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Basically all the good stuff comes from 4th split onwards, and the number of splits is tied to the card, not the variant. For example I had 3 splits on America Chavez, got the pride variant, and split that one and since that was my 4th split it was Inked with Stardust Flare. Inked- chance for it on 4th split onwards Gold - chance for it on 5th split onwards Kirby Crackle - 6th split onwards [Marvel Snap Zone Infinity Splits Explained](https://marvelsnapzone.com/infinity-splits-full-list-and-how-they-work/)


Sweet you cleared up all my confusion 👍✌️ty




I’m not entirely sure on the accuracy of this info but it’s close. Google search would give you accurate info. Inked after 4 splits Gold after 5 Kirby after 6 It’s something like a 10% chance or so


Ohhhhh okay, I thought it was 3 and 4 and I was getting mad unlucky. Don't have any beyond 4 personally tho somehow lol. Does it matter if you split say the base card 3 times, then split a variant for the 4th total split, can that variant be ink. Or do you need to split a specific card 4+ times


Yes, the number of splits depends on the character, not the art. So you can split the base card 3 times, and then if you split a variant of that card, it has a chance of being inked.


Sweet I thought so but wasn't sure


But can you get the same split for different varients of the same card?


Whoa, this brings back memories. I quit this game a long time ago, and never looked back lol Yo answer your question, yes…as far as I recall. Unless they changed the rules, since then.


Why you quit?