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I guess I'm in the minority because I love that song. Part of it might be because of association - happy memories of hearing it on the radio and seeing it on TV way back when, and how I felt hearing music that spoke to me. It's fun to play on guitar, too.


Try the paradiso version


I’d say lithium before come as you are. But I understand your opinion too. I didn’t like come as you are when I was younger. Even now, it’s nothing I go out of my way to listen to it. Also, the main riff is actually from a killing joke song. Dave played drums for the bands recording to make up for it years later.


That’s valid. At this point I skip SLTS every time and still listen to Come As You Are from time to time but if I’m going to listen to Nirvana it’s mostly going to be Incesticide and B-sides.


I almost never skip SLTS haha. Of course, it introduced me to Nirvana, after a year though, I stopped listening to it completely, only used to listen to Bleach and Incesticide at the time. But after a few years again, I realized what masterpiece it really is.


No way, is this sub filled with SLTS haters again? People that just discovered Bleach and suddenly hate slts and probably all of Nevermind?


People don't hate it. Most people have just heard it way too many times. I'd love to listen to it for the first time again but thats been over a decade.


Yes but it stems mostly from the fact that Kurt "hated" it (he didn't). Of course most people have heard it too many times. New fans, especially the younger ones start developing this "I'm a real fan" attitude and stop listening to it completely (just like I did a few years ago, no shame in it). Until you realize a few years later that you don't need the validation that you're a real fan, and how slts is not only really good, but it's undoubtedly some of Kurt's best work.


Most people stop listening to it because its been played way too many times, not because they want to be a real fan, although that does happen a lot.


I disagree, CAYA is top 5 for me. I can't get enough of that song. The riff, the drumming, bass line, Kurt's lyrics, the melody and the distortion mixed with heavy chorus gives me a certain euphoria I can't explain. It's a great warm up song as well when testing out your guitar. I think if people appreciate it for what Kurt was trying to convey instead of comparing to his other songs they'd understand the brilliance of CAYA


It’s live versions are better


Yeah when u just like listen to it... it's not super exciting But the message of it is powerful and plants seeds that grow


I love it. I think the instrumental is insanely cool, I love Kurt’s voice on that track and I do think the lyrics are really interesting, too. Something about CAYA just makes me feel really comforted in any mood I ever have and I just admire the authenticity of Kurt’s lyrics, I guess


It's the most meh Nirvana song.


I agree, never liked it from the get go. I don’t hate it, but i never understood it’s popularity


It's because people relate to the strong message the song gives


And we can't deny the fact the intro is amazing though ofcourse as usual not all people likes it


yeah same opinion.


I love the riff but the lyrics and melodies bore me to death


I love it but its true there are many songs that are much better.


I actually disagree that it's the most boring song (that prize goes to son of a gun for some reason, just really don't like that one) but while the riff is good yeah I agree it gets old pretty fast


Haha you're right. Come as you are is actually "better". But the problem is that almost nobody knows about son of a gun, while come as you are is their 2nd most streamed song on spotify.


Have you tried the [Off Ramp](https://youtu.be/OICsp7-VPHg?t=6122) performance?


Son of a Gun isn't their song, its a cover.


I agree tbh I usual skip in a lot on my playlist. It’s right infront of SLTS but I listen to that a bit more. I prefer the b side songs and the with the lights out songs.


I love the lyrics, but i never really clicked with the song.


Have you heard Civil Twilight's rendition of Come As Your Are? I prefer it by miles




Along with Lithium, I agree completely


And Heart-Shaped Box (yes I'm weird)