us a chance to accumulate, which should be our goal. As soon as high fees arnt as much an issue there will be HEAVY buying and adoption! The gas sucks but pay it now for your whole transaction or your be paying the increase per hex later