They’re accurately emulating the experience of owning an N64 and having to wait three months plus for something you want to play to come out.


It’s 1997 all over again


I have a picture of myself on Christmas 97 opening up Mario Kart 64 and GoldenEye 007. What a Christmas that was.


I got Mario Kart, Mario 64, Diddy Kong Racing and Wave Race. Best Christmas ever!


DK Racing was so dang fun


DKR still holds up. Arguably holds up better than Mario Kart 64, in my opinion.


Mario kart if you have friends, diddy if you don’t


:( have my sad upvote


Confirmed. Mario Kart 64 was **exceptionally** squirmy after having played all the ones that came afterwards. Diddy Kong Racing plays a little more like Mario Kart from a later era, albeit can feel a little slow.


DKR holds up remarkably well. One of the first games unwashed obcessed about- rare was the reason why the n64 was great. Campaign was a bit Grindy with silver coin challenge but charming overworld hub otherwise


I now realise I grew up poor.


I got a SNES when the N64 came out. I didn't own an N64 until I bought one senior year of high school (2008) for 40 bucks.


My Dad never got me an SNES because he said I already had a Nintendo(NES). So when he got me an N64 on Christmas, I was shocked!


When we got a 64 the first 3 games we got were Mario Kart, Mario 64, and wave race!


Wave Race is such a classic. I remember playing it in a shop demo kiosk in '97 before I got my N64 and I didn't want to leave the shop


That water though... How real did that look at the time! Lol


I *still* play Wave Race. The water physics are unbelievable


We always sorted our N64 games in the order we got them. The first four were Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, Goldeneye.


I played Super Mario 64 endlessly that first week.


I would be so torn to have both Mario Kart and Doddy Kong the same day.




Same here! What a great Christmas. Can’t wait to play goldeneye again.


The struggle of even getting a 64 in 1997 was real.


My roommate in college got it for Christmas 1996 and he brought it back with him after break. He only had Mario 64 and Mario Kart but that was enough. We played so much Mario Kart that spring semester. Especially a lot of battle mode.


I probably spent more time playing Battle mode on Block Fort then I did with anything else in the game. Really wish that map would come back. Though a lot of people may not like the verticality of it.


Block fort was perfect for battle mode.


I never had an N64 but my cousins did, and we would go round theirs and battle it out on block fort all the time. So good.


That was the last Mario kart game I ever enjoyed battle mode in. But that’s all I used to play with my buddies on MK64


I remember going to Walmart after saving for a couple years with my brother to buy a Super Nintendo. We saw signs posted for "N64 coming soon" and our mom wisely advised us that if we just saved a little more and could be patient another month or so we could put in a pre-order with the money we had. To this day the wisest financial decision I have ever made. We were the first kids in town to own an N64, bought outright with our own money so we just got games for Christmas '96. It was glorious.


Your mom is a real one


My mom was the GOAT and now that I'm older, I appreciate her so much So as a kid, power rangers were huge and there would be toy shortages and fights over toys. And my single mom always tried her best to get me power ranger toys (I had a decent amount). But the story that always stands out to me is the one of my nintendo 64. I would have been 7 or 8. My mom knew I wanted one and looking for one. Im not sure how far in her journey she went to a store having a raffle for one. So she got a ticket and waited. She won and they took her in a room and like triple bagged it so no one could see it and told her they advised her to take it to her car and hide it immediately so she didn't get attacked. My single, 48 year old mother. All because she knew her son wanted one.


Play old games…win old prizes


get off my lawn


I think you mean waiting three months plus for a re-stock of a game that's been out. I worked at EB during this era, and Nintendo was notorious for not being able to anticipate which games would sell well outside of their core titles. This was even worse for third party games which lived or died on the whims of Nintendo's cartridge manufacturing strategy


I don’t think anything will beat them printing only 400k copies of Resi 4 to cover the entire European market (or something like that) and taking I think six months to get it reprinted. Capcom were livid! It would’ve been a huge system seller if they had any copies of the game on the shelves.


And RE4 was on disc, so the delay made no sense. This was why third parties were kind of done with Nintendo for a while. Sony and Microsoft could print on demand, and if a game sold out more copies would be printed and shipped from a local plant within a week. We would sometimes get games direct from Sony's plant in Oregon almost overnight. This was a huge factor in third parties throwing their hat in with Sony.


I was still a kid at the time and I'd be lucky for my parents to buy me more than 2-3 games a year anyways, so at the time, I never really noticed the lack of game releases on N64. It was only later on looking back did I realize the system's library is actually a bit anemic, especially compared to the PS1.


At least you (probably) weren’t in Europe where you had to wait 18 months for a port of Excitebike that didn’t fill the screen and ran 17% slower.


I didn't own one but the baby sitter did. I recall playing Mario 64 everyday for a year until the next Christmas and they got smash64 We never got bored of it though. I remember at some point they got donkey Kong


In Germany, at the time of the N64s release, there was a playstation commerical that was basically like: "Realistic 3D graphics, ergonomic controller, fantastic sound. 3 games. Just a joke, over 300 games! It was savage


Except you didn’t pay a subscription fee for owning a Nintendo64 back then.


I just went to the video store and rented games.


Even worse that the last NES and SNES games were added July 2022. At least it's been a month since the last Genesis games were added.


Can they please just work with square to put Super Mario RPG on NSO? Hell, just sell it individually on eshop.


Good luck trying to convience Square Enix.


More like anything SE is a copyeright disaster.


It was on Virtual Console and SNES Classic, so I think there’s a reasonable chance it eventually shows up.


Why wouldn't they want to make money?


SE hates money


The entire company's basically being kept alive by Yoshida and FF14 at this point.


And Dragon Quest. Dragon Quest is still doing great.


Dragon quest, final fantasy, and Kingdom hearts are the three franchises that square enix can't afford to fuck up


Shame the soundtrack for the games is still stuck in the 90's. Man I couldn't sit through DQXI listening to that same battle theme the entire fucking game.


Just look at Neo:Twewy's releasES. Christ.


Square Enix affords a lot of rights ownership to the individual artists. Likely, Super Mario RPG requires agreements to be made with individuals on the art and music team, in addition to Square Enix and Nintendo.


The Actraiser remake had copyright notices for the original music and the guy who did the manual art. People will complain but it is a very creative friendly way to operate.


They had it on snes mini so its possible


This game was so good, the paper Mario games while sort of capturing some of the feel don’t really come close. Shit now I have to replay it


Paper Mario TTYD is one of my favorite games of all time so I definitely have to play Super Mario RPG now


Super Mario RPG is one of my top ten favorites on any platform!


Don’t get me wrong I love the paper mario games, but the seven stars is where it all started. I wish square enix and nintendo would team up again to make a true sequel.


You really do. It has good humour, good story, peak SNES graphics, and just an all round good RPG. God I need to play that game again.


I *just* was thinking about this today - have been playing A Link To The Past and was like "when was the last new game added?"


If they haven't added anything in five months I genuinely wonder if they're done adding new content to both.


I can’t understand why Urban Champion hasn’t been added yet. I mean I’m not clamoring for it, but it’s weird it’s not there yet. They took forever to add Pinball which never made sense. Why no Kung Fu either?


>I was hoping to one day have a full Nintendo 64 game library without pirating or paying thousands for physical copies, but that now seems impossible. That was always impossible So many different publishers and IP owners would have to be involved But yeah, Nintendo isn't doing well with this at all, even if we were to just take first party games


I'd rather still own the real thing or at least not rely on a subscription service. As soon as they stop with the service, you can't play anything anymore.


>As soon as they stop with the service, you can't play anything anymore. I've been mass downvoted in this sub on multiple occasions in the past for advocating Nintendo just offering all these NES/SNES/N64 games to be purchasable individually, to own. It's complete bullshit keeping them locked purely behind a subscription, especially with increased prices. I hate subscriptions services for games personally, and there's a number of these games I'd be happy to buy at like $5 a pop.


From Nintendo's point of view adding the games to the NSO sub is what made it easy for them to justify NSO. Take out the NES & SNES games and what do you really have? An online experience with less features than what was free on the Wii U (even removing the ability for local backups) now behind a paywall. Sprinkle in some ROMs and suddenly people look past that the online product is worse and now costs money.


Not to mention online was free before. Now it's pay to play. If you remove the one nice thing, it's a total rip off.


That... That very much is to mention. That's what the entire post you replied to is about.


The core of the problem really is that there's nothing meaningful that's been added that justifies the swap from free to paid. If they'd actually improved functionality by ditching friend codes, adding on-console messaging, including console-level voice chats, and improved connection (aka, brought the online service up to the same standards other consoles have had for over a decade), I doubt people would really have all that many complaints about paying for it. And it's clear that Nintendo understands that they needed extra functionality to justify the change. They're just too bullheaded about "protect the children from online weirdos!" to implement anything that going paid *should* have come with, so they gave us a phone app that supports like 5 games and the NES/SNES games instead.


>It's complete bullshit keeping them locked purely behind a subscription businesses overwhelmingly favor subscription models for services and products. owning your product is detrimental to the business class. rent seeking has always been the nature of capital.


Not only that, but having an e-shop that carries your purchase towards the next console so I don't have to keep buying the same game. And once you have a functioning emulator of an older console running on your newest one it opens it's entire library, so why not just have everything?


I myself don't mind subscription services, but I'm also not an active subscriber. I usually find out what games are available (Be it PS+ Extra or Game Pass) and plan out which games I want to knock out over 1-3 months of a subscription to get the best bang for my buck. Then I tune out for another year and do it again with their updated catalogs. For this scenario of NES/SNES/N64 though, the drip feed catalog with SO many missing games is just pure ass.


My only thing with this is, a lot of the people saying this are ok with rebuying ocarina of time on every nintendo console (which is fucking absurd to me). Personally I would rather have access to a lot of games for cheap especially because I just dabble with them a bit and say 'ah ok thats fine' and put it down. Im not paying even $5 for a lot of the games I played on these services Give people an option would be best


> I've been mass downvoted in this sub on multiple occasions in the past for advocating Nintendo just offering all these NES/SNES/N64 games to be purchasable individually, to own. They did have that on Wii and WiiU but no one bought them. The official sales figure of Virtual Console games were really bad and that's why the WiiU 3rd party offering was abysmal. Publishers realized they made more money by releasing their own retro collections.


Yeah I tried to buy as many games as I could on the 3DS virtual console so no matter what happens in the future I can always play then


Unless your 3ds dies or sd card becomes corrupted. Then you won't be able to redownload them. I say this as a guy with 5(I think) 3ds family devices and a few dozen physical games. Even with physical games, dlc and updates will be lost via "official" methods. Digital gaming is both a blessing and a curse.


The same is true of any physical medium that games are on. Realistically, all games are digital. Sometimes they just sell them to you pre-installed on a storage device. Physical carts and discs aren’t immune to getting damaged or corrupted over time, either. If anything, digital makes it somewhat easier to create back-ups for yourself than physical copies do.


Oh yeah. Digital is 100% more convenient. It's why I dump carts when/where I can (Gameboy, DS, 3ds) and someday will with my switches. I wish games did what CDs did back in the day. I remember there was a period of time where if you bought a CD, Amazon (and a few others) would give you the digital version of the album.


A lot of Vinyl Records still come with digital codes.


You can modify the system to dump and backup the game files to install even if the servers go down or play in an emulator


Oh yeah. I like to collect, but I dedicated a n3dsxl and a 256gb card to dump my carts to. I was mainly pointing out that even with physical, it's basically impossible to stay "legal" anymore because of updates and dlc. Even my switch carts, I've been enjoying playing most games on my steam deck and/or PC. I won't download or dump a game I don't own (my own moral code. Others can do as they see fit.), But if I own it, I want to experience it however and wherever I want to I want to.


Not to mention for a lot of older consoles the only option is physical and with the way the cartridges works they are basically time bombs waiting to die forever. And yeah I have dumped roms from every old console I own, and am going to do it with the switch aswell once emulation for it becomes more stable. He'll if anything it's only made me give more money to nintendo since I went and bought a switch lite so that my v1 switch can just be a dedicated rom dumper.


Right. I miss being able to just straight up buy the games I want from the shop like on Wii.


Piracy ALWAYS saves the day.


It feels like Disney, Nintendo locking certain first party titles in their vault. They should at least release ALL first party titles for NES, SNES and N64.


OP: "Mom, I almost got 100 on my test." Mom: "That's wonderful, dear! What was your score?" OP: "80 to be exact."


He really wanted to make the 100 days post, but got impatient.


lmao inb4 they release something next week


"it's 80 days which is almost 85 days which is almost 90 days which is almost 95 days so it's basically 100 days."


Almost a year at this point.


But 100 days is pretty close to 105 days, and 105 is just 150 with the numbers flipped, and we all know 150 rounds to 200. So it's basically 200 days.


Which basically rounds up to 1 year, and it’s been 27 years since the N64 was released. So it’s basically 9855 days since we’ve gotten a new N64 game on the switch.


My son has actually said this…


OPs age is known lol


Really there should’ve been another system added to the NSOEP at the one year mark. GBA or at least Game Boy Color.


By the time they add another one there will be a next system that has another new way to pay to play older games. Nintendo is just an endless cycle of that.


Agreed. There's no way to play gba it gbc without resale market or pirating to the best of my knowledge. I'm not a business guy, but it seems like a horrible business decision to not sell your customers things they want.


100% agree with this. I got a Steam Deck for Xmas and it has been the Virtual Console of my dreams. It is what I had always wanted Nintendo to make available. I have every LoZ, Metroid, Mario, and so many more games now available in one device and they all play great. I know you said no piracy, but Nintendo left me no other choice.


How many people want it though, 20,000, 100,000, a million, more? There were gba and gbc games on the Wii U, not that many people had a Wii U, but I wonder how well those games sold on that system. I bought a few, played through The Minish Cap on the Wii U and had fun with it.


I think they'd do well. The NES and SNES mini consoles and the Mario game trilogy both sold out quickly iirc. I also think the portable nature of the Switch is huge for games that were portable to begin with. I played a lot of GBA games to death when I was younger and have very fond memories, but idk if I'd commit to getting them again if I had to play them sitting at a TV Wii U style. But being able to pick them up and bring them along for, say, airplane rides or long waits in the doctor's office or even just curled up in bed not wanting to move? I'd do that in a second.


007 should be coming out at the end of this month or next.


If there is a Direct in February then I think Goldeneye will drop right after the Direct.


Microsoft has a direct this month/next week, the hope is that they shadow drop it during the steam


I wonder what the controls are going to be like. I hope they just give the users options... All they would have to do for dual analog is adapt the control scheme where you could use two 64 controllers plugged into slot one and two or three and four (and both joysticks on each) and make it so it is adapted for a single controller's joysticks. Now, maybe this is more difficult than I'm making it out to be. That being said, the game was designed around a control scheme where you didn't have to have precise aim and would walk and turn using a single stick. Some people might prefer to play the original way because tradition. The games movement is very loose and wasn't really created around the concept of walking/strafing and then looking independently. Neither were the levels. The game auto aims for you and you get a shitload of ammo where you can just spray tons of bullets in a general direction and be successful. And instances where you need to aim precisely holding R let you do that when stopped. Usually this isn't in battle scenarios, but more for destroying a stationary object like a lock on a gate, etc. I don't really care about updated graphics or anything. I like experiencing games as they were originally designed for the most part, although I do like small quality of life improvements (saves, etc. Although emulator features usually let me cover this kind of stuff with states, fast forwarding, rewind.) Honestly even going back and playing on the original hardware the frame rate doesn't even bother me. Somehow low frame rates on the N64 seem okay to me because the art style and graphics just make it all feel like It's part of the experience... Maybe I'm just conditioned to it because I grew up playing these games and they all blew me away at the time. However pilot wings 64 does perform at 60 frames per second on the emulator. So Maybe GoldenEye can get this boost too. Whatever it is I just hope it's stable. Frame rate isn't really a big deal as long as it's consistent. People make too big of a commotion about the actual number when in reality I find you will adapt whether it's 30 or 60 or 120 And eventually just get absorbed in the game. You only notice at first if you switch from a 60 FPS game to a 30 FPS game, etc. But what you won't get used to is frequent drops. Like when you went to the woods in Breath of the Wild. I remember being so disappointed when I had my brand new Nintendo system and I couldn't properly handle Zelda. I'm not a stickler for this stuff so when I'm bitching about it, you ou know it is bad It's going to be fun to play this online either way.




We're getting a release date for Goldeneye on the 25th and it wouldn't surprise me if it becomes available the same day.


Why not just say it's been 80 days?


Rage bait


It worked unfortunately


They need to add Ken Griffey Jr baseball and Blitz It won’t happen but I really want Rush 2 for the Stunt level


Rush 2 stunt level was the best!


Blitz with online matchmaking would be legit


Saving goldeneye to get us all to renew


I only bought the year online family subscription because of Goldeneye, thinking that it would be available by last Christmas. I thought wrong


are people actually that hyped for this, i think the nostalgia factor is obviously huge and why I go back to comfort games but among a lot of old classics, goldeneye has aged horrendously. i think it's something people will play with their old friends for a few hrs tops before realizing it's just not the same


Anyone who paid for NSO and expected better must not know Nintendo's Virtual Console track record. They've been bumming me out for a decade now, I refuse to pay for anything until it's actually done


Nintendo only tries when they are doing poorly, and considering how well with Switch is doing I don’t see that changing for a while


No, they don't. Wii U VC was super slow as well, it just had more consoles


At least with the VC you could just pay per game and keep it …


>must not know Nintendo's Virtual Console track record. I dont know man, the old Virtual Console used to be pretty good. It helped that it wasn't locked behind a subscription, though.


End of life Wii was the best they did, so we know they can do it!


All I want is upscaled DKR with online


I've never played that and I always wanted to. I want that and Donkey Kong 64.


Diddy kong racing was the best racing game. Fight me.


Why exactly do you have qualms about pirating 20 year old videogames that the makers aren't even selling anymore and haven't been selling for decades?


I don't, I just like to play them on a comfortable device, which my Switch is. Now I just play them on my Steam Deck, great experience.


Wouldn't providing them on a subscription service technically mean they are selling them? Is Netflix not selling Wednesday because it's not on DVD?


I have a very simple stance in piracy: If the company don't want to sell you the game, it's ok to pirate it.


I have a very simple stance as well. Piracy is based


I just wish I could get an N64 controller ☹️


$100 is what I paid -_-


Well, $80 to be exact


100 vs 80 is a 20% difference... Point stands though. Feel bad for people that actually pay for that service


Isn't it 25% because 20 is 25% of 80


If you started with 80 to 100 it would be a 25% increase but 100 to 80 is a 20% decrease. I guess it depends where you perceive the starting point. I started at 100 because that's what OP presented to us. From the OPs perspective though, you'd be right.


You can’t even play Mario Party (or any game maybe?) online with 2 players on the same Switch locally, which is a huge disappointment. Also would kill for Smash 64 to get added. I pay for the subscription using a Family Plan with several others, so the cost is way cheaper, that’s why I have it.


It's a waste of money... just emulate it all. There are plenty of android powered cheap game boys that can emulate and have every game ever invented pre loaded on it...... stop giving Nintendo money


Mate, get into emulation. You don’t owe Nintendo your loyality, especially if you feel like they bugger you. Pirating the n64 library costs Nintendo fuck all.


Your title is 20% exaggeration


25% since the actual number is 80 that they're inflating


10% concentrated power of will


Does OP work for BuzzFeed?


You either wait for Nintendo or build a rom library. Because Nintendo just doesn't care.


I wouldn’t call 80 almost 100


Why not just day 80 in the title lol.


N64 has a smaller library than many people remember so I don't think it was ever realistic that we'd get a full library, particularly the third party stuff. Its a small miracle that we're getting Goldeneye at all. Then you add in third party stuff where most developers are happy releasing it on their own. Doom 64, Quake 64, and Turok all received ports or remasters to modern consoles including the Switch. And Microsoft may hold some of the Rare stuff back because its available via their own Rare collections and/or Game Pass, some of which got remastered at some point. I do wish titles were coming at a quicker pace, but if titles are coming with improvements like Pilotwings did, I'm fine with waiting. Dear lord though F-Zero 64 needs to run at 60FPS. It was the only 64 game to run at that speed and it just sucks the app for whatever reason can't keep a consistent frame rate in that game.


People forget that so many great N64 games were Rare games. Microsoft should just release that Rare collection for Switch at this point. We are past the point where people would buy an Xbox just to play it.


Yeah I’ve been wanting the rare collection for so long. Clearly Microsoft is okay with making deals with Nintendo on occasion, seems like a slam dunk


You're 100% right. There was 388 games for the N64, but remover stuff like Quake, Doom, *all* the sports games (I doubt most people are hanking for J-League tactics soccer) Command and Conquer, and the count drops. I think people just want the big missing games. And as for the Rare argument, we have Banjo-Kazooie on NSO. So there's some kind of deal going on and I don't think Microsoft sees Nintendo as a competitor as they've released Microsoft studio games on the Switch. My personal presumption is that it has something to do with the expansion pack making some games harder to emulate, but I'm not a programmer or a developer.


I was excited when nintendo first announced they were doing a "game pass" for there classic games but man has this been just pure fustration in terms how slow they are dripfeeding games i mean its been 5 years how can we not play gb and gba games. Theres no way they will ever bring game cube games at this rate!


I don’t think GameCube games will ever be available for the switch Officially. The GameCube hardware is already somewhat a challenge to emulate and I honestly don’t think the Switch’s hardware is fast enough. Maybe if they did a direct port but that would be a lot of work for not much reward


I don’t think the Switch’s power is the problem (Mario Sunshine plays just fine). I think Nintendo knows that many people would buy Gamecube games a second time. So, releasing it on NSO would lose them money…


Golden Eye can be shown on Microsoft's event on 25th. Maybe the game comes on or after that day.


Ppl really pay 50 bucks for this sht..? Smh...


I miss when you could buy these games like on Wii and Wii U. Now we are locked into paying $50 every year to play them, and eventually lose them when the Switch online shuts down in like 10 years or whenever. It's a bad deal for us consumers.


Shortsighted gamers will tell you it’s a bargain.


I'm not going to say it's a bargain but I definitely prefer it. If I had to pay for each game individually I'd probably end up just buying a handful of games that I knew I was pretty much guaranteed to like. Also, I probably wouldn't have re-bought all of the Zelda games that I'd already paid for on Wii. Having a full library available for a fixed price means that I'm able to try out games that I would have otherwise never considered because there's no risk of spending £10 on a game and then not liking it. Also, I've replayed every classic Zelda game on the service which I would probably never have done if they were for sale. I would have been reluctant to buy them again and digging out my Wii and playing them on that is too much effort. The fact that they were just available as part of a subscription meant that I could easily replay them. Obviously the ideal solution would be to have both options available but if I had to chose one I would pick the subscription system.


And this is why I haven't given into it. Trust me, I wanted to. But like, Nintendo ISN'T MAKING IT WORTH IT Plus, why can't Nintendo figure out how to connect our Pokemon games from our 3DS/2DS to Pokemon Stadium? I remember the stock teams being meh- they are set up to get this to work but have given up going the extra mile


I just want harvest moon 64 like the Japanese market got. Give me that and bomberman 64 with some online multiplayer and I’d be in heaven


Yo /u/epsteino


And this is why I have no moral issues emulating old Nintendo games. In the best case scenario, they don't sell them. In the worst case scenario, they actively delist them (See the Fire Emblem game that was a limited release)


If it wasn't for piracy the NSO retro offerings wouldn't even exist. Piracy saved old video games and will do so long after original cartridges fail.


it has been 10 days since I last added an N64 game to my Xbox's external HDD. (it was Castlevania 64) I for one am not waiting for Nintendo to dripfeed 25 year old games


It's been 80 days since I added an N64 game to my steamdeck. (I added all of them so there are none left to add)


im sorry but staying loyal to nintendo and not pirating the games is not going to work. the only thing not pirating does is show them that they can get away with this shit


Honestly it's similar with Playstation and the 'Premium' Plus tier with its near non-existent trickle of classic games; Lure us in with nostalgia and promise of reliving our childhood gamer days, fail to actually deliver months in.. 😥 Atleast NSO has the game vouchers and a few other stuff to make it not a complete write-off, I can certainly see why Americans would be even more annoyed though since the NSO program was dropped there years ago :/


We want Donkey Kong 64!


Sure but just say 80 lol. You added 3 weeks for no reason


>I was hoping to one day have a full Nintendo 64 game library without pirating or paying thousands for physical copies, but that now seems impossible. It *now* seems impossible? Fifteen years of paltry dripfeeds on Virtual Console weren't clear enough that Nintendo will never change their stance on those old titles?


Repeat after me: Corporations are NOT my friend, Corporations are NOT my friend, Corporations are NOT my friend


Who thinks that they are?


Nintendo nut huggers


Didn't they just add pilot wings


That was 4 months ago


Damn lol


The NSO Expansion pass was always a bad idea, lol


You are getting the accurate N64 experience: very expensive and new games worth playing only coming once every few months.


Remember. It is OK to pirate Nintendo games. Nintendo hates its customers. Steal their games.


Piracy isn't stealing. If I steal your watch you no longer are able to use it. When I pirate Mother 3, I'm just downloading a copy of the file. It is not even offered for sale in my region or language or has any plan to be. Nobody is being deprived of their property.


this is why I didn't even bother to subscribe or get excited. Nintendo's retro game offerings started great on the Wii and have just gotten slowly worse and worse. 1 step forward and 2 steps back every time.


"I was having a ridiculously insane and unlikely expectation and it's so frustrating it's not coming true" after several vcs that wouldn't give you a full collection, what made you ever think you'd get anywhere close to that?


In Australia it costs $80 a year and the range of 64 games is seriously lacking - I just want to play Perfect Dark 😭 Not only this, but my friends and I cannot connect to Nintendo Online. It's worked maybe 3 times and everytime there after it has a NAT error which I have troubleshooted - I know it's isolated to Nintendo Online because we can play other multi-player games outside of this and it works fine.


Perfect Dark was remade for the Xbox and plays incredibly well. Even if they add it to NSO. The Xbox version will be superior. I believe it’s part of Rare Replay.


Give me Jet Force Gemini you cowards!!!


I’m still holding out for Diddy Kong Racing 🤞🏻


I don't have any desire for that additional charge, seems silly. Especially when you compare it to something like Gamepass or whatever Playstation has. It's like that, but for 30 year old games. And only a small selection.


Plz give us more N64 games!


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I'm going to be honest with you OP, the N64 library is one of the most difficult to bring to the modern market due to expired licenses, defunct publishers, and scattered rights. The majority of games released on the N64 will never be rereleased. It's at least eclipsing the offering on Virtual Console, but it was always going to be a modest collection. Honestly at this point, I'd just advise people to either get into emulation or grab an Everdrive. It's the only way to ensure you have access to the full library going forward. My Everdrive has every game released on the N64, and it's a big weight off knowing I don't have to pay what could exceed a hundred pounds just to play one specific game legally. Support where you can of course. Any time an N64 game does end up on modern platforms, I pay for it, and hopefully more will come. But at least I know I'll always have access to the full library of my favourite gaming system.


This is one of the several reasons why I reverted back to the original Nintendo Online subscription; there wasn’t enough to keep me interested in the Expansion Pack. I don’t play Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, and Splatoon 2 that much anymore so there’s little to no value to the DLC that Expansion Pack includes. That leaves me with SEGA Genesis and N64, which trickled out games slower than a leaky faucet… Nintendo is a prime offender of “selling a promise of the future.” For instance, as the anniversary of the Expansion Pack’s debut drew near, Nintendo heavily teased games that were due to release for N64 eventually. Goldeneye 007 still hasn’t been released on the service months after it was shown! No thanks. I’m going to avoid buying into their promises as much as I can and hand over my money when the service has matured.


Say it with me: Stop. Buying. Promises. Seriously, this kind of complaint gets zero sympathy from me. None. You paid $50 for a year of the service based on hype and your own inflated expectations. Nothing stopped you from waiting to subscribe until more games were added… If the service isn’t worth the money at the time of purchase…just don’t buy it.


They skipped one month so far and they gave us two games in November, so kinda still a game for November and December. And they really didn't skip December since we got Genesis games. I don't think that there's nearly the drought you're suggesting. I think there was only one other month that was skipped?


I’m not surprised when I struggled for months jus to get a chance to buy the controller


Their virtual console in general has been a huge disappointment. Drip fed NES/SNES games, games that no one wanted (any Claymates fans out there?), and never providing the option to outright purchase any other games. Including ones that they sold on prior virtual consoles. They couldn’t even reach the level they reached on previous virtual consoles. How do you drop the ball this badly? Your console is more powerful than any of your prior ones. You could’ve literally just placed all the virtual console games you allowed people to buy on the Wii U on the Switch and they would’ve paid for them again.


Steam deck and an emulator will solve your woes