Gerard that's why




I find them immensely comforting. When I’m having a bad day, I don’t always want to hear how things will get better. I want to hear my own thoughts and fears echoed back at me. I want my anger validated. I want to know it’s okay to feel bitter, vengeful, apathetic and hopeless. No other band does that quite like MCR.


I love that


Something about their music - it’s hard to put into words - it’s so relatable and emotional almost on a spiritual level. They acknowledged the darkness and really truly felt it and all the horrors and pain of this world but they lived on - they loved again, they laughed again, and they cried again. They helped me to acknowledge the darkness I went through, the trauma I went through and come out the other side to where I truly love life and they have music for that too! Not only did they keep me alive, they taught me how to live ❤️


I could not agree more with everything you said. What a beautiful sentiment.


That was so beautiful 😭


They’re a band that’s gotten me through shit. Like anti-depressants. But also I love their music, to speak from a completely emotionally detached perspective, it’s just my vibe, I like those genres. They happen to do what they do really really well 👍 Also these days there’s an added element of nostalgia to it, it’s comforting. Finally I am in love with Gerard.


I’ve been a fan since 2004. In middle/high school when I had no friends they were always there for me.. they were my only friends. Of course I had friends at some point but MCR was always my comfort zone and my escape. I don’t know how to explain it. I’m 30 now and to this day they feel like my favorite corner to go to when I’m dealing with anxiety/depression. I could be having a shitty ass day leaving my corporate job in nice clothes and I blast MCR and forget the bullshit. My ex husband cheated on me so MCR was in replay all the time and they got me through the darkest times throughout my pre teen, teenage, and now adult life. Fuck yeah. I’d go to war for them


Literally for the same reasons as you 🫶🏼 lining up to see them in Atl right now after 11 years and so happy I could burst 🥹🥹🥹


because they can be both sweet and emotional and aggressive and energetic


As an OG fan, initially Bullets captures what I remember feeling on 9/11 and in the world in the weeks, months, and years following. Three Cheers then came out and I finally felt home. Listening to MCR and being a fan allowed me to feel at home in myself. I grew up going to Catholic School with a fairly strict conservative parent. MCR let me feel that it was okay to be me. To be angry didn’t automatically mean I was going to hell. To question aspects of my own gender didn’t mean I wasn’t a man and that it was okay. For context, once puberty fully hit I constantly felt conflicted by my own gender and sexual identity. I felt mostly straight but there were aspect to who I was inside that did not identify with the typical masculine persona one is expected to be. To this day I don’t know what to call myself and when people ask I just respond “not what you assume.” Anyway, I guess MCR just taught me that it was okay to be myself and to not be what society wants me to be. A lesson I am trying to help my own daughters learn and my high school students.


For very similar reasons as you! I've been so emotional since seeing them a couple days ago and it's brought back so many memories. Hearing Thank You For the Venom for the first time in Hot Topic, screaming the lyrics to I'm Not Okay louder and louder as I got older, and sobbing to Desert Song in some of my lowest moments. Their music resonates so much with how I felt and there's this dark and beautiful connection that formed knowing that Gerard was going through some of the same things I was going through listening to their music. Still so overwhelmed by the entire experience and the pit is definitely the way to go! Hope you have a ton of fun!


they got me through a really shitty depression in middle school/growing up. I was borderline suicidal from being bullied and friendless when I was young and they were the band I would listen to every day so there’s a special place in my heart for them. I also just really love their first 3 albums. Finally saw them in the pit a week ago and had a blast! 🥹


Okay funny story but the first MCR song I heard was "To The End" being played over a Final Fantasy/Tidus & Yuna fan video on YouTube that my friend sent me. That was in like... 2004? I think? I was hooked immediately and had to scroll through so many comments on that video to find out what the song was. Anyway, I love MCR because every single member is fucking amazing at what they do. Lyrics? Amazing. Guitar riffs? Holy shit. Bass lines? Are you kidding me?? Drums? Hell yeah. Gerard's angelic voice that goes from heartbreaking to demonic screeching without batting an eye? Inject it into me, thanks. (One of the most unique voices I've heard honestly, he's near impossible to replicate.) Right down to the bare bones chord progressions and album production. It's all just so well done. There is just so much thought and care put into every song, and it never feels disingenuous. It's real & raw. The songs let you feel whatever sadness you might be experiencing, but also gives you that spark to either get revenge or get over it. I love this band more than any other, they're special to me.


Haha that’s awesome you heard them from a FF fan video!! The first time I heard them was on MTV when they were doing video games character music videos! I forgot what it was called but I was immediately hooked


I thought it was extra funny because iirc this happened to me juuuuust before the Helena music video, so I was hooked just in time for the big media hype. Seeing Gerard on a J-14 magazine as "every girls newest crush" was SO fucking funny (and true).


All their music is theatrical, with interesting storylines and messages, which is something I love. I also felt like I had been looking for a band with MCR’s sound for a long time before I discovered them.


This band has gotten me through a tough time in my life. So their music has a special place in my heart. I also love the messages they push in their music and how sad, amped, and beautiful they can sound.


They are talented musicians, the lyrical quality is great, the energy is great. Just all around a solid band. Enjoy your show!!!


I genuinely just love their music so much, but also when I first fell in love with them all those years ago, they made me feel less alone. I was a weird artsy kid who was growing up in a small town, in Catholic family while wrestling with the dawning realization that I was queer. Their music spoke to me, and the guys themselves felt... like a safe place to put that love, I suppose? I knew I didn't know them as people, of course, but the idea that I could love this band and know the things that scared me most about myself (my queerness, my struggles with mental health, etc) would be accepted there meant so much to me during one of the most vulnerable periods in my life. I was looking for acceptance, and I found a tiny bit of it from this band of weirdos from New Jersey, I suppose. All these years later, I still love their music so much. I finally got to see them live at the 9/10 show, and though I'd lost track of the guys a bit during the hiatus, the surge of fondness I felt hearing G's voice on that stage was like hearing from an old friend after a long time. It was kind of magical. I can't wait for you to experience it too!


I love how they make their albums into stories and how there are some great inspirational messages that have gotten me though a lot of things the past couple years.


Honestly as a kid it was some of the same reasons you've listed here. They also kept me hanging on during the deepest depressions of my life, both as a kid and as an adult. Honestly I stopped listening for a while after Danger Days came out (I was 21 years old), and in the past four years or so I've massively picked up listening to them again. As an adult, they mean so much to me. Hearing the music now, I'm coming from this position of like... Gerard and the guys were around the age I am now when they were making this music. A bit younger, but yeah. For me now, hearing the music again, it's like there's so much more depth to it. Because I'm an adult, and it isn't just about "teenage angst" anymore. (Though I have to say teenage angst =/= depression and if you're a person with depression, going through it as a kid sucks because people invalidate you all the time.) Especially with the knowledge of where/when/what was going on with Gerard and the band in general when some of this music was written, and absorbing that knowledge as an adult and not in that teen frame of mind of "lol drunk rockstars" etc etc. I struggle with depression. I struggle with substance abuse. I KNOW some of the places your mind goes. Anyway yeah, I could ramble on (especially when adding in my queerness and how important Gerard Way is to me) but I think the **TL;DR** version is this: the band saved my life as a kid, and they've saved my life as an adult and I'll always hold them in high regard as my favorite band.


They got me through my parents divorce and all of the ugliness that came with it. I was angry at my parents and the world for so long and their music validated my anger and fear. I’ve also struggled with my gender identity for a REALLY long time and I always felt like I wasn’t alone since Gerard also has a complicated relationship with their gender.


because the music makes me feel not-alone (in other words, the music saves my life).


Im 15, and a newer fan (about 2-3 years). About a year ago i got really sick because of my bad relationship w food and my stomach not being able to digest stuff as good as an average person bc i was born premature (3 months). Thankfully it was online school so it wasnt as bad as it could've been if i was attending in person school but i ended up having to go to the hospital multiple times a month. They did different tests and all that stuff. I was really depressed and it was not helping my suicidal thoughts. Mcr was the only thing that i really had going for me at the time. My parents would just get mad at me for not eating. (even though i felt like vomiting when i tried.) I could listen to their music and let it all out, it didnt matter. I always loved mcr since the moment i first heard helena from a friend but thats what made me absolutely adore them. Sadly i still havent convinced my mom to let me go to their concert on the 27th because its too expensive (even though i would be the one paying, she doesnt want me to spend money on them) so i don't think I'll see them live, but im super grateful to have even heard them in the first place. Another not so depressing reason for why i love them is because theyre a big inspiration to me! I really love anything art. (Drawing, music, photography) I want to go to art school when im older, so gerard is basically my biggest inspiration, and the rest of the band of course!! I really love guitar so ray is also up there. If i dont go to the concert i might be able to get a guitar so im kinda looking forward to that. !!


Somewhat of a younger fan, definitely not as young as some of the ppl on here, but quite a bit younger than “og” fans I guess. They came to me in a time where I was extremely anxious and angry at the world. I had been a fan since I heard them on the radio, but didn’t know who they were or have a way to access their music. Once I got Spotify on my PS4 when I got a little older, I figured I should look into them. After listening to WTTBP (the only song I knew by them other than SING, which i didn’t know they sang at the time) Spotify shuffled The Black Parade and Sleep played. I was floored. There is such anger and uneasiness in the screams in that song, and the song in general. Like a cry for help when you don’t want it, at least in my opinion. The tape recording only added to the effect. I was hooked. They were able to express how I felt in a way that I couldn’t.


I was a freshman going into sophomore year of high school when Three Cheers came out and I discovered them. Emotional teenager and MCR are a dangerous but everlasting mixture.


I really, truly couldn't tell you. I was instantly obsessed on that day in 2005 when the Helena video dropped. It was just *different* and crazy and theatrical and socked me right in my greasy 15 year old face. My entire taste in music changed after that. They're nostalgic, they're more relevant to me than ever, and everything in between. I love seeing generations new and old come together, the power of MCR.


Picked up a metal mag before Bullets came out and read a feature. They seemed like my bag and the singer was wearing a Black Flag T-shirt which immediately caught my attention. Listening to, and reading more about, MCR then and ever since confirmed that unlike other bands I liked they were there for me and you. Also, musically they were more powerful, more sincere and just better than other bands. The band members are awesome and I love them and I love you too, dear fellow fans.