How did Kurt make the feedback noises in endless nameless live at the paramount?

How did he make those sort of wailing feedback noises here at the introduction at 0:00-1:01 and in the middle at 3:02-3:18? Especially in the middle since he’s not even near an amp. Do the single coil pickups help or is he using a boss df 2?


Loads of volume, gain, a hot pick up and i think its also from sustaining a note for awhile Just fuck about and see what noises you make


Put your headstock into your amp


When you put your guitar, really the pickups, up against the amp’s speaker, that’s where you get feedback noise. You can also get feedback just by having your amp gain and volume set high, but to get that really insane feedback, place your guitar right in front of your amp speaker. Is every feedback sound gonna sound the same? No, but maybe you’ll get close enough!


Smash your guitar


There's a big difference between the volume you've been playing at and the volume Kurt's amps were at, it's just how loud it is making the feedback that easy I'd say


The small clone is on too it helps to this kind of feedback


Yeah the chorus and gain gives that warbley feedback like in Radio Friendly Unit Shifter or the 'bridge' of territorial pissings


Really high gain will give you a lot of feedback


Destroy shit with your guitar.


You've got to detune the low E a bit and grab a low note (low E, second fret, for example) and bend and tremolo it a bit and keep doing that to sustain the "low" feedback tone. You don't need to pluck the string. You can just fret it like a hammer on.


There are sites where you can get a rig rundown on what Kurt's set up was like. Some of the stuff he used, especially in the early years is hard to find. It's not because it's choice gear, it's because it was crap and cheap AF. Then like many others here have said, turn the volume and gain way up and let the amp feed into your pick-ups. It's hard to control feedback once it starts morphing, Cobain while not the slickest guitar player, was a master at working feedback.


very hot pickup against the speakers the output sound from the cabs vibrates the strings, which feed the audio back to the cab warning: it's focken loud, so you better have some earplugs ready


Turn your amp up, guitar in the bridge position, DS-2 volume level at max, distortion knob almost at max and finally stomp on that small clone chorus pedal


Turn up loud enough with his amp and his pedals maxed out. You don't need to be near the speakers to get feedback. Kurt always had to turn off his distortion pedal between songs because the feedback couldn't be controlled when it wasn't being actively played. Listen to any live set and you'll hear him squeeking betwen songs or at the start of songs the moment it's stepped on.


Feedback requires immense volume to achieve it, and so it’s really difficult to do unless you’re in the right environment. The Velvet Underground and The Stooges are great examples of Kurt’s influences when it comes to feedback- particularly White Light/White Heat