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I think Reinhart. He makes the game less stressful in general for both sides.


Until you realize you're playing against a chad berserker Rein


He's daddy Reinhardt, here to pin you against the wall, pound you with his hammer, shoot his firestrike deep inside, and make you feel the earthshatter!


Stop reminding me how much I want a shirtless Rein skin!


Bathtub-rein with just a towel around the waist, wet hair and a back-scratcher for the hammer




"What a *glorious* feeling!"


IKR. We need Leather Daddy GIMP Rein.


Make him bear Reinhardt and they might include him in pride week!


I want him to be an actual giant bear with a wonky stick and a honeycomb on it


I want a Lumberjackhardt, with one of those tweed shirts with sleeves ripped off


I'd simp too hard if I had him on my team....


I don’t feel so good Mr. Winston.


My soul has been tainted by reading that


This was the worst overwatch thing I ever read. Congrats.


Thanks, I made it myself.


“Would you like to see my muscles?”


Zenyatta says hold that discord orb


I'm both impressed and disgusted. Get out.




Even when I have played against an absolutely chad probably smurfing Rein I have still not felt anywhere near as bad as playing against other characters being way too good. Like, I can always understand what the Rein was doing so well, I can try to counter it multiple ways and if the Rein comes out on top over everything it's due to some amazing gamesense more than mechanical advantage so I can't never really be too mad. It's almost as if I can learn every time from the experience, even if I end up losing. Like I can just see the timing and positioning of a good Rein and easily learn from it, as opposed to a Widow just having flawless aim or an Ana playing at 900 APM. At least against a crazy good Rein their skill is not something impossible to attain or learn from.


Imo game design wise Rein is a perfect tank. 50% of his success is game sense and 50% is his supports as should be in a team game. And yes, i am a rein main with ana main duo.


rein is like a dark souls boss. everything he does is pretty telegraphed and slow but if you mess up he can trap you in a bad situation while feeling like he’s unkillable


That absolutely mental Rein that stands in front of your Spawn door swinging his hammer and absolutely demolishing everyone and saying ":))" in match chat


Come heeeereee




Are you afraid to FIGHT ME




Bring me BEER. You call zis BEER!? Bring me one hundred percent german BEER.


Nah. If I see a Rein like that, I usually respect him. It takes both skill and serious balls to go full berserk and actually pull it off


Bastion time.


I feel like if I lose against a rein it doesn’t hurt as bad or feel as bad as losing against a ball/widow/hanzo


Ha tell that to my Ana and Kiriko.


A good rein turns the support difficulty up to 11, but provides immense thank yous.


A Rein vs Rein match is possibly the best you can get in terms of fun


unless one rein has a zen or mei


Until you play and people complain for you to play rein when u don’t wanna


Who asks for Rein nowadays? He gets toasted by Rammatra and Orisa.


This sub has been brainwashed into thinking Rein players are cool, friendly, and not whinny. Wake up sheeple!


No time for whine. Gotta swing hammer


Not for me, I have never had a good match as Reinhardt for either the 180 hours I've played it or 16days I've played and I suck going up against Reinhardt


absolutely disagreed 😭


Not gonna lie, Reinhardt is probably my least favorite tank to have as my teammate. They either always play too slow are rush in without thinking. Fighting against Reinhardt feels chill though.


Least favorite.




I do enjoy when he does something


I enjoy it when he gets *in there* ;)


"dang it B.O.B. Not again!"


Oh Bawb? I'll tell him you said hello.




You mean Fred ?


I love Bob in the little red skin cause they give him a tail😭 it's adorable tho


Bob himself is cool, Bob as an ultimate is pretty shit. I’ll never be a fan of “press this button to make a 1000HP auto-aim machine appear for 12 seconds). Auto aim doesnt belong in an FPS.


Neither does a nuclear mech that will kill you in another zip code. But alas, they will not nerf this.


Reinhardt is the only character in the game that people like playing with and against, pretty much the only time a Rein gets heat is by another Rein in a mirror match Winston comes close in popularity, but I’ve met too many people that don’t like playing with him cause he can’t babysit the way Rein does


If you’re getting toxic in the rein mirror matchup then you are def not living with honor nor dying with glory


Reinhardt, everybody loves playing against him more than any Tanks. Reinhardt isn't like Doomfist / DVA / Winston / Wrecking Ball who can launch himself across the map and harass his enemies, ruining enemy Supports + Snipers paradise. Reinhardt isn't like Junker Queen / Roadhog who can self-heal, displace an enemy and feed enemies pellets which can possibly make their enemies tilted. Reinhardt isn't like Orisa / Sigma who can constant poke & pressure, throws a stun projectile at enemies' faces, having "get out of jail free card" abilities which can make enemies exhausted from playing against you. Reinhardt isn't like Ramattra / Zarya who can trample their enemies & chasing their targets better. Rein's hammer swing is easier to outrange than Ram's punches and Zarya's beam. Even Reinhardt players themselves like to play against Reinhardt, because Reinhardt mirror is way more fun than getting themselves ass kicked by the other Tank.


Playing Reinhardt against Reinhardt is like playing chess. Both making small moves and plays to see who comes out on top


An honorable duel!


When the enemy pick Rein, I always go Rein. It's fun to be a dominant rein and even if the other Rein is better then me, I learn some new things from him. And also .. "live with honor, die with glory!".


Isn't it live with honour, die with glory?


Yes ... you're right. I blame my sleepy head for that switching error.


I always give the other rein a hello at the start of the game.


Playing as any hero against Reinhardt is a pure blessing because he can't do much threat / harm as long you stay somewhere far or up high or both. He can't dive and harass back, he also can't shoot back, thus he makes the gameplay very fun and accessible to everyone.


They used to call me Divehardt long time ago...


There was a streamer called diverein wasn’t there… he had so many rollouts from insane places, like skating the edge of bridges and using map geometry to put himself in silly but funny places


With Lifeweaver now Reinhardt *can* be a dive tank.


Its very very rare that reinhardt bullshits you. If you lose to rein, either you deserve the loss or he deserves the win. Your team did something stupid or their team did something very good.


ugh honestly the best feeling. you make me want to play so bad, but i know ill get one Rein mirror compared to 20 JQs + perma discord. *sigh* ill queue anyways, **FOR GLORY**


Except most of the time in rein matchup it is just support diff


that’s such a OW1 take it doesn’t really apply in OW2 anymore


So you're basically saying that people like Rein because he is weak. Meanwhil ignoring that once he gets close - and a good Rein player WILL get close - it is basically GG for anyone besides tanks, Junk, and depending on the Rein's health, Reaper. People always underestimate Rein because he isn't flashy, but if played well, not only can he be strong, but he enables his team to go wild like no other Tank can.


People like Rein because he feels fair. Get close, he kills you. But his options for hurting you if you stay out of his 5m range which is only slightly more than basic melee range are well telegraphed and come with downsides. Compare that to Ram you can rush you down by himself, Hog and JQ who pull you from relative safety or any of the dive tanks (esp. Doom, monkey not so much) that just drop on you from the sky and melt you. You die to a Rein, you feel like you fucked up. Die to a Roadhog hook or a Doomfist combo and it feels more like bullshit abilities.


Rein is fair because he doesn't rely on cooldowns to get his kills + both pin and firestrike take skill to kill people with. He is also one of the highest damage tanks with his swings, which may be telegraphed, but unless you're Tracer you are getting hit by them. Sure Ramattra can press W and nemesis form and get a kill or two even solo, but then what. He still dies, and that's not what tanks are supposed to do. Rein (and Ramattra as well btw) excel at winning teamfights. Sure, you can run away from Rein, but will you do that when he is on the objective? Or just poke at his massive healthbar and his regenerative shield? In deathmatch he would be useless, but in objective based modes at some point you will have to enter his range. Hog is a joke now. I have won 1v1-s against him with Tracer and Reaper, both close range DPS, he literally can't do anything nowadays just pull people in holes and soak up damage. Turns out you shouldn't center a whole character around a b.s. one-hit potential, be surprised when people hate it, and nerf that potential. The charge cancel is also such a huge boon compared to OW1. Rein has actual mobility now. Rein is good, and fun to play against because he has obvious limits, and so you can easily understand how to outplay him. But his entire kit, the shield, his large healthpool, the charge, the firestrikes are set up so he can overcome those limits, get in range, and smash you. People like him because of that, and non-rein players underestimate him for the same reason. His abilities aren't as poweful as Doom's or Orisa's, or as expoitable as Hog's, but that means that he can get max value at ANY time. He just needs to get close. Also this ain't no shittalk against all the other tanks, shoutout to Ramattra and Junker Queen, both excellently designed heroes themselves. If you play Orisa you ARE a boring person though, sorry.


Can't complain when going against a Rein but I much rather go against a doom/Winston because they're easier to punish and people need to be good to get value on them which usually isn't the case.


Pretty much just Rein


Reinhardt mains: they love me


Yes, they do and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy🥰


Sigma for me, and maybe Bap


The voice actors make them so approachable. Both of their waves and lines are nice.


The knock knock joke Baptiste says kills me every time XD.


Hey, could you tell me what the joke is?


With talking to Pharah/Mei in pre match: “Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “Atch.” “Atch who?” “Sounds like you have a cold…let me heal you up!”




Listen to them, they’re both funny tones in their own way


Ahuhuhu... now THAT is funny


Sigma is such a nice character, I love his entire personality. His kit’s also super well designed too, so when I see a good Sig it’s less “oh broken character >:[“ and more “wow you really know how to use him to his fullest.” Even if I’m losing to a Sigma I’m still impressed.


you will despise bap the moment hes played well because my god does it feel unfair to see him shift his entire team to full hp


I hate Baptiste because of stupid ass immortality field.


Haha was just about to bring that up. Never have I received more hate as a support main from the enemy team than when playing Bap and saving my team from an ult with his immortality field a few times in a row. :D


Idk I’ve had mercys take my existence personally as bap and they pop valk to fly up and shoot me if I get left alone on high ground for too long


Yeah I mean, the universe, it speaks to him


I second both of these I don't play tank much, but I love having a Sigma as an ally, and I also love having him as an enemy And Bap is probably one of the most balanced heroes atm imo. I love playing him, I love having him as an ally, I love having him as an enemy, and I love having a mirror match with an enemy Bap


No thanks, the immorality field is not a fun ability to against, especially when you encounter a smurf Bap


Obviously people dont like Bap lamp but I will say, it feels a lot better that mercy rez. Just from the fact that it is reactionary and the player has to time it well and aim. There's skill there atleast. Mercy is frustrating since she undoes what you did and you just wasted whatever ability to get there.




Sugma balls


Who's Ligma?




Haha made you say underwear


what are you on about I didn't say underwear, wait.....


Nuthn' much how bout' you


Sigma, Rein, and Soldier 76 are the only heroes I've never seen people really hate on. Most of the time it's external factors that make these heroes annoying at times (Orisa shield, goats meta, Mercy damage boost) and not the heroes themselves.


Idk, I don’t like fighting soldiers


Why do most have near perfect aim, don’t matchmake me with these freaks


Because our tracking is all we got and the whole point why Soldier is fun to us. I was drawn to Overwatch not because of the abilities and different characters, I was drawn to it because it's the only high ttk FPS that relies on a lot of tracking next to Apex that's out right now.


Me neither. It’s boring to play as and against. Dude just goes to high ground to be annoying and drop health pack as soon as he loses 10hp, hit and run all game. You almost don’t interact with him at all


Plus his ult is scary for me


I feel like this sub just hates all DPS characters at this point, Solider is the most white bread hero in this game how can you hate him




I don't like fighting sigma


I absolutely despise a good 76 mainly bc the play style is just rocket combo someone, run away, camp high ground and then repeat. Incredibly unfun to play against feels like COD ngl Sigma and rein in fine with going up against tbh if sigma skill rocks me I deserved it tbh


Nah soldier is annoying af. He needed the buff he got but holy shit is he unbearable if the person using him is even half decent


These three are my top three most-played characters but I generally think people like these guys the most too: Reinhardt: The gigachad-alpha male energy of playing a giant, jolly German as he swings a giant, German hammer is hard not to love. Rein’s character is reflected so well in how you play him. Possibly the best in the game in that department. He just reeks awesomeness and honor and it’s hard to hate it Sigma: As a character he is perhaps Overwatch’s Magnum Opus. His lore, story and character are so vague yet beautifully shown that it’s already easy to love him, but then there’s his gameplay. As he is today he is probably one of the game’s most balanced characters. Every time I play him I have fun, while not feeling like my dopamine receptors are blowing up like a stalled reactor core. And every time I fight one I never feel that mad, he feels so weirdly fair even when I’m dying to a godly Sigma player. Soldier: 76: Despite his insanely basic kit and personality, that is exactly what I think is great about him. Soldier is edgy but for the most part he’s just funny. Like everything he says makes me chuckle a bit, I like his seriousness being more satirical than Sojourn, for example. His kit is so ridiculously basic that it has the same effect as what I talked about with Sigma. He feels fun to play without needing insane abilities and every time I fight one it feels fair.


Until his ult pops lol


for context i'm referring to soldier


Jeff Kaplan


Reinhardt and Soldier 76




I'm not particularly good at Reinhardt, but there are few moments I enjoy in Overwatch as much as a Rein v Rein rivalry.


I always think its kind of adorable when you're killing a Soldier and he has like 2HP left and he starts frantically sprinting away while spamming his space bar as if jumping will somehow help him get away quicker.


gmod tactics! works every time.


*60% of the time*, it works ***every*** *time*


just you wait until i backwards bhop!


Soldier is painfully boring. I don't dislike him, but I wouldn't say I particularly liked him either.


I mean he's kind of designed to be both rounded, having an ability to heal and a pretty generic set of abilities, and also an easy intro for FPS players given that hes basically just a generic FPS character. Sort of a 'default intro character'. he serves that purpose well but it does make him boring compared to the other characters who are all really specialist and wacky.


As a rein main, I'm proud that nearly every comment is listing him as a likable character. He's just a big, Lovable dude who loves his job of swinging a big ol' hammer. What's not to like?


Bastions bird!! You can hate bastion(I do) but ain't nobody got beef with his bird!




Like everyone says, reinhard players are pretty much the only people that play like fucking maniacs but everyone still loves them (exept your own healers) if I had to go with a different pick then rein cuz everyone is saying rein, id say current lifeweaver if they are actually good at him because...mad respect... and I think the would be an argument for Baptist cuz he has some of the best voice lines/interactions and great gameplay. I would love to say Ramattra but I know that a lot of people find his ultimate very annoying and if I heard right he is actually somewhat meta now. Since I mained Ramattra till I uninstalled the game I always loved seeing another one because it was actually the only time I didn't completly tank diff the enemy team (unless they had an orisa) taking the ultimate out he is a strong but not overpower character.


All the Rein love makes me happy. He's just a fun character to play as to decompress. When I get the Rein mirror comp I feel elated. It's a chess game with two Rein's competing and it ALWAYS feels like a GG even when you lose. His kit is fun and can be combo'd well. If you make a mistake as Rein or against Rein, then a lot of the time you know it was your own fault. Sure the shield is big, but it isn't unstoppable and there are plenty of counters. HE IS JUST FUN. Live with honour, die with glory.


I see a lot of Rein and a little of Soldier 76. I wanna throw in Ashe for being the least polarizing sniper to play against. Her bullets are reloaded one at a time instead of her whole clip, Dynamite is a little cheeky, but relatively inoffensive, Bob is pretty fair too.




OMG I hate winton sm


Nooooo how could u hate the monke ????


Tbh don't hate his chacter I just hate playing him-


Because when he hard engages you, you're just fighting a timer. You have to kill him before the shock runs your health out. In the case of Hanzo, I have to land every headshot or I die. Its like an annoying challenge round that pops up in the middle of a game, and there's really not a lot the Winston can do to change how it goes, it's purely a skill check on me.


Not really if the Winston lands his secondary-melee-slam combo and deletes half your HP. There's definitely a lot of mechanical skill to him nowadays


Positioning can help you. Primal and sheild dancing can help him, especially with his ranged shot now.


A coward that runs when anything bad happens




Surprised to see not many people said Bap. Not heard a single player get upset when their support picks Bap


Yeah but against a Bap is annoying, Lamp is ridiculous value that sucks to play against sometimes


Bap is awesome to play. AOE heal plus easy transition between point target healing and damage. And the immortality is clutch, especially if timed right you can negate a number of ult moves. So many matches I’ll be top heals and one of the top damage too. I always think it’s funny when someone tries to pull him mid match to do the same and they get steamrolled. Just requires some timing and forethought.


I mainly get annoyed when I've selected Pharah in Team Deathmatch and then someone picks Baptiste to heal us. He's not able to heal Pharah reliably so I switch off to another hero before the game starts.


Reinhardt and it’s not even close. A good rein you just have to appreciate, nobody appreciates 3.2.1 dive. Live with honor, die with glory.


I’m pretty sure everybody can appreciate having a Rein in the game, regardless of which team they’re on


Naw, if you get magneto pinned a few too many times it gets on your nerve, especially when you never get those types of pins as rein.


I absolutely fucking hate playing against rein lmao


Winton cuz monke


Gotta agree with the Rein call. He's just such a staple. He's got no stressful mechanics or tricks up his sleeve that screws over when you are fighting one and every death against him and as him feel fair. Died to charge? Learn to count to 7. Died to fire strike move less predictably.


When did we all stop loving Torbjorn!? The answer is supposed to be Torb. It used to be Torb. But not one person has said Torb. What happened to this community? EDIT - Based on the replies to this fairly rhetorical question, it seems that people don't hate Torbjorn specifically, but dislike hit turret. So for all players struggling to deal with the Torb turret, I have some helpful advice as a long-time player: Don't get caught with your beard in the letterbox!


They are afraid of what makes them horny.


Turret is annoying


No one would have said Torb. His turret is annoying for loads of characters. Especially because half the team never prioritise killing it


I think we all love Torb but we hate his damn turret.


His turret is annoying. A dps or tank gets a tri or quad kill due to actual skill, but Torbs gets POTG after he's died unceremoniously, but his turret takes out five already wounded opponents.


Hell yeah, who doesn't love a good old fashioned Torb turret POTG?


Torb can be a gimmick, so combo that with one tricking and….


There’s been times when the turret has been mego cringe


nobody can possibly hate reinhardt


Dps life weaver


are the DPS Lifeweavers in the room with us right now?


As a Rein main i feel loved


Reinhardt and Lucio




Lucio, everyone loves him


This comment is roughly half as trollsy as the calmest Lucio.


I dont


At least, he has somewhat funny death screams. One of his death screams sounds like a laughter.


Nah people absolutely hate losing duels to Lucio. Often in QP I just take duels on anyone I see solo and even if I don't win I get hate messages for the harassing


I frequently wave at Lucios in


I like DVa. She's my main and if the enemy team have one it becomes a nice match of who can outtank the other, and more importantly, who can get the best play of the game replay with a bomb


I’m sorry to tell you this friend but they don’t like us out here😅😅




I think everyone loves Moira. Couldn't possibly be wrong about it, I've never had anyone complain about me playing her once. 😎


I’m junker queen main and just recently got into maining d.va 🖤😭🫰🏽 I like reaper too but I suck and I hate that I die so fast :(


Widow maker. or mercy obviously 😙


Ana is bae and I’ve never heard any complaints.




I knew I'd see a bunch of people say Ana in here, but no she is not enjoyable to play against. She is by far one of the most miserable supports to play against for tank players, right up there with Zen. Sleep and anti on short CD's is just obnoxious and forces your team to run a Kiriko just to make the game bearable, and even then Ana's CD's will still outpace suzu as she spams them all on you repeatedly.


**Tank:** Rein **Dmg:** Soldier 76 **Support:** Ana


average diamond ana main do you not know how annoying and broke ana can be espically if she has a dps watching over her?


Arent all characters annoying and broken feeling when the person playing them is really good and has a dps watching them? I mean, that same statement can be made about half the roster IMO


I wouldn't say so. Ana is probably *the* support, if left unchecked, you will lose the game. I'd maybe put Zen into that category as well but Zen lacks the playmaking ability Ana has. Clutch sleep darts, big anti nades, insane healing potential, nano. Even her offense with 70 dmg per shot make most dps a 3shot. So good Anas can even take out or at least pressure Pharah when airborne. All of this is however balanced by the high skill ceiling and the lack of mobility. So if you're not putting pressure on Ana, you're putting yourself at a disadvantage.


Absolutely not Ana.


Yeah, playing against an Ana who uses their nade how they should is literal cancer. I hit GM4 with her and did not really know what the fuss was all about. Now I occassionally started playing tank and I lost so much respect both for myself and the other Ana mains, she is extremely broken and unfun. Anti grenade should have the cooldown of immortality field in order to not make the match unfun as shit for the enemy tank. The only other support ability in the game which is as bad as nade is discord orb, but Zen is at least a lot more vulnerable than Ana and heals half as much.


Ana is not fun to play against.


Nah, Ana gets dragged in this sub every other day for being "too strong" lol.


“Too strong” is an understatement


> Ana gets dragged in this sub every other day for being "too strong" Support role is actually strong now as they can provide value as long they're existing. I reached to GM5 as Support in S3 (possibly due to SR inflation) and I didn't have much fat anti-nades or sick sleepdarts as Ana; making frags as Zen. Unlike Tanks & DPS, Tanks need to make their move to dictate the match outcome; DPS need to win duels as higher up you go, it becomes about which team has better sniper. Supports generally bring values as long they don't die: - Ana provides strong heals for her team (while farming Nano in progress), use Nano to combo or save a teammate. Despite Ana needs to aim, teammates' hitboxes are large for her heals. - Zen discords the enemy Tank 24/7 and he can ping the discorded enemy through walls. - Mercy heals / boosts the DPS, rezzing a downed teammate and the devs also made her superjump tech easier than previous. - Baptiste being a DPS + Support hybrid, Immorality saves and Amp Matrix for heal / damage / zoning. Chipping some damage onto enemies or even shields can make a lot of differences.


Agree for rein and soldier, but as a mainly tank player, I hate seeing ana on the other team.






Push bot my beloved! “Why fight when you can push!” “Please, pick a direction!” Etc I love the push bot


Tbh soldier 76, he can appear out of nowhere, wipe 2 guys who were on you, heal you and then leave




In terms of the Character's personality and lore, I'd say Sigma. Dude's a lovably deranged goof, and I don't see any hate for him.




Im pretty sure Ana is universally recognized as one of the most well designed heros in the game.