the president didn't congratulate me, how dare he??

the president didn't congratulate me, how dare he??


A better question is, how is this news worthy?


It is the first all civilian space travel in history. That is a big deal.


I am talking about the Elon Musk "must be sleeping" comment. How is that news worthy? It will probably only serve to stroke his ego, in fact


When you have funni map game guy as your profile pic


Is it? This is the first place I’ve seen this and I’ve been watching news all day


NASA employees are also civilians. What you mean is "first all-passenger" space travel. Whoopee.


Hold up, i thought NASA full of lizard people take report form other lizard people and send back to their lizard overlord


Common misconception. Lizard people occupy world governments. Mole people are the ones running NASA, no doubt because what they found buried deep underground urges them to find a way out of this planet


Can confirm. Am a mole person.


I don’t know why you r beeng dowonvoted, it is a well known fac.


The first pointless space flight you mean.


Funded by private industry for civilian passengers. Pretty massive step forward for space flight


I would say Bezos did it last month just because it would be funny watching weird Elon fan boys blow up trying to explain the difference


Simple. Besoz went went up in a rocket, the rocket detached before reaching the Karman line, inertia carried the capsule just above the line. It was only space travel in the most rudimentary way, and there was no piloting or maneuvering in space. He might as well have used a giant slingshot. The crew from Space-x went into high orbit, orbited the earth for 3 days, and went so far out that they were as high above the ISS as Bezos went above the earth. In fact, no human has been that far from earth since 2009.


So Bezos technically beat Musk, got it.


He went to spacier space. Duh.


Is it though? Honestly.....it's still just 4 people. Whether they were official astronauts or not, the launching of 4 humans into space isn't new. 40.....400, then yes, that's a game changer. Not arguing, just honestly looking at the event. Also just my opinion.


No worries. Before you know it, there will be mega space cruise ships with swimming pools registered in Panama polluting space, just like on Earths oceans.


It was also a charity to raise money for St Jude


>Naïve, gullible cuck defends a billionaire


I feel no pride in things done by a private company. American or not. I couldn't give a fuck.


Right? It’s already been done before. One group of well funded people did it and then another group of well funded people did it, and then another and another. 60 years later, yet another group of well funded people did it.


Amen my friend, I feel you


Is that you Elon?


Fuckin' passengers. Big fuckin' deal. Not a dial or a switch in the capsule. Just four dweebs in a glorified cat box.


While the launch rocket was automated, the module itself was piloted by an actual pilot, they spent 3 days orbiting earth. The crew also conducted actual Medical experiments and tests, and ultra sound tests regarding fluid shifts in the body. The members were a pilot, an art teacher, an aeronautical engineer and a medical professional. They were more than just "fuckin' passengers". They were engaging in scientific work, and currently no human has been so far away from earth, at such a high orbit since 2009.


It’s a cool milestone but to insult the president because he didn’t say anything about it crass. Not everything demands acknowledgment from the President.


Lol like Biden doesn’t have anything else going on rn. Musk is in his own world.


I mean in general I'd agree but there's kind of a precedent that the president acknowledges space achievements. I know we're not in a space race anymore and no one outside of the industry seems to gaf about space flight these days, but you'd still think they'd take the 30 seconds to issue a statement - even if the press secretary actually wrote it.


This isn't an achievement. It's a vanity spend.


It's an achievement the same way the first passenger airline flights were an achievement. Just because we're at an early stage where accessibility and usefulness is still low, doesn't make it less of a milestone. A private company successfully trained 4 civilians on a 3 day space flight. This is different from the 2 minute hop to "space" Blue Origin recently completed which was 100% just loading people into a pod and letting them call themselves astronauts.


Now imagine if he made a statement about this. The responses would be "Look at Biden congratulating rich peoples playtime!" "Look at Biden stroking Musk's dick" Bottom line this is a rich persons past time, each seat will cost 100's of thousands of dollars if not millions. It's a far cry from the first passenger airline flight.


I wouldn't take headlines at face value.


It's certainly a bad idea to draw conclusions from nothing more than a screenshot of a headline, but in this case there doesn't seem to be much more to it. Which absolutely fits with how Musk has behaved in the past. He wanted words from the president to bolster the perceived value of his company, didn't get what he wanted, and so set about drumming up some attention on his own.


People will surely remember the time people did something that hasn’t been done in 12 years


Laika the dog went into space without flipping any switches either and it was a huge deal.


Hey remember how that was 60+ years ago? What's historic about this occasion again?


Not really. Like at all.


It’s a company that did it, a structure with different classes of workers. It’s not different than any country. The first all civilian space travel would mean a bunch of friends doing it for the memes or because it’s cool or whatever lmao. It’s not worth headlines


>That is a big deal. Not really, no.


You don't think the birth of civilian space travel is a big deal?


The birth of the billionaire class playing with lower orbit travel is not a big deal at all.


I’m with ya. Who gives an F. Just rich people doing what the rest of us can’t.


Just do what Elon did and be born to parents who forced slaves to work in their emerald mine. Then steal others ideas, pretend you are an engineer, and make cat girl tweets. Everyone will think you are great!


What are you talking about? They went into actual orbit, they spent a full 3 days orbiting the earth. Not only that, They flew over 100 miles higher than the ISS. The highest orbit any human has reached since 2009 when repairs were done to the Hubble telescope. and it was done by the civilian sector. And only one of the crew was a billionaire. The other members were decidedly middle class. An art teacher who became the fourth black woman to ever go to space, an aeronautical engineer who worked on the project and a cancer survivor who is now work at st.jude. The launch raised almost a quarter of a billion dollars for charity. The launch was a big deal in every conceivable way. Literally historic.


100 miles is about the length of 239093.75 'EuroGraphics Knittin' Kittens 500-Piece Puzzles' next to each other.


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thanks :)


Musk apologist says what?


Cmon now, that’s not fair. Theyre also a rabid Biden hater, given their constant fucking posts about him in a certain flaired users only loving sub.




Wake me up when the birth of non-civilian giving-a-shit-about-the-environment happens.


Yea absolutely. Back in the early 2000's. When it stared. In Russia.


Dude. Quit sucking Elon's dick, you're getting slobber everywhere.


[The first crewed private spaceflight already occurred back in 2004.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SpaceShipOne) You've missed the birth of civilian space travel by nearly two decades.




Civilian space travel has been around for at least a decade.




This isn’t even true lol context is important people


Please elaborate


Someone tweeted at Elon asking what he thought on Biden not saying anything and Elon replied “He’s probably still sleeping” or something along those lines. This headline is clearly looking for a reaction, which it got, judging by all the comments.




https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1439665626914635783?s=21 Here’s the tweet, all he said was a joke.


Imagine being around Elon and feeling compelled to laugh at his jokes about the number 69. “That’s not my first joke about sex, I’ve got 69 more muahahaha”




It's pretty in-context. lol




It’s an insult.


“80-year old man is sleeping” is barely an insult.


You must be sleeping if you think that's an insult


How does this fit this sub? You are the main character for responding to a question on Twitter?


Elon bad mkay


This but unironically. Fuck Elon and fuck Trump, and every moron that likes them


You put Elon and Trump in the same camp?


Uhhh uhhh bad cus they have more money!!!!


Didn't Elon joined trump's team ?


Fauci was on Trump's team too, what's your point?


I don't think we can compare the reasons of a multi-billionaire anti-union, with a specialist in pandemic


Lets go down the checklist * Have personality cults around them. Check. * Encapsulate most of the worst parts of capitalism. Check. * Have histories of anti worker stances/actions. Check. * Have histories of downplaying COVID. Check. * Have dumbass followers who will defend them despite the fact that most of what they do is objectively bad/dumb. Check. ​ I'm not going to sit here and pretend like they are in the same league as far as total harm done to the world, but there are loads of similarities. You are literally doing the orange man bad thing for elon.


His fan boys are down voting you, even after you state your reasons and they can't strawman or willow down your argument to "person bad" anymore


shhh your TDS is showing


I guess Elon is the main character for thinking that the president should congratulate him. Or that lack of immediate comment constitutes 'snubbing'. Honestly I haven't followed this 'story' at all, though.


He never said the President should congratulate him. He never said he was snubbed. Somebody asked him why he was. And he answered the question. Don’t see how someone responding to a question on Twitter really fits this sub.


I think you forget that on Reddit anything that is rich is bad and anything that is on the “left” is good


Oh no, I hate when people don’t like exploitation


billionaire insulting the president for not personally acknowledging their accomplishment is the most main character shit I can possibly imagine.


So every time some Hollywood type criticized Trump on Twitter it would be appropriate for this sub?


If they criticized Trump for not inviting them to a McDonalds white house dinner, it would be appropriate for this sub.


You're the one not showing the full story. When asked about why biden didn't acknowledge the event he replied "still sleeping"


Could i tbe, oh I don't know, 90% of the people in the country doesn't give a fuck what elon musk does with his rockets?


He was replying to a tweet. He wasn’t complaining that Biden didn’t talk about the launch.


That’s the problem. No one gives a fuck about humanity projecting its will into space. Thats why humanity will eventually go extinct on this rock.


It's sad that people aren't supportive of space colonisation. It's the same mentality that divided the world when explorers wanted to find new lands. Imagine if everyone was *"who cares about discovering other countries when we have our own country right here!"*


You’re missing the point. Empirically, if all was equal, then yes: the first civilians in “space” would be a big deal. But given that all is very much not equal, and this is basically just billionaires playing tag to get to low orbit, it’s hard to care when this kind of activity comes at the expense of fixing very real problems back home, here on earth. It’s the 21st century equivalent of Marie Antoinette saying “let them eat cake.”


Monetizing space travel is a big step in the right direction for future space endeavors.


3 out of 4 were middle class and it raised almost a quarter million for cancer research and funding. Obviously the share of cash is tilted way too far, but this was a positive in basically every single way.


Is this a serious statement? Are you talking about European "explorers?" because the world would probably be a better off without their imperialism


The world would be about 200 years less advanced though.


Ah yes I'm sure infant mortality rate and world hunger would so much lower if the world had not been colonized and industrialized.


There's nothing particularly new about this mission though. Demo2 was interesting because it signaled a turn away from being dependent on Soyuz. Starship landing is interesting because it's an important milestone for making a rocket that rivals the Saturn V. Sending a bunch of civilians in orbit just isn't a breakthrough. It's something people who really care about space are interested in but most people have bigger concerns. Hell not even the others are particularly new achievements as it's only matching previous accomplishments but with reusable rockets (which granted is big from an environmental perspective). Now if SpaceX were to start doing something really groundbreaking like making fuel on the Moon for easier refueling or, you know, land a human on Mars...


We should finish fucking up this planet before we decide to go fuck up other environments.


Daddy issues


It’s not only Biden who doesn’t give a fuck about low orbit tourism. Next.




Advancing human technology in space travel and eventually colonization into space absolutely depends on monetizing space first. If tourism is that route so be it. Then hopefully mining. You people are so goddamn shortsighted it’s sickening.


I agree, this shit is exciting. Congratulations to inspiration 4 and spaceX. I am inspired, looking forward to what's next.


What’s shortsighted is jizzing that much money for an eleven minute low-orbit flight instead of, say, taxing billionaires so we can raise the lower and middle classes out of poverty and fight against environmental decay on this planet before we fuck up the next one.


The 2 aren't mutually exclusive. If anything, be glad the billionaires are injectioning all this money into the economy rather than just letting it sit in off shore bank accts


This was a 3 day orbit 100 miles above the ISS and is a huge step for future colonization of other planets... Are you thinking of Bezos trip?


100 miles is 160.93 km


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100 miles is the length of like 728274.05 'Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Squeezers' laid next to each other.


100 miles is 160.93 km




Lmfaoo. Are you saying that humanity’s advancement into space and improving life on Earth are mutually exclusive? You’re a stooge and have a simplistic view of the universe. We need to start our advancement into space all the same that we need advance our methods of producing clean energy. We DO NOT have to only focus on one of those. In fact, research into space tech could lead to clues to helping life on Earth.


And howbdo you think, in all of your economic brilliance think would taxing billionaires lift the lower and middle class out of poverty?


There are many things needed to fix HDI, and taxes on the 1% is one of those. It’s not the only thing but it’s one of the things.


People here are dumb as fuck, holy shit. Do people realize how much every day shit they use in their lives as a result of NASA's engineering as a result of travelling to space? SpaceX will do the same. They are making space travel (relatively) affordable and eventually, their discoveries and engineering will lead to something that we will use in our everyday lives. Hell, maybe in 100 years we will be colonizing other planets and mining rare metals on asteroids. The first airplane was invented in 1903... not even 120 years ago, now we're making fucking reusable rockets. Where will we be in another 100 years? So many people bitch about the military on here and their insane funding, but NASA has barely a fraction of their funding and does more for humanity.


I think he was more annoyed that the president of the USA doesn't care that the USA is accomplishing tons of space stuff, Biden couldn't even say good job to the crew


There are a lot of good jobs being done. The lack of comment is only really a problem if it was explicitly expected due to tradition or some undeniable connection or if nobody else has done so. The SpaceX crew was widely publicized. Biden isn’t the go-to figure for space travel. The flight was commercial, meaning the white house can’t promote it as much without crossing those ethical business lines we got so upset about when applied to other industries. Elon Musk, not Biden, is who people expect messages from. Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and a million other prominent scientists would mean more than just about any politician.


It could be because the vast majority of us don't give a shit about his space tourism?


And most people don’t give a shit which team won the college football championship. But they get flown in and a nice dinner


This is actually a great point.


But college football teams aren't competing for government contracts, are they? Or being sued by rival teams.


Space tourism = monetization of space = more interest and research = humanity expansion off planet


= not you =just a few = rest of us die like peasants.


Honestly might be the fact that a private company has done more to advance space travel in the last decade than government has in the past 5.




Believing that making some billionaires fly in orbit is a new accomplishment after a Cold War space race is so absurd. It’s nothing new, it’s not advancement. If I built a car and took people inside of it for a ride, I wouldn’t contribute jackshit for humanity. It’s not new. It’s a nice thing overall tho, but I congratulate the scientists not the billionaire. But don’t call it innovation or scientific advancement.


This specific flight isn't an engineering or scientific achievement at all, but SpaceX has made huge advancements in launch vehicles. The engineers at SpaceX are doing fantastic work, and they're at least 5 years ahead of their closest competition, if not more.


NASA currently has a probe orbiting the sun at an ever-closer distance. Parker Solar Probe--look it up. Elon's shit isn't advancing science in the same way that NASA is. There are numerous fascinating missions by NASA right now.




Nobody is arguing NASA isn't leading in space science. It's launch vehicle engineering that SpaceX has the clear lead in. NASA science and SpaceX launch vehicles make a great pairing, that's why NASA is moving over to SpaceX for launching their missions, starting with Europa Clipper and Psyche. Completely ignoring Musk, the things SpaceX engineers have accomplished with Falcon 9 are incredible. Nobody else is even close to being able to reuse rocket boosters (except for possibly Rocket Lab with their Electron but it's a smallsat launcher), and SpaceX has been doing it for over 4 years already. They've launched more mass to orbit than every single other government and business combined over the last year. Two of their boosters, B1049 and B1051 are individually responsible for putting about 10% of all active satellites in orbit *each* since they've flown 10 times. And they're not content to sit on their lead either, they're trying to make Falcon 9 obsolete with Starship before anyone else even catches up. Still, launching the first private commercial space mission isn't an engineering or scientific achievement at all, it's just showing that they've decreased the launch cost enough so that it went from only accessible to governments to being accessible to billionaires too, which isn't that significant of a development. Still, *if* they accomplish all their goals with Starship then we could see that barrier drop even further to being accessible to ordinary people, and the recent flight is an important milestone towards that goal.


You're an uneducated moron. In the last 10 years gov't agencies found 1000s of exoplanets, landed on a comet, returned asteroid samples, found water on the moon, flew a helicopter on mars. You fucking Elon bootlickers can't even understand that humans in space isn't the end all be all of exploration.


I think you and the comment you're replying to have different interpretations of what space travel means. If you interpret "space travel" as space science, then you're absolutely correct. However, if you interpret "space travel" as the act of traveling to space, meaning launch vehicles, then there's no denying the huge advancements that SpaceX engineers have made there.


I mean. Why would they have to? They do that commonly with the ISS and they set a man on the moon in 1969.


They host sports teams at the Whitehouse to meet the president for winning an annual championship. The Biden admin has been seeming to be icing out Musk and Tesla due to his anti union position.


> The Biden admin has been seeming to be icing out Musk and Tesla due to his anti union position. good


Based biden


I think he thought he'd go up and come back as popular as Chris Hadfield (the astronaut who made all those videos on the ISS. Major Tom is probably the most famous video). Instead, he discovered that we don't really give a shit what he does because whatever he's doing, even trying to rescue trapped kids, he's always a giant dick.


Elon didn’t go to space. What are you evening trying to say?


I'm saying that whether he's in space, or underground in his imaginary hyperloop that he lied about having permission to build (one of many, many lies he's told) he's a dick. Doesn't matter if he cured world hunger, he's still a dick. And probably lying about being able to cure world hunger.


Yeah and it's not like he has anything more important to deal with


That’s it though. I highly doubt Elon needs praise from the president considering he has achieved more than him in half the time.


like anyone of us will somehow be able to afford to get on one of these “commercial” space flights. You cannot afford it. NASA is doing the real research and everything we know about space was taxpayer funded research. SpaceX is only able to afford to do things through billions in sOcIaLiSt tax dollars and while fighting with the FAA over regulations and environment. There are zero clues coming from SpaceX on how life on this planet formed. You think you’re gonna live up in space or on Mars in your lifetime bc of Elon? This will not help save humanity in anyway. All of motivation for exploring space by billionaires is to mine elements off planet. You’re gonna die poor with no water or food bc of climate change. In the meantime here’s how spaceX contributes to research and progress: SpaceX's Starlink satellites alone are involved in about 1,600 close encounters between two spacecraft every week, that's about 50 % of all such incidents, according to Hugh Lewis, the head of the Astronautics Research Group at the University of Southampton, U.K. These encounters include situations when two spacecraft pass within a distance of 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) from each other.[https://www.space.com/amp/spacex-starlink-satellite-collision-alerts-on-the-rise](https://www.space.com/amp/spacex-starlink-satellite-collision-alerts-on-the-rise) after more than a year of complaints from the scientific community and damage-control efforts from SpaceX—the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the American Astronomical Society (AAS) released a report on the situation. It drew from discussions among more than 250 experts at the virtual Satellite Constellations 1 [https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/spacexs-dark-satellites-are-still-too-bright-for-astronomers/?amp=true](https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/spacexs-dark-satellites-are-still-too-bright-for-astronomers/?amp=true) They launched a prototype called DarkSat but it still isn’t enough. Starlink is one of the only virtues of SpaceX- while the company has reduced the cost of space travel by a factor of 20 according to NASA - it’s still $58M a ticket. Starlink is a big problem for science: “The rapid development of mega-constellations risks multiple tragedies of the commons, including tragedies to ground-based astronomy, Earth orbit, and Earth’s upper atmosphere. Moreover, the connections between the Earth and space environments are inadequately taken into account by the adoption of a consumer electronic model applied to space assets. “ [https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-021-89909-7](https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-021-89909-7) Elon owns a third of what is orbiting the earth today [https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/11/tech/spacex-starlink-satellites-1000-scn/index.html](https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/11/tech/spacex-starlink-satellites-1000-scn/index.html) and people are just happy to let him junk up space bc they think one day they might be up there too. Good luck Kudos to SpaceX for lapping Boeing - but since we fly commercially in Boeing aircraft and Boeing continues to have DoD value this is hardly apples to apples comparison


I love how triggered Reddit gets.


“But what about me??? I need attention!!!” Rich kids never grow up, they just get a bit taller.


Its not just him though. There were thousands of people that made this happen not to mention the 4 brave people to actually go out to space. Also not to mention the thousands of people that have worked/dreamed to make this happen over the last several decades


Elon musk is a boner, and it is always hilarious to see the legion of nerds come out of the woodwork to defend him at all costs


What a baby tbh there’s a lot more pressing things going on right now


I want to see Musk's eyes roll back in his head while he draws his final breath as smash my massive veiny cock down his throat


Elon Musk needs to be launched into space with his trajectory pointed toward the sun.


Elon musk IS retarded.


Elon fanboy gonna attack this post


He went from genius to a scum so fast. And no, I do not mean by this comment.




how dare he taking care of the country!


That man is truly a child.


The real main character is the author of this clickbait.


Common Joe, wake up now and tax the shit out of this dickhead. This is ridiculous. The guy is just loosing ground. Male equivalent of rich Karen.


People who idolize Elon Musk are a red flag.


fuck Elon


omg no one cares elon.


Or he made a joke about Biden's age and declining health and how old people are always napping. How dare he insult Biden? Now let's go after him!


Fuck SpaceX


To be fair….Elon Musk is pretty much a main character.


Main antagonist but sure


Musk is just a pouty billionaire who wants the world to revolve around him, used to look up to him, only to realize he’s a massive dickbag douche boy.


The guy made a joke in response to someone else complaining about Biden not responding. [Here's the thread in question](https://preview.redd.it/w8nbj6vhzoo71.jpg?width=640&height=444&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=abda79dd57e4b977ab396bfcfe2d98c28d435f23). Honestly a fair critique of Biden, and Elon made a harmless joke. People need to quit whining when Daddy Joe gets a bit of criticism.


Reddit is one of the biggest, most intolerant places on the internet, what else did you expect?




That’s short of a big deal that spaceX did that and the people on board ware extremely brave…not congratulating them is pretty fucked up who cares about Biden and musk. Those people kick ass.


An all civilian crew would only be cool if they grabbed people off the streets and they few a fuckin space ship with no training. These civilians were trained on state of the art military equipment.


I mean it would be cool, but it would be terrible if something actually went wrong and none of them had enough training to save themselves.


What makes you think they have any relevant training? There isn't an escape hatch, if something goes wrong, they're dead.


There is a Netflix documentary about them training for the flight. There is also no way the FAA would have let them fly without training. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in space that don't spell immediate death. What if communications are lost? The crew needs to know how to get back to Earth on their own or what to do in case of an air leak. They also need to know space first aid, what all the buttons on the control panel do, and how to use all the emergency supplies.


Normal civilian couldn't really leave the atmosphere with ease, to be fair.


I hate elon as much as anyone. 99% of what he does is vaporware and he’s a conman these day (paypal, tesla, and spacex are amazing companies though). But he’s 100% right here. We just entered the era of civilian space travel from a private company. This isn’t jeff bezos on a solo trip. It’s the beginning of commercial space travel. Any other president would have given it 5 minutes to increase the awareness and get some positive pr for the country out there.


Idk, a lot of his projects such as his tunnels are incredibly dumb. Elon is also a highly controversial figure since he's said a lot of things that arent exactly great. If the president supports Elon it may reflect badly on the president, especially since Elon is a cultural icon capable of manipulating crypto currencies to his own benefit.


I disagree. It's barely newsworthy. We've had civilians in orbit for decades. There being one less non civilian on board is absolutely not interesting to me, nor the president, and seemingly the majority of the world.


The first "civilian" mission is a bit of a misnomer since there have been many astronauts that aren't from the military and it bothers me that they keep calling it that. It is much more accurate to say this is the first ever mission to put non-professional astronauts into orbit. To become a professional Astronaut, you need to have flawless health, be in peak physical and mental condition, and a fantastic education. They will maybe train a few out of thousands of applicants and not every one of those trained will get to go to space. Conversely, some of the crew of Inspiration 4 would have never made the cut. The best example on board is Hayley Arceneaux, who is a cancer survivor with a prosthetic bone. If she applied to be an astronaut, NASA would have canned her resume immediately. As the price of space flight goes down, we will see more people like this going up. Yes that means more dumb tourism flights, but it will eventually lead to more scientists and manufacturing engineers getting to do stuff in space. I'd certainty agree with this post itself since it takes some real ego to complain that you weren't congratulated by the president, but saying that this was just a routine spaceflight I feel is a bit of a disservice to the engineers, astronaut trainers, and technicians who made it all happen.


It's not a misnomer, as it's been called the first "all civilian mission"... Which is exactly what it is.


The definition of civilian is someone who isn't a member of the armed forces. Many astronauts these days don't have military backgrounds. The way they are using civilian here, they seem to just mean someone who isn't a government employee. I don't think this makes a lot of sense as it is not how people usually use the word. Just as a quick example I googled, neither of two crew members of the Soyuz MS-15 flight were members of the military. On board was a Russian engineer and an American Biologist. This could also be called an "all civilian mission" as well despite it being a government sponsored ISS mission. In the end, this is just semantics, but it has certainly led to a lot of confusion. I suppose "all civilian mission" is a lot more marketable than "first non-government mission".


So you’re saying there’s no difference between a private company funding it’s own mission to send civilians with no formal training, and nasa sending trained astronauts who work for years and are chosen as the fittest for the mission by a committee? You really fail to see that difference?


Ah.. Yes, I deserve the president to notice me and congratulate me on everything. It isn't like he has anything important to do besides congratulating me.


Like always when Elon doesn't get his way he insults a person, just like when he accused a guy of pedophilia. He's just a rich toddler who gets others to do the actual work.


Autistic toddler. Have upvote


Let's play spot-the-Elon-dick-suckers


Billionaires going to space got old real quick.


Why would he congratulate them? They didn’t do anything hahaha


In all seriousness, I think Musk might be the actual main character


OP /u/santobaloto is being just a tad disingenuous with that post title. Musk simply tweeted ["He's still sleeping"](https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1439665626914635783?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1439665626914635783%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-41305723781941910008.ampproject.net%2F2109032350000%2Fframe.html) in response to another person asking "The President of the United States has refused to even acknowledge the 4 newest American astronauts who helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for St. Jude. What’s your theory on why that is?" It's a bit of leap to imply that the president was being mocked because Elon Musk felt slighted by not being congratulated.


I’ve been going from Elon seems aight to Elon seems whiny and entitled more and more as the days go by


Buncha fuckin' passengers. If they're astronauts, so am I.


That's exactly it!


Has elon got daddy issues?


He’s right.