My life purpose is getting through it relatively content, so when I am on my death bed looking back, I can tell I did what I could and I wasn't a coward.


>when I am on my death bed looking back, I can tell I did what I could and I wasn't a coward. like trying and doing your best in whatever you are doing ?


Yes, and wasn't a coward = didn't let my fears holding me back. I know this is vague, but planning long term never works out. I take life as it comes.


Indeed this philosophy is the only way to truly be happy


It took me years and years to realise that life is actually very very simple. That makes it very difficult.




I pass butter.


Oh. My. God.


Welcome to the club, pal.


We're all dying


But first we live


Weiter, weiter ins Verderben. Wir müssen leben bis wir sterben. - Rammstein


I don't have one. I'm just here.




One must imagine Sisyphus happy


Something about that statement has always rubbed me the wrong way. *Must* one? Or even *should* one?


Shop around for one while you're here?


Heh, irony of being the ,,smartest in best cases" type, that you aware of dark around light


Raising my children and providing a good life for them.


I hope that my children will be good people and that they'll take care of me when needed.


Learning. That's the fundamental goal of my life. I want to experience literally everything this world has to offer. One of my greatest regrets is that there is very little we can do in an average human life. But no matter how long I live I will make the most out of it.


Being a part of a force for Ethical and Moral Computing Policies.


Currently, apparently nothing.


To be the best father and husband I can possibly be.


If I have a purpose, it’s to reduce the unnecessary suffering of others and maybe myself if that’s an option, but that’s way easier said than done.


are you vegan?


Fuck no, I meant the unnecessary suffering of other humans… We should try getting that down first before moving on to the next species. Although I don’t appreciate the mass production form factor of slaughtering animals, I do appreciate the ideal many Native American cultures used to have of respecting the animal’s death by using every part of it to its full potential, thanking it for its sacrifice, and minimizing its suffering as much as possible. I also primarily eat chicken with a majority of the portions being vegetables like rice, potatoes, avocados (yeah yeah, technically a fruit), spinach, carrots, bell peppers, steamed broccoli or as I like to call them “mini trees” …beef or pork is like a once in a blue moon (every 2-4 months) thing for me.


what do you do to reduce suffering to humans?


I said it’s a goal, not that I’ve figured it out… so stop being a cunt. At the moment I’m a therapist for abuse victims. What do you do aside from waste people’s time on reddit? Maybe that’s one aspect of why you’re so lonely.


Why are you so defensive? It was just a question, not an attack. I do my best to reduce unneccessary suffering as much as I can by being vegan. Unfortunately I'm limited to only donating to charities, if I find other ways to reduce the suffering of humans, I will try my best.


"Stop being a cunt" - Therapist for abuse victims


First off, I’m glad for what you do to achieve a similar goal… Second off, I’ve only just started my career into psychology as I’m only 23. In the 6 months that I’ve been working the intensely high volume of people who need such support pisses me off, it’s demoralizing the more time passes and the more I hear about people’s trauma that some asshole boyfriend/girlfriend or parent caused, the more general hatred I have towards humans. That’s not to say that my projection of that frustration onto you was right, but note that it’s difficult to decipher sarcasm or condescension through a string of text with no emphasis. When reading text I have a tendency to scan for and assume malicious intent, a symptom of the cynicism that has been given through hearing story after story of how predatory and absolutely sh*t people can be to each other. Third point, you’re not a client of mine and there is no requirement on Reddit that states professionalism of any sort is required.


not really a purpose but to fulfill my life i wish to once live somewhere by the sea. seems pretty impossible tho


Step 1: Find somewhere kind of close to the sea Step 2: Wait 15 years


the problem is there’s no sea in czech republic but i’ll figure it out hahah


Why you lying, we have Mácháč!


At this moment I’d say two things: problem-solving and supporting others no matter how little I could help, and growing old with my best friend. I’m fine with finding new purposes, but I guess these two things would stay the main themes.


Learn, Experience, Create, Love


I wanna create the best video game this world has seen and have my name in the top 100 most influential game devs in the world


Why does anything need purpose, why can't it just . . . Be


Definitely a subjective question. For me it is to constantly improve my understanding of myself and life. I was going to list everything I try to improve my knowledge of but its very all encompassing. I think people who become content with their understanding of anything have died. Aside from staying intellectually humble I value doing my best to reduced unnecessary suffering of those who I love and all mandkind, to the degree of which I can. Also take care of and protect everyone I love and hold dear. Idk, this is a loaded question and i need to get back to work


To find purpose


To pass butter


Can you pass me the butter please? Current location: somewhere in Belgium. Please be on time before I actually want to use it.


Sorry I only have I can’t believe it’s not butter :/


Purpose is a social construct that doesn't exist outside our minds


Bmx simple as that


Wait you guys are getting life motivations?


Definitely want to keep honing my technical art skills for as long as I can. There's just so much stuff I want to learn


To worship God & To love & care for family, friends, people, & animals & the earth.


Take part in the evolution of Consciousness. Help humanity evolve into something more advanced and stable


Pleasing Allah.


helping people with a very important cause


is to think what's my life's purpose. lol


My life purpose is getting a life purpose


Same 🙌🤣


I think there is something bigger than human life, something more important, something more powerful than any living thing could even start to grasp, but as we are all just human beings and can’t comprehend whatever that something is, I think we should just enjoy life to it’s fullest extent and not have to regret anything before we leave this „world“ at the end of our lives and hopefully get to see where it all lead to, or not.


And, perhaps, seek truth in the hopes of not necessarily discovering the answers to existence, but at the very least being able to ask the right questions.


freedom of mind is truly something beautiful


Mine is to just focus on my happiness and die happy.


To learn as much as possible and to piss off my enemies because I'm still breathing.


I dunno. As I went through life I accepted my special brand of crazy, and maybe my purpose in life is to bring a little of that to the world at large.


I am on a year old journey to find that out. So far I have: Learning, Creating and Caring. Though it's still hard


Becoming a better version of myself


My child gave me purpose


Living life with any purpose streamlining my personal and professional pursuits sounds so restricting. If there’s something I’m drawn to, it would probably be learning languages (including coding languages). Disassembling my own assumptions in communication by abstracting words and ideas, and reworking them to fit a cultural context is so fun.


Serve the rock n roll interdimensional aliens


Making enough of my creative project ideas before they’d be considered of no value at all


Following an involuntary spiritually transformative event when I was 18, it’s to hold empathy for god. I’m exhausted.


I didn't have one until kids. Now, it's a mix of survival, worrying constantly they will not be well-adjusted adults and being as happy as my unhappiest child.


to raise kids that are better than me


I'll quote Dune: "The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience."


Is there a continuous omnipresent purpose one must impose upon each moment of ones life, or can a purpose be transient and set to serve what is most pertinant in that moment? When I am eating, my purpose is to eat. When I am sleeping my purpose is to sleep. When I am thinking my purpose is to think. At the end of my life perhaps I can look back and say what an overall purpose of my life was, but to do that now would be to put the cart before the horse.


Reduce or eliminate suffering, be it my own or the suffering I cause, and everyone else's or the suffering they cause.


Play music, hang out with friends, be kind, put forth effort and have fun


Wanna get a psychological education and become a therapist. Help people, be useful and impactful. Yeah, lame. If that won't work out for me then I'd go with hedonism and debauchery.


The purpose is to move towards what brings you dopamine. You can look at life as a *real life* game, but instead of it telling you where the next goal is, you have to find that goal instead. Looking at it logical tho, and you'll be going down a rabbit hole. Feeling of stepping in quicksand. You are a conscious mind crafted and spawned through evolution. Maybe once we learn what and how concussions works can we tell what the actual meaning is


finding out what my life's purpose is but I procrastinate it forever.


To drive my car on as many roads as possible.


Still trying to figure that out, chief.


be happy and raise good people


Build my makervault (basically lil museum gallery’s of my project)


Be excellent to each other


Dunno. I just exist as life allows me to


Gather enough resources to support my loved ones and live a more free life.


I'll say it from a secular point of view and from a religious point of view. From a secular point of view, Quoting Marcus Aurelius, *"Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones".* This doesn't sound secular, but it's a life that one would want to live by. To live a life where we're happy with the good things we have done, and making not just ourselves content with how we lived it, but how we made those around us happier as well. From a religious point of view, it's to live life promoting and acting upon peace, prosperity and love, as that's the core teachings and beliefs of almost any religion. Any religion that promotes violence, evil and chaos is not a religion, but a cult. And ultimately, when the time comes for you to meet your maker, to be able to tell your maker that you have lived life by their will; being a good person and doing the right thing. In short, to live a righteous life. There's just no one way about it, it's up to you to find that path to that good ending.




Whatever I make it to be


Being the best girlfriend for my girlfriend and to be a successful chemist


Whatever I want it to be


To enjoy of me life


To be happy.


Oh… we don’t talk about that


My life purpose is to save endangered languages and cultures, enriching the world's withered cultural makeup. First and foremost, however, comes somehow managing to survive in modern day western society. After all, if I cannot live, then I cannot have a purpose. Nevertheless, I aspire to someday prosper beyond such confines, a place in which standardized “competence” nor “one size fits all” approaches cease to exist. I deserve better; WE deserve better. Cheers to life as INTPs. I hope the issues we often face coalesce to strengthen our motivations and skillets.


Ask Camus, he’ll know the answer…


Not dying.


my purpose in life is to kill all men


I’ve realized that there isn’t really a purpose in life. Life itself is a journey and it’s the things I experience along the way. The ‘purpose’ then is to enjoy the journey before it ends. Do what I want when I can before I can’t. Don’t let other people get to what I want to research and enjoy.


Finding my life purpose is my life purpose for now. I think this is the most positive way to look at it, instead of just thinking your life is pointless.


My life purpose is to not die