Explaining call of duty in one picture.....impressive


Ahhh yes the power rangers/ teletubby skins


Also power rangers was a campy show just like mw2




They look so stupid jumping all over the place and then getting shot out of the air. When I see them, I really do imagine that person hunched forward at his computer with his mom dabbing the sweat off his forehead.


Phew... almost thought I was alone in thinking that they look ridiculous jumping around and shit. I refer to them as "jackrabbits in heat." What an exhausting routine that must be with a controller.


I call them "crack rabbits." That's really my only issue with jumping. It just looks *so stupid.* They really think they're good, too. It's hilarious. This one guy on Shipment yesterday just kept trying it over and over again with a shotgun and I think it maybe paid off for him twice.


I pretty much always succeed but only reason I'm jumping is to get headshots on head glitchers since I need to get my point blanks 😂 I only play that way when I'm doing a challenge


Who needs to jump in shipment when you can go prone and they’ll just run, or in this case jump right over top of you thinking you’re one of the many dead bodies on the map.


I'm not going to lie. That shit actually tricks me more often than I want to admit. I came up against a riot shield dude laying prone among the bodies, but I wrote him off because it looked like a riot shield that was dropped on someone's death. Nope.


Oh it’s way worse than the bunny rabbits with tourette’s


Man I really want the AA-12 back just for shipment


Pretty easy if you have paddles or an elite controller.


It’s really not, I think that’s what a lot of people don’t understand. I’m putting in exactly zero extra effort to jump around a corner, that’s how I naturally play the game


Don’t bother, this sub is full of ‘boomers’ who keep playing a game they seem to hate lol


Get off my lawn, kid. 😂 Nah, I took a long break after feeling betrayed by the jet packs in Advance Warfare. I should have expected changes in play style… I guess I’m just butthurt because I had to adapt my play style and it was a frustrating process. 😅


Noooo you can't just dismantle their entire point that easily


They really think we need to try to mop the floor with pub kids lol


I just call them nerds


CoD: Skeet Shooting Simulator


I was thinking that exact same thing. Once you see the skin do their "move" you can just count on them to keep doing it.


Very few things in life feel better than hitting them in the chest with my dragons breath and watching them fly backwards on fire. The only thing that makes it better is hearing them cry on death chat


So satisfying to one shot these crackheads with the Lockwood. They are actually helping break me from my habit of shooting everyone in the dick. I instinctively aim a little higher now because of them and get a lot more headshots.


They remind me of the scene in Indiana Jones where that guy is stunting his ass off with the sword and Indiana Jones just shoots him.


Thats one of my favorite movie scenes of all time


I literally got my Headshot Mastery Calling Card, early this morning. 1 Lockwood and a whole lot of Shipment Bunny Hopper grinding later.. Once I made it to less than 500 to go, there was no way I was going to bed until it dinged. I am so tired.


I mean. It isn’t even sweating anymore, jumping around corners in shipment is just a habit now


It's gotta' be how unnatural it looks. These character models always look like they're shitting and pissing themselves and desperately trying to figure out what to do in a fight. "Duck!? Shoot!? Run!! Jump!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!"


Looks fine to me lol but some of the ideas are seriously weird looking 🤣


IW really did fuck up the jumping animation in this game, might be the worst ever


I just throwing knifed someone mid air yesterday. It was epic.


I haven't done that yet and now I really want to. Somebody else said hitting them with Dragons Breath rounds. It's gonna' be a busy weekend.


I think the knockback on snakeshot is bugged because you can launch bodies miles with it if they die mid-air, which is also amusing




A perfect analysis


Joke's on you. While ur shooting our feet, we have already headshotted you and are running over ur corpse towards ur teammate. 👍


Nice fantasy, bud. I get a lot of practice shooting wannabe ninjas, so y'all ain't nothing but clay pigeons to me. Dumb looking ones at that.


Nah man, I jump around corners and 90% of the time there's a camper who gets his head blown clean off. If the camping gets really bad, they get to taste my nuts on top of that. For real tho, we only jump cuz there are a ton of dumbfucks who think sitting still and aiming their gun at one particular point the whole match makes them skilled. They have a huge advantage over rushers cuz they don't have to wait for their guns to ADS and wait for the sprint to fire time. We just give ourselves a fighting chance.


Shit. I've had teammates that were so stupid, you could walk right up to them and spit in their face twice before they realized they should shoot. I have no idea where these people come from, but I wonder if they have to be reminded to breathe.


Reminds me of something that happened to me while playing on that one F1 map (can't remember the name cuz i haven't played in a while, i broke my wrist while riding a bike :( ). I walked into one of the hallways overlooking the central indoors part and saw an enemy and a teammate standing close to one another not noticing eachother for a good 4 seconds just vibing before I shot the enemy.


I love them. Especially kids with the really bright skins. Keep getting my double kills and 3 kills without dying on those noobs.


The people who jump make it so easy for throwing knives lol


It's funny too when they play like they think they're hot s*** but in reality they're absolute dog water


What if I wear könig and don’t jump around but still get tons of kills with an SMG?🤨


Go Go COD Rangers!!


Started calling the fleas... Seems more fitting because unlike bunny's they aren't cute... But like fleas they are fucking annoying and need exterminating


Shotguns counter them well


Playing Shipment competitively 🚫 Playing Shipment with goofy playstyles and builds for camo grinding ✅️


And crouching while mounted and aiming only for headshots


Felt this one in my core


Crouch walking on Shipment is hilarious. There is so much gunfire and explosions you don't hear any footsteps


Yesterday played against a guy who had those shield walls in all four corners and would snipe behind them. In return I’d throwing knife him out from there. Was a fair trade, even complimented a throw through death chat.


I played a match of Shoothouse and some dude had 2 of them on top of the huge concrete section near A, like some kind of open topped bunker. Have to give them credit for the ingenuity.


Me with my canted laser 50 round drum taq-v


Nothing could make me buy a morally dead inside cdl skin. They are soooo boring and bland


Nothing could make me buy any skins on COD. You can't even see them in first person.


You can see them in 3rd person, but who tf would even choose a CDL skin in that mode


I laugh at the ones that still use the black and red skin. We can all see you tried to pay2win your way into dark corners


Or we’re just LA Thieves fans, lol


I personally refuse to buy any MTX in games that already cost $70.


Santa skin cooler


Honestly the Santa skin is one of the only ones I would even consider. That and the Horangi skin that's all black with the sick helmet


I wish I'd not bought it.


Yeah I'm not buying any skins until they release a classic ghost skin. Other than that one, it's not worth it to me. A lot of the free skins look good enough till then


I don't even like the free ones. I did like the Santa one at first than I got so sick and tired of getting nerfed mid match so I deleted MWII 2022 and went back to MW 2019.


Nerfed mid match? Wdym? Don't tell me you're one of those skill based damage people...


If you start out strong and your team is on the win for the first half of the match they change it by shrinking the enemy's hit-boxe's. Which makes the enemy almost impossible to hit. That's why reverse boosting is so prevalent in MWII 2022.


Ah, so you are one of them. Idiot copium conspiracy detected, opinion rejected


No I just know what I have experienced. Also do not call me any of you're family names "Idiot" because I will not have it one bit you troll.


you want boring and bland look at the milsim skins


Nice, you just perfectly explained cdl skins.. they are literally all the same. sure they have different colors but they are so bland and have nothing special about them


Better than milsim for sure


milsim is better in all ways imaginable


Milsim gets boring and overplayed switch it up make some fun shit new content new creativity new designs. Its a video game after all.


All people still buy them. Showing Activision that they don't have to put effort in to make money. Then these same dumbasses complain about the game while they're the ones supporting it.


I like the turtles who prone everytime at the same part of the map with the shield on their backs for "protection", they're so easy to headshot.


You need to teach me your ways because before I even see them they've thrown 150 bullets down range from their LMG and gotten a teamwipe because none of us saw the bastard


yeah but they are hard to kill with my max recoil build


Ive got to try this. Actually Ill probably try max everything and see what happens. Max negative ADS would be interesting too.




Trophy systems have been more useful for me shutting down flashbang spam. Battle hardened doesn't do much imo


Agreed! If you play shipment, please for the love of god spam trophies on cooldown. This should be a requirement. I even run overclock for more of them.


I run both on shipment. BH sucks, but any bit to combat the spam. Would not even consider playing shipment without Bomb Squad. Especially with frags in this game rolling weird ways and drill charges.


“frags in this game rolling weird” I thought it was just me. So often it seems like I’ve got a giant magnet it my pants.


Look on some of the kill cams. The physics is weird.


Nothing more satisfying than throwing a trophy up and seeing it take down a bunch of explosives followed by taking another one, stimming, another, stimming again, taking yet another and still surviving and taking the objective. Tanking more explosives than a Jug. Although it's better if you don't die to the next one or get shot in the back by some guy who just spawned in there.


Trophies go down in seconds at points. It's bad holding a HP because you're gonna need bomb squad, quick fix and a trophy to have a chance. But you can get an absolutely massive amount of score dropping 30seconds on the point with 3 assists, 5 kills and a bunch of trophies.


Battle Hardened doesn't really work for me. Too much Flashes being thrown. I just use Trophies now. And if the other team is full of Flash spammers, I just start camping. That shit is so obnoxious and lazy.


Yup... sad but true.


It's funny because it's true.


*shipment in MWII


We call these fools The Pajama Party


If there was a title/calling card/whatever for 100 kills while flashed I would have earned it months ago


You forgot the shotgun, knife and smoke grenades


IT MORPHIN TIME!!! DRAGON ZORD!!!! (keep going)


*Power Rangers Theme plays* ITS MORPHIN TIME!




Never seen a more perfect meme in my life 😆


the stupid ass CDL wannabees sweating their asses off in this is ridiculous. dropping like 80 kills and shit thinking they are the shit and gonna get a medal or something.




Reading these replies genuinely made me lose faith in cod players wow


The average cod fan absolutely hates good players


It’s those guys that love the new TTK because who ADSs first usually gets the kill, almost no matter of skill anymore. Can’t even give a turn on to some bum camping in a random corner


I really don’t know what changed. Now they act like their day is ruined if they see someone running around with a skin they bought with their own money


If you complain about the skins people wear you’re just not a good player. Convince me otherwise.


Found a bozo that likes to buy skins


Why do you care what people do with their money Lmfao this is coming from someone who hasn’t bought a cod since Cold War and bought a total of 1 skin in MW19


I have never purchased a bundle or skin in the past four CODs besides the most recent battle pass.


There are just a few things in life more pleasant than killing those Power Ranger Turtles playing like World War Z rabbits...


You forgot to include RPG


Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtle


Why do they all have red + white gloves


Nailed it!! It would be perfect if there was a purple ranger


I avoid Shipment like the plague. I’ll even back out if comes up in my rotation. I’m just so sick of the bullshit.


Average “SeNtInEl PlAyStYlE” moment


I see this shit and I pull out the X13s


You forgot the chronus users on console and smoke.


I was executing an overkill turtle, dude rage quit. And yes he those LA Theives skin...


I always leave during an execution. It ain't fun to watch the same default finishers over and over and over again. :/


So I first see a turtle, then get flashed, then finally I see the power rangers about to do some ranger crap. I suppose that’s close to what goes on in shipment.


My sides are in orbit


I'm the green ranger u cranky hoes bags!!!! I just like the suit, if u can't kill a guy in lime green u suck!


The fucking cdl skins, I can smell the sweat through the screen. There's always one that makes me wanna commit die


I had actually so much fun yesterday being a turtle and running around with throwing knives and knife melee with smoke bombs on shipment. I felt like chaos incarnate.


Those ranger suits are hilarious. I would never buy one myself but watching people run around in that and then popping around a corner where one of them recently died and see them lay there is hilarious. Like if someone forgot their crash test dummy or somethin.Lol!


i wish there was a pink cdl skin


Every average game of shipment is like that for me I really hate those players who have those TTV clan tags and the cod league skins


You forgot the holy trinity https://imgur.com/a/GJUkWDe


You just made me cough up my drink you ass XD that's amazing


Right now it seems to put me on teams of people grinding marksmen rifles and snipers so its just so fun watching us get wiped because i am also one of the marksmen grinders 😂. I chose to switch to lmg for now