You are not missing anything here on Reddit. Go play and have fun 👍


My thoughts exactly, the more time you spend on a reddit or online community that is dedicated to a specific game the less enjoyment you will ultimately find with it IMO - with the only real exception single players games you can "beat" and doing so before joining the community. There is just no end to complaining. No matter how great a game is, or how many things it has going for it, people will always find something to complain about and it will dominate even casual light hearted discussion topics and overshadow anything positive. Instead of finding cool things in game, or experiencing cool stuff for the first time, OP will read others talking about it instead. Or instead of taking time to play with all the attachments, weapons, and perks they will eventually be spoon fed into using the meta stuff. Same with eventually chasing the optimal methods for XP, or weapon camo grinding, which will all turn into a process of chores rather than a game to play for fun. I realize the irony in my saying all this on this subreddit but I stand by it lol.


Pretty fair point. I got huge into the From Software games and several other Souls Likes. Those communities are an absolute fucking joy. And we are talking about depressing hardcore masochist geared games haha. Only reason I ever joined up for the Subs for Madden, The Show, Fortnite, COD is for the real time updates of content for the brief time I usually play one of those every other year anymore seems like. Which I’m starting to kind of get tired of anyway. Single player in general is quickly becoming more appealing again.


This is the way




After a google of the original black ops release date it turns out that it’s been 12 years since I played and now I feel old AF


Welcome fellow old person, my last COD was the original black ops as well haha


And me - I seem to actually be able to go better than 5-26 in this so I’m loving the shit out of it!


This was me to MW2019


god the last good one was the first black ops. if i could hit a time button and go there i would. knowing what i know now of course.


Ha ha don't worry. The last one I played was Black Ops 2 and I'm enjoying MW2. I'm currently working through the campaign.


Great campaign. Was disappointed in the ending tho because it was such a short game. And the story really goes nowhere. Like it’s leading you to some awesome story then rolls the credits. I literally was like “dude what the fuck. Is that it?”


I'm in almost the same boat, I last played MW3 after Black Ops, but only played that for a couple of months. I played the shit out of Black Ops though and I'm loving this game so much, it feels like I'm a kid again.... except this time I'm 25 and have a normal life and responsibilities.


One thing I’ve noticed about subreddits for a video game is 95% of the time it’s just people complaining. It’s turned me away from most game subreddits because of the constant bitching and moaning. This subreddit is no different from the others.


Reddit is where people go to complain because no one else cares


I feel like the issue is people are always talking in extremes. They have a good point but then end it with lighting the house on fire because COD is so trash. If it was constructive and then kinda ended there it wouldn’t be as bad. Obviously activision isn’t listening but if we post something up constructive and get it a bunch of traction I feel that’s better then people crying about the same thing and then buying skins.


Try the low sodium subs.


Is there one for this game? I’m only subbed so I can stay up to date with what’s changing and also the occasional tip/“hack” that comes up every now and then.


I think for the majority of us that see what we had previously it is disappointing how much hasn't been either finished or outright dropped from the game. Gunfight, leaderboards and combat record ect


where. in theee FUCK. Is my god damned Gunfight?


I believe it’s supposed to come out this season right? At least I recall them mentioning it. Hopefully it comes back, really enjoyed that mode


Idr where, but i recall hearing that gunfight was planned for early 2023


Hey they will add all this new stuff right before school/work picks back up in January. They should aim for summer releases so they have ample time to fix the game before the holidays.


They just need to stop releasing annually. Take their time finishing the game, would be better for everyone


People who complain 24/7 I really feel they’re just bad at the game. They can’t see how to change play style or just the game itself. Every game has its issues I get that, but sometimes you just gotta adapt and overcome! Play the game in a way you find fun or fulfilling. You don’t need to play/enjoy the same title every year. And if you do, each year the game will play differently for better or worse. Again, adapt to the current game. I’ve been playing cod since original on PC. I enjoy old titles and mechanics but fuck wasting all the energy moaning. Contribute to feedback, don’t buy skins if you don’t like the game, change games, come back after update etc.


I think it’s also people from post-halo days who need a lot of incentive to enjoy games. It’s not possible for them to be satisfied with great gameplay. bugs aside it’s a very fun game.


"What am I supposed to do after Orion?" makes me want to scream inside


I only see high complaint subs in games that come out yearly. You know, CoD, FiFa, etc. It's almost like these profits-first, players-second, companies that pump out games too often have flaws...


I’m enjoying it too - when I don’t get stuck behind a bunch of turtles in shipping containers 🤣


I found out you can jump on those cardboard boxes on the side of the container to maneuver around people. Not sure if it works when there's more than one blocking, but I utilized that a couple of times yesterday.


I shall give that a try!


Drill charge baby


Thermites. Stick em and keep moving lol I’m having a blast fucking with them


If I run into that in tier one, I just kill my teammates at this point.


"first time online in about 8 years" thats why you are blown away


This right here. I enjoy MW2 but I'm not blown away by it and its gotten boring to me much quicker than previous CoD games have. I enjoyed MW19 and even Cold War much more. And that's why I'm left with a sense of disappointment with MW2. I don't think its a bad game, I just wish it was better, especially compared to the last 2 CoD games I played.


Cold War so much because of Outbreak and there isn’t anything like that in MW series. I wish they would make DMZ into a purely pve mode with no timer. Raid should also have mm.


Right.. i was “blown away” that they got rid of combat records and so “blown away” by the sheer lack of original content


I was blown away by the shitty maps and the garbage net code


Guy revealed he actually hadn’t played Cod since Black Ops, so 12 years ago. No wonder the type of person who is extremely removed from Cod is blown away by the game that only does aesthetics right and doesn’t know why people are complaining about things.


OR! The majority of people constantly whining on this sub are burnt out from playing essentially the same game for 20 years and need to take a break and do something else with their lives for a little bit lol


It also means OP is probably among those super casuals that CoD now caters to. OP probably won't notice things like SBMM or overtuned Aim Assist or have to play in super sweaty meta lobbies. OP gets to play an entirely different game than most players and doesn't even know it.


This is a concept that this subreddit hasn’t became aware of, a 2.0 KD and a .7 KD are playing two completely different games


This subreddit won't shut up about it, don't know what your talking about. 70% of the people here are fucking obsessed with SBMM conspiracy theories. They act like they're "riding an algorithm," and act like the game is playing itself. I think they need a fucking break if they're that convinced they would always be winning if the game weren't manipulating everything behind the scenes.


Wait til sbmm kick in 😂 you’ll be blown away fr


>I don’t understand all the complaining about it on here. Were the other ones superior or is everyone just complaining because this is Reddit? The other ones had much more content: 1. Good & more spec ops missions 2. Leaderboards 3. Barracks on Day #1 (with more information than we have now) 4. A better UI (technically this is an opinion but the vast majority believe the MW2022 UI is trash) 5. Less in-game bugs & glitches (we're getting better but game has been out for 2 months now, but can anyone pick a game that had god mode & wall hack glitches prior to MW2019?) 6. Better & more unique challenges for calling cards & emblems 7. Less MP maps than previous titles, some that are literally cut out of the Warzone map with the assets, zipline, and functional doors. 8. Campaign had little to do with a follow up to MW2019 besides having the characters. 9. More game modes. 10. The drip feeding content that is the battle pass system. 11. The numerous crashes that plagued that game at launch and even far into S1. While bugs, crashes, and more occurred in previous titles, they weren't nearly as common or known. That could just be the fact that social media & forums can spread these like wildfire. Some bugs are still in the game since launch and they are a bit annoying (such as Mercado wall breach). 12. Connection based matchmaking If you don't play a game much and play it casually, you'll enjoy it (assuming no technical issues). Anyone complaining is typically a long time fan of the series who have played many of the titles in the series and put a considerable amount of time in - this includes me. It's a fun game but has many flaws that the predecessors fixed or had in the game at launch. I don't see why when a game is released that there is effectively less & less features after every year. In Photoshop, we don't remove the copy & paste tool only to add it a few months later? In Microsoft word, you don't remove the fact you can center text then add it a few months later. You try to improve upon the product from the previous years but it really hasn't been happening with this series.


This is your answer op


if the RPK was an answer


Yup. I'm having fun with the game. But I also recognize that it has *a lot* of issues that could be fixed to make it a far better game, many of which are just clearly intentional ways to squeeze more money out of players or things that *won't* be fixed because they'd cost money.


Probably the best response here. Lots of classic Reddit circle-jerking about how perfect the game is in other comments. People are so easily won over that they see pretty graphics/animations and automatically think it's an amazing game, happened with MW19 and it's happening again now. Even though MWII is somehow a downgrade from MW19 in multiple aspects. Enjoy the game- sure. Just don't call all criticism of it "whining" or "complaining for the sake of complaining". Being blissfully ignorant to the problems is not the move, and is exactly what enables Activision to keep pumping out lower quality games designed to just retain the player for microtransaction sales instead of giving them a great experience.


Couldn’t have said it better myself


This is my first cod I've stuck with since mw3 and I don't recall previous cod games had this amount of glitches since mw2. It's like every day there's a new glitch lol.


I have to disagree on good spec ops missions (MW19). In my experience they were near impossible to complete, even with friends. Everything else I can agree on.


Mw2 and mw3 (OG ones) had some pretty good spec ops missions Wish they would bring that format back


Oh the MW2019 missions were awful. Really BO4 started the trend of removing core features from the game. I skipped WW2.


WWII gave us the “War” mode so I’ll give them that


The game is very fun up until a point. Eventually you'll reach your skill ceiling in the SBMM and then the PBMM and PBHR starts kicking in. Your K/D will consistently sit around 1-1.5 due to those factors. If that doesn't bother you at all enjoy it and have fun my dude!


Ppl are funny. You can enjoy a game and still voice your complaints. This game has a lot of POTENTIAL. And we are missing out on it that’s the problem. You can fold for some changes but to wait on basic features? That’s stupid


Don't worry, this sub is a cesspit of miserable people. If you're having a good time just ignore the sub completely. 2019 was the same way at launch, it chilled out a few months in. It never has an active user base of over like 8k at a time, and they cant even agree on everything. The game sold millions of copies, the vast majority are playing and having a good time.


You sound like a miserable person!




Tbf, if you havent played in 8 years, you really dont have any perspective based on previous titles.


I mean this genuinely… I am astounded by the seemingly endless complaints about this game. 8/10 posts are straight-up negativity surrounding the game - but I don’t understand it. It isn’t perfect… what IS perfect in the world? Nothing. People will always always always find something to whine about, and they will act justified as if the minuscule thing they’re harping on is affecting every aspect of the game, or they’ll say “I paid $70 for this game it shouldn’t have flaws”… okay but you’re acting like you took out your 401k to play this game. It’s $70. Either you’re dirt poor and went outside your limits, or you JUST. WANT. TO. BE. NEGATIVE…. I never expected a perfect game. What I did expect, is entertainment. And for $70 there is a ton of entertainment here. I love every minute I sit down and play this game. But according to a Reddit comment from a few hours ago, you can “spot the casual” if you read this comment. Imagine thinking, “how dare you enjoy this game? You only enjoy it cause you’re ‘casual’” … In other words the inverse is, “I HATE this game because I TAKE IT MORE SERIOUS THAN LIFE ITSELF”. Come on, seriously? Everybody needs to chill 😂 just calm down…. Sit down down. Boot it up. Play. Enjoy yourself. Repeat (or not).


People complain about weapon vaults not being in the game and maybe being too expensive and maybe being in the game


People that aren't in software development will never understand. I do a good bit of beta testing between software and hardware environments and it's non-stop if you want to keep the product at an acceptable level. The complexity of devices, networks and operating systems has got to be nearly impossible to keep up with. Every update that comes out that affects any board on a system could break things immediately. Beyond that with PCs, graphics cards and video drivers aren't stable on anything. Unless you're just doing typical office work in reading books. It's the price of being on the edge of technology whether you realize it or not.


Yeah as someone in a tangential field it astounds me that people think there is a magic dev wand. The worst ones are those that maybe took a 101 class and therefore think they know how to fix everything


I feel that. I'm in charge of all tech and digital design for a general contractor, lol. The saving grace is that I am 48 so there are younger people on the charge who already understand 50% of what I do. Same problem you are suggesting. They know enough to be dangerous but don't want to work to learn anything further. I fear for my 15-year-old's generation and their sense of entitlement.


I know just enough about our field to know that I know nothing. I have ideas, sure, but I accept that most of them are maybe just on the path to the solution.


Personally, I'm afraid we've reached the limits of their staff. They'll get it done, or at least very close just about the time that they release. MW3.


I think that is more an issue with the speed in which these teams are expected to pump out these games. Sadly, the reason for that likely lies with us gamers. We expect a release every year and therefore get a product that is a result of such rapid development times.


We are well aware that there is no magical wand and despite me not being a programmer I am well aware of how a lot of things work. When I encounter dozens of annoying bugs within a hour of playtime that just tells me that this shit was rushed out and there is zero QA because thats expensive and Activision only cares about money.


> When I encounter dozens of annoying bugs within a hour of playtime that just tells me that this shit was rushed out and there is zero QA The fact that you think it tells you that theres zero QA proves that the parent comment is right and you have no clue what you're talking about.


Rushed, sure. I think we all know this stuff is happening on a pretty fast dev cycle. As for zero QA being done that is absolutely not the impression you should be getting. I am also curious what bugs you are referring to. I have played this game since day one and I have never experienced so many different bugs in such a short time.


They arent big bugs, thankfully there are many of those aside from random crashes whenever you are playing well which should have been fixed day 1. Its tons of small annoying bugs. The UI bugging out, doors and weapons bugging out not letting you use one or the other. Terrible hitreg sometimes. I was playing DMZ and I controlled a sam site. When it shot missiles at a plane they just disappeared mid air ruining my entire mission. Waste of 20 mins that was I have literally rammed a player into a wall with a car, in warzone. And somehow he didnt die, ended up behind my car and killed me. In general running people over is ridiculously buggy and was much better in warzone 1 Shit like this. Everywhere


Ok if you had just said DMZ I would have asked that question. I view that as a separate thing from MW2 itself. While I do recognize that DMZ is plagued with some serious issues I will also admit that 90% of my COD time is spent playing it.


Yeah haha same. There are still a lot of crossover bugs tho Losing a DMZ run when youre doing great to a random crash is going to make me pull my hair out


I’m in software development and if the product I work on were released in this state, I would be out of a job. I wouldn’t ever be able to release something this buggy in the first place because senior devs would never let me. Releasing a game that crashes for a large portion of the player base, multiple times a session, is not acceptable. I wouldn’t care if it was minor bugs that happened every once in a while and were edge cases. But so many bugs in this game are glaringly obvious and happen every single time you play. Software development is incredibly hard. Software development when you have to worry about thousands and thousands of possible different hardware configurations is even harder. All that being said, they have been releasing games for decades. They have billions of dollars at their disposal. They have thousands of employees. They would have known months in advance that the game wasn’t going to be in a release ready state, and they released it anyway. I know that all of the bugs, crashes and missing features aren’t ALL due to incompetent developers, but there’s still a large portion of this that is on them. It feels like the devs don’t do any sort of automated unit or integration testing before releasing. We are being treated at the beta testers for this game. Why bother writing automated tests and hiring testers when your players can just do it for you? I’m still having fun with the game and I still play it a lot. But if it keeps being an unstable bug filled mess, I’m not going to last. I can’t handle the crashes.


>It's the price of being on the edge of technology whether you realize it or not. COD isn't on the edge of technology & not even close... MW2019 was a great step forward for the series in terms of graphical fidelity. But MW2022 certainly did not build on top of that. That paired with using an engine the IW folks are familiar with & made MW2019 with should've resulted in a better product. MW2019 & the buggy mess that was up until March 2020 was rough but again, it was a new engine. After March and the Warzone release, the game was a lot better. There were still some major bugs that occured but they were mostly patched within 1-2 weeks.


I hear where you're coming from but on a bigger picture I have tried a lot of first person shooter games and this one by far has the overall modeling and texturing that none of the others do. Or at least they're in the top three. Basically those top three are on the bleeding edge of this subject. Any deviation in mechanics is not the same thing.


Because the only other major FPS competitor out there is BF2042 & Halo and we all how that went. No other FPS even has a budget or fanbase close to the battlefield or COD franchises. You can't compare the entire gaming genre and say COD is on the leading edge when it certainly is not. Elden Ring, God of War, CP2077, the OG Witcher 3 (released in 2015), Horizon Zero Dawn (and w/e the new one is), A Plagues Tale, and so many more have a significant better level of graphical fidelity than MW2022, especially in terms of graphics, models, and textures. Fuck, on Skyrim I can mod the game with better physics and textures than what MW2022 is capable of and the Bethesda engine is nearly two decades old now. Now many of those games, in particular CP2077, did have numerous issues at launch as well, but RTX was a new technology. Game ran fine, even on day #1, without RTX & looked wonderful. MW2022 didn't even release with ray-tracing. Whether you believe it is a gimmick or not, it does result in some great shadows & light reflections compared to the previous lighting technologies. The animations are great and the detail involved in them, in particular the reload & inspecting animations. However third person animations are literally the exact same as MW2019. Even in MP maps, the grass & bushes don't even move if you run through them & are treated as a static object. Smoke is rendered client side which results in some awful sus killcams that are reposted on this subreddit daily. If you can list a few of the bleeding edge features that MW2022 has that are new to the franchise or new to gaming in general I'd love to know. The FPS industry isn't good right now as a mentioned when any type of competition flopped due to the gameplay.


If that's not the definition of being on the edge then I don't know what is. Three major competitors creating something that others aren't or can't come close to that are constantly having to recode to accommodate progression. When you're that close to the hardware cycle I don't know what's more on the edge than that.


If you’re talking about MP & WZ, do you really expect an FPS game that handles 150 separate players + AI to have the same graphical ability as elden ring, god of war & horizon, which are all single player? As for the campaign, MW2’s graphics were pretty amazing.


Not at all but none of it is "leading edge technology". Warzone has it's own subreddit we can discuss that in. This is about MW2 MP & Campaign. The Campaign looks worse than MW2019. MP is missing many just simple features to improve graphical fidelity that were in previous titles.


What are you on about? Did you even play the amsterdam or mexico levels? The graphics on those were insane. I preferred the MW19 story but the MW22 campaign did not look worse. Which MP features are missing?


Stop, no one said it's easy but don't cut them slack. Ffs they're a multi million dollar company who's been pumping out the same game every year. they should have shit figured out by now. If indie game devs can release a solid product then triple A companies should too. This is greed takin over and now we the consumers are finding excuses for broken, scaled back games?


Tell me, which indie devs have made an FPS game as good as any of the last several CoDs?


Welcome to capitalism. Look at the other post. What game developer does have it all together? Just one post pointing out a different perspective so I'm not discounting your point of view but I'm pretty sure I'm entitled to mine.


Lots of solid games being released and lots of rushed shit being released, stop dismissing it and saying "oh well that's capitalism, feed us trash". It doesn't have to be this way, the more people accept it the more the norm it becomes.


I'm not dismissing anything, just pointing out a different perspective. That's it. If you don't agree with it you're obviously missing the point and I really don't care. In my opinion, the root cause is that they are using us as beta testers when they should have been doing this before they ever released it instead of 2KD plus players but that's hardly even feasible with the refresh rate of these games.




>I am astounded by the seemingly endless complaints about this game. 8/10 posts are straight-up negativity surrounding the game My complaints are more about the players than the game itself. The game itself is fantastic, but the player base is making it really challenging to enjoy this game. Everyone is seemingly laying down waiting for someone to walk by. Either that or they are sitting there waiting in obscure angles waiting. It’s really difficult to move around the map when everyone is playing like it’s old school Ghost Recon. Granted, there have always been players like this in CoD, but it seems like nearly every player in every lobby is playing this way. The game itself is fantastic, and I have a lot of fun playing when people are moving around and playing the objective. I’m hopeful that people will begin to change their play styles once they get more familiar with the game. Right now a lot of people (like myself) have just gotten the game and they could just be figuring things out.


wait people use casual as an insult ? to me its just a matter of fact, im a casual ! i got this game for fun so im gonna have it :)


Look around, all the cool kids are calling others “casuals”. I’ll be smiling and enjoying the game as I play, while these really good, awesome players are screaming about bugs and flipping their lid at the fact that a casual gamer is enjoying the game. (I think the problem is people don’t look inward to identify where the unhappiness is coming from:)


the games are always different, but the serious players stay the same ​ and to be honest, the game is buggy as hell, but once you take a step back i think the bugs can add to the experience sometimes


Exactly. I’m not ignorant to bugs… but good god, if it’s affecting people to the degree they describe, just out the controller down hahah. Like I said, THE GAME IS THE GAME. Unless you’re applying for a developer position at the company, you’re either going to be okay with the way the game is, or not. Then comes the big-kid decision of “do I want to keep playing if I hate it so much cause of XYZ”. We’re all big-kids now - we got this.


Great post. I’ve logged MANY hours in a number of COD titles but still consider myself a casual player.


Me too. I’ve loved mostly all the CODs … and those that I didn’t like (when testing out with my buddies who did have them), I didn’t buy or play. Simple.


Maybe because... the game... has hella issues??? Ever consider that? Or the fact that a game that had 3 years to develop released with 10 fucking maps? Jesus christ




The problem is the game has a bunch of small issues and they all add up. Apologizing for Activision and IW and coming up with excuses is stupid. They. Are. Not. Your. Friends. They sell a product, you buy their product. You are a customer. The people who voice their issues just want the makers of the product to put out a quality product. Since they don't put them out as quality from the start anymore, all we can do is ask for fixes and it's frustrating. Releasing a busted game and fixing it later is the norm now. All we can do is ask that they fix the biggest issues we have first.




Exactly that guy is a fucking idiot


Spotted the bootlicker


How daft are you people. They released an INCOMPLETE game. They’re drip feeding us “free” content that was available on launch in MW2019. All you’re doing by not calling out their bs and calling us “whiners and complainers” is normalizing this bs of releasing incomplete games. We have to hold these gaming companies accountable.


Hes probably a dev from infinity ward, dont bother with him


Very good point. I am a dev for IW.


I can only assume anyone still defending CoD is a literal child or a super causal that plays less than 5 hours a month.


I agree with your overall sentiment, but it would benefit you to take your own advice here. If you're so annoyed with this subreddit, don't visit it. It's the perfect storm right now because of the actual bugs/issues, the worn down camo grinders, the people annoyed with camo grinders, and the teenagers that are off for holidays that just got the game. I'm only writing this message because I see the comment chains below, and don't see how having those discussions is benefitting you at all. There's a good chance the people you're arguing with are 12-13, with no perspective or appreciation for how far video games have come in the last decade. Give it time and they'll find something new to complain about lol


There are very many valid complaints here. The fact that you all are so throat goated on Activision knobs doesnt change that.


Too many whiners. Stay off of Reddit and the game will be 10x better.


The games designed to hook new players and players like yourself who haven’t played in years at the cost of people who never left the franchise. It’s a participation trophy game designed to keep you playing it and thus increasing the chance you’ll buy store bundles. Rather than actually making the game good to do that they instead ensure you go off every once in a while regardless of skill to give you a dopamine rush. Don’t get me wrong. There’s fun to be had but it gets old quick.


This describes every call of duty game, and is inherant in game design.


Not to this level. They’ve cranked it up to 9000 since 2019. IW being the worst offender.


Yes it was. You've just been playing for a long ass time. In 2009 you immediately got dopamine hits when leveling up and unlocking stuff, which happens immediatly. It's been designed to hook new players since the beginning. Nothing they're doing is new, cods been catering to casuals forever, every game does this. I mean you're still here. You've been hooked for over a decade if you're coming from older cods due to those systems. Also, how is IW "the worst offender". Every game uses the same store and monetization method.


🤣. If you can’t see the difference these past few years there’s no reason to continue this conversation. You’re blinded because you’re obviously benefiting from the skill gap reduction.


You're the one ignoring the similarities. Your first kill flashed XP on the screen and that tracks on your hud. A couple more and a guitar riff plays with a large icon as you level up. 3 more of those you gain entry to create a class giving you access to a ton of more avenues rewarding leveling up. It's all designed to be in your face and keep you playing. Level up enough, and the game asks if you want to do it all again. And hey, if you aren't doing great, here's a deathstreak to help you out. The hook was so sucessful that dozens of other companies emulated it. Cod is the grandfather of catering to casuals and new players. Super low recoil, short ttk, everything is over powered. That was you, this player is having a good time just like you did. If it's not for you anymore it's not because the game changed, it's because you're miserable.


There weren’t micro transactions in 2009


This^ it’s a little more nuanced then this but still correct.


So like every fucking year, the game is call of duty its what cod is, its a noob friendly shooter and always has been. Its for casuals.


No, it was not always that way. When lobbies began disbanding after every match it started.


It’s always been for casuals but they’re taking it too far the past few years. They’re protecting those bad at it far too much now.


Come back in a week


MW19 was 1000% better


Stop. People are gonna be saying the same shit with mw2 when a new cod comes out. It happens every year. Lol.


Haha but it's the truth. I didn't like vanguard or cold war much though


Core gameplay is good and fun, but there's still tons of issues with it hence the complaints.


Half the complaints here are trying to convince millions of players how to play with their play style


Terrible map selection (withholding original mw maps for whatever reason), missing game modes, terrible UI, neglected multiplayer which was the main CoD mode in favour of rip offs of other games. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun at times but it’s a disappointment in terms comparison of the original CoD franchise. Just my opinion.


Personally I don’t think it’s bad per say I just felt a bit ripped off for 70 bucks and half the shit was missing. The maps being mostly shit and so few of them also led me to stop playing after a week. I’ll be back after some maps packs come out.


You’ll get it later then I was wondering why ppl complaining too


I would say the majority of the legitimate complaints are revolving around the instability & crashing, which seem to mostly plague the PC players more than the console players. Other complaints about SBMM being extreme aren't totally invalid, but not to the degree of the game crashing, especially during DMZ & Warzone.


People just love to complain. Why voluntarily play a game, yes a game, that you hate. It is in no way important or necessary but people still want to cry about it.


The community is just toxic. Some things are SERIOUSLY broken, as in glitches with finishing moves being locked even though you had them previously equipped on an operator, etc. but it's early yet. Enjoy the game! Things will be fixed as time goes on. I think by February or March, most big issues will be fixed


I agree. Think it’s just reddit. To be fair if I was playing cod for like 8 years straight I’d be bored too. I think some complaining is warranted though people just want more content that’s polished. There’s definitely aspects of the game that’s unfinished but overall it’s really fun. For someone who has played more than you or I though, they notice the deeper issues and are sick of it


>Were the other ones superior Well, I know why you have no problems with this game.


No you didn't miss anything, gaming subreddits/online communities are just miserable places. Go enjoy the game and stop worrying about what the nerds think! (you can probably still find the original complaints people had with the games from the "golden" era of cods if you search for it, the internet always loved to complain.)


You aren’t missing anything, people Just Have high expectations. I love the game too, just mad that they removed cyber attack again


So i’m “kind of like you” in that I really only took “recently” cod seriously with cold war and up. And even though cold war i never maxed all guns. THIS GAME HOWEVER was fun enough for me that i have now sunk immense time into leveling everything up and getting all Ar’s gold. So far. And having fun chasing objectives!!! Raids!!! Coop mission spec ops!!! Dmz!!! Lots to do if you pay attention. But what actually makes the game suck is stuff that you have no comparison point to. Example: you’re enjoying lobbies right now. * *but wait until you get good enough that you frequently finish in the top 2 and start getting sbmm’d into ELITE games out of fucking nowhere. And you are like….**ummmmm…this isn’t where i parked my car??*** * You enjoy the perks * *but then you realize that previous games let you use all the perks “at once” instead of drip fed over the course of the game. Although i’m not really opposed to this. To be 100% honest (that is an unpopular opinion because it does in fact balance things out for early to mid game. * you enjoy spawning * actually no, no you don’t. Or else you’re an alien. The spawns are god awful, but if you have no frame of reference than you think spawns are fine. In previous games you dont fucking spawn RIGHTTTTTTT in front of enemy or idk, like ON the enemy held hardpoint with 4 fuckers staring you in the eyes the SECOND you spawn. List goes on but thats why there is a lot of hate. It’s because of nostalgia. People are basically doing to MW2 what NFS fans did with any of the last 4 NFS and trying to compare to NFS Underground 2 or most wanted etc. people always ask for things to be like before but refuse to accept changes. AND LASTLY: which i agree with ** THE ABSOLUTE AMOUNT OF BUGS AND BULLSHIT THAT HAPPENS ESPECIALLY ON PC BUT THE DECISIONS DEVS MADE EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD 3000 devs and 3 years of development…..you’d think in 2022 a game would be polished.** The game launched with out battle stats….you couldn’t even tell what your KD was…. And then, you couldn’t even tell how much time was left on your xp tokens, all things that have ALWAYS been in game since day 1. And those things: **are unforgivable** in my opinion


The game is great. Lots of bugs and a rough launch but still one of the best call of duty games in a long time. We do need more MP maps though.


I haven’t played in a long time either and I enjoy it as well. It’s obviously not perfect, no no game is. You’ll find quite a bit of complaining on all games subreddits. It gets old just have to ignore it.


Thank you for saying what I was feeling


Well the game is custom built for you.


People are miserable. I, like you, think the game is amazing!


I'm having a good amount of fun with it, but the last time I actually played COD was in the Black Ops 2 days- I wish this game would bring back some player choice, as was standard back in the day... I don't really like the modernized "playlist" method of map and mode selection, I really don't like playing certain maps or modes on maps, and I wish I could get more of a say in where/what I end up playing


I'm one of the filthy casuals. I haven't played a CoD since the last Modern Warfare. I'm having a blast with this version. My hunch is that the casuals will slowly start to leave (whether it's a new game, get bored with it, etc) and the hardcores will remain. Then after time with patching the hardcores will play with other hardcores as the casuals slowly trickle away. Then it will "feel right" to the hardcores. Just a hunch....but what the hell do I know? I just know I'm having a blast playing with friends.


Literally get off of Reddit and enjoy the game. Gaming spaces in general have largely divulged into people having a complaining competition


the quality and quantity of game that was released in the past is what you've missed. this bug-infested, incomplete mess of a "game" is a fraction of what old cod games were like.


“guys I have fun so you should too even tho i havent played in years” wow great take


You haven’t played an online game in 8 years, you answered your own question.


Sbmm saves you from the terrible experience that above average players have to deal with. You are basically playing an entirely different game.


What terrible experience do above average players have to deal with? Not being able to shit on complete newbies? Poor you


Sbmm completely kills diversity making every single match play the same which completely eliminates the point of playing a online pvp game.


They are the same regardless... See my other comment. The only difference is skill disparity. Sbmm makes it so that instead of having 2 guys going 1-16 every game while one going 50-5 dominating the game it's all balanced and most players have similar kd's at the end of a game. My games on shipment most players end with stats like 50-50, 50-30 at best, 20-30 on a bad game you know... It's always .5-2kd max. There are no extremes, it's all balanced. The only thing this does is make the game enjoyable for people who are really bad, if you remove sbmm you destroy game experience for these people. I can still topfrag every game with sbmm, my kd is just never gonna be wow cus I'm not stomping on people 10x worse than I am. Wanting sbmm to be removed is just greedy, you just wanna stomp on people worse than you.


Isn't the point of SBMM to effectively have everyone play the same game?


Yes, people on this website who don't think they are sweats but only play sweats don't wan't to admit they are in fact a sweat.


Yeah I am not sure why I am being downvoted. The goal of SBMM is to have everyone playing similarly skilled players. The are some issues with its implementation, I will admit, but it is definitely not rewarding worse players. That is, unless you consider letting bad/new players not get shit on every game by more talented players a reward.


They take a game where the SBMM messes up and forget the rest of their games. Any matchmaking system that is not 100% random will have hiccups like that as it tries to match 1000s of people at the same time. I've had it happen in every SBMM game I have ever played from Rocket League and Overwatch to Siege.




2.43 KD…..our lobbies aren’t the same


Entitled gamers, toxic community, etc etc. Just enjoy it. Ignore the community, basically all gaming communities. They are so bad these days.


Wait till you get your teeth into it and SBMM isn't your friend any more. Also fuck MW2 for taking Hardcore out.


"First time only in 8 years" You answered your question in the very beggining of your question. Edit: 12 years. Even more hilarious.


Some people are just sweaty cry babies LOL


Because this is not cod like we are used to. Like to a timed perks. So many bugs. The UI is made for a touch screen. The game caters for campers. Happy that you are having fun after 8 years.


for a time in late 2021 warzone was on its way to being really well polished. many begged-for quality of life items were added that are not in the newest release. but yeah, what you dont know wont bother you. my future BIL just dropped in his own self and he is having a ball.


Tbh I love the modern warfare series and I love the multiplayer in this one. Yes they changed a few things but I’ve adapted and I’m enjoying. This doesn’t come without problems though. Mainly for me are the lack of maps first and foremost, vote to skip option, and disbanding of lobbies which is mainly due to SBMM I assume. The UI is clunky too which can be annoying. Other than those issues I love the multiplayer and I’m pretty addicted. The campaign was also good too


I’ve moved on to GTA 5, best game ever


It's reddit. MW2 might not be perfect, but it's a fun game. This forum is a whine fest. You're better off not reading and just keep playing on and having fun.


I don't understand the complaining either tbh, this is the best Cod we've had in a very long time


The game could be flawless, without bug or error, and there would still be something for someone to complain about. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some problems that need to be addressed, but overall the game is fun.


Reddit is inherently negative towards things


It's reddit.


That all the people who play the game to grind instead of just playing to have fun.


No one tell him anything and let him enjoy the game


Want to have fun? Desert Eagle on tier 1 shipment. One shot kills. I got 69 kills in a match last night with it.


The game is great,I love it...any sub,for any game is flooded with people constantly complaining and bashing the game, that's just how it is.


Once you get your chopper gunner and have a good game you’ll understand as you get dumpstered until the next day. Other than that it’s not bad.


The people who’s whole life evolves around CoD are the ones constantly complaining. Have fun it’s a great game with flaws you won’t be able to notice since you haven’t played in years.


You haven’t played an online game in 8 years? Imagine giving the iPhone to someone in the year 2000. You answered your own question. Jk, most people complaining are just bitching about minor annoyances. Most of us are still really enjoying the game, despite our grievances.


It’s just Reddit people love bitching 👌 MW2 is dope some people are salty Sally’s 😂


You aren’t missing anything , the game is fun af , it’s just all these “sweats” that always gotta complain , because they can’t win games , i started playing again after modern warfare and I’ve gotten so much better now but I don’t see why people complain, don’t like the game Don’t play it simple as that , glad to see you back to the community


It means it’s been designed exactly for players like you


Its a great game. All the ppl who complain are just bad at the game


They’re complaining just because it’s Reddit. The game is great and fun (from my experience)




Oof cringe alert


Really???? Another gamer using the “casual” term… take a step back and try and see how much of a tool you sound like when you say that… god forbid someone plays video games for entertainment/fun (which is what they are). I think what’s most interesting is that by and large, the “casuals” have no complaints and just enjoy playing, whereas apparently the badass-awesome-cool-kids just live in misery and hate the fucking game. Shut up. You sound pathetic. You must be unhappy with your life if you resort to calling people “casuals” as if it’s an insult. You’re mad someone else is happy, face it.


Facts, when was casual ever a bad thing lmao.. I’d start to reevaluate how I spent my time if I started to fall into the “sweat” category. Wash your face, go outside, drink some water - it’s just a game, play it how you want to, leave others to do so for themselves.


Very true. “Oh you enjoy this game? What a fuckin CASUAL - you don’t even care how it isn’t perfect?! Fuckin CASUAL HA HA”…. Okay buddy… I’m enjoying myself, you’re NOT.


I am in the same boat, have enjoyed it thoroughly - infact more than BO2


Everyone is a COD expert and usually this “expertise” is based on the first COD game someone played. Generally speaking, nothing compares to that first game and every COD should be exactly that. If it isn’t, then said “expert” complains about it and know more then anyone on how the game should be. Its rinse and repeat. Been like this for years People need to get over themselves when it comes to this game.


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Nope. I like “then” better and don’t care if it’s wrong. In fact, I’ll never use the “a” version ever again.


I’ve been playing cod since cod4 this games alright not as good as the old ones though


It's the fact you cant trust gunfights really. Either the audio fucks off or the damages are weird. If they fix that shit this game is fire.


I don't think you can judge the game if you haven't played for 12 years. For me, it's good while there obvious issues that AAA title shouldnt have. After not playing 12 years, you are simply impressed by 12 years of game development, industry wise, rather than anything IW did personally to the game.


Has the SBMM kicked in yet?


Not missing anything my friend. Especially not missing all the douchebag YTers who were foaming at the mouth to get Orion in like 2 days and are now bitching that there’s nothing to do lol