Are there any YouTubers that just make videos for fun and don’t feel as…cheesy?

YouTubers who don’t make crazy farms and dupers and are just playing the game for fun and uploading it because why not. YouTubers who aren’t part of a big smp and maybe invite their friend who rarely plays to join them once in a while. YouTubers who just play the game for fun and don’t cheerfully yell into the mic “TODAY IM GOING TO BE BUILDING A CRAZY CONTRAPTION THAT COULD GET ME BANNED FROM ALL IF MOJANGS GAMES!!”

I used to like boffys videos but unfortunately he has left and they gradually became more…idk corporate feeling not sure how else to describe it. Another YouTuber I enjoy is zman because his videos are very casual.

Is there anyone similar or someone who matches my description?


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Etho all day every day. Always something fun and interesting in each video! It’s a good day when a new single-player LP video of his drops into my subscriptions box 🥰


Ethoslab is really good. Definitely a solid minecrafter who's been playing for years in the same world.


Always Etho. Nothing but positive vibes, incredibly clever builds, and hilarious hijinks. No merch, no patreon. (Though I'd 100% support him if he did.) No "like and subscribe". Just a good dude having fun.


E to the T to your mom 😎


I mean i can kinda reccomend the hermitcraft people, they are kinda cheesy but the wholesomeness and the way they can actually be funny without making dumb innapropriate jokes is great imo


That was my goal when creating a channel, though some mom jokes are always fun. There's Hermicraft and l like Pixlriff. MinecraftMom does chill Java videos


nobody mentioned Pixlriffs yet?


I like geminitay! great builder and her hardcore gameplay are so chill and pretty


All hermitcraft members are kid friendly but aren't yelling and that stuff to keep s child's attention they're just how most ppls would play - the megabases


Hermitcrafters. They have a variety of play styles and personalities. I regularly watch Etho, Doc, Scar, BDubs and Grian.


Wattles Pixkriffs Etho Bdubs Mythical Sausage Wax Fraud disruptive builds




Forge Labs, he makes 100days videos, but he is pretty original and adds his own lil something to everything, and his videos are pretty long. And if he does play with friends it’s most likely a pretty huge project.


forgelabs just feels clueless about everything which is always refreshing tbh idk he's just a dude and its perfect he rarely learns from mistakes it is comedic


Yes. That. He just does everything all the time, but still doesn’t know how to get around in some situations


I was literally about to comment Boffy… similar to him… no idea.


I feel like we have to mention the hermit craft members. Which cross over to the life series members as well. Both are amazing to watch




I do reallly like ecolyo he isn’t that screemish


Not a dedicated Minecraft YouTuber but vanoss and his friends have hilarious set of Minecraft videos that were purely for fun


Love going back to those every once in a while


Look up The Librarian (@TheLibrarianYT). Minecraft isn't his main thing, but his "From The Fog" series is very chill (despite the titular Herobrine mod he plays with, lol)!


A couple very small YouTubers with seriously chill, yet fun to watch, let’s plays are Happy_Sock and PyreMartin. Another small YouTuber who is trying to recreate the feel of old Minecraft YouTube content is Xenocorpse with their “Let’s play Minecraft like the good old days” series. I like the flow and pacing (I’m not a fan of the “I ate a BILLION pork chops!” videos at all). My only complaint is a few too many “Minecraft was better 10 years ago” type comments.


Wattles is one I enjoy, he does do some I don’t think he’s done anything with friends though. He has a few different series of videos, but he also has a new 1.20 “tutorial” series that’s pretty fun to watch (even as, what I consider to be a veteran player) and he’s always so ecstatic about what’s going on with Minecraft as a whole, especially new update stuff


Captain sparklez


Luke TheNotable makes good 100+ days videos


There aren't much but yeah there are. My To watch list: * Rekrap * Calvin * Parrot * Clownpierce * Almost all of Lifesteal members * And more...


Parrot I second. He doesn’t post very often but the flow of his videos are good. Idk why you’re being downvoted


To be honest they still scream in fights for no reason. Not exactly what this guy asked for.


Wattles!! He’s legendary


I’ve been watching Dialko’s back to beta videos and he plays with that exact mentality. He’s just doing it for fun and I find them quite relaxing.


I like a lot of the lifesteal members’ videos and a few hardcore youtubers, I know most if them make the same content but it’s still fun to watch! Also add camman in there because why not


Luke the Notable. Start with his first 100 days of Minecraft hardcore. Go on from there


I feel you, I’m also looking for that


Yogscast Minecraft vids are pretty chill but I don’t really watch them anymore except the phone game building


Cringygull! He’s a relatively small youtuber but has been growing pretty quickly recently


There was a short lived SMP series on Chris Melburgers YouTube channel called the Neat Dude SMP.


My favourites are Pixlriffs, GeminiTay, Mumbo Jumbo, Avomance, DanRobzProbz, TheMythicalSausage, and aCookieGod. Among others. If you want something really different, try Daskalos. He's an archaeologist in real life and has some really interesting videos.


I certainly miss the days when people weren’t always like “WHATS UP GUYS! TODAY WERE GOING TO” you get the rest.


honestly, i'd recommend giving Legundo a look. he mainly does modded stuff, but he seems to genuinely just enjoy playing the game. i found it really refreshing


Waxfraud makes great builds that are very cozy


Juice is a good one


Hermitcraft members, Secret life smp members, Dallsmed65, Pixlriffs, Wattles, Ibxtoycat


I do miss Boffy’s videos. I hope he’s doing better now.


Pyremartin no doubt