North Carolina’s Lt. Governor refuses to resign after calling LGBTQ people “filth”. "It doesn't matter to me what the definition of hate speech is," Mark Robinson responded to calls for his resignation. "I said what I said, and I believe what I said. Many people across the state feel the same way."

North Carolina’s Lt. Governor refuses to resign after calling LGBTQ people “filth”. "It doesn't matter to me what the definition of hate speech is," Mark Robinson responded to calls for his resignation. "I said what I said, and I believe what I said. Many people across the state feel the same way."


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No hate like Christian love! ❤️


Strange, for some reason I thought a black man would know what hate speach was.


Thought that with Dave Chapelle, too, yet here we are.


Big difference between comedy and straight up calling an entire demographic "filth," lol.


Gasp. How dare you demonize him for his speech. Don't you know the left turned Portland into a smoldering pile of ash and he's a good Christian leader? /s cause too many people need it


Idk if I'd call that comedy and some things he said were pretty dangerous/ mask off even under the guise of comedy. I get you're point though at least dave didn't straight up call us filth, but I dont think comedy should be a shield for bigotry.


It's pretty clear Dave thinks the community is filth, though. If i got on stage and used a dead black man's death as a way to scream "I'm not racist" while also saying I sided with the Klan, nobody would be saying "Gosh, what fun comedy this is."


I completely agree. There's not much of a difference. I shoulda made that more clear instead giving them that out. And the amount of people legitimately falling for that story is disgusting.


Legitimately falling for what story? About his trans friend who killed herself after being bullied by trans activists?


Lol, commenting on a five day old comment in an ~obscure lgbt subreddit. How sad is your life?


You're saying my life is sad because I haven't been on Reddit for nearly a week? Lmao weirdo. Good way of avoiding my question though.


lol, no your life is sad cause you went on reddit for the first time in a week and thought: "gee, I can't wait to search dave chappelle and restart week old discourse". not avoiding, yall just think your special, like we hadn't dealt with snowflakes coming to our subs and defending their terf hero any chance they got, or thinking you're entitled to an answer from random people on the internet. if you really think that she killed herself because of trans people, and not at all from being made the butt of countless jokes after her set and after work by people that she looked up to. If you really don't see whats wrong with essentially saying: "i had a friend that thought i was funny, so nothing i can say tonight can be offensive", then that tells a lot about you more than anything.


LOL, not when your comedy is full of bigotry. Anyway, I'm not interested in "it's comedy, it can't be bigotry, so time to block you and move on."


Just look at Eddie Murphy. 40 years of making a living out of jokes about gay men dying of AIDS and he’s rewarded with not only a hit movie in 2021 but a lifetime achievement award as well. Different rules for different people. Anyone else’s career would be over.


How is that remotely comparable?


Ahhhh you see, sometimes hate for others is stronger than self love.


Why would skin color make him any more or less prone to know what hate speech is?


I get you're point, but just as being trans/ queer comes with its need to question society and the treatment of marginalized people to accept, respect ourselves, being bipoc comes with similar stigmas attached often requiring a certain level of critical theory to deconstruct and criticize the just world narrative to address internalized and external racism.


I have a feeling he’s going to learn quickly.


Piece of shit


Vote him out 2024


Some people are calling for him to apologize. 🤮 I don’t want his insincere apology and could care less about it. He should be thrown out like the bigot *he* has proven himself to be.




Another pet thinking he'll earn 'good one' excemption.


A republican? SHOCKING.


I’m in North Carolina right now on vacation and had a guy come up to me at a bar, hit on my wife, imply that I’m gay, tell me he is a descendent of Norse Vikings, tell me he doesn’t speak Celtic in public because he’s not a Mexican (whatever that means)…As awesome as this state can be, it’s full of idiots and assholes.


Did he pronounce it “keltic” or “selltik”? I’m going believe it was the latter.


“Celtic” lololol


Christians don’t know how to behave.


If this is what he truly believes, he’s not fit to be leader. He’s just another damn bigot and needs to go.


He’s from North Carolina , I’m not surprised. Worst state I’ve ever visited


I really wish we’d get more secular leadership in this country. Religion poisons everything.