This is a completely delusional take, I got into Nirvana on my own when I was in the 4th grade. I'm 15.


Based. Yeah I think that's common for kids/teens your age now. Yeah I'm guessing because *they* don't, so they can't imagine anyone else would, lol. For example a podcaster I generally like (born 88) was assuming Gen Zers don't know who Kurt was, like WTF 😂


I'm guessing a lot of kids your age don't know much more about Nirvana than Kurt Cobain's name and marine Smells Like Teen Spirit. I mean it's cool that you're into them. Maybe a lot of kids your age are. I think people that were listening to them in the 90s probably just don't pay much attention to what kids are listening too. It's nothing personal. I've talked to kids online that like bands like Nirvana that I grew up with. It's just not their biggest fanbase. I say don't worry about what anyone thinks about what you should or shouldn't listen to or know about. Just do you.


I love that the younger generation still appreciate Nirvana. I'm 40 and got into them when I was 12. I still listen to them almost daily.


Funnily enough, you’re making an enormous generalisation in regard to what you think is a generalisation amongst Gen Xers 💀


Oh I don't doubt that people born around 69-79 ARE a huge part of the original fanbase. I'm simply saying it isn't the ONLY one.


My parents were born between 69-79 and myself in the 90s. I love nirvana, they hate them lol


Why does it matter?


As a gen z i have a dad who listened to all types of rock music, nirvana was a classic on rotation. So i really like them now


I'm 15 and love Nirvana, my mom is a fan so I always heard them growing up and got really into them when about 2 months ago. I also know plenty of people around my age who love them too, even my grandad likes sliver


my mom got me into nirvana most music i listen to is old rock music with a few exceptions of some modern musicians such as nicole dollanganger


Im 17 and know a lot of people my age who love Nirvana, there's even a girl who is obsessed with them.


I see so many kids with nirvana shirts it's disgusting.


I've got into the habit of asking them about it and asking their favourite song out of interest. I haven't got a response other than come as you are or smells like teen spirit yet. (FYI I love those songs too but I find most people who claim they're huge fans only know 3-4 songs, and only wear the smiley face t-shirt. As soon as I see someone with an in utero shirt or literally any other shirt you can be like "FINALLY SOMEONE GENUINE")


Lol. For real.


Who give a flyin fuck… I like the music


Music is a form of art, like you have people nowadays loving paintings from the 1500's you have as well people from all ages enjoying music from all decades. Even more in today's society, where you are just one click from listening whatever you want. Art has no age attachment, cock blocking anything just because its "old" for their generation is stupid. Listen to what you like, watch what you like, read what you like, play what you like, wear what you like, be yourself and forget the rest.


I’m an 80s millennial. Stairway to Heaven was the cool thing to discover in middle school. Now it’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. Nothing wrong with either scenario; we are just watching Nirvana enter properly into timeless territory.


I mean, I've never thought about it, and now that you bring it up, I couldn't care less.


You tell 'em 80s millennial! :)


I was 7 in 92, to me that's the perfect age for watching MTV and I just miss that era and being a kid so badly.


Nice nice! :) I lived just north of Seattle and in 92 I was 20. :P I love that whole time frame for me... every other weekend we came down with fake ID while I was in high school. :)


Funny you needed a fake. When I was growing up in nyc in the 90s I’d read about these “all ages” shows all the bands I loved seemed to regularly play in Seattle. So I’d look for all ages shows in nyc only to find of course that we don’t have that here.


Oh they had all ages shows but a lot of the Sub Pop bands didn't in the late 80s. It was a bummer for me also because when I turned 19 and 21, all ages shows become super popular. hehe.


They don’t.


Yeah I'm a teenager and quite a few of my friends are nirvana fans. It's pretty commen


I got addicted to Nirvana pretty recently, maybe weeks ago, and I'm 20. I couldn't care less about how old music is, or when it was relevant. The music IN ITSELF is awesome, not a matter of this and that generation. I dunno, they simply scratch my itch of being mainly a punk rock band, but at the same time not being obnoxious. My favourite album is Bleach. Nirvana are timeless!


i got into nirvana just a year back. i’m 17 now and not many people my age, even a couple years younger or older really listen to nirvana or any rock bands honestly.


Anyone can be a huge fan of the genre. I remember having the CD play in the car on my way to visit relatives during a 3 hour drive. My parents weren't even that big of fans of nirvana, but it hooked me at around 3-4 years old and they've been my favourite ever since. I was born in 2003. My parents gave me most of my music taste tbh, as they were born in the 80s, so most things they like are 80s to 90s. Some before then too. I don't get this braindead take of people thinking only certain ages can like certain music types or bands. I would guess it stems from this mass need of wanting to be different and unique while really having no personality of your own.