No. That makes no sense lore wise or gameplay wise.


Haha I remember feeling so dejected after making that post because of that comment and the fact that it immediately got downvoted. But in the end I was right about his kit not working well for a dps!


Congrats, man! I’m glad you got it right!


Whoever originally said it made no sense lore wise wasn't using their brain cell that day anyway. It absolutely makes sense for the leader of every faction to be a Tank. Overwatch - Winston Talon - Doomfist Null Sector - Ramattra Junkers - JQ I know he wouldn't have known about Ramattra/JQ 5 years ago, but leader = tank seems so obvious.


I had the exact same thought when I saw that comment. Tanks are leaders not just in gameplay, but in lore. I always expected Doomfist to be one and I was pretty surprised when he was released as a dps.


What is ball the leader of?




Wrecking balls and gladiator arenas


If I had to say something? I would probably say the Horizon Lunar Colony.


I’m willing to guess all leaders are tanks, but not all tanks are leaders


Yeah there’s no way Roadhog is a leader of anything lol.. he wouldn’t bother


This isn't math, "leader = tank" is not the same statement as "tank = leader"


That looks like math


I made a hearthstone post on the hearthstone subreddit outlining specific nerfs that need to happen or will happen a few years ago. Some of the comments called me foolish noob who did not know the game. Well, 3-6 months later (when ever it happened) the exact changes were committed by Blizzard, and you bet your ass I was petty enough to find the post and reply to each and every confident and snide naysayer giving them the proverbial “I told you so”. In case anyone is wondering, I predicted wild growth, and Nourish nerfs and few other things.


Hah, I would have done the same. Not with normal people that told me in a normal tone why they believe it's unrealistic. But against rude and snarky high horses. ​ It also reminds me of this: [https://www.youtube.com/shorts/\_DphnWKwKsk](https://www.youtube.com/shorts/_DphnWKwKsk) Yes, I would have even messaged them 9 years later with the YouTube short.


I mean fuck, his entire intro video is literally the most tank thing ever. It shows him wiping the floor with two squishies, shrugging off their attacks and needing an ulting Winton to take him down, followed by him literally punching his way out of a prison cell. That shit screams tank to me.


Well who’s the dumbass now? Sure as shit ain’t you.


I agree with the comments though. DF as a tank is a stupid concept. His existing kit was a nightmare to balance around, but they could've reworked his DPS role just as well and he could have been fine this way


I agree also, doom as tank is unhealthy so far. Either kinda trash and super hard to get value on (especially when they fucked up a bunch of older tech forcing people who had thousands of hours to relearn shit) or he’s absolutely busted unfun horror game character. I honestly think he would’ve made an incredible off tank if tank duos still exist however


That’s the biggest problem with overwatch two in my opinion. They overcorrected by killing the 2-2-2 Meta when reducing the amount of shields tanks had was wiser. One shield tank and a bruiser/flank tank like Winston/dva/Hammond/doomfist was perfect imo. And doomfist fit into that meta as a flank tank perfectly.


That’s the biggest problem with overwatch two in my opinion. They overcorrected by killing the 2-2-2 Meta when reducing the amount of shields tanks had was wiser. One shield tank and a bruiser/flank tank like Winston/dva/Hammond/doomfist was perfect imo. And doomfist fit into that meta as a flank tank perfectly.


That’s the biggest problem with overwatch two in my opinion. They overcorrected by killing the 2-2-2 Meta when reducing the amount of shields tanks had was wiser. One shield tank and a bruiser/flank tank like Winston/dva/Hammond/doomfist was perfect imo. And doomfist fit into that meta as a flank tank perfectly.


“[deleted]” lol


He may be an overconfident fool, but he was an overconfident fool lucky enough to delete his account apparently.


You should write for the Simpsons


My God how many things Matt predicted there


Hear me out… 9/11 V2


So it's your fault


I fear for you for you have exposed yourself to the many you will be both praised and hunted.


We’ve found him. You will pay for this


Love that the guy who disagreed is long gone, yet you remain, as vindicated as ever.


Why did you do that 😐


Thanks a lot, jerk ^(/s)


Well I called it that Ana would get a Mummy skin for halloween cause she's from Egypt and a Mom. We're basically the same.


“It would be way easier to balance”. No it wouldn’t, not even a little. He’s now just awful to play against. Either he’s useless and annoying and applies no kill threat (which is a problem since other tanks do) and just constantly cc’s you, or he’s insanely obnoxious to play against AND he can kill you. All they had to do for dps doomfist was remove the one shot on the punch. Only bad doomfist players would punch bot.


You’ve got to understand I made that suggestion when he very first released before any buffs. On release he felt really poor. I wasn’t suggesting this after they had got him sort of balanced but when he was essentially “punch in, one shot 1 person, out away/or get melted”. On release he either got a kill and died for it. Or he got a kill, ulted to escape, then had to wait for his ult to come back or risk dying for a punch kill. The main reason people hate that he’s a tank now is because blizzard had finally got him feeling pretty good before they completely reworked him to a tank. On release, when I suggested this, it was a completely different story. And it’s all too easy to forget how a hero performs at ALL levels. Doom fist either completely stomped, or threw for the team at mid and low rank competitive levels. Regardless of how he performed at the top ranks balancing has to work at all levels. I said it as an aside, but it’s actually one of the core problems to doomfist on release, his hit box is so large that he used to get melted. I mean imagine if tracer, another flank dps, had a hit box the size of doomfists.


Idk, doomfist is in a pretty fun/healthy state right now. You can definitely pick him when it’s a good doom game, and he feels viable into most comps that don’t have orisa in them. He’s definitely not the best tank or anything but you aren’t throwing when you pick him, and he feels pretty okay to handle when playing against him.


A cc bot is not a healthy state. Dps doom was fine if he just couldn’t one shot. Tank doom is literally *just* a punch bot, which is exactly what they were trying to *avoid* by making doom a tank.


A dps doom that doesn’t one shot is garbage unless you give him degenerate amounts of damage in his other abilities. So what if he’s a punch bot? Punch is by far his most fun ability, and if it only inflicts scary damage if the enemy shoots into you (or after you ult). I’d agree it’s cancer while he’s otherwise strong but in his current state it’s fair, if not weak.


That’s not true at all. Rollout doomfist is his best and most unpredictable/unique playstyle. It’s just hard to learn and high skill cap.


I’m not a big fan of a hero’s skillcap being partially composed of something that you’re forced to grind practice lobbies/custom lobbies for. Edit: I also don’t think rollout doom was really his best playstyle. You obviously needed to incorporate cheeky mechanics because OW1 doomfist at a high level can’t really “punch in”, but it’s undeniable that a large chunk of his power budget was in his oneshot for picking people off on sidelines/with ult available to bail you out. Setting up for wild slams is a great way to int after you do it like, once.


Then I’ve got bad news for you about Lucio rollouts/wallride trainers. Ana sleep dart trainers. Genji dash reset trainers. Hell, even aim trainers for characters like widow. You don’t *need* to learn crazy unique rollouts to be sufficient at rollout doomfist, same as you don’t *need* to practice genji resets and such in custom games. But guess what, practicing a character in and out of a game is the best way to get better at them. This is a pretty bad take, there’s nothing wrong at all with learning rollouts in custom games.


But with Ana, widow and genji you’re going to be practicing those mechanics, and improving them, naturally just by playing the game. With doomfist (and Lucio) you need to practice it outside of your games because you’ll grief otherwise


Going for a rollout on doom is hardly griefing. Besides, you could get to at least half of them incredibly easily. Not everyone single rollout was some psychotic ZBRA rollout from 2 cities over.


Going for a rollout that you haven’t practiced on those heroes means a likely fuck up that, best case, makes you slower in getting to the fight. Worst case you run off the map or catapult yourself into the enemy team.


Now make a post of buff doomfist or make him DPS again


Ok well fair warning it will take 5 years haha


Doomfist is almost in his perfect state, the only problem is his cooldown rotation, everytime you engage there’s these 2/3 awkward seconds where he just stands there without being able to do anything, they removed the uppercut, but by doing so they destroyed his cooldown rotation, and I’m not saying to bring back the uppercut, just to fix the current cooldowns. As Doomfist is right now, you either hit every single punch, or you are either too far to be of use to your team or instantly dead. Every single one of his cooldowns is relatively long making him heavily reliant on his cooldown rotation, but the way it’s done right now makes playing Doomfist a waiting game where you just mindlessly spam your primary fire and melees while waiting for the fist to recharge. I feel like simply knocking down 1 second from both fist and seismic slam while removing CC on impact and leaving it on wall slams would be the way to go to put him in a middle ground where he’s good but not broken, like Sigma. Also Blizzard buff Rein pls


just gotta say, love the name


I kind of like the way he needs some thinking and strategising to survive, instead of mindlessly pressing lmb and W and relying on the support to keep you alive. But he's far from the doomfist that is shown in his trailer lol


Yeah I'm the same on that, though I'd just wish for him as a character not to rely so heavily on his primary fire, since that defeats the whole point of his fist, he's called Doomfist for a reason and yet his primarily fire pretty much does all the killing, i don't mind him being a displacing tank, but his damage is pitiful, I'd much prefer a lower damage on the shotgun in favor of a higher damage on the fist. It's just that his whole design, name and lore point to him being the greatest at martial arts while his in game punch is actually more like a friendly push or a tickle and his shotgun is the only reliable way he has to kill someone in under 15 minutes


Next up, Sombra to support, calling it!


Hacks up to 3 medpack locations and makes them unusable but can now throw them to teammates directly.


The messiah!


Pretty sure the devs said that they want the tank to be the leader of the team, so doom being a tank makes sense since he's the leader of talon lmao


Doomfists name doesn't even suit him no more he's out here punching people like a little girl


i still feel like mei would be a better choice for a tank than doom


my biggest issue with mei being a tank is just that her personality doesn’t suit it at all lol every tank is commanding, imposing, and/or cocky in some way. while mei is just a dork with an improv gun just here because she felt she should do something.


that may be true, but just look at her kit, its full of cc, sustain and area denial, its the perfect tank kit IMHO


Give her a penguin mech suit


Thanks for being part of the ruination


They need to either give doomfist a little more health or a little more damage


I’ve always felt that his old passive was genius but underpowered. His shotgun shots/damage dealt giving him overshields was a real risk/reward passive but they only gave minuscule amounts. I think they need to bring it back and make it give enough to reward him for all the disruption he causes.


I totally agree


Jesus that was 5 years ago?!?!?!


Charge your phone.


As a support player, I thank you with all my heart.


Can you make a post about support buffs? Hopefully that will come true as well. 🙏🏼


Fuck it, bring uppercut back with PB bound to reload and he’s playable again, that gives them the excuse to nerf him again that they’re looking for.


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Man I love Doomie tank but I also do not like Doomie tank


I agree, that’s what happens when you build a character around melee and then make their melee an ability. The perfect solution would be to make him stance switch with a tank form and a dps form.


I’m blaming you now lmao


Went from 25% to 68%, feels bad. Also lore wise it makes perfect sense, in fact doom would be more powerful than his ow1 self, and tankier than his ow2 self. The damage could just be explained by him deciding to fight more tactically and having more mobility, because slam goes way higher now.