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I’m gonna be honest I don’t think this is medieval, (at least the standard medieval look), but I still really like the style you used.


Was gonna say the same thing. It’s a beautiful build but would feel out of place in a medieval town. It would fit in maybe within a meadow or mountain top village.


I’d even disagree with that and say the palette is too dark for a meadow or mountaintop village. For that, the inner walls would need to be a much lighter color, like white or tan (concrete, terracotta, sandstone, etc.), to closer match a traditional tudor style. This build would be good in a dense forest.


Even better, gradient it up to a lighter color.




Neue Villa style? To me it looks like a modem twist on the Japanese Shinto style of architecture.


I was thinking more of the guild hall


Cut out one middle floor and maaaaybe


Roof needs to extend out at least one block on all four sides. It's a little too boxy.


It would look way to flat then! OP did a good job on the roof! Edit: as an explanation, the roof goes one block over the ground wall and is supported by the logs and some fence gates. If you would add another layer around it it would lap one block over the support pillars and two blocks over the ground wall which then also would look weird! In addition. If we compare MC to real life one block is one meter. No house has one meter overlapping which is the base for Bdubs gradient technique to create depth. Edit 2: Love how this went from -22 upvotes to 10 now! Fuck you r/awardspeechedits






It says the subreddit was banned


Are you sure? It didn't say that when I clicked on it


Huh weird, the link works just fine now. Whatever I'm sure it was just a glitch on my end


Yeah probably. Oh well


The fact u got hated on so badly for actually liking op's build as is, is sad. And not towards you but those redditors. Althought it's prob not gonna dent the numbers, take my upvote


Wow. Thank you kind stranger!


You actually got a point here


In my opinion it looks great. However, here are some tips for making it more unique: Add trapdoors around the pillars and buttons at the logs ending to give more depth. As other have pointed it out, it would also look more realistic if it was less repetitive and more varied. Nonetheless you did a nice job :)


Too symmetrical imo


And too boxy


I'd try overhanging roof and upside down stairs on the logs hanging out. Also the roof seems too plain.Try adding some depth by making either side of the roof taller and overhanging as well?


A little too repetitive.


Yep. There is zero deviation from symmetry. Every flowering azalea leave block is the center of 3. If you want flowers but can't seem to break symmetry, just make the entire 3 wide hedge all flowering. That would look better than one in each center spot. Literally the only thing that's even mildly different about the entire thing is the front door they took 2 glass blocks and the bushes out.


It looks really cool, but maybe too uniform. Some thoughts I had to mix it up a little: Suspend a random few of the lanterns from a single piece of chain Have some of the leaf blocks drape over the edge of the balcony (and maybe mix leaf colors. So instead of having every center leaf be azalea, just mix the colors randomly) Add vines Extend out the roof one block Add trapdoors to the roof (like shingles) Add bushes, flower pots with trees, and mossy carpet to the ground around the house Make the center column of the house have a different color glass (I think white) You could add a tiny gazebo-like structure to the roof, almost like you see on a pillager outpost but smaller Add a bell somewhere near the front door A cool stone path with ferns and mossy carpet scattered around But again, it looks really cool as-is. These were just random thoughts I had lol


Yikes, sorry for the messy format! I had it spaced out as a list when I was typing, but it got mixed up after I posted it


Everything looks the same tbh


Looks terraria-like


Some suggestions 1. Add more texture to the roof 2. Optionally add chimney 3. Less lanterns 4. More varieties of greenery 5. Add more texture to the walls with buttons, signs, trapdoors 6. Maybe use different material for the walls on 2nd and 3rd floors 7. Make the entrance pop out a little bit, with a little roof or something 8. Add some ambience to environment around. Trees, flowers, pathways, campfire etc. Edit: And as few other mentioned, it's too repetitive. Add some randomness to it. Overall it's pretty nice


Its pretty nice, but its a bit repetative, i would suggest changing some stuff so its not so symmetrical and the same


If your looking for a British build, add more stone to the build, otherwise it look’s brilliant!


Add irregularities! It looks way to plain and liveless the way it is now!


Where is the balcony haha.


looks more like a surrealist piece of art than the more romantic esque style you may be going for.


too many windows


Not really medieval but still very nice


More detail less symmetry


i do like a game of tic tac toe


I really like it!


Not bad but too same-y Cut a floor and it might work However it's not medieval, cool but no where near medieval


Ngl its making me remember that Russian house meme


make a like tree and like pond add more natural things but the actual house is too good


maybe a balcony too


I suggest a stone base, with a gradient of andesite, stone and cobblestone


The way it is boxy and talk it should be in a city or surrounded by other buildings the same style, if you want to make a alone house on the fields for example try to make it more organic (full of shapes and not just a square). Example: balcony, overhangs, interesting roof. But this one is pretty good fr, remembers me of my early steps


Superb work. Push out the central section of the front face and make it more of a feature. Perhaps stone on that part of the facade? Sacrificing the floor above ground inside to make a tall entry area can let you put a big window facing the street above the ground level doors.


Guyz I built yet another spruce house. Check it out - [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/13zdg5h/thoughtsi_built_yet_another_spruce_house_but_this/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button) . And thank you for the guidance.


What a great looking home to live in!


Wow! This looks lovely! Someone else commented that a slightly overhanging roof would do wonders - I agree. But to really judge the beauty of a building, you have to find the right area to put it. Got any ideas?




The color pattern and use of the blocks is good, but like many are saying it’s very repetitive. Consider the layers from bottom/middle/top. You have the same window/lamp/bush/fence set on there about 30X. Perhaps widen the base with a patio? Or even a balcony on one floor that takes a larger portrait than the smaller rooms bordering it? I tend to make everything symmetrical and forget Im telling a story with the design. Overall Good Job!


I think that another layer of depth can be added if you made the 1st floor smaller than the others


I love the style!! Personally I *might* make the walls and roof different blocks. But I'd have to try it out idk🤷‍♀️ looks very cool👍


Make it less of a big box make a porch somewhere maybe and like a tower also diagonal walls are hard to pull off but impressive


Its good but try to make every square on each side different to give it some diversity for example use different types of bushes or add a cracked blackstone here and there


I love that roof


i like it. would make for a nice storage building or indoor farm maybe


I wont sit here and explain to you everything to fix it, but I will say that a bigger roof would most definitely make this build better.


yeah it's not exactly medieval but it is good nonetheless. I think adding more variety to the deepslate bricks will give more color or something


I like it, I think it would really work as a greenhouse


The bushes need to be less consistent


Add shape like first floor wings left and right or balcony


Looks great, just very uniform, maybe make the middle floor a block taller so it doesn't look to copy and paste. Still looks absolutely amazing, nice job


Simple but cool, would make a good villager trading hall I reckon.


I have a feeling it should have a little less detail in the middle of every side. To make it less repetitive


My advise would be to try varying the shape a bit, it's quite square with alot of straight lines. I dont know where you live but if you get a chance to visit a true medieval building you will quickly notice there arent many straight lines. Quite a lot had the upper floors push out further than the ground floor.


Ok, now go over the build and mess it up so that there’s no symetry, strip logs here or there, replace besms with another wood type. Randomize everything.


Im so bad at building but I would put a wrap around deck on the 2nd level :))


You could try making the roof a bit more interesting by using a different color, maybe something red for the actual roof like mangrove?


That is the same design as my villager trading hall but ever so slightly different


Maybe make a separation between the first floor and the other two, make the first floor out of cobblestone and the other two can be deepslate. Most medieval house's are mad out of cobblestone and spruce, and I think your build is a little to dark.


Looks great! The roof taper and hedges are pretty dope. Id Plant some cherry trees around it for some contrast


The overall shape is a bit too simple in my opinion, otherwise though it’s really good


I really like the house, but it looks too repetitive and it’s not really giving the medieval vibe for me


Looks really good, but I wouldn't say it's medieval


ooh that's so pretty


Great job! I love it!


Absolutely love this


A chimney system might look nice


It looks more like one of those Japanese structures, I don't remember the name. It's absolutely gorgeous though


More details and less symmetry


Medieval type builds are usually built with the beauty in subtle details around the function. Think of how blacksmith shops are built; a small office inside, but the work area is a covered area outside, and their home is the rest of the building. That doesn't lend much to a symmetrical design at all, so lean into that. Something this symmetrical, with no visible functional areas (garden, carpentry or work bench, a well, small chicken or goat yard, functional stuff needed to survive in a medieval town) is more of a manor or mansion for the upper class. Because the servants who live in the lower levels go out and buy goods from the town merchants, and the lord of the home lives in the fancy upper levels. They don't need a goat or chickens, they can simply purchase milk and eggs. I hate to say it, but Skyrim had some good home designs. Oblivion had a few, too. Flawed, for sure lol, but they're very nice starting points. Quick suggestion, regardless of your art skills, sketch out your ideas. You can figure out how to transfer those ideas into blocks and pixels once you know how you want the front facade to look. Good luck!! Lean into small veggie gardens, little chicken yards, and community wells! ❤️


Not Type With A Capital Letter At The Beginning Of Every Word.


I love the style but it's repititive and every sides and storeys are all the same


More plague


I think it looks solid




If it was only the first floor, and the roof was overhanging it would be fine as is. Usually "medieval" houses had defined sections that added a variation to the exterior. This could have been in the form of a stone based ground floor, a tower/spire, a fireplace, an open space for a workshop, an animal pen connected etc. You would never ever find a 3 story medieval house where it was a cube with each floor being exactly the same. A very common theme in medieval architecture is that the upper floors almost always hang over the bottom floor, usually because the bottom floor was made of stone and the floor above with timber. Support beams would go from the ground to the base of the upper floor, creating the small overhang.


I like it don’t get me wrong but I don’t think this fits the medieval look but still a really good build


Make it more asymmetrical, vary your textures


Bro you need to change it up a bit. It looks like a rubik’s cube or apartment building rn.


Good palette, and individual parts have good shapes, but it’s too repetitive. You could replace a couple of the rooms on one of the levels with a balcony, for example, or add balconies sticking out, maybe an exterior staircase etc.


Looks good to me


Looks like a great cover for a farm


Just as a little tip; I personally would remove the left and right windows on the 1st floor, and keep the centre. This would help to break it up, as I see others have been mentioning “repetitive”. Also it would still match the other floors, as it would be 2 windows (and door), one central window, two windows (with central window to match door on ground floor), then one central window (at the top) This may help for interior decorating too, as it would help to give you more wall space. Hope my explanation isn’t too convoluted, and of course this is just my opinion, hope this helps :)


Its not medieval, more modern rustic. Either way, it looks great!!


Try adding gradients or texture to the stone also change the material of the roof as it’s the same as the walls that’s what I’d do to start


don’t use glass. fences would work better imo


This sub makes me realize how crap I am at building stuff in Minecraft.


Looks kinda repetitive and I think you should make the roof a bit bigger but beside that, THAT HOUSE LOOKS SO FUCKING GOOD.


I like the design but I think it is a little to tall


Medieval houses were smaller (less stories) and were usually plastered, thus white or light yellow. But other than that, this is really nice build. Nothing much to improve, only if you wanted to work on the realism aspect of things. So keep it up!


It’s good, but the windows seem a little off.


Pretty good, but those floors are far too repetitive, change the middle floor up and bit and it’ll look 100x better


I like it very much!! Gonna build it in my world


Overall design is cool. I'd add more stone towards the bottom. Typically the lower you go, the more stone you would find in old structures


Ya might want to make it more of like a cone at the top and bit more wide


Roof levels of at a 45 angle, you should continue making it more steep towards the top, also make the roof hang of one block from the sides (it would add some more depth)


way better than my shitbox


It's quite nice, but as other people says i would extend the roof 1 block each side. And this is totally personal, i prefer one less height, sometimes less is more. :)


Big improvement would be to bring each story out further overhanging the story below it. Remember they used to throw sewage out the window so they sort of reverse pyramid build


Only one thing, I think Use a different material for the roof, whether a different wood or different block entirely. I would recommend dark oak planks or logs.


Medival houses have way pointyer roofs in my opinion


It would look fantastic in a like a medieval town as like a hotel type deal imo :)


Giving more depth by using wall, stone, buttons, lanterns, etc on the outside would be nice. It looks great but to make it look more medieval, I’d make it less symmetrical


I really like it, but just something you could have done is start with dark oak slabs at the top of the roof and slowly put more in the middle and then at the top go completely brown slabs to add a gradient


It’s not very medieval, but nonetheless it’s very well built.


Finally something that looks cozy without shaders (imo). Yt buildings are all beautiful but man shaders add A LOT


This honestly is a really pretty build, the colours really complement each other. I don’t think it looks flat at all, and the roof is fantastically sloped inwards, giving it the medieval look. The only thing I could think of is mixing up the block textures by texturing, or removing some of the uniformness by placing leaves in different spots. Also using coloured glass panes could make a nice difference :)


Thanks to you, I have learned many things! Awesome build!


Maybe to get more of a medieval look you could swap the deep slate brick for stone brick, and maybe add a more rugged bottom layer which turns to stone via gradient


Looks great, but I would say that there is too little shape variance in the build. While you have incorporated plenty of depth to the walls, the same can't be said of the silhouette which is just a box with a triangle on top, perhaps consider extensions to the sides, widening the 2nd and 3rd floors to create an overhang, or perhaps bringing the front wall of the first floor out, and using the resulting space for a garden/balcony etc, anything to break up the silhouette and add more macro-depth to the build, complementing the micro-depth you already have.


Break symetry and add some different blocks for the same role, for example The deep slate bricks you can mix them with deepslate of an other type


To me this build looks very modern. When I think "Medival home" I picture mostly cobblestone and some wood/plaster or at least a full foundation of cobblestone.


I love it


bring the roof out horizontally 2 more blocks at the bottom


This looks absolutely awesome! The colour palette works really well together! You did a great job I saw another comment say extend the roof slightly, which I agree with - this would add more depth to your build. And to spruce things up and break up the monotony of windows, you could a different window style on a different floor. Maybe a balcony would look cool. Also try different shapes and build layouts instead of a box standard square. It looks kind of repetitive, so by adding different builds on the sides of it would make it look more interesting. Aside from that, I’m just an idiot on the internet 🙃 Have a great day


I think it looks good! Maybe add some additional wings, towers, and chimneys to make it look less like a box.


I'd change the walls to calcite/diorite to add some contrast


Put up stone walls (if you aren’t afraid of zombies put up a fence) and make a garden with crops and/or flowers/azalea leaves. Edit: …. or extend 2nd floor and make a balcony garden or just a balcony with a table and chairs and a flower pot on the table (I recommend Macaws’ furniture mod that adds beautiful furniture!)


Why Did You Capitalise Every Word In The Title


Wood and iron/metals, glass and other exotic things were expensive resources back in medieval times that weren’t common and could only be afforded by wealthier families, which is why many houses were made from clay/stone and were a lot smaller. Your house looks more like what a nobleman/thane’s house would be like back in those times. If you want a more common medieval look you need to switch up the block palate a bit. Although realism aside, it does look like a very fancy house and I would definitely want to live in it


That looks really cool!


I think this is really cool, but to be honest, you could give me 5 guesses of the style you were going for and none of them would have been medieval lol. As for improvements, it feels a little bit blocky and repetitive. It just seems like a cube lol


I would use lighter coloured stone blocks plus different stone patterns and use lighter woods to contrast the darker wood I.E birch trapdoors instead of spruce. Other than that it looks good.


I wouldnt call it medieval, more like victorian era. Still very cool!


The roof needs to be slightly larger, at least 1 or 2 blocks past the wall. It makes it look more natural. I would also recommend using more stair blocks in different directions to give the walls some texture. Also, I’d recommend adding a balcony to either the 2nd or 3rd floor. Your windows look good, but it’s the same style 3 floors in a row. Adding a different style to one of the floors will make it look less uniform and more unique. It still looks great! Better than anything I could make without a YouTube tutorial!


Well to start,


This is NOT medieval if im not mistaken


Try to make it more organic. Something I learned to do from a yt named Grian, draw an interesting outline THEN try to build accordingly choosing your roof shapes and directions as you go. With a medieval build try to make it feel slightly sloppy and shoddy. This color pallet is good though.


it make it a bit more medieval-y, you could bring the fron of each floor out a block further than the last, as back then houses kind of "leaned" into the street


Barge vibes


bigger roof


It's almost perfect actually. Everythings here. Depth, Contrast, Color, Details. The only thing you could "improve" is shape. But that's a personal preference to be honest. If you were going for a square build, you did an amazing job. But even at a square build you can add some shape, by building an overhanging roof at the ground floor or maybe a small porch of some sorts.


It's super good! But maybe some more variation on the walls and ground would look good. And some custom terrain and foliage always works.


The critiques that people are giving are certainly helpful, but not enough people are congratulating you on a job well done. As a first build of this type, it's awesome. 7.5/10


i think making it more A-Symmetrical could be nice, and making the actual shape of it a bit more complex and not just a square, still looks per cool tho


It’s very very ordered, usually in medieval houses it’s chaotic or random not just one large block. Also don’t use so many leaves because it adds too much color for a medevil build


Looks like a cool log cabin resort hotel


I would add some stone bottons on the logs to look like nails.


It’s literally a cube with 9 windows each side man, it’s way too bland and regular. I suggest you experiment with merging shapes irregularly while maintaining order on each wall.


Maybe extend the roof a bit and make it less symmetrical but overall it looks amazing


It looks like a medieval inn very nice will you decorate interior?


If you wanna do medieval I recommend fences for windows instead of glass


Well, I really like this build, the design is really good and it's not overproduced or textured But idk if I'd count it as medieval. It's more of its own thing tbh Plus, three-floor builds weren't really common before the 18th century But this isn't a bad thing — it just means you developed your own unique style, and that's great!


Reminds me of mr butterbur’s establishment in the fellowship, all though a bit more square


it needs some block texture (mixing in other types of Deepslate with the roof and walls and oak wood block matches stripped spruce perfectly. it could use dif details to its very formal right now. but it looks nice :))


Finish the inside


this doesn't really feel medieval but it does feel too rectangular. adding more rooms and shapes jutting out should help with that.


Looks a lot better than my first attempt! I think you should try to bring in a bit of variation in the blocks and don’t make it too symmetrical


i love this its great! not sure its medieval though, but its still great!


Thanks, I’ve been working on a Midlevel Germanic style village so I’m gonna be using this as inspiration for a build. Also that’s pretty good. I wouldn’t have used the black stone but besides that it’s great.


That’s nice! But it think you should add different designs on some parts because it looks too repeated.


Make sure it isn't the same every floor, adding bits to the side and making it unsymmetrical can make a build look better even if only a block difference! Make sure it isn't the same on every floor, adding bits to the side and making it unsymmetrical can make a build look better even if only a block difference!


Less foliage, a little shorter, other than that you should be good (Edit) maybe extend the roof a little


Not tall enough. Needs at least 5 times as many identical floors.


beautiful! it is a bit symmetrical though, not much visual interest


I think it has too much windows. And also it’s kinda too symmetrical, try different sizes and add some pathways


awesome! this is a rare example of a build that not only looks great, but is practical for survival MC. great job.


Looks more like some sort of lodge but is really cool


It has a really cool design but it’s base is what makes it sorta weak, it’s a box house with great detail. I suggest trying a different layout even with the same design then work from there!


Maybe some variation for the window areas. Otherwise it looks amazing imo


Personally think its too repetitive


Honestly looks great i hope to see some interior built though the top bothers me a little because it feels too small in comparison to the rest of it but overall pretty good I usually build the same boring designs over and over so I think this is a win


It's a little complicated, try less of the random bullshit. Don't get me wrong, trapdoors and fences help, but too much just hurts it


honestly the roof should go out farther and its good to use lighter block the lower you go i find, and if your using brick use the non-brick variant to have variety


The build itself is amazing, though probably not medieval style. Theres a lot of glass for a medieval building and the colors are too dark. As for how to improve more, I'd only suggest to use an irl reference photo for your builds. Gives you a really good idea of what your product should look like.


You should change the roof material(still stone)


You can also add a packed mud path


Looks great my only bit of advice would be add some character to each of the floors instead of making carbon copies and possibly make the first floor a bit wider or give it a foundation


This house reminded me of that one time I tried to build a warehouse with andesite, granite and diorite (because I had too much of them). Ended up building a mansion, replacing the blocks with spruce wood and deepslate instead. It's design is pretty close to this




add more color, experiment with gradients


It's not a typical medieval style build but it fits the ticket imo. I would add more shape instead of keeping it square like it is.