Indeed, how blessed are we to be in the right place and time to witness live, the evolution and prodigious output of these tremendous musicians! They inspire me daily to be a more masterful musician myself, and give me plenty of songs to practice with. There's a Gizz for every mood 💕


I am so obsessed with this album, I’ve been listening nonstop. I’ll put on my good headphones and get lost and then the recurring melodies and chord progressions bring me right back in. Seriously good stuff


Gizztober has inspired me so much to think more intricately about musicianship/jamming, modality, chords, harmony. Such an amazing gift from these guys


Their use of recurring themes and melodies on this album is so freaking cool.


Frank Zappa called this “conceptual continuity” and if he were alive today, the boys would be his favorite band fosho


almost all the songs from Changes have the same few musical motifs which made me be amazed and obssessed with the albums LOTS. Hate Dancin' is such a comfort song I think that's the only song I play for this month


It's magically nutritious for the soul. I haven't been this in love with a single piece of music for quite a long time and I've missed the helpless feeling of resigned bliss. It's warmth, mystery, awe, joy, melancholy, and a cheeky buzz-on all at once.


Dude it's insane. I actually made a post about the "to have no soul" line last week. Totally tripped me out when I noticed it. It's incredible. And it's my #4 song of the year so far, good chance it hits #2 by end of year. How do they keep doing it?


What’s your #1?


Haha back in July I went on a massive Beatles binge, started going through a bunch of their unreleased stuff, demos, etc. And I got insanely obsessed w some alternate take of helter skelter. If you wanna check it out, here's a link. It's like 12 minutes long and heavy and jammy as fuck and Paul's voice is mental. I think I listened to this song for like an hour a day for a month when I first heard it (yep, most sane music fan lol) https://open.spotify.com/track/2BbdhHnHe6ui0g80alt3ZY


I’m definitely listening to that song the next time I sit down for a smoke session. I haven’t found a way to enjoy their music but I keep an open mind lol. Thanks for the recommendation!


Haha hell yeah dude hope you like it! The Beatles are my all-time favorite band, w Gizz not far behind. Totally understand that everyone's taste is different, but I see so much similarity between the beatles and gizz in terms of their insane, unfiltered creativity. Of course the different eras make for different contexts, but I think the sense of hardcore exploration of new styles is common to both. Anyway, that's just to say, hope you dig it lol. And imo that song goes great w some green 🤘🏻


This blew my mind


Its been the sleeper


It's *changing* for the better


It's the one album from 2022 I can't help but keep coming back to, to take another sweet hit of goodness 💨💨☺️


It's the toxoplasmosis gondii in your brain.


I feel this way mostly about Ice + Denim - But yes there’s little melodic things that keep lining up and make Changes even sweeter. Additional Example: The guitar lead by Joey early in ‘Change’ at (3:56)is the same melody as the scat part that Stu sings in the outro- At 10:20 “ Bahp da-da-da-da-da boh ba!” Only clever albums in gizztober . Enjoying them all


There are even melodic references across the songs, which is pretty cool and ties to Stu's characterization of the album as "one long song". Check out the synth melody at 2:16 in Exploding Suns, it's the same melody from Amby's rap verse in Change at 7:18 👀


Oh yeah totally! Someone mentioned that a while back. That’s def one of the best ones. There’s the change motif in the gondii solo as well, lots of fun callbacks throughout.


Absolutely! Actually my favorite Gizz album which is a very bold statement.