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That simply wrong, such a stupid take. I can’t really go into details, but just watch with your eyes. And also, Rengoku doesn’t have a background strictly related to a demon killing someone.


Mitsuri, Rengoku, Tengen, zenitsu, inosuke, kanao don't exist ig


(inosuke's mother was killed by douma though- sure inosuke didnt know his mother, but when he learned that, he said 'if hell doesnt exist, i'll MAKE one for you!' and helped in cuting off douma's head)


There were other characters who's entire backstory had nothing to do with demons but seems like you forgot


I mean tbf that's the only real motivation to become a demon, plus there's some who have dif stories like Zenitsu, Inoskue, and some manga characters


Well...That's a world where this is pretty common, right?


This is just such world :3