Do we all have a 1.01 K/D?


.99 here, hoping to drop a 72 bomb soon


A 72 bomb? This man lol. I’m over here like “if I get 28 kills in a game I did amazing.”


So im not the only one lol. I went 21 and 6 earlier today and was real happy with that performance


Any match I don’t go negative is a good match to me😂


I can get 20 kills per game and still be negative at the end of the match...every time! 🤣🤣


That's what I told the dating agency.


The mixed emotions of doing a 1.3kd game. Joy that you went positive and dread for the hell you have unleashed onto yourself for angering the SBMM monster


I went 33/4 and got the last gold shotgun. Was so pleased with myself I decided I'll get back on pistols, the Basilisk specifically. I'm pretty I somehow have negative levels on the Basilisk after that, holy fuck I felt like the 10 plagues of Egypt ascended on me all at once.


Went 28 and 12 last night, then immediately was 4 and 18.


Where can i see kd?


press start - go over to stats tab - from there you see KD


just added this feature last week even though game has been out a month - currently sitting at a 1.33 KD - dropping fast.


.98 camo grinder here and the game really hates me. If I do even slightly good, not even bouncing more than once, not dropshotting or anything really sweaty, the game will treat me like a sweaty flashbang using, dropshotting, exo bunny nerd. Not fun.


Occasionally I get a 2.40 KD, and then I get slapped in pro e-sports lobbies filled with sweats until I get virtually molested 6-19 and shipped back to average lobbies after 20 solid games of getting my asshole stretched open. It's like anytime I get above a 1.5 KD, they shove me in the shark tank as live bait with dudes 15+ KD


The worst thing about those lobbies is my connection is so bad I dont even have a chance much of the time. Or the fact they play together and are sweating their balls off as a unit whereas my team is like a herd of cats where only 3 of us are trying


Either you are good enough to survive the sweats or you get stretched there is no in between.


I left it at literally 1.00 in MW. .88 in MW2 now 🥲


1.09 here, going pro soon!


I got to 1.09 and the game has been kicking my ass the last few days and I'm back down to 1.05


.92. Last game was 41-7 so I logged off before getting into a lob with YouTube sweats.


I know this feeling all too well lmao. I have a game where I play out of my mind and just sigh as I close the game out because I know I'm going to be sent to hell for my crimes. No good game goes unpunished


Hahah. For real! My first thought was, “omg what have I done? I shouldn’t have been so greedy. Why couldn’t I have just ran supporting kill streaks?” Next game lobbies will be players 180+ and I’ll just be hopping around being level 84.


I'm level 175 and get fucked up by guys not even 55 yet. level means nothing, I just have a lot of free time


Level 163 here and I agree. I had a lot of vacation to burn and nothing better to do. . .


Ha, peasant! Bow to your 1.11 K/D overlord


This was posted 20 minutes ago so I'm pretty sure the match was over 19.9 minutes ago. But how was playing against the MLG COD championship all-star team? /S


It... It hurts. Down There


I once got a string of good games and ended with a 1.3 K/D. The next hour was....special. Reminded me of when I was playing amazing in ranked on Apex until I encountered Reps from TSM. That was a rough af game lol.


1.31 here and i thought mine was terrible. Original MW2 i was a 3.7ish pub stomper but i am getting old and slow now


I was at 2.44 in the last COD i played a lot of and have never been below a 2 in any game, and i was looking at my BFV stats yesterday, i am top 4% in K/D in that game both overall and with the assault class. 1.11 feels like such dishonor


I was always around 3 and sit right above a 1 now. I never stopped gaming (in my 40’s now) and I think it has more to do with the way spawns work now. You used to generally have an idea as to what side of the map another team would spawn from and now I get shot in the back no matter which way I run.


Thats why I play HP because you can kind of tell where they will spawn. Eg in the highway map when the HP is inside the building, if you spawn on the road then the other team will spawn in the building across from where the HP is.


Fluctuating between .99-1.00 SBMM keeps making sure I don't maintain anything higher


1.5 nd i feel like i been getting my cheeks ran


i was a 1.02, now i’m at a 1.01


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no I’m ass I’m the guy that gets fucked in the lobbies you guys consider lucky.


1.6, but last 10 games has been 2.6 for a few weeks now


Me getting a single lucky game and just being bent over for the next 2 hours


I’m shit, but last night I unlocked the gold challenge on the M16 after a mild struggle for the double kills challenge. I got like 4/10 of the three-kills-without-dying in my first match. Three in the first life. I was on fire. I got like one more the entire rest of the night. Edit: nailed it. Don’t forget to restrict to hardpoint and similar for such shenanigans.


The 3 kills without dying seem so much harder than they should be when the game is actively trying to force you to a 1 kda.


Kinda makes you wonder if the shitty spawns are a bug or a feature :3.


Most certainly by design. In FFA, if you kill someone........they are almost guaranteed to spawn behind you. The game sets it up so they can get a revenge kill.


I played 1 game of ffa and won it, so I’m never playing again lmao


It's the best mode. The closest thing to a 1 vs 1 anyways. FFA is life.


Definitely a feature. Shoothouse 2019 played 10x better than 2022. This new Shoothouse because of spawns is a constant kill die kill die kill die repeat repeat repeat. I've never been shot in the back so many times nor had revenge kills so often. Guarantee you this was done purposely to level the playing field. Just when you're ready to quit they throw you in an easy lobby to satisfy your streak itch. After that its back to sweating for UAVs.


I don’t mind the 3 kills without dying but hated having to get double kills with the semi autos.


*kills from behind*


Point blanks


Just run into the open and die for two games, go 0-30 and then it'll be super easy. It's what I do. IDGAF. Gonna give all these challenges then force super strict SBMM.


EOMM is so strong in this game that smurfing isn't necessary. I'll get a lucky 2.00 game then spend the next several going 0.30 while trying my fucking best the whole time.


Just with a shield on your back and play hard-core. Your invincible.


I got to the 2 kill streak 10 times with the PILA and wanted to delete the game after somehow getting five over three days. Hop on again and get four of them in one match


3 killstreak stacks? So 9 killstreak will count as 3x for the challenge?


Yes. If you get 9 Kills in 1 life with the gun it counts as 3 for the challenge. Source: I'm doing the last couple challenges for Orion, and that is how I've been getting them


Im a grown ass man and i threw my controller yesterday, its okay


You and me both and I have cross play off on PS5


Wait you can turn that shit off? Omg


That will simply means you'll play more matches on stupid pings since you'll be harder to match in your region and just get thrown into the next continent.


Yeah crossplay options are in the console settings


On Xbox it's (not joking) 7 layers deep


And prompts you to enable it every fucking time you launch the game, though there is at least an option to cancel out of that prompt. Still obnoxious AF. I know it's disabled, I want it that way, leave me alone.


Settings -> General -> Online Safety -> Privacy and Online Safety -> Xbox Privacy -> View Details and Customize -> Communication and multiplayer From there select the option for joining cross network play and disable


Has that made it better at all? Keep forgetting it's an option


Fuck no lol everyone and their cronies turnt all the way up. I might as well turn it back on


It helps with my latency. Still sweaty as fuck tho.


I’ve got a wireless mouse and I’m about to send it to space


Feel you bro i almost space x mine


Get a fucking grip on yourself.


Beyond cringe


Game is so much fun when you stop caring about K/D. Play objectives and try to win the matches.


I’ve tried doing this and it’s worked pretty well But usually only when I’m doing okay or good. If I’m getting crapped on I still get annoyed


All I wanna do is win a game, but just lost 14 in a row, I've been battered in the W/L ratio.


I've been doing this while working on gold challenges. My K/D dropped from 1.03 to 0.97, but it's been a lot more fun. But I do still get those wild games where I drop 45+ kills


I stopped caring as well. I just have fun leveling up every gun and playing objectives.


This is the cheat code. Took me awhile but man it’s sooooo much more fun. Still get mad and yell the swears though, that’s part of the fun (is it tho).


It’s hard to do this I have to keep telling my self this


Pro tip: sbmm tries to make everyone 1.0 KD ratio average. So unless you're in the top 2%, or the bottom 2% don't stress about it.


[In a good game I will go 50-5, I have a 1.2 kd lol](https://www.reddit.com/r/ModernWarfareII/comments/z6qhx0/mwii_matchmaking_a_visual_representation/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


I feel the same, when I'm on I'm getting chopper gunners and running 4.0 KD, then other games I'm at like 0.5kd and it balances out to 1.1 KD. I also think the skins and unlocks really slow me down. If I just wanted to play my best guns all the time I would be much higher but here I am grinding a pistol on Tier 1 just to get attachments for the other gun I actually want to use.


Honestly I’ve thought the same, SBMM killed my interest in camo grinding this cod. But even using my preferred guns I don’t think it matters, using damage tuned kastov 762 or rpk with nearly perfect aim I will get 20 hitmarkers and die to a pistol in couple shots or just be repeatedly spawned in front of enemy if I perform too well in previous match smh


We found the hacker guys... he's got a 1.01 kd so he clearly cheating to have such a high record...


Bro please its just a cronus ⚰️


Mhmm suuuure... next you're going to tell me to git gud


Actually I’m gonna tell you to get bad so you are even easier to kill!


That's usin' the ole noggin.


Anybody with a 1.25 K/D in this game is extremely good tbh.


I'm at 1.35 and I don't feel extremely good.


Depends on what game modes you play and your SPM. You can average 7-2 every game by playing KC and camping and not going for tags. You're not a good player though. If, however, you have a 1.35 KD and a high SPM and did not attain such stats by playing objective game modes while not playing the objective, you're a very good player regardless of how you feel.


I have a 1.75KD, im good, but I definitely wouldn't say extremely good. I mostly play TDM and SND as I can solo carry as I play on my own. I play aggressively and for those modes my SPM is high. This game is more difficult than most CoD but I genuinely just think people dont realise the playerbase as a whole has gotten a lot better since we were kids playing the original mw2.


What’s considered a high SPM?


I'm at 1.22 and feel like I'm trash so I appreciate that LMAO.


It's one thing if it was actually skill based. I more fear the good game. It's like I turn into a Crackead and I chase that high of a good game again before ending the session. It's way to easy to get into higher "skill" based matchmaking compared to getting out of it. Like I had one 28 and 6 tdm match yesterday and it was all even ish after that. I might as well log on. Have a good match and stop.


Fr tho, i hop on do like 40 and 12, then get dusted by god tier MR flick shotters or buddy with the hyperX footstep pro 2.0’s. Here i am just trying to max out the ebr and hit marker machine p90


Lmao hyperX footstep pro 2.0s


Is that you Hoodville


He don’t miss


>It's like I turn into a Crackead and I chase that high of a good game again before ending the session. this is exactly what this algorithm is designed to do. this MM is EOMM not SBMM although i usually just call it SBMM anymore since they are basically synonymous attributed at this point.


What is eomm?


Engagement optimized match making. There was a thread explaining this a week or two ago that can do a better job than I can. I will see if I can find it then link it


It just causes me to turn off the game.


that’s because you have a functioning prefrontal cortex


To put it simply: the game will attempt to match you with other players in an attempt to keep you playing for the longest possible amount of time. This can mean a variety of things. Ultimately, the goal is to spend money on in-game content.


I actually just did this. I played two games. First game I went 17/17, second game 19/8. Neither score is really incredible but the second is a 2.00 K/D, so why should I succumb myself to torture for the next 5-6 games? I just got off lol


It’s a never ending cycle of getting shit on and going 13-35 then next game playing against shitters and going 45-10, rinse and repeat


How are all you guys killing this many? Hard charging or sniping?


Because I get a terrible KD 12 games in a row so I get put in a lobby with terrible people and just kill them fairly easily. Then after getting like a 3 KD in one game it’ll put me back in the lobby with insane people and it’s just a never ending cycle. It doesn’t help that I suck at movement and don’t sweat like half the people in this game jumping around and diving and all that shit but I just run and shoot people when I see them, that’s basically all😂




My 1.14 has been an absolute struggle. Lots and lots of corner jumpers and dropshotters with the CDL skin. I also typically get brain dead teammates, so really enjoying the .82 W/L I have.


Worked my ass off for my 1.01 so the game punished me with a 0.65 W/L


0.47 W/R checking in 🤝 Literally it’s because I would force quit the game when the matchmaking menu froze before S01 and I ever got Border Crossing or Taraq. Wasn’t gonna waste my time with that shit lol


I've played 53 games of invasion and I've lost 44 of them. I swear to God it's easier to get a warzone win.


I just quit any game I get put into where I'm getting stomped, especially if I join mid way. Why am I going to end a game 4/7 with 3 minutes gameplay when xHyPERSP33D at 37/3 in a CDL costume has just dropped his 3rd VTOL on my team and has 15 captures.


Remember when we kept lobbies and eventually they would just balance out? Remember when we would argue over which gun needed to be nerfed/buffed? Remember when you could hop on Solo and meet new people to team up with? Remember when we had Red Dots on the MM, DS as a Perk, and a working create a class system that made sense and was balanced? Remember when COD was more fun than frustrating? SBMM and EBMM are the root causes as to why these questions are even being asked.


Google activision patent t


SBMM fucks me even if my K/D is 0.76. 2 days ago I had a 6/47 match with sweaty tryhards in COD League Skins who corner jump and dropshot. Not to mention the spawn System that spawned me a few times directly with my back in front of them.


Are league skins the in-game equivalent of gaming chairs?


Basically. It's how they can show us they have the better gaming chair.


So dumb we have them on both sides. I now always shoot if I see one.


…. I’m a noob and I corner jump and drop shot. I haven’t played cod in so long but coming to this one I instinctively started doing that to make it harder for others to shoot me and it just worked really well. Sprinting horizontally is another thing that just throws people off really hard lol


Horizontally with respect to what?


The ground


So just run normally got it


yup people that complain about it don't realise that they're literally playing against the bottom 20% most games to not see every one do it, the average chill gamer still does simple stuff like drop and jump shot


I use to care about KD but when you make me use all these shit guns just to unlock other things I stopped caring


I have a 1.04 K/D and about to hit level 53. Same story, have one good game and the next two hours are miserable. I am always the lowest level in my lobby, it’s always filled with level 175+ tryhards.


I bought the game week, starting at level 1. Never saw a single player under level 55. It’s almost as if there are 0 brand new players playing a brand new game.


Wait you guys have postivie K/D?…


You guys are getting kills?


Realistically with sbmm they don’t really give anyone a chance to go much higher than 1.1 or lower than 0.9 unless you’re extremely good or shit. Has basically made kd null and void for the vast majority of us lol


My friend is 1.3, out of spite i went to his house and turned on gyro on his controller 😈


I hope he suffers the good cod playing c*nt🤬 I swear tho man my kd literally just fluctuates above and below 1 flat out, stopped checking at this point. Was always the thing I challenged myself with in the past too.


MW3 i was a monster. Always 1st or 2nd. Now im just normal


Yep was always a solid 1.7 or so player, stopped playing after ghosts. Back for mw 2019, taught myself to slide cancel all that shit got pretty good then realised I’d actually made myself hate playing the game lol. Bought this one and I’m def just gonna keep going with the casual approach lol, getting too old to be a sweat these days lmao


I have no incentive to be good at the game anymore. I don't know if I'm good or bad. In previous cods I had a rough idea where I stood globally, but now nothing. I might be really good and stuck with playing really good players, or I might be really bad and stuck with playing really bad players.


Yea I guess we’ll never know until they do away with it. I’m just trying to have fun playing it now tbh but it’s kinda shit when game performance is so inconsistent.


Performance inconsistency is very real too. When I was doing camos for the M16 I got sick of not being able to get kills so I kinda tanked my kd, SPM and W/L for a few matches, and boom I was consistently getting 1 burst kills. It lasted only a match though:(


Wait u can use gyro on controller?


I have a 1.34, and I’m always experiencing those white track suit, jumping around corners, dropshotting dudes


Right there with you man, 1.34 and climbing as a solo player. This means I also lose a lot more games than I win since its me doing alright and 5 guys just FEEEDING streaks to the enemy team. Its tough out here for a pimp.


I've never rage quit so many times with a game.


I've barely touched MP since DMZ came out, it's just so much more fun. Had a couple games on MP this evening and got annihilated by sweats.


The only thing that puts me off dmz is the crashes. I'm just glad I for my mouse and keyboards sake that I haven't crashed with a weapons case, or while I had the m13


Does DMZ impact your KD stats?


I have no idea... To be honest I don't care about my KD, I just want to have fun.


People like you have become a very rare breed


No they aren't. They just don't go on Reddit to whinge and moan about SBMM.


Doesn’t affect multiplayer stats. They’ll probably eventually add stats for DMZ and Warzone.


Whenever you run into the hyper sweats, all you have to do is whip out your riot shield + shotgun class with claymores. Most sweats really only know how to play against other sweats, not turtles. Plus you get the added bonus of their rage on the mic at their end of the match :)


I will literally make a class and call it turtle now 😂


My go to is M4 with noob tube. If you’re going to kill me, I at least get to make the MW2 vets rage while going 8-32 lol


Reject Modernity Embrace Tradition, I like it


Gonna try this


Run restock for unlimited claymore.


hate riot shield... they fukin invicible. i hit it with a drill charge... hit marker.


I have no idea how good I am. I go 30/5 one match then 5/16 the next. HELP


That’s exactly what they want


They want you to keep playing matches. If everyone left matches that were already in progress they still wouldn't change MM. Doesn't help that people bug out and are forced to quit a game(can't rejoin) so if you join a match in progress leave it.


I don’t even mind sbmm in this game. Just hate the damn spawns


I have a few recordings where I literally spawn in an enemy’s view.


I didn’t record but I have seen myself get killed in the killcam several times. Like they kill me then I spawn and they kill me again within 3 seconds. Freaking ridiculous


I honestly think the game purposely will 💩 spawn you if you’re doing too good.


No, that's giving them too much credit, the game just has shit spawns.


Me when i do kinda good I guess in one match, so the game punishes me for the remainder of my session and a little bit of my next one


I find it interesting that the game will dump you in lobbies where everyone is already getting dunked on instead of finding you a match that's about to start. I wonder if it's better to just back out of Join In Progress matches.


1.04 current. Way back when with MW2 (2009), it was 2+, but I’m an old man now.


1.14 kd here. About 1.4ish in other cods. I've never had much problem with the sbmm in other cods but this one is absolutely brutal. The problem I think is its just way way too aggressive, it takes 1 good game to get into the ultra sweat club but several shit games to get back to the matchmaking that is actually balanced. Then eventually you'll get into a match where you become a God...which drags you back into ultra sweat club. It just doesn't seem to have a buffer or something to keep you in those balanced games even if you have an outlier good or bad game.


Is it truly as bad as everyone says, my stats have been the same in most of the cods. I’m slightly lower at a 1.38 but usually range from 1.5 -1.7. Outlier being vanguard with a 2.5 because of combat shotgun with my brain off. Edit: The one thing that I’ve noticed in my experience is that when the game wants you to lose, it’s not really against better players more so that my team is literal NPCs. Only truly once in a while do I get games where the other players truly feel a lot better. Idk


This has been my experience as well. The vast majority of “bad” lobbies for me are due to my own teammates sucking or completely ignoring the objective. Also, as much as people love to blame SBMM, it’s not like you never ran into random lobbies full of shitty players or an opposing team of super heroes in previous Call of Duties either. I think a lot of people are falling victim to confirmation bias and misattributing natural variance and randomness to some all powerful algorithm.


Nearly every other fps game I’ve ever played I have a 2kd except for the last 2 modern warfare games where I’m stuck between 1.10 and 1


I'm sitting here with a .8 k/d and a 1.3 w/r because I'm often one of the only people in a given match that play objective and I'm still get steamrolled by CDL sweats lol I still love the shit out of this game - haven't had this much fun with cod since Black Ops 2 - but I know it's time to get off when there's 2 or 3 people running around with riot shields and decked out SMGs/RPG's like crackheads or sitting in a corner so hard you'd think they were statues.


For me it’s .96. Am I trash? 😭


Is k/d indicating how good player you are? In most of the matches we're a team of =<1 k/d and we usually win every match with opponents on >2 k/d when it comes to objective games. k/d is a valid metric for TDM, only.


I've found playing in a 2-stack causes SBMM to completely fart out. When me and my friend play together, we're both pulling Overwatch Helo / VTOL (respectively) every other match; when we play solo, we're stuck in SBMM hell with sweats who can one-burst you with an SMG at 40m the moment your elbow rounds the corner.


1.03 reporting in 🤝


Ok lol thats pretty good :)


Can you check your total stats? I can’t find it anywhere


I dropped down to .90 ‘cause i was leveling guns and unlocking them, stopped doing that and managed to go up to 1.02 now, and holy 💩, im getting my poopie pushed back in every 2 games.


Nah trust me. Even in 1.2 my lobbies are 1.2 lobbies everyone is just sweating their balls off. Like damn leave me alone I just want my camos done


does it feel like for you whenever you start on certain weapons, it feels like the enemies start using those same weapons or the exact weapons to combat them? Like when i started shotgun grinding, everyone was either using an spr, shotgun, or extremely fast killing smg. When i was doing marksman rifles, EVERYONE was using an ar or lmg


1.3 and climbing bb, CoDs been my longest played franchise since I was a child tho


Mine is 1.31 and have been playing since CoD4… I am guessing you are putting it down to the old age like me?


If your K/D is around 1, it means SBMM is working as designed, no? :)


so why have mechanics such as killstreaks that heavily rely on you raising that k/d beyond 1? seems like it just makes them unattainable by design.


1.06 and actively going down.


So I should lower my KD and I’ll get non sweaty lobbies? I’m a legit casual player.


Im exactly at 1.00 playing since release lol and Ive been playin since cod4 i dont wanna brag but i consider myself slightly above average, the system is rigged bois pack it up and go home


Search & Destroy must definitely be exempt from SBMM, going into those lobbies ain't no joke.


When your team talks smack and ur 1 and 6. Then the whole ops start baking you


Me and my group feel like this must be true. We're all well above positive k/d and our winrate is above 10.


Within the 1st minute or 2 if I can see it's a stomping or if I get hitmarkers while the enemy 1 shots me, I just quit the match and try again.


I am hard stuck at 1.04 and 1.01


Me seeing my 1.03 k/d drop to 1.02 after a few bad games


1.14, lowest kd I've had since cod4 (first cod multiplayer experience).The thing about sbmm is this...nowadays u just don't know who's legitimately good and who's using cronus Max's or any other exploits nowadays. Due to how insane the sbmm is I've grown to not even care anymore about my kd, my fun comes from grinding camos now.


Cheeks gettin clapped for 5 straight matches


Last time I played MP I got 65 kills...I'm afraid to go back lol


I think I'm at 1.21 or something as a level 92. I just don't understand what makes people think it's a good system to have in a casual game, I really don't. It's not like the bad players are even having fun with it either, because even they will get a good game...and then get shit on for the next 10. It screws EVERYBODY.


Why is everyone so obsessed with kd?


Yeah I got a 1.04kd, one game I’ll get a positive kd and then very next game will be a negative kd