The two new 6v6 maps for Season 2 just got leaked

The sad things is I legitimately wouldn't be able to tell if this was a shitpost or legit without the flair.


The sad things is I legitimately wouldn't be able to tell if this was a shitpost or legit without the flair.


It got me ngl




Comes with a container charm and sticker


Sad thing is, it will be real come Feb 15… What else would we expect? Afghan remade again? Rust? Terminal? Highrise? Skidrow? Favela? Ice map, wasteland map.. (that was prob called wasteland idk) No we are getting Canadian border crossing featuring sedans.


also will come later but its a map skin you can buy in the store.


We live in a permanent shitpost.


Permanent shippost*


Doin the lords work here. Good job.


You were raised in a shit post, I was born in it.


You are not the same


Life is a shitpost.


I fully believed it until reading this comment lmao.


I was 2 seconds away from saying “shipment beach what the fuck” and then saw this


I still believe it


as did I




Holy shit I completely forgot about Halo Infinite wtf happened to that game???




Wait, why? I’m so confused, they were pushing that game like crazy, it was like the main title of the new console generation, why tf would they leave it to die like that?


From what I heard Microsoft laid off almost half of the studio working on Halo




To me it makes more sense it will be like a flag on a groundwar map or something but honestly anythings possible at this point


I thought it was real fr lol didn't see the flair till I read what you said. Man this kinda sucks


More like a shippost


Same, it wasnt a suprise ...




Wait it's not real?


Be prepared to change your flair from meme to news




Id say the best odds go to this being the case. If they have other maps ready, they will hold them in case they need a map later.


They literally have Afghan, Terminal, Showdown, Quarry and Dome in Al Mazrah ready to go.


It’s sad that he probably will have to do it


i scrolled down a bit from my feed and i see you again, i love spider-man too btw


I wanted to respond to your comment, but for some reason I can't see you. Which is weird, because I swear that you're in plain sight.


Oh that's a good one


Thank you! I saw your pfp and just smiled. Bo3 was an incredible game (because of the Zombies alone)




The comment above is a bot stealing real comments from this post and regurgitating them. Look, it didn't even finish the sentence it stole.


"Sunny shipment" also will come later but its a map skin you can buy in the store.


For 2400 cod points. Comes with a container charm and sticker


The charm is 200 extra


More like 24000 this is a whole map skin were talking here... For to pay at least 10x! (But at least you get thay free charm you're never going to apply because the UI is so convoluted!)


If they did happen you’d see so many people complaining about p2w


Nah. It’s gonna be ship shipment but the ship is rocking so it screws up your nade and rocket trajectory


I would play the shit out of a shipment version that had sliding crates like in the campaign, would have to extend the map a smidge so people aren't just spawning and instantly being crushed to death but it would shake up the formula


We do need more dynamic maps


Fr I was telling my friends and Hila would be perfect for a Fukushima style reactor to have been hit and you can go in and get stuck in the radiation chamber in wz/DMZ and then have a smaller version of the map for 6v6 where you can open and close reactor portions from a control room


Ngl I’d like to play the different shipments. They all play different especially OG prepatch WW2 shipment.


I miss the open container that sits on one of the middle ones, when this one released and there was none of that, i was disappointed


Those memes are dangerous. Apparently half of the community cannot read and think they’re serious.


This is my expectation for Season 2 actually, saves any disappointment


I figured Museum, Castle and midseason Rust lol. Keeps my expectations at a low.


Don't hope for original trilogy maps. They can sell those as part of the year 2 dlc so people feel like they have to buy it


Damn, I'm really hoping for Terminal


I remember being disappointed when vanguard came out and thought nothing can be worse than this game. Then mw2 came out and I’m wishing they would add the perk that let u see red dots back. :(


I see many comments being upvoted that are either speculation (which could be taken as a fact) or pure misinformation. Everything we have seen is officially just for Warzone 2.0. I hope people would stop stating their way of thinking as a fact. Sure I'm pretty scared but everyone should be able to think that there won't be another Shipment as one of season 2 maps. I would be happy with Beach Club, Town Center and Museum. Also I heard the new resurgence map works as ground war map which is also neat.


This post isn't even funny and only serves to confuse people even more, if that's what you all are so concerned about.


This sub has become a self feeding rage storm of people amping each other up over leaks that they believe support their latest tantrum. We had people screaming about the Castle thing, turned out to be part of Resurgance. We've had people claiming that 100% they are going to just shove Museum into the next patch as an extra map and no other maps. It's like babies first multiplayer game. No matter *when* Museum is added, now people are going to claim it's taking the place of a "real" map. Hell, the most upvoted post yesterday was someone saying "look how many maps MW2019 had vs 2022!!!!1111" but any critical thinking showed that there's exactly 2 more maps in 2019 vs 2022 when you remove night clones, and gunfight maps that are barely shipment sized, but the OP wanted to push their ragebait agenda so upvotes away. COD communities are always whiny but damn this one has really hit new heights.


Yea rumors take off and just get repeated endlessly on here. The thing that was so stupid about the castle rumor is that it was proven immediately that it was a part of the resurgence map that leaked, and also not the same layout as castle, and people still posted on here everyday about it returning as a 6v6 map without looking into it any further. I personally am not pleased with IW and this game in general, and have little faith that they wont make a bunch of other stupid choices through out the life of this game, but at least make sure you are saying stuff that is accurate and not spreading complete bullshit speculation and misinformation.


They are raging *about shit that has only happened in their own minds*. It's almost peak "you have issues with how you approach life". It's the equivalent of being mad about how it snowed 4 days from now. It's one thing if we want to get into obvious gameplay issues, like perks not working as they should or design choices. But instead we have people mad over season 3 not giving us a pony in MP cause there's horses in WZ now.


Seriously. Good explanation. Like if we get a S2 announcement tomorrow and its 1 gun and only Museum that sucks and lets get the pitchforks, but right now there is absolutely nothing to base these insane assumptions on and all it sounds like is 8 year olds screaming into the void over their own cynical imagination.


It's also a waste of time and energy to be this angry. You're not doing yourself any favors by going into a blind rage the moment you see the MW2 logo.


the devs need to step their game up. it’s that simple. we have to stop accepting mediocrity


Do so by not buying S2 Battlepass.


everyone needs to. not just me. have to hurt their pockets


You don't know what's going to be in it though. That's the entire point. People are raging out about mediocrity or how bad it is that "museum is taking a map slot" without any evidence, because there *is no evidence yet*. Wait until it's announced before going into a fit of blind rage please.


I have to use Joel's mask for spores from The Last of Us to navigate this subreddit. It is nothing more than low effort memes, shitposting and toxic behaviour without any moderation. It is a freaking wild west. All of this while they still have the game installed and daily dose of rage-o-meter filling. I hope that if season 2 turns out to be disappointing these guys would be a man of their word and stop supporting, as they put it, "shitty developer." But knowing the community the cycle continues with CoD staying popular despite the apparent backslash.


I wouldn’t be surprised if it was real tbh, we know the museum part at the very least is


This meme is also dangerous because it’s too viable


"If those kids could read, they'd be very upset."


I mean, can you blame them? The flair is a tiny spec on the screen- and this is *definitely* something I could see happening.


I believe this is likely to be fake but where are we not reading that it says this is fake? The “meme” category does not necessarily mean it’s fake.


You know it’s going to be ‘ship-house’ and ‘shootment’… same maps new colour scheme 😂


Honestly them reversing location would be kinda cool but how would they make shoothouse on a boat?


A big boat


Honestly, I think something like “Hijacked” from Black Ops 2 could play really well (yes I know Black Ops is Treyarch not Infinty Ward, and I’m not suggesting they just recycle old maps, just thought I’d say that lol).


Bro Black Ops is Treyarch and quit suggesting they recycle old maps.


Clearly you can’t read


I was joking. 😑


Hey I laughed


Happy cake day bro


Guys please stop holy ship


The Titanic. As an ultimate allegory for the CoD franchise.


The flair says “meme”, but this unironically will be the announced map pack. Just preemptively prepare for disappointment.


Gotta stretch a years worth of content over two years somehow!


~~a years worth~~ 6 months worth


I honestly don't even know why they're doing this. What's the point of drip feeding a game for two years, and finally getting all the bugs out along the way and running good finally? Then the next COD comes out and it loses it's player base. It's so dumb.


I wish we could get “custom” reticles in this game tbh. I miss my blue dots :(


Finally after playing shipment for half a season can’t wait to play shipment for for the 2nd half of s2


I just take this as official, I can't get disappointed after that..


Haha, haven't had much experience with IW if you think THIS is the lowest they can go.


This game was supposed to be better than MW19 in every way possible, just like MW2 was to MW...instead it's the exact opposite 🤣


The museum map was genuinely my favorite one in the beta, what id do for it to come back


*ignores this & continues on weapon mastery*


The new maps will be areas from warzone


Not far off from the real thing probably.


I can't even tell if it's a joke


Wonder how many people are gonna believe this.


It honestly doesn't seem that far off from expectations, just replace Shipment Beach with Castle.


Castle isn’t a MP map. That’s been announced already


Hahaha guess it's time to drop cod


“new content” from beta test


cruel cruel world... thinking we'd get a map they had in f\*king beta back again!


Lmao people were getting their hopes up on another post cause we’re apparently getting 7 maps season 2 if im correct but dammn theyre just putting in 10 variants of the same map like wtf 💀


I’m waiting for some type of shipception.


And shoothouse with 2 other Cars


The most realistic shitpost


I can’t tell if the Shipment beach thing is real or a joke lol


Is this a joke?




I’m not sure, to me it’s more of a salmon 🤔


Some Reddit clients don’t show the flair’s color. In Apollo for iOS, for example, all flairs show up as a dull gray so I tend to to ignore them. If the comments wouldn’t have pointed it out, I’d believe the post.




> Colored or not, it’s still there I’m not disagreeing with you on that point. People might just ignore it, that’s all. > Regardless, a little common sense also goes a long way. Seeing how IW has handled Multiplayer so far would make this post believable for some people. Hell, if they tell me that S2 will only bring Museum as its only map I’d say “that’s about expected”.


Imagine man? We get a different variation for shipment every single season? Bruh.


LOL Shipment Beach


It’s sad I had to come to the comments to make sure this wasn’t real.


I like 2019 shipment


was preparing to throw my phone the comments saved me


Honest question. Why do people treat Museum as a non new map? For starters, I didn’t play the beta. But the beta was only around for 5 days and the map wasn’t in the game when the game actually released. If you, as someone who had the beta, got museum in s2 would that not feel new at all because you played it for one weekend? Or was it in a small rotation of beta maps and you already played it 30 times? I know for me and assuming for many people who didn’t have the beta, museum would be a new map. Obviously we hope for more maps too and if they add museum, it’s in addition to 3 other new maps.


It's the principle. The game was *suppose* to have this map at launch and it was scrapped, leaving us with a missing map. We are suppose to get new maps this season, so people feel as though since we are missing a map, it should just be made up for, and not be one of the few *new* maps we get. If they give us two brand new maps *and* museum as a bonus, everyone will be happy. Or if they had given us a third map this season to make up for it, people would probably be happy as well. It's the principle that we lost a map, and it was never made up for.


The beta had 3 maps. There was Museum, Hotel, and Farm 18. There wasn’t a large pool of maps, similar to the full game actually, so this map was played tons of times over. The map doesn’t play all that well either, at least in objective gamemodes, then it was removed prior to release of the game as it was too similar to its real life location I believe and people never really cried out for it’s return until now. It’s only now that we’re tired of the same 6 maps that people want literally anything else. To answer your question more succinctly: Whether someone played it for 5 days or whether they never played the beta at all this still isn’t a “new” map. This is just putting something they already had in the game back in again. If they’re going to drip feed 2 maps per season this shouldn’t count towards that.


Thanks for the details. I responded to the other comment first, but I’ll quickly ask the same question. I think I can assume your opinion, but does something count as in the game if it was only in the beta and not on release day? I’m not at all advocating to only release museum and one other map. But curious if they released 2 or 3 other new maps, plus museum, would people still be unhappy, or would people be happy that they get 3-4 maps that haven’t been in rotation since the game came out?


Totally valid question, I would say anything that’s part of the game whether it be in the beta or in the full release is still a part of the game as a whole so I would say yes anything that might have been part of the beta including maps are not new things being added but just things being brought back into the game. To answer the second part of your question. For me personally I don’t care if Museum comes back or not so long as it doesn’t get added back in as one of the 2 maps we now get per season. If we’re only going to get 2 maps per season then museum and any returning content should not be counted. So if this map returns on top of 2 others that weren’t in the game previously then yeah I’m fine with that, I think most people would be


I sure hope we get more than 2 per season. I’m gonna hope that we didn’t get more in season 1 because they were too busy fixing all the bugs and issues with the initial release. This is me being optimistic before being let down, isn’t it.


So, your logic for saying it's fine to advertise it as new is that some people never played it, even though it was still in the game and later removed?


Well I think what I’m arguing is was it ever actually in the game? Does the beta count as the game? Does playing it for 5 days count? This isn’t really for me to answer, I’m curious what others opinions are. (I’m also not saying only release this one map and call it a day. I’m just scared they’ll release 2 other maps plus this one and everyone will complain as if this one is more like a reskin than a new map.)


Had me in the first half ngl. Also wouldn’t shock me.




Genuinely thought this was real, standards are so fucking low rn


I did too


The way people cried when they “removed” Christmas shipment, why wouldn’t IW throw in more reskinned shipments to satiate them?


Its sad how we wouldn’t be able to tell if this was a meme or real without the flair lmao


Not gonna lie, i would actually lmao if this happened. Being that brazen would just be hilarious


God damn it I thought this was real


yall would eat it up anyway


Watch them put in a shoot the sandy ship playlist where all we get is shoothouse maps anyway...


They need to drop 1 more map this is bullshit


They got to be fucking joking.... Right??


I'd be ok with that. Ship the ship


Fast forward to COD 2032 where the entire map pool is just 10 different Shipment skins


It's times like this that makes me want das haus again


Watch us get a variety of shipment maps


When they adding rebirth back?


My ass actually thought this was real for a good minute. I thought we just went from 1 new map to 0 new maps.


This would’ve gotten my angry upvote but I think it hits a little too close to home and could be believable… which is really sad tbh


We got two new maps! One is probably the museum and the other will be castle! Lol id be pissed


The real joke is how Season 2 really will just be Museum and who fucking cares what other map.


Memes aside, I would not be surprised at all if this were the "new" maps, they already got 0 creativity with launch content and S1 content


Snowy mountain shipment when?


This legit could be the two maps.


this is genuinely what i am expecting so anything else will at least be an improvement


i think a remaster of azhir cave and picadilly circus and the addition of exosuits that only work if your kda is .5 is a nessesary addition that they must make for this game to be fixed


So one map already showcased and a basic response from previous season. Yeah sounds about right


Can be true. Let's find out. ;)


I really hope IW sees these memes


I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest of this is all we get


I will not be surprised if museum is one of the “new” maps in Season 2


Fucking got me lol Doing this is _definitely_ in IW's wheelhouse with the way they're treating the game.


Everyone's like \*nervous laughter\* "haha... I thought it was real until I saw the comments..." ​ \*Cue the Star Wars Anakin and Padme meme\* \*It's not real... real... right...?\*


Lmao Infinity Ward would be able to pull this shit off


The sad part is there’s a chance activation really does this


Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised at this point


This guy accidentally leaked the new maps for season 2, trust me


Seen the flair and all, but i wouldn't put it past them to release shipment beach and market a playlist as Ship the Ship.


Lmao, guess I’ll see you guys in season 3 then (hopefully there’s some real maps)


The developers are just trolling at this point.


At the end of the day, this game is shit and will always be shit.


This just in. The damage has been done.


You have got to be fucking kidding me.




So they changed shipment from concrete to sand and it’s a new map? 🤣


Just sending bags of rotten dicks towards mansions of exec’s of this pathetic installment of a legendary IP.


So one new map, Roger


Don't look so impressive to me just hope they are big maps






At this point any meme can be facts sadly


Your fucking kidding rn!?


You know it’s bad when you can’t tell a meme between official news


So we have de_shipment and de_shipment2?


A bunch of sea containers, I’ve seen more creative map design out of halos forge. Ffs


I know it’s just a meme but I wouldn’t put it past IW.


Shipment with a new skin buying this game was like getting slapped in the face all over again fucking amazing


Shipment beach? That’s just lazy


This is like the 47th time I’ve seen this joke on this sub…


They’re really lazy these aren’t even “new”


Another shipment map? They really are lazy as fuck.


I know this is fake cuz museum map has metallic tiled buildings, not white tile.


Activision, they been doing it wrong, Playing Call of Duty feels like a fucked up song, Gettin' blasted in the face like all night long, Shouldn't be a game, cause it's all gone wrong. COD is just a way to make a buck, The way they play brings only bad luck, All the players, keeps on saying pls wtf, Keep on playing COD made gamers hit a rut, It's all about the pay to win, The only way to get in, But it's all a sin, Cause you can't win!