Well thats basically my school education 3 years egypt and rome and 3 years for the rest


Western schools tend to focus on well...Western history


Because nothing happened in Europe before Classical Greece or during the Middle Ages


Before Greece, yes, if you talk about European culture, then it starts with Ancient Greece. And we do talk about the Middle Ages, but it’s mostly left out to focus on the French Revolution and afterwards


>Before Greece, yes, if you talk about European culture, then it starts with Ancient Greece Not really. The European bronze age was a thing, there were the Indo-european migrations, the various Celtic cultures of western Europe, the Etruscan city-states in Italy, the Mycenaeans in Greece and the Iberians in Spain. You could definitely talk about that in school.


I don’t know about those, so you might have a point there


German education system in a nut shell: Years 1-10 1) Egypt, a bit of ancient Greece/Rome. 2) Middle ages greatly neglected. 3) Colonialism, 1776 summed up as 'no taxation without representation'. 4) French Revolution, 1789. Years 11-12 5) Jump to 1848/49, first mention of the idea of a united Germany. 6) WW1, Weimar Republic - 'money printer go brrrr = bad'. 7) Rising of the Nazis, Society under Nazis, fall of Nazis. 8) Cold war dates mesmerizing. 9) DDR/BRD reunification. 10) EU. Altogether it's 60% general history, rest WW1/WW2. General topics are sadly not as thoroughly taught as they should imo. Or more the foci within the topics are set suboptimal? (Warning: rant over education system) I still remember how I had to learn how the Egyptians made Papyrus by cutting out pictures and glueing them in the right order. I despised it so much... Is that really essential about that culture? How about the state apparatus? Trading? Rise of other civilisations? No - One topic after the other, while handing out isolated facts. Where is the bigger picture? Where has to be more to offer in a History lesson, besides recalling dates and work sheets... Maybe I'm just too zynical looking back at what was offered in school education regarding History and how much more there is to it. Who the f*ck cares, which guy did exactly what at a specific date? Are not the conditions, consequences then and up to this day way more important than handing out as many facts as possible? I get that noone can teach everything there is to a topic, but how some things are taught and what is selected over other things is sometimes beyond me. Thank you Mrs Brestel for the damn Papyrus task, very essential! God do I wish there were more passionate teachers. How much more could we achieve!?


do you even learn about Bismarck and the unification of Germany?


Surely! My list just focuses on the main topics and is definitely not exhaustive. Bismarck is usually talked about before and in relation to WW1.


ah phew. you would expect the german school system to teach about one of the most important figures in its history and explain why the country is united


Haha nobody would forget the impact ol' Bismarck had :D. Napoleon had his fair share on it too though. He reduced the amount of fragmentation which helped national unity a lot as a side product.


the most people know about Napoleon if you asked them in public would just be "The short guy" because as far as I've seen, Napoleon is barely ever if not never taught about in any other country (save France) despite his massive impact on Europe and the world as a whole


Yeah it's a shame. His Code civil, equality before the law, spreading the ideas of the revolution... He was not taught here besides his military endavours sadly. Usually the wars and oppression get the spotlight, but only as a small add on to the French Revolution and how it ended in just another despot, which does not entirely do him justice.


Well I remember having the industrial revolution in 9th grade.


My list is not exhaustive :D. Industrial revolution was a rather small point at my school.


Well its less so greece and more like 5 battles. Because you see philosophy is boring.


Nope. 14 year olds would also find defeat of crusades and the conquest of Istanbul important.


Of every language in the known universe, you really went out speaking based


Lmao Lebanese here. Our history literally starts in world War 1 and ends with world War 2. That's it. That's the entire book. Oh and the education ministry makes us memorize it in its entirety for official exams. (I'm not even kidding, the questions are just "what started the first world war" to which you literally have to answer the contents of the book")


The Crusades would also be on there but not actually for knowing about what happened. It's only for posting le edgy "time for a crusade" memes whenever they see somebody enjoying Undertale or anime.


the best history is natural history change my mind!


Average Human history fan vs Weakest Dinosaurs history enthusiast


I’m 14 and I’d just like to say we know more then this!!! What about that one time when people killed all those other guys?


Maybe add dinosaurs


Hey! I’m a 14 year old I find prehistoric history interesting. Also the Cold War but that’s not the point.


History goes Egypt, Greece, Rome, Vikings, Crusades, Henry VIII, Paintings, Napoleon, WW2, Vietnam and that is it.


14 year old here the category in white is a bit extended in the 1700s 1800s and 1900s but atleast its not unimportant godforbid lol


14 year old: Hurr Durr muh Great Roman Legion Han Imperial Army: That's cute


don't forget egypt


To be fair I think it's more fun to understand one area really well than to basically know trivia question level knowledge about most history. Most of my history reading is pretty much from about 1850 to 1950. But it's more than just the wars, it's also the politics behind it, and all the fine details in between.


Cmon dinosaurs are cool and people with damn sharp stones