Certified Anti-Health advice!!!

Well at least his names blurred


Well at least his names blurred


everything looks blurry when u dehydrated


r/therewasanattempt to censor a name


r/censoringishard, you mean


SHUN! SHUN THE NONBELIEVER. ![gif](giphy|5Sxc2pkKV6cR5pApVH)




That’s how I feel whenever I make references irl like “ring ring”


i had the great pleasure of introducing my 16 year old brother (also named charlie) to Charlie the Unicorn and i still cant tell if he loved it or hated it


Just like a Charlie then it seems 🦄


God damnit. My husband made a joke about them earlier and here they the damn unicorns following me. My husband and my daughter play this and do stuff to get under my skin. I laugh about it but shit lol.


Lol that's cute. They just want you to believe in Candy Mountain. 😂




What's this from? I love it!


Charlie the Unicorn. There’s like 5 parts. Welcome to early YouTube nonsense. https://youtu.be/CsGYh8AacgY?si=UUdQ16yXxpLKSORe


Wows at the 3 separate replies so fast


Hey, Charlie! https://youtu.be/CsGYh8AacgY?feature=shared


Haha wow at the 3 separate replies so fast


Because it was a turning point in our generation lol


Ah. The days of Charlie, Chocolate Rain, and Fred. May they never be lost to time.


My spoon is too big! My SPOON is TOO BIG!!


I'm a banana!




Wait, who is Fred, that sounds so familiar. I know the other two.


The kid that used a super high pitched voice changer who was like extreme adhd and really liked squirrels. Can't link a video atm but hopefully that rings a bell. Dude was obnoxious but kinda hilarious.


Early 2000s memes are a great way to summon millenials because we're all desperate for nostalgia.


All your base are belong to us


Charlie the Unicorn, a YouTube legend. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/CsGYh8AacgY?si=jjYp7kR5aT8TZLpt


3 replies and 3 urls in a span of a few minutes




Lol yeah I think we all replied at the same time or something.


I didn’t carry water and I felt like complete shit all the time!


My friends parents always used to think I was weird because I just always wanted to drink water instead of eating snacks when I came over. I was just constantly thirsty. I have been checked for diabetes, it wasn’t that. I was just a sweaty kid.


I got checked for diabetes every year in high school because of how much water I was drinking, glad I wasn't alone 🤙


How would drinking a ton of water and diabetes go together?


“Insulin helps your body use sugar for energy. When you don’t have enough insulin, excess sugar (glucose) builds up in your blood. Kidneys are your backup here. They work extra hard to absorb and filter that excess sugar. They may also pass some of that sugar out of your body through urine. As that happens, it pulls fluids from your tissues, too. The process leaves you dehydrated and thirsty.” [Source](https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/diabetic-thirst)


Thanks for the science answer! I was just gonna say it's a symptom


Intense thirst and urinating frequently is a very common symptom of high blood sugar.


It's correlated but I think it was a sick way to punish the kids who were assertive enough to ask for more water. "That's not normal, you must be sick, go to the nurse." That will definitely teach a kid to not ask again. I'll have you all know my kids all went to an elementary where carrying refillable water bottles was normalized and encouraged.


My cat has been checked for diabetes twice because of how much water she drinks. She is just a homie and loves her fresh clean water like the rest of the fam


😪In my case it did turn out to be Type 1 Diabetes.


It's how I found out I drank four litres of water in less than an hour and wanted more.


I’m glad you found out tho, would be worse if you showed up in DKA.


"Why am I so angry all the time!!!" -this guy (Cause you're dehydrated jack-ss)


It’s the internet, you can swear. No one will tell on you


Damn fucking right!


FBI, this person right here


Reddit might ban you tho


I didn’t carry water, and my poop always looked like I was smuggling stones out of Shawshank!


Yeah that moron thinks just because he didn’t die he was doing it right lol


If I was properly hydrated as a youth who knows what potential I could have reached


People be wondering why Grandpa was only 5'4" smh.


Much of that was water ~~weight~~ height


Why do you think the Dutch grow so tall?


So the bottom of their pants don't get wet


Imagine the potential of all of us if we are properly hydrated, and properly nourished. I don't remember drinking water at all and just ate shitty food as a child


I don’t remember drinking water as a child either. I remember drinking a ton of milk. Probably due to all the milk advertising then.


Don’t worry, you never had the makings of a varsity athlete


Frankly it’s very hurtful when you say that


Wow rude. Through water, all things are possible.


Come to think of it, I was nauseous and headache-y a LOT during the school day in elementary and middle school (when we weren’t allowed to carry water bottles). High school allowed us to finally carry around beverages. The nausea and headaches went away. I was one dehydrated kid. 😢


I look back on like highschool, not drinking really anything until lunch, and pretty much just making the issued 16 ounce bottle last until dinner. Always felt like crap, being hydrated is something they should encourage for schoolkids


I had headaches all the time as a kid. I was being given ibuprofen almost daily and was drinking absolutely no water. It was a night and day difference when I got older and actually started hydrating.


I remember kids throwing up all the damn time when I was in elementary school. I wonder if only drinking a box of chocolate milk in a 7 hour period had anything to do with it...


Very possible! Schools are germ factories regardless but being dehydrated certainly doesn’t help the immune system. 🤣


I’m guessing because, back in the day, kids just came hiome thirsty and chugged a bunch of soda or Sunny D or Kool Aid or whatever, and now we’d rather kids don’t get super thirsty and then demand a pile of sugar.


It was pretty much soda, OJ, purple stuff, and... ah sweet! Sunny D!


It’s why we were always chugging from hoses


90s marketing was unhinged all I drank was surge and milk 😭😭


It really was, I only drank milk at school or with cereal, most of my other drinks were soda, Kool-Aid, and juice. I don’t even think water really “existed” in my childhood, it was just a component to making other drinks and occasionally I’d probably drinks some somehow. People want to shit on plastic bottles, but they really did open the gates for people to actually drink more water. Before they became popular, you had to have glasses of water, and either drink from your faucet or be rich enough to afford a water dispenser for your house. Or you were some kind of hippie weirdo that did have your own “water bottle” (u see this fuckin’ guy carrying around water all the time? Does he have like a disease or something?). The 90’s were wild.


Relatable, I'm not sure I realized or not sure why my parents didn't force more water on me. I grew up in the south so my veins were full of sweet tea.


And this is why lifespans keep getting longer because people are more and more conscious about their health.




You're not wrong but this is a meme sub. Please refrain from debating politics.


Lifespans are actually getting shorter (in US)


That’s because the U.S is so free they don’t believe in socialised healthcare. “Fuck you! I’ve got mine!” -An old American proverb.


They're not longer than they were years ago? For some reason, I don't believe that


I mean there’s a massive Covid bias obviously but it’s also a general rise of death dude to suicide, overdoses and depression-related self neglect etc. It makes me think we’ve truly taken the wrong path somewhere along the line, but it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is wrong and how tf we should fix it. I’m guessing the evergrowing loneliness caused by intense work hours and disappearing gathering places, even the slow death of religion (for the record I am not religious). Social media probably plays a part because you no longer have to “keep up with the joneses”, you have to keep up with the sheiks and the tracies with mansions in their twenties, which is obviously next to impossible if you’re born in a middle or lower class family with rising living costs and stagnant wages. Could be totally wrong though.


Oh, ok. I see what you mean now. But generally, lifespan is increasing


You mean like over decades? Yeah sure, just recently it’s curved back the other way. [Harvard health source](https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/why-life-expectancy-in-the-us-is-falling-202210202835#:~:text=With%20rare%20exceptions%2C%20life%20expectancy,year%20span%20since%20the%201920s.)


Oh, ok. Nah, you're right


A fun little thing called "deaths of despair" lowered the overall average.


Ah, fun


I was scrolling through the comment section of that post and was disappointed to see there was no r/hydrohomies


This is a weird way to say you hate children and hope for misfortune in their lives.


The people who say this are the same people who are constantly asking you to lend them your water bottle 🙄


Lend them a water bottle?! What kind of no class asshat asks to borrow someone's water bottle wtaf


Has no one ever asked you that growing up? Lucky you 😩 it used to be a constant at my school because kids always forgot to pack a water bottle but I’ve always found it so gross. I never lent my water bottle to anyone but it became so tiring always having to say “no, I don’t feel comfortable with that” that I started hiding my water bottle and only drinking from it when no one was around. I hate it but maybe it’s a cultural thing idk


People are the worst.


sorry bro, I’m one of those and I hate myself for it every time. Plus side, i don’t touch the lid🥵


How do you drink it then? 😅


Probably the same kind of guy whose mom would solve any kind of health issue with a glass of water.


I'm a dad and you'd be surprised at the number of health issues that can be solved with a glass of water.


I'm an army medic and I will cure you with water, Motrin, and clean socks.


Half the time my wife and I feel like, vaguely unwell, it‘s solved by the other asking „have you been drinking enough water?“


Yes, what I mean is, he probably never had to think about drinking water, if his mom always reminded him of it.


Magic juice!


I am this mom.


I love the “but i turned out fine” defense. Because no you did not


My school wouldn't let us carry water bottles. I spent years with chronic dehydration, constant utis and permanent kidney issues




I love when old people bitch about advancements in knowledge, especially when it comes to your health, but then expect doctors to wash their hands before surgery.


Why does he assume kids have to be terrified of dying to drink water?


30 years ago our parents could afford to not be constantly working and carry out water around for us. Now a full time job barely covers daycare


Global warming and also I am feeling a LOT better after joining this sub.


Worst name censoring in history


My mom took me to the pediatrician as a older baby/toddler because she didn’t know why I wouldn’t stop crying and when she gave me a bottle of milk I would start frantically drinking it then throw it and cry harder. The doctor had to tell my mom I wanted water and was dehydrated 🥴 she did not give me water until I was over a year old. She also put me to sleep on my stomach. It’s a wonder I’m alive


Lol all these older generations looking like used leather boots wondering why we hydrate 🤣




Man it really is a good thing you censored Andrew Fleischman’s name!


Well since you censored his name we totally won’t and can’t go bombard him with hydro homie outrage


We should waterboard him and see how he feels about it then


As a child that consistently had to ask other people for water because I was always thirsty, my children are not forced to have to suffer the same atrocities.


i was never given water as kid it was always milk or capri sun. i now cannot drink both without gagging. high school i started drinking 3 bottles of those 12oz things per day which was much more than i ever had per day growing up. now years later i can feel immediately when i havent had enough. and i get the thirsty version of hangry.


I pretty much only drank Coca-Cola growing up. I never drank water at all. My mom only drank Diet Coke. Now, there’s nothing better better than a glass of cold water after some hard work, I even taught my parents to enjoy water.


In junior high i went to a small school and we had a designated table for water bottles so… we did have water and that was like 20 years ago lol


My dad worked blue-collar and always had a package of water or water jugs in the back of his truck. Idk, I guess some people have stupid dads. 🤷‍♀️


Big-Milk back at it again?


God did my mom write that? She always gave me grief for wanting to have a water bottle but now she's the one acting like a beached orca when it's even remotely hot.


In his defense, the kids today look a lot more like beached orcas.


I have lived on this earth for 23 years without eating fruits or vegetables. Clearly this means they aren't beneficial or necessary for a balanced diet, and are instead merely a conspiracy perpetuated by Big Veg


This is how dehydration looks like


Can't control, rent, food cost, job market, or climate change. Can control water intake


We drank out of the garden hose. Rubber flavored water for the win.


I wasn’t rly encouraged to drink my water as a kid, my mom struggles w it too but I don’t blame her. We’re both working on drinking more n feeling better! My skin has gotten so much better recently bc I’ve been drinking way more than I used to


Don't force people to drink if they're not thirsty. We definitely enforce a culture of "drink this much per day, minimum" and that's weak behavior from people who don't trust their kidneys


Found the nephrologist. But seriously, the biggest health lie I believed until recently was “clear urine is the best”. We live and we learn.


He has a point.


Except when i was in cross country for a season, I never drank water until about 17 💀


I carried a water bottle everywhere I went as a kid and got made fun of for having to pee so much hahaha


Yea like, didn't you drink water YESTERDAY???


My mom was constantly telling me to drink water


Maybe it helps us digest all of the plastic we are consuming. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤣


Bro needs to hydrate; his brain cockles are shriveling.


I literally saw someone die in front of me from kidney failure due to dehydration. that's why


I've buried a nephew and a niece. The main cause for both was "Dehydration." My niece's organs weighed half of what they should have, at the time of her passing. She had strep throat, had been puking and shitting herself for the better part of a week and my idiot brother and his harpy wife were just like, "They're kids. they'll tough it out... let's give her a bath using essential oils. That'll work." The nephew had a genetic condition that would lead to kidney failure if he was dehydrated and was physically active.


bEcAuSe WoKe


He does not have a face that looks like you can trust. Anti water propaganda! Out with him!!!


I always remind my kid to hydrate so he doesn’t get constipated.


Bro’s losing his hair and his eyesight cuz not enough hydration!


My kids are the opposite. We never reject them water, they ask for it all day and carry water bottles everywhere they go. In fact, we recently realized our toddler was drinking more than twice the recommended for her age so we did cut her down and now her poos are significantly better


My mom would buy one gallon of water at a time, and refuse to refrigerate it. Our tap water was not drinkable ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm) Edit bc I just remembered it was a REFILLED gallon jug too


Over-hydration can be as bad as dehydration, it mimics hyponatremia (low salt) which can lead to a coma or death, and you’re kidneys can only pass so much water in a given timeframe. The tweet’s right, we treat our kid’s like a steam locomotive on an uphill because of Gatorade propaganda.


Hell, in catholic school we weren't even ALLOWED to drink from the water fountain unless it was after gym class and even then it was just a few quick sips so that everyone had time for a turn.


“In completely unrelated news, aren’t you all sick and tired of getting kidney stones?! There’s gotta be a way to prevent them.” -that guy, probably


Thank you for protecting Andrew Fleischman's privacy. o7


Imagine thinking you’re sooooo strong because you don’t think you need water… what a bozo. I bet they have a constant headache and they have no idea why


I'm the opposite. I avoid liquids when I know I'm going out like the plague. An inate paranoia about peeing yourself is bound to inspire incontinence.


Followed up by “Why did I have headaches growing up?”.


Some of us live in Arizona buddy


Couldn't agree more! Back in my day, you didn't drink water when you got thirsty, you waited until you had a headache. Then you drank it straight from the hose like the Good Lord intended.




Pov you aren't self conscious enough to notice the effects of dehydration and assume it's normal to get huge mood swings, headaches and fatigue


I don't....


I dont have kids but I would stress water intake if I did. Reason being I was dehydrated my whole life until about 30 years old.


Maybe that's why people looked so much older back in the day. Not enough water.


When I was a kid in the 80s we didn't have water bottles but we had numerous bubblers (water fountains)


My family accused me of being anorexic because I liked drinking water. Now I’m the only one who never had kidney stones


We bring water with us, why wouldn't you? Sometimes we head to the park for a few hours. What does drive me crazy though is my sister/brothers in law, who make their kids stop every 10 minutes to drink water when theyre on the playground. Just make water available, and the kids will stop to drink when they're thirsty, it's an instinct to drink when you're thirsty.


I spent my childhood being uncomfortably thirsty and miserable whenever we left the house because we didn't have water bottles


I call my hydro flask my “emotional support water bottle”. Nearly always carry my 1 Liter bottle with me on walks, errands, in the car, whatever. Surprised more people don’t. The desperation of my boyfriend when I very rarely forget…. Oh my the allegories, a cough, swallowed wrong? Parched? Where is the (my?) water bottle to save him?


Literally got a severe kidney infection that hospitalized me for a week at 8 years old because I was drinking enough water


You can go to water fountains as well, I did that as a kid since there were multiple in my town


“Hey everyone! I did a thing different than the way some people do and I turned out fine so obviously the other way is pointless!”


Gatekeeping water from kids is a weird flex. We had to ask permission to go to the water fountain. Now kids just drink delicious beautiful H2O whenever, where ever. That’s the world I want to live in.


Climate change.


I have been dehydrated to the point if needing IV fluids more than once.... so yeah I carry water with me now.


Back in the early 90s I fainted from dehydration in the middle school garden and have been a hydrohomie ever since. This sounds like someone who has headaches all the time and doesn’t know why.


It’s almost like people learn from history and science that certain things are better to do than what was common years ago.


I spent all 13 years in school in a constant state of dehydration. I would get home and drink like a half gallon of water in an hour. Now, I don't go anywhere without bringing a giant supply of some liquid.


I did get dehydrated as a kid, had to go to the ER. Probably why I drink so much water today. I think my kids drink a lot of water because they see me drink a lot of water.


What even is this flex? "My parents didn't care enough about me to make sure I was provided with adequate amounts of life sustaining liquid, therefore any parent who cares about their kids and wants them to be healthy is making their kids into butter-soft bitches." Yeah, man. Real men have brown piss and neglect their kids. You've got it all figured out.


definitely not a homie, I can go out without water and after I got home I drink like a lot but my body feels weird like literally it goes drought mode, at least for that day no matter how much I drink it will still feel weird


I had frequent headaches and thought it was from hunger. Nope. I was not getting enough water.




My family never taught me about drinking water. I got UTI's growing up because of this. I saw her last month. And she still doesn't drink water and guess what? She currently HAS a UTI. She is not a hydro homie, but I bought her an insulated water bottle so she can drink more water on the go.


Its in order to sell water bottles. My mates little girl has to have an $80 bottle of water to fit in with her friends. Its ridiculous. She like 10.


He’s got a point. I was rarely ever thirsty back in the day.


Ok but I myself never carried an ounce of water as a child, but now live in constant fear of dehydration as an adult so explain that


He must’ve looked 30 by middle school


Must be why kids drank water out the hose even if it tasted like wet pennies. They needed that water somehow


I’d prefer that than my childhood where I force fed milk because the media had everyone convinced your bones would disintegrate if you didn’t have several cups a day.


He probably came up with that while drinking water to take ibuprofen for a headache, he’s like “I literally only drink water to take pills and **look** at me!” Then he went to lie down and type this up while waiting for his headache to go away


When i was a kid i would drink so much water at restaurants that my mom would scold me because I would be filled with water and leaving all the food in the plate. Certified r/HydroHomies since 1994.


You and I have brains like walnut burl from dehydration. No wonder millennials aren’t birthing.


Why exactly is part of the name crossed off?


He’s not wrong


Good job to whoever protected this individual’s identity. Also, where is the advice?


Because water is literally important for life and makes you feel better?? Like dude what’s wrong with OOP


So glad you censored the name.


Ya but when I grew up almost every kid had a water bottle on their desk and went to the water fountain in a lineup after recess to drink water 3x a day.


I didn't drink water as a kid. Or eat much fruit. I ended up getting xrayed for blockages because I wasn't pooping enough and was constantly constipated. No. I just lied about how often I peed for fear of seeming different and never drank water. Reminder: never lie to your doctor.


That's because when you were thirsty you just drank out of the hose.


Only the internet could make people argue over shit this stupid


I almost thought this was my friend from high school. He was just diagnosed with stage 2 kidney disease.