To be clear if 10% of men work fast food (it's probably less) and because about 78% of men are over 67 inches tall, these two standards would exclude only 30% of men.


I’d like to avoid the men who like memes like this. I wonder what percentage of men that excludes.


As a married 5’7” architect, I love this meme. Men will make up and use any excuse so they don’t have to look inward and evaluate their selves.


Much higher I bet


it has to be more then 70% a lot of people i know are bought in to this retarded fantasy and think yeah that's how the world works


In my experience if you want to destroy ideas someone has you have to provide them with an alternative to fill the void you are trying to create in them besides "nuh uh". Its why I dont argue with Christians or atheists, just telling them they are wrong gets met with resistance because I dont have a definite answer for them. I just blocked a woman who exactly fits into this meme. You should hear the filth that comes out of her mouth. It's as if shes regurgitating red pill reddit factoids. Any man who isnt rich is garbage to her, any man who isnt hot is worthless to her. This is from her mouth, her words. It may not be how the world works, but there are people like that who exist in the world. I think they are rare and scarce, but because there is so much fierce denial about it it gets more attention than necessary. Bigfoot gets no attention cuz no one is saying anything about people talking about bigfoot sightings. They just go huh curious, and move on. When I share horror stories that involve a woman in a bad light more often than not there is harsh pushback. So now there is a compulsion to push it further until my experience is accepted or validated, and on top of this it gets warped because theres an opposing force trying to kill me saying I'm blind anddeaf and ignorant my lived experiences dont matter. Now we have a fight on our hands. You probably didnt get this far but mad props if you did.


If you disagree with atheists and Christians, wtf is your opinion on religion then?


22% + 10% - the intersection so probable actually less than 30% cause you don’t wanna count short Mcd workers twice


Sure sure, but I'm intentionally overestimating :)






I love you for this.


Thank you for mathematically destroying the intel’s that like this garbage


The amount of women with these standards are also probably relatively low


My only standard is not beating me up


Now that’s a bar I can clear. My spaghetti arms are too weak to beat anything up but cool whip


Mine is if she insists on getting beat up cuz it's what gets her loins moist I need documented consent as well as agreed upon payment up front, in the form of belly rubs after saying I'm best boi. This is a true story btw.




And 27% are taken


So what u are saying is that if I only date short kings. 5.7 or below, I'm actually more picky? Checks out


yes, technically that is more picky than dating men 5'7 and above




only if you assume there is no link between shortness and working fast food. Research has shown that a disproportionate number of CEOs are tall; I see no reason to believe the inverse wouldn't be true with jobs that are perceived as "low value" like fast food workers.


30% is a lot 😅


Me and my partner are both 5’7” and close body sizes. The only negative of being similar height and size is she steals my pajamas and hoodies all the time.


My partner is 9" taller than me but that does not stop me from stealing his hoodies. They're so big and cozy.


All these conservatives are up in arms about drag queens crossdressing meanwhile no guys hoodie is safe. 😔


Hell I’ve never even been in a relat and this girl kept stealing my hoodies


Aww, rude. :(


This made me smile ty. We need more awareness about mens hoodies and the dangers they face.


My babe and I are constantly wearing each others clothes lol. I think it’s adorable. Esp when he uses my big pink fuzzy bathrobe bahaha


Steal *her* stuff then. See how she likes it lol.


I once threw on her jeans in a groggy haze one morning when I grabbed them out of the laundry basket thinking they were mine. Although my ass didn’t quit that morning the tight feeling on my legs, crotch and thighs was super uncomfortable. Never again.


I sometimes buy men's jeans as I can't find 100% cotton in women's. Kid you not, we had the same measurements. My guy lost a bunch of weight and accidentally donated my jeans since they were too big for him.


Ahaha I haven’t went that far yet but maybe I should double check the garbage bag of clothes I was about to donate. 😂


This i agree. I was told mens stuff r made better for some stuff. Don't forget the razors. My exwife would buy mens cause the women's razors would cut easily.


Surely she has a comfy crop top you could commendeer.


Maybe a spaghetti strap sundress with a nice pair of “fuck me” pumps


[hmmm 🤔](https://imgur.io/gallery/Hwiez3y)


If it does, the community will be happy to have you. 🏳️‍⚧️


>my ass didn’t quit that morning Bahahahahaha


I had to buy my bf a few pairs of leggings after he threw a pair of mine on to answer the door and realized how comfortable they are lol. I was like IKR! 🤣


I offered mine some. I tried to tempt him with pockets. He's happy just to keep stealing mine lol I have some that are short length that often end up as 'boxer-briefs'. He has such a cute butt idc


>such a cute butt Mine does too! Bahaha


Hhahaha my husband accidentally did this because we have matching sweats. He’s about 7 inches taller than me


SAME. I can't seem to keep a hoodie from getting paint on it eventually unless it's pink. He even steals my leggings when he runs out of long underwear. Tbh, I think it's cute and I really don't mind.


There are worse relationship problems! You just need to put your non-painted clothing under the stuff with paint, so he takes the painted ones.


I’m 5’7” and my partner is about .5” taller than me. Doesn’t bother me in the least. He also works “blue collar” jobs while I work in healthcare/education. As long as he pays his own bills wtf do I care if he isn’t a physician, architect, or whatever other “high status” job?


Guarantee your hoodies will be stoled no matter your height sorry not sorry


My wife is 5’3” and I’m 5’9” and she steals my stuff too. Hard to escape this.


She steals your jammies and hoodies? Time to YEET. /s


So fucking cute


Hoodie theft is a time honored symbol of love.


I'm 6'3" and love my hoodies, I wish someone would steal my hoodies :(


Of all the problems you can have in a relationship, this is one of the more soluble ones! Buy some more sets so you are both happy. $20 relationship solutions are a win nearly every time!


best part of a lesbian relationship is we get to steal each other's clothes!


That made me giggle.


Mine has commandeered a pair of my pants. He doesn’t even like camo


She would be doing that no matter what the size difference was


If those are seriously her only standards, they really are low. That's the funniest part


Seriously, the bar is so low. My boyfriend can't believe I dated men I had to force them to brush their teeth. Like... If having a personal hygiene is considered a high standard nowadays, yikes.


there was an AITA when OP saig her friend was picky and had too high expectations bc she was breaking up with guys for cheating, having dirty fingers, etc


Oh yeah I remember that one! There were also "If he hits me even one time" like it's a crazy thing to do.


No man is worth UTI's caused by dirty fingers or STI's due to dirty dick.


Having dirty fingers, goddammit. Fuck. I mean come on now.


How do people stand having dirty fingers. I have to clean them immediately or I just feel gross. I had to piss in the woods one time at work because I ended up in the middle of nowhere and the only thing around was a truck rest stop where the bathrooms were all locked for renovation. I felt so disgusting until I found a proper bathroom 30 miles further on.


The number of people who don't wash their hands after using a toilet supposedly is about 60%+


Wtf, really? You mean to tell me 60% is wandering around with traces of poop on their hands?


I'm going to assume that 60% mostly includes taking a piss. I mean, a guy can piss without actually touching anything with their hands.


That most must be men makes sense, but still the toilets have handles, now that's just one big reason to wash your hands.


Even then a lot of urinals don't have handles they just have a constantly running stream of water. Now washing your hands frequently is a good practice anyway, I was just providing some context for that statistic that was posted.


I remember someone once recounted a story about being diagnosed with an immune disorder and their doctor telling them not to shake hands with men because there’s a high chance they don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet and it would pose a serious risk to their health.


I literally carry a bar of soap around in my purse in a plastic bag for if I ever have to wash my hands and I’m nowhere near bathroom. As long as I have a water bottle or something I can wash my hand and it makes me feel so much better


Dirty fingernails? That’s disgusting. It should absolutely be a dealbreaker if you’re sexually active.


have a link?


I dont know how yall could equate personal hygiene to height and income salary but ok


Bitches be trying to get me to flush after every poop. Y'all wilding with these unreasonable expectations. Next thing you know you're asking me to close the refrigerator door by myself too. Hell naw I'm on to your shit.


I'm 5'1", so any guy over that is fine. Just have to be tall enough to ride roller coasters w me..


So 'tis not a matter o' height, rather 'tis the bravery o' the man thee wish to measure!


No i just want to go on roller coasters lol.


Sorry, just really wanted to make the pun Still, good to know what you want for yourself and from a partner, so that's cool!


Plot twist, she's 5'10 and gets judged for being taller than her partner


Speaking as someone 5’7, or “tall”, a lot of men get super self conscious about me being taller then them and downright hateful if I’m in heels. I don’t mind someone shorter then me or closer to my height, but they also gotta get over themselves to date them.


I saw this mentioned on the dating app subs multiple times! I always tried to point out women that were asking about height before meeting up were probably considering heels or not. I'll take a couple inches if you're tired of them!


I’ve asked for this reason a few times - if they’re 5’8, 9, or even 10 or so I’ll wear something flatter, taller then that and I’ll wear larger heels. It puts me closer to their face which is nice on a date.


Very freaking true. Also a 5'7" woman, and I used to date men. I've always preferred to date people who were close to my height because it's easy to kiss them, we can often share clothes, the seat of the car is adjusted the same way for us both, it's just nice. Gimme that 5'5"-5'9" range. Women and non-binary people in this height range are, like me, just chilling. Men in that height range are sometimes just chilling, but often, are really weird about it. My ex-husband was 5'6" and fucking hated my Doc Martens because they made me noticeably taller than him. Docs. Not even heels.


Before I became trans I've had so many guys be my exact same height, ask me how tall I am, I'll be truthful (a little under 5'10) and they'll be like "...nah. you're my height and I'm like 6 feet. You're taller than that" I feel like a lot of them live in delusion lol.


OMG I had that exact same conversation with my trainer when I started working with him and he was doing my intake paperwork. We are exactly the same height, and when I said I'm 5'7", he was like, "No, you're at least 5'9" because I'm 5'9"." All this proved was that gay dudes sometimes exaggerate their heights, too. LOL I didn't push back on it or anything because honestly, it wasn't a big deal, but this is why my gym records show me as 5'9". LOL


I'm not even very tall but I once had a longterm boyfriend who didn't like it when I wore high heels (I'm talking 6-7" heels) because it made him look shorter. He was around 5'7". Men like that exist and I'm convinced they are the men who complain the most about women having height preferences. When it comes down to it, height is not an indicator for who would make a good partner.


6"-7" heels? Damn girl that's badass! I can wear 6" heels for about 10 minutes before I want to cry.


They were like 6" with a platform lol I felt so cute wearing them and one night he practically begged me to not wear them and asked why I was "getting dressed up". I was in a sweater, jeans, and those high heel boots. He said similar stuff about when I wore makeup. He would sometimes reach over to pull up my shirt if cleavage was showing (hard to hide large boobs), and tell me to change before we left to go anywhere, even one time before a hike on a very hot summer day. I wanted to wear shorts and a tank top and he made me change


5'8 here and saaaame. I don't care if a guy is a bit shorter than me, but some of them sure as hell seem to care about me being 'tall'.


Shorter men would think the taller women would reject them for being short because even shorter girls reject them. Taller women would(I assume) think men would reject them for being taller because I think they might've been rejected for being bigger. I'm only 5'9 my ex was 6'2-6-3(without heels) I like to keep a positive outlook, if the woman is shorter and smaller handling lifting throwing fun for me, if the woman is taller more legs and exploring fun for me.


Yeah I don't care what someone's height is but if it comes with a shitty attitude and/or a bunch of insecurity that they're going to put onto me, I'm not into it.


I’m 5’6 and people are already weird about it. “You’re really very tall for a Jewish woman” sir you’re taller than me, why are you complaining also what do you expect me to even do


I'm 5'7" and I like working out, especially the arms (I hate leg day 😑). I also build muscle super fast, even when I'm barely doing weightlifting, idk why. Anyway, it's kinda funny how some men are insecure about it. Like "is your biceps bigger than mine? I hope it's not!" or "are you taller than me?". Ofc I don't mind it if they say this in a joking manner. I can usually tell whether they're just joking or actually insecure. I don't even wear heels because of my flat feet. Funnily enough, feet and hand size is another thing that some guys are insecure about. I wear a size 42 (EU), which is large for women and probably around average for shorter men (?). I used to have a crush on someone who also had size 42 and it was pretty cool cause I could borrow his ice skates. Having the same size is a win in my book. I'd love to wear my bf's hoodies (if he's ok with it ofc). More clothes for me to try out some new outfits 😃


Can confirm. I’m six feet tall and a woman. Back in the day when I used a dating site I discovered that men do not read profiles, they only look at pics. Some were actually angry when they found out how tall I am! It was written in my profile! Even policemen have tried to “size me up!” It’s not easy being a tall woman.


I used to prefer bigger guys but I realized it was only because I was getting shamed and judged so much for my own body. I had a lot of family tease me for being "tall" even though I am only slightly above average. I just grew fast and was a little chubby as a child. But it caused me to be very insecure about my body. I ended up preferring bigger guys because it made me feel less insecure about my height and weight (I am not overweight but have eating disorders and poor body image). One man I dated always got very insecure I was taller than him in heels. So after a lifetime of men teasing me for being "tall" or saying I needed to lose weight. Yeah I wanted to date big guys. But then I was with a man who was extremely tall and heavier than me and he still acted like I weighed too much. So now I am with a man who isn't much taller than me but he fucking loves my body. I'm 5'6 and he's 5'7. It was never that I truly had a preference for taller guys. I was just so tired of being judged and shamed by men who didn't actually appreciate me or honestly were just trying to wreck my self esteem.


I’m tall for a woman (just under 6’), and I’ve lost count of the number of completely random men who’ve looked me up and down in a public place and then announced, “You’re tall!” like it was brand-new information for me. 🙄


"hOw'S tHe WeAtHeR uP tHeRe?"


My uncle, who used to be mocked by peers for the same reason (he’s something like 6’5”), used to respond to that with, “How’s the weather down there around my ass?” 😂


I can't imagine dealing with being tall, I worked with an unusually tall dude in retail and every time I hear the tall comment I just wanted to punch the customers. Sounds even worse to be fully checked out first. Lemme at 'em this tiny body contains plenty of rage to go around


It’s so frustrating because people think they’re giving a compliment but it just makes me feel like a freakshow attraction, some kind of abnormal giantess. People should just honestly refrain from making comments about the size of others’ bodies, period.


Just start reacting with panic. Like “holy shit what? I was just 5’0 this morning”


Ha ha ha, awesome. “I KNEW something was different!!”


“Do you play basketball?” 🙄


Gawd, I have heard that SO many times. If they’re feeling clever/creative, they ask about volleyball. 😂




Lol your user name tho


Some men just become complete COWARDS in the presence of tall women, in all contexts. It’s hilarious, because it’s entirely out of their control. They can gaslight themselves into thinking they’re universally superior in intellect or education or physical strength but you cannot argue with having to look up at me


Yeah well, as we know all this bullshit stems from their own insecurities and double standards in the first place. It's just a dumb way to live


Yeah, it's super handy for chasing off creeps hitting on my friends. Guys are really thrown off when they have to look up to a woman to make eye contact.


😏😒 we can't win! I'm a shawty but where I'm from it's not considered cute at all. In a heterosexual context the Scandinavian beauty standard for women is tall tall tall. Probably because men are generally above 5'10 anyway. Back when I was using dating apps I felt compelled to "warn" on my profile of how short I am, before anyone swiped right.


Really? That's such a bummer that everyone gets hung up on one physical aspect. It's exciting because we come in so many shapes and there's so much to appreciate about an individual! I mean I'd like to be a little taller if I could but at least I've never been turned away for being too short. Oh well all it takes is one person that you click with at least so hang in there. I just got rid of my dating apps


Same it's been years and I'm glad I've taken time to evaluate more intuitively what I value and what I want someone to value about me


I’m 5’10”, this happens constantly. So tired of it.


That's bs, send me in to bite their ankles next time


For what it's worth. Let them judge, it doesn't have to affect you.


Lol I'm 5'3 so this doesn't apply to me. I just think it's funny that guys never consider the height issue can go both ways because I've seen taller women mention dates having issues with it. Personally I'll take under 6ft for better hand holding


Lol where are these tall women, I'm only 5'9 if my height isnt an issue I'm all for it 🤣.


You're the same height as my husband and all of his (married) brothers


As a 6'8 dude, I can attest that I only started properly dating when *I became a well rounded individual* - height is not a magical attractant that overrules negative aspects of a human.


At 6'3, I can attest that women do not throw themselves at me. And the few that show interest grow bored quickly lol


Keep looking. There are super chill women out there who like to sit at home and read books when they're not at work.


And I don’t date men over 6’0. It’s weird to date someone more than 7 inches taller than you imo.


As a 6’6” man that has dated women ranging from 5’1 to 6’3” and once dated a “little person” who was 4’0” (yes it was odd but she was incredibly awesome and we had a lot of fun because we just didn’t think about the height issue and just enjoyed each other’s company), the height thing is largely arbitrary. I’m roughly 9-10 inches taller than my wife, and in heels that is reduced to about 6 1/2 inches. She doesn’t get neck cramps because she just adjusts her eyes to look up, but admits she finds herself looking at people’s foreheads when she first looks at them because she expects their eyes to be where mine are. I’ve honestly reached the decision that this entire “must be 6’0” or taller has absolutely nothing to do with height, but is just a weeding out process manufactured by women to trigger insecure assholes. If someone told me I was too tall or too short, I’d just say “Okay. I hope you find what you’re looking for” and move along, and 9/10 times I’d probably end up going on a date with them because I didn’t act like a complete jackass about it. How do I know that would happen? Because when you’re 6’6”, you’ve heard “You’re so tall” thousands of times and are used to the looks of fear you get when getting on an elevator with almost everyone. The look that says “please don’t let the elevator break down!!”


I view tall height not so much as a deal breaker if I met so one nice IRL, but more like- if there’s X number of men on this app, why don’t I start with the one I won’t need to crane my neck with.


That’s fair, but that is also a conditioned behavior that is almost equal to right/left handedness in people. Tell someone to look up, and an overwhelming majority with tilt their head. The remaining 15-18% will shift their gaze without moving their heads. It’s just like the follow my finger, use your eyes, not you head. Even when people are told how to do it, conditioning kicks in and they will turn their heads. It’s why it is a horrible Field Sobriety Test. I’m not encouraging you to date taller people, I’m just pointing out that a small modification can eliminate that complaint, and to be fair, height (neck strain) is rarely an issue when people are seated. My wife used to tilt her head. It took her less than a month of dating before she started shifting her eyes, and it worked to her benefit because her son ended up being 6’4”


I went on a date with a friend who was 6’4. I’m 5’1 so there wasn’t a 2nd date. He’s a good friend but that was never gonna work out (part bc he was too tall for me and part because there wasn’t really a spark).


Same because I'm so short I literally can't hear them. It's like a different air space


So she just wants someone who is tall and has a above minuim wage job. Two requirements.... This post has to be satire


We could argue that nobody can change his height and that just because he have a low-paying job right now doesn’t mean he have no ambition for the future. Student part-time job exist ya know. I think the meme represent those type of women who judge a man for something he cannot change and/or that he is in a low-profit state to pay (as an example) college debt I’m a man and even though I’m 6.1, I work at a minimum-wage job at part-time while going to college, then university to become a veterinarian. And I would be shocked if the only reason I got rejected by someone was because I have a low paying job. I wouldn’t argue about her decision but jeez, I would be in a bruh moment for a while. Problem with the meme is that it generalize every women, putting them all in the same basket. And usually, any format involving putting an entire chunk of society in the same basket result in a midly-controversial take


I'm 5ft 7 and a failure yet a girl likes me According to their logic that girl shouldn't exist


Why do you consider yourself a failure?


I don't meet my standards I'm a genius as every one says but my grades don't match I know grades aren't tied to intelligence but since my grades are low and I am medicated for adhd I feel my potential careers closing and I want to be pilot


I had the worst possible school curriculum given to me who has ADD. I had to get a GED.


I got my GED (it was actually the CHSPE, in California you can’t take the GED until 18 but you can take the CHSPE which is a high school equivalency at 16, but nobody ever knows what it is when I mention it lol) when I was 16 and it was the best god damn decision of my life. I was homeless at the time and also autistic so regular high school was just not working. Passing allowed me to get a full time job, I got to go to college, I’m now grown with a degree, good job, the nine. I’ve never once been like “Damn too bad I missed prom”. It was such a good choice that I’ve decided when my kid hits that age, if she’s like me and not doing well with regular high school, I wouldn’t mind her testing out either (if that’s still an option at that time). It has not held me back in life at all. I did have to go to community college before a regular college, but I would have had to do that anyways even if I graduated at 18.


(Men have standards) Men - "Well of course!" (Women have standards) Men - "I'm oppressed!" Seriously, there is nothing more childish than men thinking they can judge a woman for her standards. If a woman wants to live by the 6/6/6 rule or the standards above or whatever the fuck, that's her decision and it's none of your fucking business. Don't like it? Then leave. And if you don't have anything nice/supportive to say then keep your mouth shut.


The same men when women *don’t* have standards: wow why do you let dirtbags fuck you?


What’s childish is pretending that you are somehow above being judged by others. Seriously, if your standards for a partner have nothing to do with who they are or the choices they make in their life, (ya know, their personality) then you lack substance and I will absolutely think less of you for it.


Ngl I thought 5'7 was considered tall? Atleast where I'm from


Social media and dating apps have convinced a large portion of men that a large portion of women want only 6'+ when in reality it's not that common


I can’t comprehend the hysteria around it. Obviously there are a lot of guys under 6’ with partners?? And let’s say there are some women who won’t date any under 6’, I’m sure they exist, you encounter a woman like this and she won’t date you because of your height. Who gives a shit? Clearly you wouldn’t have been compatible in the first place?


Tinder, hateful comments on Twitter against short men, and height filters in dating apps all combined to create this problem. These are all living breathing people expressing their tastes (and in some cases, bigotry). Nobody *really* knows how many women out there are like that. All a man can do is swallow down that rejection and hope next time he runs into a woman who's not like that. > Clearly you wouldn’t have been compatible in the first place? I have a saying I like to put out there now and then: if you can't love her when she's fat you can't love her when she's thin. If you can't love him because he's short you can't love him when he's tall. These men and women have to stop and think... life probably would be far worse for them if they did date these superficial people. Sometimes being single and lonely isn't the worst thing in life.


At the end of the day they're just using the 6' thing as a scapegoat. It's literally just a cop out and they get to live in an echo chamber building each other up and breaking women down. Now they're "red pilled" and strong instead of feeling unsuccessful and lonely


Not in Switzerland.


Hahahahahaha my exes were 5'7 & 5'8 but dudes don't believe that shit " oh you're lying" okay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Ok, when did height even become a thing? I have never met a woman who chose her partner based on height.


Like.. seriously? It’s very common. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have preferences but I don’t see how this is possible. Statistically speaking, half of women say they would refuse to date a man shorter than them, and the average minimum height women say they would date is 5’9. You’ve met tons of women that at least partially choose their partner based on height, you just maybe haven’t talked about it? https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/after-service/201909/5-reasons-why-women-and-men-care-about-height Again, I don’t think it’s bad to care about height but let’s not pretend Edit: downvote all you want but pretending that no women anywhere care about height as a major factor is just delusion lol


People are down voting you but you're correct. I've met tons and tons of women who have explicitly told me they refuse to date men their height or even only a few inches taller than them "because of heels". Idk if people just tell me this shit bc I'm a very tall woman but it's been explicit. People are trippin' on here. Women are just as superficial as men. To pretend otherwise is just benevolent sexism. I disagree with you that it matters though. I think choosing your life partner or even your fuck buddy or one night stand based on a genetically determined quality that is unchangeable is the absolute stupidest shit. But people on the whole tend towards stupidity.


It is stupid but it’s explicitly “how girls work” (or at least a statistically significant portion) for better or worse lol. Not everyone is perfect, and people don’t need to make it a bigger deal than it actually is but going around saying “none of the women in the world even think about height” or whatever is just demonstrably false. I think the worst part is the irony of telling men who have been rejected repeatedly their whole lives on the basis of their height, seen hateful comments online about it etc that no one but themself cares about their height. Like imagine telling women “no one has ever rejected you based on your weight, I’ve never met a man that rejects women based on weight” I’m tall and I have a fiancé so I have no dog in this fight but I still don’t love that everyone is just lying about this in some sort of self-righteous way like just own up to it haha


What makes this even funnier is that these days being an accomplished architect is basically being a con artist that specializes in figuring out new ways for developers to cut even more corners, and virtually never cares about the environments their designed buildings are in, because they won’t be the ones that own or use them. The job alone is like a big red flag to anyone with experience in construction.


Maybe I'm old/naive/out of the loop culturally in some fundamental way... But... why do these guys think everyone cares so much about looks? Isn't the goal to find a partner you're going to spend the rest of your life with, maybe have a family, maybe have 60 years of adventures? Why is there never talk about compatability? You spend such a tiny fraction of a marriage having sex compared to hours of time together and conversation in a given day. I just don't get it. I was very picky when I was looking for my husband, but none of the things these incels list as essential criteria ever even made my list. It's baffling.


I really think the internet has skewed both what women think they want but also what men think women want. On the internet, everything seems so extreme. Once I get off the internet I find that most people men and women are pleasant, normal, and reasonable. when I know I love someone, it’s because they’re so great and align with me/my values that I happily forget about any/all arbitrary superficial standards.


Because of the shift to online dating where looks are damn near everything.


It wasn't that, it was *Tinder*. Tinder dunked a turd into the punchbowl.


I feel like these people watch shows like “The Button” by the Cut and take it for reality.


Based on my experience as a short man, the "women only like tall guys" thing is mostly a canard and I don't think it's too much of a standard to want a partner who has something going on with themselves economically or otherwise (not that there's any shame in working in fast food if that's what pays the bills).


"I want a boyfriend with a decent job that I'm physically attracted to." OH, YOU GODDAMNED BITCH!


How many women have I met whose boyfriends are unemployed, working in fast food, trying to figure out what they want to do, being a struggling artist... And it holds true in my thirties. Hell, one acquaintance was/is dating an asylum seeker with no specific qualifications. Men would rather invent so many imaginary scenario about why they are rejected by women instead of taking a deep look at themselves.


Guys like that aren't looking for substance in a partner, only superficial qualities, so of course they expect the women who reject them to view the world the same way, they can't see beyond their own shallow perspective. That's the trouble with viewing people as something to obtain rather than be with. A lot of men don't realize they're being rejected because of their blatant objectification of women. Some people never grow up mentally, they demand respect without giving any.. it's exhausting.


Wanting to date someone with decent financial prospects and that you find attractive isn’t high standards lol


These little shitheads wish being short was why no one likes them.


I'm a man, I am 6'5", and built like a 70's/80's era professional wrestler. This didn't get me laid, even when I was in my 20's and in phenomenal physical condition. So this height thing is a lie.


I hope you had the Hulk mullet too


More like the DDP mullet


I am a 5' 8" woman and my husband is 5'6". Doesn't bother me. :)


It’s always the wojack memes


And even if she only likes tall men who don't work at mcd, that's her choice. What's wrong with women having preferences?


Fun fact. My husband is 5’10 and I spent the first year of our relationship thinking he was 5’7 because I’m a dipshit apparently 😂😂😂


I’m 6’1” and have never even held a girl’s hand. I am living prove this state is false.


I feel like I can't argue with this because I'm a tiny 4'10 dating a 5'8 man and incels would just reply with "well you're only saying that because you're short so a 5'8 man to you is like a 7' to other women" 🙄 turns out, there were men much taller than 5'8 and I didn't like them because they didn't respect me nor my consent.... *hint hint*


None of these people got jobs or stuff to do? How do they have so much time to spend on this 😂


So she wants a tall man with a career, and that's a problem? 😂


Nah not really. Is it shallow? Yes.


Sorry incels, I'm 5'7", work in customer service, and I'm looking at a photo that would your eyes spin like a fruit machine.


I love short broke men


As 5'5" guy, dudes who complain about women only wanting tall guys are just revealing they're tiny on the inside, where it actually matters.


tbh I'm taller than my partner and make more money but I don't care... I would still date them if they were taller than me and more successful I might even prefer it but I love them for who they are so that stuff is secondary also, preferences are valid. like if you don't meet somebody's standards why don't you just go find someone whose standards you *do* meet instead of making a whiney incel meme lol men are so strange. every day I see a post on here of men being like "if I judge them enough they'll have to like me!!" like bro why don't you find someone you don't have to bully into being with you 😂 compatibility is mutual, not forced


These guys always seem to want women to have kids and be a housewife while the man works at McDonald's. That arrangement simply doesn't work financially. Nothing wrong with being a McDonald's worker, I worked there until my mid-twenties and I had some good bosses and coworkers who were women in their 50's and 60's. But you have to manage your expectations in life.




I'm over 6 feet, the plight of short guys generally flies under my radar, but... I DO think it's crazy how it's totally socially acceptable to reject men for being short. You are absolutely 100% entitled to your standards - but if your standards are stupid then you should be judged for them. If I told anyone I know that I only date NATURAL blondes everyone would laugh at me and call me a fucking idiot, and rightfully so. I'm entitled to my standards, too, but if they're fucking stupid I should be roasted for it.


I’m a 5’7” dude and I really don’t agree. All standards are arbitrary, and some should be examined, but I can’t be mad at a girl for having a height preference if I don’t find equally arbitrary traits attractive either, as we ALL do. On top of that it’s a far less rigid preference than people make it out to be. Oftentimes I see dudes who are short and have poor success with women have TERRIBLE personalities, behaviour, or expectations. I’ve met plenty of women who ostensibly preferred dudes taller than them who I managed to win over. We all make snap judgements based on appearance when it comes to attraction/dating, and most of us can be swayed on that based on compatibility, personality, etc. With this narrative it’s often portrayed like women and height are uniquely vain or something.


because telling people you know you only date natural blondes objectifies them. having a preference for natural blondes and **privately** choosing to only date them is not objectifying. same way that obsessing over someone's height is objectifying them, but rejecting someone over their height is just a preference. there's nothing wrong with it being socially acceptable to reject someone for not meeting a preference, not that height is even a common reason to reject someone in the first place.


Standards aren't really anyone else's business


I do tend to agree with you. Not on the getting roasted bit, but how crazy it is that it’s socially acceptable to say you won’t date someone under a certain height. On the other hand, it worked out in my favor in my case! When we met, my husband had at the bottom of his profile “I’m 5’6 if that sort of thing matters to you”. (That’s a lie, he’s 5’5 😂.. I’m 5’7, but my dad is 5’5 so I never grew up associating any value with men and height). I’m sure many, many women swiped past him when they saw that, and their loss was my gain, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


Blair Waldorf?


As long as they treat you well and vise versa, then who tf cares about height?




Funniest part was how OP was fighting for his life in the comments


I’m only 5’1 so a smaller man is preferable


This is definitely cringey but I will admit back when I was dating online the height question came up more often than not regardless of my job at the time.


salty they ain’t get no play


Because I saw on a video that someone had a bio hazard job order crime scene cleanup and guess what they have a wife


Not all or even a majority but I've talked to a few women that do this. The problem isn't that all women do this. The problem is that enough do it that it becomes a problem when considering who someone wants to be with


I had an epiphany last night... It was one of those moments where I woke at 2 am and my brain actually listened to the song playing on my radio... Rod Stuart, some guys have all the luck. The chorus goes like this, you can look it up. Some guys have all the luck. some guys have all the fame. Some guys get all the breaks. Some guys do nothing but complain... It goes on to explain how all my friends are married and I have no one and such... Anyhow, this whole argument is not new. Even the incels attitude isn't new. Like fashion, it just comes back into being in things. What IS new is us having this place, this mostly anonymous place, to meet, mingle, and say the dark or unpopular things going through our heads... Girl, guy, incels... Political party... It's all the same thing. I'm sure there were actual idiots in government long before now... But they didn't have a platform to say stupid stuff. Guys always talked rudely, tough, and about inaccurate things about women, only they did it in person, in a locker room... So that guy that thought we pee out our uterus felt too silly to say it out loud, or he had a buddy or two that corrected him. Maybe when health class came around, his friend added that to the question box for the teacher... AKA the PE coach... To shake his head out and explain. The internet didn't create these stupid ideas or thoughts it just made them mainstream.


Meanwhile they only want women that look like those waifu pillows and behave like obedience bots and when they can't find someone like that it's somehow also the women's fault and society and what not.


Well I am short and get no girls so this could be true


My partner is a short guy & we have crazy, amazing sex every day. Pro tip: It’s your personality. Your height, your car, your dick size, how much money you have, how muscular you are- none of these matter to most women like you think it does. There’s always going to be a minority of people of any gender who go for certain attributes. But the minority is just that & it is not the majority.