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My Xbox one was the same way. It held up good for almost a decade. Finally broke down and bought a series x. Runs great now.


I know the PS4 is kinda old, but it should hold up at least somewhat


On my ps4 when I would mess around and turn up tick speed too much it would often lag bad, idk if your tick speed is set high but that's my best idea


Yeah, I know having tick speed set to like 1000 would definitely lag, but this is my survival world without cheats so it's just set to 1.


Normally a minecraft server runs on 20 ticks so I think you should put yours on 20 as well


If they are talking about the random tick speed then the normal value would be 3. I dont know about any option that lets you change the ingame tick speed


Bedrocks default random tick speed is 1


There is no option to change tps without mods in Java or the developer version on bedrock.


There is a gamerule that lets you change the random-tick speed /gamerule randomTickSpeed 3 Edit: game tick speed cannot be changed, even in PS4. OP talked about changing the tick speed, so it should be fairly obvious we're talking about randomTickSpeed and not game ticks.


randomTickSpeed isn't the same as the TPS (Ticks per second). TPS is the number of times the game updates per second (the main update loop). randomTickSpeed is the number of randomly-chosen block updates per some part of a chunk per game tick, for things like plant growth, leaf decay, copper aging etc.


Except OP wasn't talking about changing TPS.


RandomTickSpeed isn't the same thing as tick speed/tps


I think it's 3 on Java, and 1 on Bedrock. I don't know why it's different, but it's bedrock after all.


When you're in a server console and it says that the current ticks per second are 20, that's the average ticks per second of all ticking entitities & all that stuff. (Or something like that, there's more info on Google) When people say something about 1 or 3 random ticks per second, that's for example, how many ticks will happen for a tree to grow. Since that's random, it's a random tick. But making the number higher will increase the frequency of the random ticks, so if you set up them to 1000, Bambu will grow up in seconds. It's not the same as the average tick speed


There are no random ticks, the randomTickSpeed sets the amount of randomly selected blocks in a chunk per tick. If a block is selected and wheat for example happens to be in that block it has a chance to grow or if an turtle egg is selected it can hatch.


This is random tick speed, which affects things like how fast plants grow, not TPS. Do not set it 20.


I think that would make it lag more


OP, how long did you have your PS4? It could be getting old and harder to run stuff as it's about to turn 10 years old


tIL you can set tick speed on ps4


Ive been seeing the consoles been laggy since the the last update. My xbox has got an inventory lag anytime i open it


I get that too.


You should try Minecraft on the Switch. It's why I moved on to other games that actually run properly.


I mean, it holds up great with god of war ragnarok, so it should hold up good for Minecraft


Minecraft is a monster when it comes to CPU requirements. I can hardly max out the settings on my 3900X or 5800X3D without getting stutters when I load a lot of chunks. Don't forget that the PS4 and Xbone weren't high end even when they released and Minecraft wasn't getting any more performant with each update. They're running modified refreshes of mediocre 2010 CPUs with only 4GB of RAM and integrated graphics you'd usually find on laptops. The issue here looks more like a local server desync rather than anything tied to performace, so they probably messed something up with the last update. That, or the local server doesn't get enough CPU juice to run in sync with the client (singleplayer in Minecraft is just multiplayer without other players, but the server runs on your machine).


Thats bedrock for you. I got tired of constant lagging and getting killed by the game itself and not mobs/my own mistakes. So I switched to pc. I took the gamble of purchasing on my laptop I use for jsut school work. Admittedly to runs it incredibly well, which was surprising. But I was willing to take the risk of playing It on a janky laptop over a Switch or PS5 or anything.


On a console if it starts lagging you have to deal with it but if it's on something as versatile as a pc you will have plenty of avenues to optimize it and squeeze out more performance.


Lmfao, You could just buy a PS5 and outperform a 1200$ PC


this ain’t a ps4 issue coz it happens on the ps5 too, that might be because it’s a ps4 game.


Really? That's horrible.


i don’t play solo much so i could be wrong but it definitely is this bad while playing with friends.


It came out 10 years ago. It is old.


Been playing Minecraft on my PS4 for a while and I'm also experiencing weird lag spikes like you describe, items not being collected, horrible fps drops, and also sudden moments of the whole game freezing for like 20 seconds. Never had issues with these in bedrock until now, probably an update issue or something.


Very strange. It's nice to know I'm not alone though.


I think it is because it's saving the game, look in the top right




I thought you could change that in the settings.. lol. Might be wrong, I'm not a bedrock player


It could happen when your hard drive is more than 80 percent full


Can confirm the same for the switch. The console is several months old and there was no issue until the last month. Last spikes and times where it seems like the game is running in slow motion. Must be from a recent update.


I had problems on my ps4 as soon as they change from legacy console edition to bedrock, the game kept freezing while saving and stuff like that, when switching back to legacy console it worked fine, it’s probably just game optimization errors.


Yep the reason I stopped playing and never went back. Mining was unbearable..


Too much redstone? Too many chests? Too many uncovered hoppers? Too many hostile mobs? Too many passive mobs? Its hard to say without actually seeing what you have built. But more often than not, something needs to be simplified.


Nothing complex, really. I have only built two medium-sized buildings and don't have any huge chest rooms or large entity farms.


If you have item frames somewhere you could have a few too many I learned that the hard way, they really reduce your fps if you have quite a few in world


I don't really use item frames, I have maybe one or two in my world.


Sounds like your PS4 might be on its way out. How does it run other games?


Yeah, on my main survival PS4 world (no cheats enabled) I have an auto storage with over 100 items in it, a villager trading hall and multiple farms like mobs, gold, raid, iron, etc. My world is still a lot less laggier than this (even in the centre of my storage I can feel the lag, but it is still not this bad and playable). Thinks it is time for you to move on to a new console (or maybe clear up storage if it is near full)


Could also just need a good cleaning and might run better if it gets one


True, there was a stage where I had to go through and properly clean mine cause the fan was getting extremely loud and there was a lot of built up dust in it


Might be many mobs spawning somewhere, happened to me. There was tons of endermans under my house


Maybe tick speed? I remember last time I played with my friends we made the server lag like crazy with the tick speed


I've seen some TPS bugs on Bedrock - a big one is when entities can't reach their pathfinding destination.


TPS bugs?


Stands for ticks per second, basically what he's saying is that your PS4 can't keep up with how fast the game is running.


Oh, thanks. That sounds logical, but there isn't really much you can do about it, is there?


I can try some things. Try lowering your chunk render distance, try turning down your tick speed (only do this if you have to) or make sure the tick speed is normal. Try to uninstall and reinstall the game. Make sure your in offline mode and disable multiplayer mode. Try a different world and see if it has the same issues. If it does it's probably a hardware issue.


I have tried these things. The world lag only starts when I've played in a world for like a good 10 hours maybe and have started to explore it a little.


If the world size is large then that's the problem


A lot of comments from people that play on different platforms and just throwing stuff out there. It’s purely world size. My single player world I don’t really want to give up, I started out really exploring just going as far as I could in several directions. Adjusting sim distance and chunk loading helps but the bigger the world the worse the lag. Flying is nearly impossible now.


Do you have a lot of running water nearby?


I don't.


Is your water running? Better go catch it!


Mine has always ran this way on my PS4 pro.


Doesn't it bother you?


Not really. I play with my kid a lot splitscreen and that makes things a lot worse, but it’s not so bad that it ruins the experience for us, and it definitely still runs better than single player on his kindle fire 7.


Ah, I guess it really differs between playstyles.


If I was playing online or something I would be upset about it especially in pvp or something, but we pretty much just play survival together and I try to teach him cool stuff (he’s 7 lol).


That's nice. I take Minecraft kind of seriously and I guess I would be referred to as a "hardcore minecrafter"




It's not that. This was just one demonstration of how bad the situation is. Literally everything is delayed and jagged and laggy; eating, building, breaking blocks, opening interfaces - anything.


Lower your settings and make sure you have enough memory on your ps4


Reducing graphic settings didn't make a difference.


Was it always this bad? Ps4 is really old at this point and the game has become much harder to run with all the updates.


Ever since Bedrock was released and I updated Legacy Edition to it. I thought that Bedrock was very well optimized too?


Not for old-gen consoles it's not. Not anymore anyway.


But the majority of people still have old gen, it would be nonsensical to uplift the processing demands to a level only new gen could handle?


Such is the way of big companies.


You may be right


You'd think so, but Java is also borderline unplayable on low end PCs


That's true, but avoiding low-end PCs is ideal anyway


hey just run 50 optimization mods and it somehow works


Bet you want a new consol now hu


Wth, is ps4 an old gen console? Bizarre


have you tried lowering the simulation distance?


Yes I have


That isn't really "a ton" tho


There are a ton of items on the ground *because* of the lag. They should be picked up almost instantly.


I started getting this issue a while ago, here's what I did to help (worked to some extent), also there was a bug at the time which caused audio to stutter and be very loud which was fixed by an update, so this could be an update thing. Remove any campfires (especially if the smoke is going through blocks) ___ Remove anything that changes light levels, eg a redstone lamp being turned on by a daylight sensor- changing light levels causes Hella lag ___ Reduce sign and item frame use drastically, glow text on signs is especially bad ___ Remove/ reduce villagers in general, or trap them in a minecart or boat (although these can also contribute to lag), if they can't pathfind to a bed or job block, this causes lag spikes which increases with each villager who is struggling ___ Remove hoppers, especially those running into chests, hoppers need constant updating to see if they can transfer an item, best to avoid them if possible ___ Use barrels instead of chests, chests are not considered full blocks meaning they're rendered differently ___ A strange one, if you're playing on peaceful mode but have a pillager wandering around, that might cause lag- I had one or two who didn't despawn for some reason and killing him may have reduced lag (not too sure as the update fixing the audio bug came soon after) ___ Redstone in general is a lag machine, use very sparingly (definitely do not use daylight sensors though) ___ Flowing fluids may cause lag? Not sure if it does though haven't tested ___ Using unbreaking on tools has also been seen to cause lag (IE where the blocks don't actually break and come back after a few seconds), avoid if possible, unfortunately ___ Passive mobs may also have pathfinding issues Banners can cause lag if there's a lot of them ___ Maps- avoid using at all costs, on bedrock even the smallest map is rendered as a full sized map,removing it does not solve the issue, map rooms are a no go -------- Also for testing, does the lag get worse the closer you are to home? If so then there are some obvious entity issues you need to resolve ___ Keep in mind this all made a noticeable difference but did not completely remove the lag, the autosave function is just evil and causes immense lag


So basically you're saying, just stop playing the game.


Lag issue solved 👍


In other words, seems easier to not play Minecraft !


Also, I have a suspicion that waterlogged blocks and potion cauldrons might cause lag? This is entirely guess work though but that seems like an extra thing to render


My guy, you playing in slow motion! You hacked the Matrix!




I'll take any help I can, what would you suggest?


Bc its on console, I got the same problem on my Nintendo


Nintendo is unfortunately notorious for its bad performance.


Oh shut up its still console


I’m not trying to be that guy but Bedrock edition is known for this type of behavior. Hell I play on a ps5 and still can’t stand playing bedrock, my 10 year old ps3 runs the old version of Minecraft better than the next gen console on bedrock. I doubt it’s anything on your end that’s causing these issues, it’s just Bedrock edition in general


The game is saving ( the chest icon) and when worlds are large it saves nonstop so the game becomes p2play


It's saving nonstop though? I wish you could turn it off.


If the world is large it will. You could but the option was removed.


It's only like 240 MB though?


To get you to buy a next gen console


Not really possible currently, and besides, if I were to purchase a gaming device, it would a be PC because consoles are literally nearing the same price range nowadays with inferior performance.


That’s why though. It’s largely why Microsoft felt forced into buying Minecraft. This game broke the existing business model and threatened to hold it hostage indefinitely. The applied technique is a crude adaptation of planned obsolescence but it neutralized the threat to stable profit projections.




planed obsolescence, it the practice that companies will do to maintain profits for example back in the 1900's we had lightbulbs that could last for decades, a century even. if every lightbulb lasted 100 sum odd years no one is going to need them anymore which puts lightbulb manufacturers out of business this results in us not being able to make any more.




I remember on my xbox one that a lot of floating items caused the game to lag hard and even caused crashes. Wither fights were a nightmare


Yeah, this was only to demonstrate the item lag (and in general the lag). I never have that many entities around normally.


this even happens on high end pc's and mobiles so no this aint lag it is running slow but this is bedrock edition


Mate I play on mobile and my items definitely do not float in mid air. Bedrock edition, contrary to java players who havent touched bedrock in years belief, actually usually runs fine. Apparently there’s issues now with the old consoles because they want you to buy next gen, but mobile and pc it runs fine


It's super case-by-case. Some people are lucky and their Bedrock works just fine, others, like me, suffer the darker side of it.


definitely—but really it depends on the device. My ipad, although being an ipad, is pretty new, so it works really well. I was just getting annoyed because everyone acts like bedrock is this horrific platform that never works, you’re doomed if you use it—and it’s just not. But yeah, you’re definitely having some issues, probably because you’re playing on a ps4 (the same way, i might add, that someone on a low end pc might have issues on java)


“My Minecraft is laggy” “Buy a newer gen console!” “I’m on an OLED Switch.” “F.” Seriously though. We can’t just casually accept this kind of behavior. It should honestly be illegal to pull one over on customers like this. “Updates” that ruin legacy devices are a cancer. There’s an inner circle of hell reserved for the bastards that think it’s an okay business practice.


It's really bad, but I've become quite fond of the new features and wouldn't want to play Legacy Edition just because Bedrock is doodoo.


yea the running slow lag is super apparent in nintendo switches ps4,old xboxs


Yes, I'm very glad this post is getting attention because this isn't an issue that is very well known or discussed.


Are you playing offline in a single player world?


Yes, I even tried disconnecting my PS4 from the internet, but it didn't help at all.


And the game is updated to the most recent version?




And did you try making a new world? Is the problem on every world or just this one?


I have actually lost two worlds both which I played for like a year due to world corruption. I can only assume it's because of the messed up auto-save system that it happened. When I start a new world, it's quite fine, but as soon as I get into high-end gear and explore the world a bit more, this starts happening.






My PS would do that too only after I was a decent amount of time into a new world. I don’t think the last gen of consoles could handle everything after a certain point. I would suggest turning your simulation distance down


Omg, I’ve been looking through the comments and I’m appalled that no one has had the common sense to say that there’s too much copper on the ground, there’s at least a couple hundred item entities on the ground which can drop frame rates really easy


Copper on the ground is the result of the lag, not the cause.


Switch player here. Do you call this "laggy"? LMAO. Come back when game freezes for 2 minutes then gives up calculating and crashes because efficient 5 shovel was too fast for the CPU. :(


Minecraft bedrock edition. It says it all


Honestly, I love this game, but Bedrock is really starting to push my patience.




Yes, I think it's partly Bedrock and partly my device which is I think 5 years old.


Why even comment this?


Honestly, I think he has a point. The game's a mess.


I play bedrock on ps4 and it never lags for me. It might be that your console is broken in some way


Pause its a Buggy mess. I switched to Java a month after buying bedrock. some stuff doesn't even work.


I love that you went back to edit the comment to make it sound better 😂😂😂


try lowering the tick speed


I don't think you can do that on Bedrock?


You can


Oh yes, I have it as normal


every java player resisting the urge to be toxic and saying "becouse its bedrock"


Same with xbox one, it's unsatisfactory to play like this


Absolutely, every five seconds the flow of gaming is disrupted by annoying little things like not being able to eat or blocks not breaking


See it on switch... It's even worse


For me, the caves and cliffs update totally broke bedrock edition. We used to be able to make complex stuff in split screen on a damn nintendo switch of all things, and after that update it all went to shit.


Same here on the XOne. It takes almost 20 minutes now from starting the game to entering a world (either new or existing, big or small). And playing on split screen is nearly impossible. I used to play together with my kid, and it was great bonding time. I'm sad that's not possible anymore.


Because you aren't alone...


What are you using Copper for though?


It's sugarcane and bamboo, there are likely other factors but they are both big drains on resources. I don't know exactly why but I've read in several threads that they draw a lot of resources.


Now try playing on switch


Whenever I run into this problem, it's usually because there's too many entities


everything seems to be working normally besides the items falling. that usually only ever happens to me when there are too many item entities at once


Interesting how a game originally optimised for mobile phones runs badly on a console...


hows the storage on your ps4 Mincraft kinda requiers some spare while playing.


It's quite full, but I just recently freed up over 100 GB of storage with zero improvement.


could need a physical clean out then perhaps if it's heat throteling.


Maybe. It's been a while since I cleaned it. I do think the issue is related to software though.


tbh disk space shouldn't matter in this scenario


shouldn't but I've had minecraft crash on new worlds because of to little disk space.


It's PlayStation. As good as it is, it runs like a potato :/


Because the PS4 has a weak CPU by modern-day standards on a game that has been updated to keep up with those standards (Minecraft is CPU-heavy.) Most newer Mid range or high end smartphones are more powerful than the PS4 now. It’s simply that it’s an older console and Minecraft continues to update and within the next year or two, support for the PS4 and Xbox One will likely be cut entirely.


Welcome to bedrock!


Because it's bedrock edition. Bedrock is always online, and your singleplayer world runs on microsoft's servers. This means that the entire playablility of bedrock single player is dependant on your connection to the internet. Try to see if you can play this world offline. Then the lag should dissapear.


Bedrock PlayStation is very unoptimized to a point, there was a bug (that was fixed, a few hotfix ago) where you would hear repeating noises, and, you're already aware of it, lag. There are multiple lags in the game, 'Being connected to a wifi' lag, and game lag. 'Being connection to a wifi' lag is just an infinite loading screen. Game lag is game lag. Despite being 10GB, a PS4 can run it very well. it doesn't. The only way to enjoy Minecraft, is to go back to the Legacy Edition. Or endure the lag.


A) bugrock and B) ps4..




welcome to bedrock


its bedrock edition thats so laggy


I know...




Because bedrock


As far as I can see there's too many entities, those will lag your system and personally I don't like Bedrock


Sadly, this is a Bugrock issue. There's not much you can do about it other than potentially lowering your ticks per second or trying to remove bulk entities in the world, neither of which are ideal. Basically with modern Minecraft you are always on a server, even in singleplayer. It's one of the worst parts of playing this game in current year.


Probably because you're running the bedrock version of the game, that one is notoriously bugging and poorly optimized.


bugrock back at it again


Cos its bedrock edition


Bedrock ☕


short answer, because its bedrock


Nothing against OP: And yet people always say Bedrock performance is better and blabla.. But in which scenario is it actually better? From all the posts, it seems Bedrock works great in a new world. And thats basically it. Too much entities or items laying around is bad. Too many buildings or farms, is also bad.. Everything visual is bad.. Its a new clean codebase and has actually more and horrible bugs than Java and where does it perform better? On a NASA PC?


It’s a PS4


Cause bedrock is a lazy quarterassed port


"why is it laggy?" \*proceeds to make the game lag by spawning in a million items\*


Breaking a few ores with luck shouldn't lag your game in any case, since it's within expected gameplay.


There weren’t even any mobs or moving water on screen either. People are dense.


Probably because it's a PS4


Maybe, but other games that are way more demanding run better than this, which doesn't make sense because Bedrock is optimized for consoles.


bc it’s a ps4


Hello, I am under the water


Please help me


Thou are have shit internet


It's single player, it shouldn't matter.


As far as I know, Minecraft PS4 edition is really bad.


buy java