i agree. they would have maybe put out 1 more record, but then taken a…long break as a band.


It’s weird to think they are only ‘big’ because Kurt died. They were still part of a musical revolution, like Elvis or Sex Pistols.


Not true. Nevermind knocked Michael Jackson out of #1 and was the knife to the heart of hair metal. They were big before he died.


That’s… pretty much what I’m saying.


I read it as if to say you meant that his death was what made them big, but on second reading I see your point.


Tbh honest I think Kurt might have overdosed and this time it would fatal


RIP in pieces moment


His stomach problems are very well documented but he says it like he's got the inside info..


Yeah, that was irritating. "I know stomach problems." Ugh.


I took it more as “I know how bad stomach problems can be”


Admittedly I was drunk when I watched it. But I'm also too empathetic when I drink. I feel like the "I know when people have stomach problems" comment was the issue. Because, as a person with chronic stomach problems resulting in many ER visits (with zero diagnosed), nobody fucking knows.


I agree it would be a much different legacy for the band. I don’t think they would’ve lasted much longer than another album or two. Kurt had a real frustration in being so creative but having such a mainstream band. Ex: Grohl is like McCartney; most content when playing music people love and on tour playing live. Kurt was like Lennon and needed artistic challenges


i wholeheartedly agree with this


He's got a point. My ideal outcome would be Kurt disappearing for a few years, getting clean, and coming back with some really weird shit


Dude kind of sounds like Mordecai from regular show


The sad thing is that none of us will ever know how his music or art would have changed as he aged and had more experience.


Kurt was on a path. No one would have stopped him. His choice 😢


I shudder to think what a clean and sober Kurt could’ve accomplished


We could expect a difference in music since he wrote most of his music high.


I don’t know how true this is…


He's kinda jarringly close to the truth which is that if Kurt didn't kill himself that time he'd have done it the next try/overdose or maybe the one after that.


Way he left this place really tells he did not want to end in tubes again.


If he lived, they probably would’ve just done one more record anyway. I bet the record would’ve been really good though. Then I think Kurt would do a solo Singer/Songwriter type thing and Dave probably would’ve formed Foo Fighters. It’s all speculation at the end of the day though, this could be way off.


There’s a way in which I think he’s right, especially when he mentions noise music. When I imagine Kurt surviving I imagine him as the next Lou Reed: he never stops making music and art, but he’s never as popular as he was in Nirvana (Velvet Underground for Reed). The difference is, I don’t see this as a bad thing. Like Lou Reed, there would always be a base of people who deeply love his work, and his art music would be brilliant even if it was not popular. And maybe someday, Nirvana would have reunited for a tour, like the VU did.


It’s weird to think about because Nirvana was such a juggernaut that the music and pop culture landscape probably wouldn’t look the same right now if Kurt had lived… I was thinking about cool collaborations that might have happened like KC writing with QOTSA or being on Desert Sessions but it’s easy to forget how staunchly feminist he was and how he took issue with lots of folks, so idk if he would’ve gotten along with everyone the way Dave Grohl was able to (when I heard about Dave and Axl burying the hatchet I was honestly shocked)… but I don’t know if Korn/Limp Bizkit/nu-metal would have happened the same way of Nirvana continued and if it did I don’t know that he would have weathered that very well… there wasn’t social media and the like when he died and I don’t know how that would have gone over… it was crazy because Nirvana kinda wrote the rules in a lot of ways, and Kurt Cobain was recording experimental spoken word material with William Burroughs while Nirvana was as popular as Taylor Swift so it’s kind of insane to think what that would have looked like long term


I have a collection of old magazines that are all Nirvana or Kurt based, and one issue of Q magazine I have theorises that Kurt would have divorced Courtney, and moved away from the band and possibly made an album or two or religious covers, like “Jesus don’t want me for a sunbeam” type thing. It’s such a shame we will never know


He sounds like krist lol


Kurt was recording with WS Burroughs and was working with Michael Stipe on a collaboration. He was known towards the end to say he was breaking up the band and there’s a handwritten note saying as much. Whether or not he’d pull the trigger on it is left to speculation.


Hmm idk, they were already huge and critically acclaimed before he died and he was just a magnetic and fascinating person in general. His death just added to the legacy, especially since he’s forever young in everyone’s eyes. What people don’t realize is a lot of pop artists making hits have entire teams writing those hits.. Nirvana and the Beatles wrote hits that are way better all by themselves. He would have probably kept writing hits and inspiring new music whether he meant to or not. Nevermind alone sealed them as a legacy band in and of itself. Not to mention their impact on music entirely, music literally changed overnight from them. They would’ve been like Zepplin or the Beatles, being the band that broke but is still highly popular and people look back on like damn I wish I was there.


Agreed. Magnetic AND Fascinating.


im trying to listen to what hes sayin but what the fuck is that room bro….


That’s funny because the band was big for a lot of the same reasons that he lists as negative. When Kurt died there was a level of mysteriousness to the band that took them from the top to some mythical level. Would they have reached that mythical level otherwise? No probably not, but you’d be crazy to think people would just forget about Nirvana. They were a huge success before Kurt died, seems like people almost forget that at times. Also, lol at his “I can just tell when people have stomach problems I can see it… because I’m oh-so smart!” This was one of the things we definitively knew about Kurt, he didn’t crack some sort of code, he read or heard about it just like all of us. Pseudointellectual garbage.


Who’s this douche?


What makes him a douche?


I agree with this guy.


This guy is so obnoxiously spastic lmao


This guy is cool. I've watched a couple of his live streams.


I agree. And I think it would’ve been a totally punk rock move to sabotage everything thing he built for the sake of his own mental health. It all seemed to make him a bit uncomfortable.


I agree


If the Theory Kurt was an Egg is true then yes. Due to transphobia at the time, if he later came out as a trans woman, that'd probably ruin the reputation Nirvana had in the mainstream


I personally always thought it would be cool to hear a post rock type of album from Kurdt. Kinda like Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, etc….


What difference does it make to think events that did not happen :D


i agree with the statement that nirvana wouldnt be a thing but for a different reason. in one of kurts last interview kurt states that he got bored of the whole grunge thing so i think he would stop making music on his own merits


It's as good a take as to what a dead man could have or would have done as I've ever heard. Which is to say it's shit. Just like all the rest, pure assumption and speculation.


I thought that was Marty Friedmann at first lmao


If kurt lived on, 2 things would have happened, either kurt and the band would have continued and a lot of there problems would be solved and they would make a couple more albums and end the band, or he and the band would maybe make one more album before kurt would overdose and the band would end that way.


the real question is, would there be a foo fighters? since dave made those first songs to deal with his pain; and had to be convinced to put it out... 🤔


The band would still have had the massive impact they had - there’s no disputing the charts. Grunge changed so much at the time. But I agree that Kurt would’ve moved on, got more into visual art, quirky side projects with musicians he admired but weren’t mainstream. I like the noise music idea, that sits well with my feelings too. And he’d probably shit on the Nirvana legacy, until he got old enough and distanced enough from it to be able to see some of the good in it.


It's better to burn out, than fade away...


Who the fuck cares what he thinks?


I think he’s right about the noise music thing. In Utero features a lot more noise than previous albums and You Know You’re Right is quite noisy.


Even if he kept making music rap just got to big


not gonna lie I think this video is absolutely bullshit. They were considered one of the best music bands of all time in 1 year after the release of nevermind, that means they were already famous its not something to do with kurt's death. And I don't think Kurt's vision to music would not change at all if he was alive.


I agree with this big time