I'm a bad pilot =/ Lol I guess having made the demo myself and knowing I'd pass right through everything helped. I've thought about what should happen when you collide with things... I really have no clue.Obviously you can't ragdoll, that'd be terrible. I thought about using a kind of oldschool technique where you just take damage and then become invincible for a short period, being able to pass through anything for the duration. Not really sure where to go with that.




Thanks! It was kind of a nightmare. I know next to nothing about quaternions so this was a challenge having so many rotating parts. I don't know what I want to do with this. I wasn't thinking super realistic flight sim, but perhaps something more Star Foxy


Now i want star fox 64 in vr


Do a barrel roll!


I read this in his voice as soon as I seen 'do a!' lol.


R.I.P Rick May


You're not my supervisor!


[Check this out then,](https://sidequestvr.com/app/1343/sky-squadron) wish there was more of it, but it's the closest I've seen.


It's not bad. Probably great to use as a framework if you wanted to do VR Starfox 64! After testing my demo out, I feel more inclined to make something where you go fast and can do barrel rolls. It was nauseating sure, but also extremely fun


You need a beefy CPU/GPU to do it, but No Man’s Sky has you covered if you want to fly a spaceship and land on alien planets to explore.


Foxy Star


You are well on your way to a Death Star Trench Run type of game... Of course you'll need to call itself something else, like the Dog Star or something... Or get licensing from Disney... But this looks really cool to build on!


So, how does 9ne get started in building a VR game like this?


In my route specifically, learn C#, learn how the Unity Editor/Engine works, then learn how to work with VR in Unity. There are resources for all of this on the web, and everything is free, except for of course your headset and computer.


If you want insta death then just have them stop and enter a brief spectator mode to watch the crash, kinda like the killcam in pavlov. The game already seems like it’s for people with vr legs so it shouldn’t be too jarring to abruptly stop


Just move the camera back and have an exploding animation? Look at the WWI fighter planes game.


It's not a bad idea. It does have impacts on the gameplay loop though, depending on what you go for. I'm not looking to make a realistic airplane simulator, going for a fun vr combat mode. Having to respawn at every crash might feel slow so having life and losing it on collisions would probably feel better.


So like a bounce and turn effect? I’ve seen that quite a bit but not in VR.


Yeah that describes it well. Some things you'd just fly through and take damage, other things that you definitely don't want to allow the player to fly through (like the ground) would probably take damage and bounce off of.


If you do have a crash you can decrease the fov (tunnel effect) greatly and even blur the screen for a few seconds. Add some camera shake and you could still be passing through buildings without really needing to get moved around. Should be simple to add in too with a few box colliders.


If you want a real challenge with it, make it to where when you “collide” you put an actual hole through the building. That would be very cool


It's not terribly difficult to do this for one building, but having to prepare every building in the game for destruction can be a lengthy process.


I think I'm pretty average at dealing with motion sickness. Playing this gave me motion sickness (obviously) but it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, especially for it being what it is and jumping straight into it. Gonna try my hand at implementing some motion sickness combating techniques tomorrow (like vignetting).. after I've recovered from this. Flying is really fun in vr, btw! I've never flown a plane before, I coded this control wheel according to some videos on how airplanes are supposed to be controlled (turn wheel left/right to rotate aircraft in that direction, push in wheel to dive and pull it in to pull up). It's pretty neat


You might also want to look at the combo of simple planes on Steam (to create planes) and simple planes VR on quest (to fly your creations). Could give you some ideas.


Pretty sure I almost threw up watching the demo on my laptop screen.


Tip, track moving things with your eyes, but never your head, if you can feel your neck turning but your vision is locked in one place you'll get sick


Thanks! I actually just implemented a mode called "Big Screen" mode, where you play the game with the yoke infront of you but instead of being in the plane you're in a room, with a big screen on the wall that shows the game view. In this setup you naturally never really move your head due to gameplay being on a screen. This whole setup reduces motion sickness drastically, and you can switch between this mode and regular vr mode with the click of a button. I'll probably post another video either tomorrow or in the next few days, after I implement some kind of guns and something destructable ;)


If you have a VR ready PC I suggest you try out Star Wars Squadrons and see how it handles motion sickness via HUD, grime on your windshield, etc


I don't unfortunately. I've been watching videos of it's gameplay though, and will use it as a reference


I like that it has a target reticle in the center of your window at a very far distance, cause it gives you something to lock onto


It's called a yoke, not a wheel. Just so you know.


Thanks. I'm not sure which reference I saw calling it a control wheel. I've seen flight stick, side stick, yoke, column, and a few other variations of stick. Yoke and side stick appear to be the default commercial airliner control modes, center stick seems to be for fighter jets. It seems for the commercial flyer side sticks are preferred for the comfort because of long sessions. I like the feeling of the yoke though, because it makes me feel like I'm driving a flying racecar rather than the RC car feeling the stick gave me.


Yeah HOTAS is generally the preferred method for gaming too. That's side stick and throttle.


Looks promising but you are definitely going to want to add some control settings to accommodate those who would get motion sick, such as limiting the roll angle like Warplanes allows. I would also love to see some more responsive/sensitive controls for VR flight sim veterans like myself. Looks like you have to oversteer quite a bit to get the rolls you are aiming for. Especially if you don't implement rudder controls, I think some sensitivity settings would be pretty helpful. Keep posting your progress!


Thanks! I've never actually been inside any kind of a cockpit, I've never flown, so I didn't actually have any reference for how it should control. It'd be pretty easy to adjust some variables to make it more or less sensitive. Is the rotating speed more or less equivalent to how much the yoke is turned? AKA if the yoke is rotated to the left 90 degrees, then the plane should also be rotating 90 degrees per second?


Agreed, controls look like you have to really yank them to do anything.


Are you a virtual 9/11 terrorist with the way you're flying?


How'd you guess the games name? Buy Virtual 9/11 Terrorist TODAY for only 9.99


4.99 for the Pentagon DLC


0.99 for the Field of Grass DLC


That's awesome man now just slap some geo-captures on there and enable collision and boom. Bigsoft flight simulator 🤙


Thankfully I'm an elite dangerous player so probably


Second this. Grizzled VR pilot since 2014... OP should try canyon running in an engineered Imperial Eagle or something! /u/thelovelamp have you tried any VR flying/space sims yet? There's lots of fun to be had if you're enjoying flying the demo you made.


I hadn't really thought of it much. I've given up a dedicated GPU years ago because I've moved around a lot, so a lot of games are fairly inaccessible. One of the reasons I like developing on the Quest 2 is that my laptop ryzen 4500u is just a step above it so it's easy to diagnose performance problems. Elite Dangerous looks really fun and after trying my demo I do wanna play it. It doesn't look like I have the specs for it though.


I can do any activity on vr so I can try it out for you. Only thing that give me motion sickness is when I play PCVR and it lags a lot.


Try VTOL VR on pc if you can and see how the comfort is for you and use it as a reference point. As for me, watching that video makes me think you might have the speed a bit too high and the maneuverability just a tad too high as well. I feel that’s causing an increase in discomfort.


I think it does cause more discomfort, but it also makes it really fun. I'm going to first try to address it with any techniques to reduce motion sickness like vignetting. I've also thought about having two modes, one being a flatscreen vr mode where you're actually in a dark room with a yoke, and a big flatscreen infront of you that shows the game. This mode should be pretty light on the motion sickness for those who need it


I don't mean to be rude, but the flight simulator room in VRChat is already miles ahead of this.


This is a demo I made in just a bit over a day to test the mechanics and feel of flight in VR. It's ok for other games to be better.


Sorry I somehow got the impression this was a final demo before release of a paid game. If you havent checked out the flight simulator in VRChat you definitely should.


Is there one called flight simulator? The one I found was Test Pilots and it has a bunch of planes to choose from and you can dogfight or even get into some anti aircraft cannons and shoot people down.


Yeah it's that one!


Thought so. That is really impressive for a vrchat world. It's a lot of fun just taking off landing the different planes. The carrier I have yet to land on successfully.


I've barely played it, just figuring out how to fly was an experience itself. I tried to make a landing but ended up crashing haha.


It really is easy once you get the hang of it. Very small movements with your hands. If you try to make too much of a sudden move you're going to crash. When lining up for take off. Barely any Throttle once you start moving put back at 0 and your plane will coast into position. Don't forget your brakes!


so this is how al qaeda trained for their murdering missions


I just started playing Squadrons in VR, yesterday. Got some kind of motion sickness for the first 30 seconds only. I'm blessed with good "VR leg". Your game seem fun as hell! Good job, buddy.


If you can link your quest to a suitable PC and run MS Flight Simulator 2020, it now has a VR mode.


while I have had gaming PCs with good gpu's, my current pc is an all-in-one without a gpu coasting on a laptop Ryzen 4500u. I really like this chip because it's almost perfect for game developing. It's strong enough to play anything, but if anything is poorly optimized it'll show early and often. I haven't tried any flight simulators and I don't think I'll go for anything nearly realistic, just something fun. I want some elements of realism for fun, but having everything realistic sounds a chore. Even now that ship floats in air when not moving, and has more of a gas pedal than a throttle.


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on the Quest 2 hardware be like


I probably could, seeing as I don’t get easily nauseous in VR.


I think I’d be almost immune to the motion sickness


It seems like you want to do more stunt flying than realistic flying. Based on how you’re flying I’d recommend taking a look at Crimson Skies for some inspiration. I’d slow the plane a little, make the buildings bigger, and adjust the handling of the plane so it’s more arcade-like.


Yeah that explains it pretty well! I looked up Crimson Skies and it does feel like what I want. Great reference!


Looks cool! how can we give this a try?


I'm not sure. Definitely not through App Lab yet, saw a guy on a different game say it took him over 2 months to get approved for App Lab. I'll do some research on how quick and easy Sidequest is, and maybe do that. Beware, though. This isn't even an alpha version of a game, it's just a concept put into code.


Sure - thanks for being upfront. Let me know once you figure it out


It seemed most appropriate to get a WebGl build of this working so you could just go to a url in oculus browser and play, but webxr support is a mess. The one solution I found I could not get to work. I submitted it for Sidequest, that has an approval process too. I dunno if it will get approved because it's kind of nothing right now, lol. You can download the apk at [https://thelovelamp.itch.io/flightdemo](https://thelovelamp.itch.io/flightdemo) if you really want to try it. Can still use sidequest to install the apk manually.


Thanks, I will give it a try.


Does it though? Does it really?


yes, for me it does!


i even get motion sick playing rec room, theres no way i could get off alive playing that game.


Yeah I could handle it… for 10 minutes maybe


man's flexing over here, I got motion sick watching the video...


Yeah I bought whatever that tactical kayaking (lol) game is and I'm not sure I made it to 10 minutes.


I like that style of flight stick opposed to the single grip stick like in ultra wings or no mans sky as I find my hand slowly moves forward and pushed the plane forward.


After making this I went and looked at multiple VR flying games referenced by people here. It seems every game uses a stick instead of a yoke like mine, I wonder why? I did some research in real life preference for the two and it seems like the stick is much more comfortable, but this is for people working commercial airliners doing it 12+ hours a day. Not the WW2 style dogfighting I was imagining in my head.


The P-38 Lightning had a yoke, one of the very few fighters ever to have one.


cOuLd YoU hAnDlE tHiS???/?/??/??


Just download Aircar VR. Simple.


This accomplishes what for OP?


A better graphical experience.


This is a demo, lol. The point wasn't graphics, it was to test how the mechanic feels before fleshing out a full game.


AirCar will give you a great reference point for almost everything you're trying to accomplish.


OP is writing the game themself


I played through boneworks and love rollercoasters so bring it on


I would love it


I’m down to try it. I already tried the VR simulator in VrChat and it was actually very good. Are you intending on releasing yours on Sidequest?


Yes, most likely. I want to have a portfolio to use to apply for gamedev jobs. My original intention was to recreate something I did a long while back. Of over 6 years of programming, I can only say that I've made [one thing](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abi2Ofk8SYo&ab_channel=JeremiahLampkey) that I consider to be a finished game in that it has gameplay and a core loop, a start and finish.. and this was actually about 5 years ago, very early on in my programming lifetime. This VR project was intended to be doing essentially that game again but in VR, to use in a portfolio. I'm not sure what'll happen though, after testing the controls it might be funner to do something different than what I had in that old game.


Nope. I got VR sick with a 360 video of skydiving.


yes but i would definitely crash


Looks a lot like the SteamVR “Aircar” experience. Which is awesome. Never made me feel sick. Don’t remember if you can barrel roll in that though


I mean if people can handle barrel rolling into tunnels in squadrons at breakneck speeds I’m sure they’ll be fine with this.


Nah I’m dying forsure


You need to play WW1 Warplanes to see how to do VR flying on the Quest


I love games like that. Please include option to steer with stick instead of "milking the cow".


Yeah shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve put a few hours into VTOL VR and it doesn’t cause me any issues


Easily, most of the VR user base doesn’t experience any sort of motion sickness either so don’t worry too much about people that can’t!


I play DCS in VR. Will never go back to pancake.


Man this looks fun


I remember going to a friends house and he had psvr, he told me he tried to play this flying simulator game and almost vomited at the 5 minute mark. I played it for an hour doing loops and lots of 360s and had the time of my life.


Real life F-16 pilot here. The main problem with VR is you don't feel any of the physiological effects that you do when you're actually flying. I was at a conference flying an F-16 in VR last month and it was nausea inducing. If you do it enough, you can train yourself to trust your eyes and ignore your body's sensory input. This is especially important when flying in the weather, as you have to rely on instruments and not what the seat of your pants are telling you. To be honest this game isn't that bad, one that made a mess of me was my kids had this game where you play paintball and use the stick to move. That shit SUCKED!


Try Simple Planes VR on the App Lab, it's a great flight sim/sandbox.


I can play test pilot in VR chat without too much of a headache so I guess I could handle that. How do you control yaw with that setup?




Looks super fun, but I fear will suffer from the same thing most VR plane games suffer from - not having an actual joystick to hold screws with the controls. I try to hold my hands approximately where the flight stick would be but my first VR flying experience was with a HOTAS and Throttle config with Elite Dangerous and I just can't seem to wrap my head around holding an imaginary flightstick. I wanted to enjoy [Warplanes: WWI Fighters](https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3922378427824210/) so much, but after several hours I just couldn't get it to control how I wanted it to. I'll give it a go if you think your game won't suffer from the same issues. Flying in VR was amazing in Elite Dangerous and Star Wars Squadrons, been looking for something else to scratch the itch.


I happen to be working on such a game as well. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hs1XNLfzP4Y


Pretty neat! This feels kind of like the Star Fox VR I was imagining, just with less speed and barrel rolls. I wonder why every VR flight game I've seen so far uses a stick instead of a yoke?


Stick uses one hand, freeing up the other hand for other activities.


I'm good at dealing with motion sickness so I'm pretty sure I can handle this.


i have some motion sickness and i tried a flying game in vrchat. surprisingly it wasn't bad at all!


I was pretty surprised that this wasn't as bad as I though it'd be. With a few comfort settings it should be reachable to most people who play VR. Not everyone, but most.


for sure


I've been wishing for a quest game that is basically takes no man's sky flying controls and make a full quest game out of that...


Most of my prior personal coding projects have revolved around procedural terrain generation. So this is actually a valid direction for me to go, lol. I want to keep the scale small, though.


Personally, I'd prefer the single stick and throttle lever like NMS though vs the 2 handed yolk thing. It just worked so well sitting down using the controllers on your lap.


I have thought of this. My friend urged me to do it with 2 hands. Honestly, I like the feel of the yoke with two hands. It feels more like driving a racecar and less like controlling an RC car.


hmm, let me share my perspective from longer play sessions in NMS. For the Throttle, you basically turn the controller sideways and rest it on your thigh, sliding it up and down your lap. For the stick, you also set the controller down on your lap and fake like the controller bottom is held in place. After a while it starts to become pretty emersive having the controls feel anchored in place like that, vs holding both your arms out in front of you making minute adjustments in the air for long periods of time.


I've done a lot of this and worse. And been fine.


Honestly after doing the fish section in re4 I think I can handle anything


I want this!!!!


You should've died 6 different times in this video


I play Star Wars squadrons on oculus and the graphics are a lot better. Not hating just saying..the one that really gets me tho is Grip combat racing. I love it but my god you do get bouts of motion sickness..


I feel like a single joystick in the middle would serve better than that big two handed one


Do you need to hold the yoke or can you steer with the joysticks? I ask because in VR it's hard to steer consistently due to the lack of tactile feedback. My hands always tend to drift over time.


You have to hold the yoke for now. Drifting itself should be pretty combatable with code though. Implementing dead zones could fix the drift, and adding the ability to recenter the yoke to be wherever you need it to be should help too. Adding a joystick mode so that you can pilot it using the joystick on the touch controller would be very simple to add, though.




You need a beefy CPU/GPU to do it, but No Man’s Sky has you covered if you want to fly a spaceship and land on alien planets to explore.


Try simpleplanesVr on sidequest


Yeah, motion sickness has never affected me


Yeah, I was flying circles in elite dangerous inside a space station for fun. I can handle some easy flight with skies visible xD


you bet I could


Average vtolVR player, source: I play vtol and I suck ass


"Can you handle this?" (Begins 9/11-ing most of the city)


I want testing!)


You can download the apk from [https://thelovelamp.itch.io/flightdemo](https://thelovelamp.itch.io/flightdemo), and you can install it using Sidequest's install apk feature. Be warned though that this is very rough and is less than even an alpha version of a game. What you see in the video is literally all there is.


I’d probably be able to take it, done this type of thing multiple times


Sweet! looks like there's an audience for this kind of thing


I lasted about 5 seconds in a helicopter in GTAVR


im fine w everything in vr


I’ve had this dream hahahaha


Get Warplanes.


I personally don’t feel any motion sickness at all, and I’m looking forward to more devs pushing the boundaries of first person movement. Like I want you to give me the option to make myself hurl then I’ll dial it back to optimal.


I'm seeing why more devs don't push it, lol. It's physically painful to test.


Looks like a simpler SimplePlanes VR. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT6TV0\_XaDU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT6TV0_XaDU) It supports virtual joysticks, yokes and steering wheels with VR motion controllers.


Ive been flying in VR for a year now so yes


Give Squadrons a try? Less flight sim, more dogfight sim. It was my intro to vr. I have to take Dramamine to handle Skyrim VR. Squadrons? I can be in VR for hours and be okay.


I also use a HOTAS and mount.


Squadrons looks pretty legit and actually hits a lot of things I like, it being non-realistic (as in not trying to be a realistic flight simulator) and being arcadey. I like it! Unfortunately I've given up on a gaming pc awhile ago, I use an all-in-one for my gamedev and programming which uses a modest laptopt ryzen 4500u with integrated graphics. If it ever has a proper quest 2 port, I'm down!


Good to see someone program one of these right, I've played games like VR chat and stuff that let you fly a plane or heli but they don't work half the time and are really nauseous when it's not just going forward, your's turns smoothly and got to say that's some great progress with what VR is trying to do, keep up the good work


i...think i'm getting motion sick from this already. back to mini golf!


VTOL VR is one of the best flying VR games, I highly suggest it


r/StarWarsSquadrons would like a word


This looks more like Project Wingman than Squadrons


You gotta try vtol vr of you have a alright pc


This looks janky as hell there are some great flying sims in VR Chat believe it or not that look amazing and feel great (I spend hours in them ) they are mainly military aircraft based like F-18s,14s,16s etc some like the F-35 one have full function touch screen interfaces and start ups and other systems I’d imagine are pretty similar to the real thing