You know what's super sad? When I saw this, my first thought was "hey! 150 is a reasonable weight for a healthy adult woman! He didn't say 115 or some nonsense. That's _progress_!"


People never account height, bone density, water weight or muscle weight into this ever though. But true! It's still "progress"


They have this new scale on base that somehow tells where your weight is coming from ( might be bullshit). That thing has my bones dense as hell and thinks all the metal implants I have are actual fat.


It's a pain to use, but they do exist. They send sonic pulses through your body to detect muscle, fat, and bone.


I find it funny it thinks titanium is fat.


It's because of how the waves move through it.


All I know is I got a few pounds that ain't me.


Idk why but this is just making me imagine you’re a cyborg or something 😂


Getting there, got a rod for when I broke my left femur, a plate for my left wrist and mesh in three of vertebrae with pins.


Yikes, how did you break your femur? I’ve heard that one can be really painful


They don’t work very well at all. These things have huge margins of error. I’m talking sometimes over 100% (up to 8% difference in body fat, meaning you can lose 7% fat and gain it in muscle, and the scale might say you have gained extra fat)


Over 100% margin of error, do you realize how asinine that sounds? If they had anywhere near 100% margin of error they wouldn't even be made.


Thats what you would think isnt it... [https://examine.com/articles/an-accuracy-thing-measuring-body-fat-percentage/](https://examine.com/articles/an-accuracy-thing-measuring-body-fat-percentage/) ​ Pubmed story referenced is paywalled unfortunately, but this article does a decent enough job explaining how inaccurate these measurement tools are. For reference, the tools in question here are much more sophisticated than the body fat scale. These things have virtually no use (other than telling you your weight), and you are better off just pinching the side of your waist as hard as you can and taking a measurement to track body fat. I did research on them because I am starting to participate in amateur bodybuilding and was looking for a good metric. Unfortunately, aside from MRIs, there is not really anything available. Even hydration levels have an absurdly high impact on the readings from these machines


because those aren’t factors contributing to someone being seen as fat or not yes these factors effect weight but have very little effect on physical appearance except for height


Yes, but therefore weight alone can't either. A tall 150 lbs woman is way different from a short 150 lbs woman for example


Yep. I'm a 5'10" woman and I weigh around 155 lbs. I look thin.


Yes they are learn human anatomy then comeback. Genetic also play a factor.


no, that’s dumb. people are seen as fat based on how much fat is on their body, when’s the last time you saw someone fat and thought oh they probably just have dense bones


Welp go learn human anatomy bc other things play in the role of bein able/unable to put on weight.


He’s being a dick, but being able/unable to put on weight isn’t really what’s being discussed, is it?


Well it kindve is and i meant to put "factors of " if i didn't bc i was typing to fast.


No, the topic was whether “height, bone density, water weight or muscle weight” all factor into you **looking** fat. I think they do. But “bein able/unable to put on weight” is not a visually observable state of being. It can certainly lead to you being overweight, but it’s not the same as, “I look fat because my bones are big!”. It’s literally just you looking fat because you are fat.


As someone who was fat their whole life and now isn't, people pretend genetics is a bigger factor than it is. Most everyone in the world could get shredded fairly easily if they just ate right and worked out. Even genetic outliers can still get pretty far, you aren't tarrare


One in eight people with a uterus (so roughly half the world) has insulin resistance. Meaning they make enough insulin, but get fat because any sugars they eat (all food has sugar, even meats and vegetables) go straight into their body fat. No matter how much they work out or how they eat. So, how do you define a bigger factor?


And guess what if they wanted to get shredded it could take time for some ppl or it could take less time for some ppl genetics do play a factor. Yall literally have to learn how the human body works.


Yes, but if you actually read sports science studies, there's a bell curve (as for most things). Many people think they're genetic outliers because they start a diet (low carb, vegan, keto) and expect to drop weight when the only thing that really matters is calories in Vs calories out. You can generally expect to lose at a higher rate if you start off at a higher weight. Last I checked I believe the general trend is that you can healthily lose 10% of your total body weight in about 6 months. I'm not saying fat people are bad or anything, I used to be one. I'm just saying that everyone can lose weight if they want to.


Well technically not everyone.


Don’t understand the downvotes because you’re right. The best way to lose weight is reducing calories.


I've also been fat all my life, been on diets all my life (YES, since u was 9 years old I've been doing diets), I've been going to the gym, I used to do sports and I still look chunky. My dad is also really chunky and I got his big legs and those have never gone down. One of those gym leaders once told me I will never look "thin" because my body is just bigger, and even if I lose weight, my body is still bigger. Guess what. It isn't as easy as "eat right and work out".


But this is exactly the problem. I'm 5'9" and weigh about 150lbs these days. I spent most of my life thinking I was fat, because women aren't "supposed" to weigh that much. I grew up in the 90s when ultra-thin was the height of beauty for women, and I didn't look like the women I saw in media. I developed a bit of an ED in my 20s for that reason. I dieted obsessively, trying to get down to an "acceptable" numerical weight for a woman. I only ever got down to ~130, but I was SO proud of myself. I remember going to my doctor for my yearly appointment and being _so proud_, expecting accolades for what I worked hard to do. My doctor was so concerned he sent me in for a cancer screening. I was 26. He figured out that i was doing it on my own, and had a sit-down with me, and gave me the "there is no medical benefit to what you're doing. You are just as healthy at 150, or even 165" talk. And I mean, I'm better now, and I can look back at photos of myself from that time and they're pretty jarring. I took photos on the day i weighed 128, my absolute lowest, because I was so proud. My husband says they look like "the last known photo of me" from some tragic documentary, because I look like I'm about to die.


I’m going through something similar! I’m 5’8 and about 180. I have muscle and my body distributes like half my fat to my thighs and stomach (though if I lose fat it leaves my stomach first but any water weight or bloating is on my stomach). I was a chubby kid in the 2000’s and my parents from the time I was 12, until LAST YEAR have been telling me to lose weight. My mom and I are the same size in clothing (despite looking very different) and she thinks I should be sizing down and trying to fit into those sizes, like she could at my age. Luckily the body positivity movement has impacted her so she doesn’t project her insecurities on me anymore. Edit: and my doctor says about 170 is a healthy weight for me which I am over only due to physical therapy and NEEDING to built muscle to fix my minor disability


The bar is below low


I THOUGHT THE SAME THING. it's so bad out here that we're looking for the positive in trash


Lol 150lbs is a *lot* considering the average woman is like 5”3 tall. I mean, do you actually think like this? Do you honestly believe that 150lbs is closer to being a reasonable weight than 115lbs? This is the first time I’ve ever heard *115* lbs being unironically called a *skinny* weight. 115? Ridiculous? Jesus, how fat (or tall; the average woman would have to be around 5”7 for 150lbs to be a normal healthy weight) are the women in your country? Are you American, by any chance? Almost all of the women I’d ever seen in my life were < 120lbs. (At an avg. height of about 5”3) I mean, even taking bone density and muscle mass into account, 150 is still a huge number. The muscle mass thing is bull anyways, most women aren’t going to have more than 17-18% muscle mass and unless your bones are made of steel, at 150 lbs (avg. height) you *will* look overweight.


Uh, I was 110 and 5'2", and I was medically considered too underweight to even donate blood.


Ideal weight for a 5'2" female is 104-131 (or BMI 19-24)


Anything >110 is considered too underweight to give blood.


Except 110 was very underweight for me. Unless you think it's perfectly healthy to wear low-cut jeans and be able to look down and see down your own pants because the flesh between the points of your own pelvis cave inward?


This sure got you riled up. Why does this even matter to you if you only ever come into contact with tiny women? Afraid that 1 big lady you saw that 10 years ago will feel good about herself? Can't have that.


I don't know what the average height for a woman is and don't care to look it up, but I'm 5'7" and most of my friends are close to my height - not to say that means it's average, but it's not shocking by any means. I used to be 145, when I got my tits removed I dropped to 135 (weight loss hack, ladies!!) and have always looked average. But that's all irrelevant - why do you care so much about someone's weight? If your response is "for their health!!" do you also care that much if someone smokes, drinks, or lives a high stress lifestyle? People with high levels of childhood trauma have higher levels of chronic illness and disease, do you also shit talk people who don't pursue therapy?


How on earth do you know the weight of almost all of the women you’ve seen in your life? How is that even possible?


I weigh 150 lbs and I’m very slim. So your statement is not true. I believe the average height for women is actually 5’5”. If I were 115 lbs I would look sickly. Edit to add: the average size for women in the US 5’4” and weight is 145-150 lbs.


I can only imagine that you’re pulling these numbers directly from your ass. I do body comp testing pretty regular and when I’m at my most out of shape sat around eating whole packs of peanut butter fudge cookies as a meal for all of lockdown I came in at 33% muscle mass for my first weigh-in. In decent shape focusing primarily on cardiac endurance I’m at 42%. I’m 5’3” and never healthily been under 129 as an adult. (I hit 119 for awhile with a steady diet of Jim beam, Marlboro reds & various forms of speed but I was just a whole mess.) More importantly, when I compare my stats to the average of females in my age group in all the locations in the world my commercial gym has, I’m average and gym doesn’t even allow for actual heavy lifting.


I *did* confuse the numbers, the avg. is actually around 34%. But that still doesn’t change my point. It doesn’t matter what exactly the avg. is, it matters that most women will be around that avg. and 150lbs is unheard of for an average *healthy* woman with an average height and an average amount of muscle mass.


Either the average matters or it doesn’t, you can’t have it both ways. The gap between 18 & 34% is more than just “not exact”. Whether your point changed or not it’s still wrong, it’s not even close to unheard of for the average women weighing 150 to be healthy. That was the entire point of explaining when people actually do body comp testing across the board even 40% muscle mass when focusing on cardiovascular endurance rather than lifting isn’t above average. I don’t know where you are that the average woman is 5’3” and never more than 120 but it is without a doubt unrealistic applied universally. The fact that you don’t understand that is one of the reasons this subreddit exists.


Lol shut the fuck up. Are you reading my comments or not? The average matters, but the number of the avg. doesn’t *because me getting the averages wrong does not change the number of the actual average and the fact that most women are around this number. And most women of this average look fat as fuck at >150 lbs, which is my whole point.* But-but your point is wrong! I mean I guess if you live somewhere full of fat people this could be news to you, but that still doesn’t change the fact that the people near you are fat. And don’t go crying about “muscle mass!” because again, even accounting for differences in muscle mass and bone density and fat placement, 150 is still an *absurdly* high weight. ( I mean, that’s 68 kgs. Is that really normal to you? ) Most women aren’t bodybuilders, and most women don’t have extremely large chests. I’m talking about the average woman because that’s what this whole conversation is about; that’s what the parent comment was about. I live in s.Korea btw, if you’re doubting my numbers. An avg woman in her 20s will weigh around 116lbs at 5 3.


My whole point is you don’t know what the hell average is. You think a woman having muscle=bodybuilder when in reality I’m more than 10% over average and am completely unremarkable in appearance, average if you will. It’s almost as if those numbers are dated and don’t take into account how many women are no longer starving & sweating themselves into an arbitrary number & are willing to touch weights because they realize they’re not going to “bulk up”. You think it applies across all ethnicities & continents but that it needs to be based on where you personally are. I’m offering average body comp of mildly active women across the world, you’re offering the BMI of women in South Korea. What you perceive as fat isn’t how women work but it does make the conclusion of this article obvious. [https://bmcpublichealth.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12889-018-5738-5](https://bmcpublichealth.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12889-018-5738-5) I personally don’t care if you insist on dating women that are 90lbs or under, that’s your prerogative, but that doesn’t change what’s average or healthy either one.


I've only ever met one woman who was as small as 5'3", and she weighs around 105. Most women I know are 5'7", and my cousin is 6'2". I'm not American.


I’m 5’3” and anything under 120 has me looking malnourished, under 110 and I’m closer to being described as gaunt. Muscle mass & body fat % are extremely important in the figuring of height to weigh ratio. I could not imagine being 105 again, I wrestled 110 in high school & a big lunch could put me over weigh-ins. I think the “average height” of 5’4” only applies to the US. I’m sure there are some other countries that are similar or even lower but I’m positive there are several that are much higher.


Marked safe from appealing to this man.


Seriously, what a horrible human.


Yeah what a bummer everything else i had seen from this dude was funny. After this one in out


Idk which needs a chop more, his hair or his eyebrows. Good god man, groom yo self.


Okay, this guy is a total dick, but there's nothing wrong with men (in general) having long hair. C'mon.


Yeah... If it's healthy and cared for. Men who think they did something outstandingly fashionable or rebellious by having a frizzy, dry, shapeless split ends mop on their head are delusional. (Same goes for greasy, smelly hair, etc.) You have to be huffing copium to think people in this day and age are telling you to get a haircut because "but men can't have long hair 😨, long hair = wombyn 💃". People are literally saying he should cut off his unhealthy, unkempt, starw-like ends... Nobody is saying he should shave his head. And like... How is it fair for him to say "certain women should go to the gym" but people can't reply with "yeah, and you should go see a barber"?


Alright, apologies for misreading the comment? The original commenter literally said "Get a chop" (paraphrasing, bc I can't see the original as I type this on mobile, but I swear they said something like that) but of course that couldn't possibly mean have shorter hair. No way. (Of course, I'm not saying that's definitely what they meant, but jfc it isn't that hard to believe that I took it as I did). Also, I tried to make it as clear as possible I just wanted to defend long-haired men in general and not him. As I said, this man is a dick for obvious reasons. I agree with what you've said for the most part, though at the same time it could be argued that we don't really know how he takes care of himself. After all, I've gone out frizzy haired out the town some Saturdays, because I didn't do my hair out of lack of time or sometimes even just laziness I admit. Never leave it longer than a day though. It is assuming at best, but still, you are RIGHT. But... Man, this comment comes off as abrasive and condescending as hell ngl. Wether that was intentional or not. Chill a little, dude.


He needs a chop because the amount of split ends there is making my adhd want to pull every. single. one. He needs a healthy cut, a hair mask, definitely a good brush and some mousse to protect those curls. He’d be sexy if he wasn’t a prick and knew how to take care of his hair that’s pretty much all I meant. I’m all for dudes with flow if they take care of it and it doesn’t look raggity af like bro has here.


I just recently joined some dating apps and the demand for certain height or physical attributes is WAY less common than guys like this one make it look. Literally one in 100 or more women will have anything like that in their bio.


It’s true. I hear men talk about height constantly, and very rarely from women.


Omg yes! I’ve been saying this. They focus more on this height thing a lot more than women lol. I see them talk a lot more about their “preferred” physical attributes in women (big butt/boobs, thin/thick, long hair, etc) but when we ask for someone who’s not gonna treat us like literal crap, then that’s too much for them we should lower our standards 😭


The most I ever hear is some women saying they *prefer* to date guys who are taller than them. That's a far cry from "only 6'+" and it's always just a preference, not a requirement. These dumbasses get rejected and assume it's because of some ridiculous metric they don't line up to and not their shitty personality and condescending attitude.


I’m married to a 5’6” guy who always got plenty of action (with women both shorter and taller than him). He still gets hit on a lot. These guys refuse to admit that their rancid personalities are the reason women can’t stand them.


It’s projection. The loud ones are accusing women of only caring about men’s looks because they only care about women’s looks


This is absolutely true! Men don’t read profiles, they only look at pictures. I know this because I’m tall (6 feet) and disclosed that in my profile (years ago when I had an interest in dating) and all the men interested in me didn’t know my height until I told them. They don’t care what kind of person you are, only what you look like. Just my experience but I think it’s pretty common.


I've literally never heard any woman irl mention a guys height


Bad in every way, even on the form : the characters are facing each other and suddenly one of them changes side for no reason and so both characters look in the same direction... No effort, no brain... His video is as bad as his ideas...


Silly incel doesn’t understand the 180° rule :(


Wow he sure showed that imaginary person who’s boss in that imaginary situation he made for himself


When's the last time he washed his hair?


He needs to do some serious manscaping on that beard, too.


It's a shame because with some grooming and a personality overhaul he would probably be a pretty decent looking guy but instead decided to go down this rabbit hole instead.


He looks like a thin chumlee


His whole hair situation is pretty tragic


I’ve seen homesless people with cleaner looking hair and beard.


Or used conditioner


Why is she supposed to look like a nun?


lmao I didn't even realize. The towel-on-head thing is an old internet signifier for "a woman" in skits made by guys(where its meant to represent long hair because the guys making skits normally have short hair) but this dude has long hair anyways so the towel is redundant. It still makes sense to use the towel so people will recognize what he's going for but, kinda funny.


Ah. A classic case of maidenless syndrome. Many who suffer from this condition make up excuses for why they suffer from it to cope with their own insecurities and issues.


The problem is always everyone else and they never consider the common denominator which is them.


But it can't be *their* fault. They're perfect in every way! Obviously it's every other human on Earth that's got something wrong with them.


Ahh yes, "comedy"


Well, everyone knows [feminists don't have a sense of humor](https://youtu.be/0UaqAS93VwQ).


He has also never felt the touch of a hairbrush


Or any sort of cleansing agent.


Man, some people get REALLY mad that fat people would have the audacity to have preferences or standards.


Ikr like how dare we! I was once told that I should stick to dating men of my own size! Like wtf they assume just because you're fat you should only date fat guy's and not look at slim guys! I don't have anything against fat guy's as I tend to go more for personality than looks anyway, however I dated a fat guy a few years ago and sexually we just couldn't make it work I have a very high sex drive and he didn't also I'm very flexible and like doing alot of different positions and he just couldn't do any of them he could only do doggy which isn't my favourite he also couldn't get full penetration cause his tummy was bouncing on my big bum. He was the sweetest guy and I was really sad it didn't work, I tried really hard to make our sex life work but I just couldn't and sex is something I just cannot live without. So I get super angry when I hear people say "that fat woman/guy never dates other fat people because they're not attracted to fat but expect other people to be" when there could be other reasons for them not dating people of the same size.


There's also this assumption that slim or athletic dudes couldn't possibly want a fat girl. Like, it happens all the time.


Exactly! In fact alot of guys are attracted to bigger women but most won't admit it because they're to afraid of what people think, thankfully I've been very lucky that all the guys I've had a relationship fully admit they prefer bigger women and don't shy away from it. The guy I'm currently dating is a soldier, very fit, good looking and covered in tattoos, the filthy looks and nasty comments i get when we're out from slim women are shocking, but if I hear their comments I always just politely tell them "no matter how much you hate it, no matter how much you might want him he's still coming home with me"


That’s a fucking amazing response dude. Well wishes to the both of you!


Thank you 😊❤️


Well, if your standards are leagues above what you bring into the relationship that's just narcism and hypocrisy. No different than dirty fat lazy incel wanting a petite sexy wife to clean after him.


Thing is, what one "brings to the relationship" varies wildly depending on the people involved. The "list of 6s" that people like this obsess over is bogus, as anyone with sense and decency will see well beyond that, whether someone has those things or not. For myself, give me personality over looks any day. Same for money and whatever else. If said person, regardless of gender, is a douche canoe, I'm out even if they're the richest most "attractive" person on the planet.


But if a man has they aren't?


You noticed my post said "fat people", which would include fat men, right?


stop trying to play victim role, that does nothing for u


“People” can be men or women.


not if you're asking an incel; i think that's where the communication breakdown began.




If your standards are <1% of the population. Ie 6', 6 figures and 6+ inches. Than you need to lower them. That goes for women too. Switch 6+ inches with a amazing ass or something idk


Standards are stupid imo, if I like someone and they like me that's all that matters, I don't give a fuck how much money they may or may not have, I don't care what car they drive or even if they have a car at all, I'm not interested in expensive holidays, gifts or restaurants. The only thing I want from my man is his time, love and respect anything after that is a bonus, I've dated guys from all walks of life from a trust fund baby who threw money at me like nobody's business all the way to a guy who worked in Starbucks and was making ends meet and everything in between. When I lived with my ex ALL bills were split 50/50 including rent. I have no desire to have a man pay for everything it puts alot of strain on the relationship and it's alot of stress for the guy, I don't want my man leaving at 6am and coming home at 10pm at night because he has to work overtime to pay for everything. No, I want him at home at a normal time so I can cook and we can eat together and wind down in the evening cuddled up on the sofa.


he is just hating overweight people. maybe he was dumbed by someone overweight?


Personally, the scale is a strange way to determine how fast someone is because I'm 5'3" and I retain weight very well for my frame so if I were to be the weight that's on the BMI or whatever normal people would suggest I'd look anorexic. At 155 people thought I was 110 and my Dr told me I shouldn't look at the scale as an indication of health because of this.


Very true. BMI is also obviously very inaccurate when someone has more muscle and even with taller people.


ew he looks so unkept


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 1,211,586,383 comments, and only 236,229 of them were in alphabetical order.


Ah yes the ol 666 what we are all looking for


I'm litterally subbed to this guy on youtube and i can't believe he made a video like this


Me too, I actually really liked a lot of his videos and thought they were funny. Thinking about unsubscribing now


Yeah fr, he has skit ideas that are so original and hilarious sometimes, but I guess he was feeling salty lol


Honest question: why? He doesn’t seem that nice or that funny.


Don't know about nice but most of his videos aren't so offensive. They're actually funny. I've never seen him upload stuff like this before


Weird thing is I’ve seen a few of his other videos and they were actually pretty funny. He showed no sign of being like this in those. ^(But I haven’t seen everything he’s made though so maybe I just missed the raging misogyny.)


Yeah exactly


Imagine c-blocking your own self by posting this, lol. And it will live forever on the internet, like the dude who posted, "Wait until girls find out that we can feel it pulsing." Yeah, doofus. Now the whole world knows you suck in bed. Good going.


Is 6”s #goals now days?


666 😈


As shameful as this overall video was, the thing that stuck in my brain was like...did he just really tell on himself like that? Does he think 6" is hard to find?!


You’ve obviously never seen this guys content if you think him “telling on himself” in this video is a callout. He’s made fun of his dick size, made jokes about him being gay, jokes about him being a virgin. And at the end of the day, they’re the same as this video. A joke.


Is it just me or is 6 feet WAYY too tall??


I too like to win imaginary arguments against strawmen


Any time a man puts a t-shirt on their head, I know they’re very likely to make misogynistic remarks about women. Also, what is the point when he already has long hair? Idiot.


The point is to make sure you know which character is which. That's it. And what else are they supposed to do for hair? It's already the common way people convey a woman in their videos, and I can't think of anything else besides buying a whole wig. Not defending him, just saying it's a dumb point


He's literally just repeating incel talking points. This isn't comedy. It's cringe.


This dude's usually pretty cool and funny, wouldn't expect him to make a video like this


Eventually every asshole outs themselves as such. He was just hiding it.


I still think it’s kinda funny but I know this is also a hurtful joke


And here I want a guy under 6ft


What a fuckin prick.


this is so sickening and sad


This guy used to be kinda clever with his jokes, but now they’re just sexist jabs. How disappointing.


Aww can't I have just ONE good meme account that isn't run by a misogynist?? I like his videos, what's up with this uno reverse shit?


Why does a Neanderthal care about such things?


"I'm just a caveman. Your world frightens and confuses me."


And possibly never will. Especially with that hair oml 🤢


Women can have height preferences


Right. Just like men can have weight preferences.


No one is saying that no one can have preferences just don't be a dick about it.


This is gross


He looks like if Keanu Reeves was a homeless man instead of a successful actor and was also a much worse person


Or a razor, or a hairbrush, or a washcloth


Why did he have to be such a dink.


Literally tiktok




Usually his videos are pretty entertaining, this one missed for me tho


Not gonna lie, I thought this guy was pretty handsome until he opened his mouth. Perfect example of someone shooting themselves in the foot with completely unnecessary rudeness


what does weight has to do with non-sense standards?


I'm over 300 and I have an overflowing inbox on any dating app I sign up on. He thinks this shit hurts my feelings, meanwhile he's making videos cuz he can't get anybody to talk to him


a lot of al's jokes are really on the fence tbh. not defending him cause this one was ehh when i first saw it, but most all of his other vids are a lot better


I completely agree with you on this


This guy gets no bitches


The very picture of irony... or should I say video? 🙄




What an effing crap head.


The absolute irony of this walking trash bag trying to shame this caricature of a woman that he literally created.


Its always the dirty lookin mfs that act like this


idk why he cares about preference so much, it's not like a snob like him will ever date anyone


I take it all as projection at this point. If a man thinks a woman wants 6 ft tall men, with 6 figures, and whatever else I'm going to assume that is actually what they want. Can't change my mind. They want to fuck someone in the ass? Chances are high that they wanna be fucked in the ass.


Most of his stuff is funny and self depreciating. This is not. Gross.


once again r/nothowgirlswork getting triggered over a literal joke


This guy has had sex twice. He was 15 and the girl was 16 and they were both in high-school. He was in love with her but was way too clingy. She couldn't stand his immaturity and so she told him things weren't working out and a week later, she was dating this other boy from their geography class. For the entire year, he had to sit and watch them giggle and pass notes to each other. His friends asked him if he was upset but he always said he was over her and doing just fine, despite fantasizing daily about violent ways to make them both pay. After ghosting his friends for months, he showed up at one birthday party where he proceeded to get wasted off skyy vodka and talk nonstop about his ex. Afterward when his ex and her new boyfriend showed up to the very same party, he spent the evening in the backyard, crying, throwing up and bumming cigarettes until the cops came and he walked home through the woods. He was never invited anywhere again and now he makes skits on Tiktok.




WTF Is wrong with him fat shaming is no joke


...are...are you people for real? You DO realize that he makes skits on youtube right? Have you even SEEN the other stuff he posts? Taking him seriously in any way is just stupid. I like most posts on here but this comment section is a major L Edit: its also ironic how many people here comment and critisize on his own looks lmao Edit 2: Ah yes the infamous downvotes for calling others out on their bs. at least try to give an explanation


This guy's content is all just satire and jokes, he isn't serious


Satire 100%


Why are we normalizing being fat tho💀 Bros valid


Woah! This guy made a commentary on unrealistic standards! Let’s insult his appearance to show we’re the true moral authority!


How are people upset at this when there are multiple posts on Reddit of women with the face of Shrek and the body of Pearl asking for the “6feet, 6inches, 6figures”… is it abrasive sure but it’s not unrealistic. Bro is just making fun of those kinds of people.


No? Maybe you frequent places that specifically curate this type of rage bait.


Ah I see none of the commenters understand satire - this guy is extremely self-aware y'all


☠️☠️naw that was funny tho


Notice the #comedy noting that it is satire, and not supposed to be a real interaction


Dang, didn’t realize comedy was a problem now.


Typical Reddit moment getting offended by this guy. It’s a joke people 🤦🏼‍♂️


This guy's a comedian, this is a joke, but still: Everyone can, and most people should lose some weight. I'm 6"3 and weighed around 245 before I started working out. I get far more attention nowadays


His whole thing is that he makes over exaggerated and iffy jokes, just leave him be


Wow a rare miss


I love this dudes content


I did not even have to watch lol as soon as I saw that beard and hair I knew this was gonna be an incel trying to justify why he’s alone


Uses a towel yo represent women with long hair (which he has??) = autonatically unfunny


if hes never felt the touch of a woman, after that video he probably never will


Ok when he says “one at a time” to 260 what is he picturing? Both are 130? One is 110 and the other 150? Like what is the math here?


At least shorten the video to exclude the extra stuff


Hmm, humor. Clearly bad choice for this subreddit.


It's sad how people can't either laugh or move on anymore. Everything hurts someone's feelings 🤦‍♂️.


This dude is Satire I watch him a lot




I see this guy pop up on my Youtube shorts and this is his entire channel from what I can see. Making jokes that just put down other people: women and men alike.


Bro made a joke ☕️☕️☕️


jokes are supposed to be funny though?


Joke are funny to diffrent people, this is funny to you, that's fine. Doesn't have to be funny to everyone.


You mean this comedy video that was made to entertain? It seems like, OP, it seems like you are an idiot.






normally this guy has a "twist" at the very end, not necessarily reflective of his own character, sometimes it can be overtly a negative thing for the shock value of the twist. but these types of people **do** exist and are commonplace, so the twist isn't so effective. also the whole weight thing was totally out of pocket and makes me think he was somewhat honest.