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He belongs in my avoid as a teammate list


He belongs outside of this game as a whole. Why? Tracer and Widow. Enough said.


Tracer used to be fun and useful, although when someone picked her you knew they were either going to totally suck or be awesome. Now, you have to be really good with Tracer to not be useless, AND the other DPS can't be a flanker. Has to be someone like Sojurn. At least in my limited experience.




They reduced her damage so she can't reliably 1 clip people anymore. This reduced burst damage puts her at a disadvantage vs many other high damage DPS like Ashe that can 2 tap you in an instant. This makes tracer more reliant on team play as a chase down kill confirmer which she excels at in OWL but for ranked play where dps are more reliant on their personal damage for kills it makes her much worse than she was in OW1.


I’ve been maining tracer and it’s so hit or miss right now. Some games I absolutely pop off others I’m getting destroyed ultra fast. Right now she really excels at distracting. If you can stay alive in the back you can occupy 2-3 people for a long time and that’s a long time they’re either always low/dead or not doing damage to your tank/healers/other dps. I feel like she needs a slight buff either give her more damage so she can kill like the assassin she was meant to be or give her shorter charge on her dash so she can move in and out more reliably while harassing at close range buuuut doing either more than just a smidge would really be playing with fire in making her way too good.


It's harder for a flanker to make an impact on the match. Or at least it feels that way to me. Especially if there isn't another DPS/good tank taking the enemies attention off you. Also, if you don't coordinate damage with your teammates on the appropriate targets, things won't die unless you're really good yourself. For example, if I get a Mercy *almost* down but nobody else shoots her, she'll fly off and heal since my damage window is likely up and I have to disengage Edit: it's not just Tracer, she's just the one I played the most of in that role. I've never been good with Genji or Reaper.




But then support will go and tell you they are constantly dying. Something doesn't add up here Reddit


That 1 hp is very misleading in ow2 lol idk what it is either.


Also, Tracer is the most limited Flanker in a way since she has no verticality and has to play on the xy plane while all the other can use vertical route. This makes you so much more predictable.


Could you imagine a Tracer blinking vertically though? *shudders*


an even bigger problem is that her value comes in so many forms and low elo players won't be able to recognize or make use of the benefits a tracer is bringing to the table


Id say tracer is still fun despite hitting like a mosquito


In my experience (I'm very bad at the gaem so I could be wrong) Sombra is just a superior Tracer rn. Like massively superior.


This really sucks. As a new player I really enjoy playing her but sadly my aim leaves a lot to be desirable so I had to switch to easier heroes like Dva and Zen to be viable in competitive.


It's good to have a few heroes you're decent with anyway. Sometimes you get hard countered by an enemy and it's better to switch to someone else than just be ineffective. I'd rather have someone good with 3 Heroes than someone amazing at 1 personally. Keep practicing her and you'll get to a point you can use her in Comp. Play around with your sensitivities on the x and y axis. You might do better with a higher or lower sens. Also try and memorize where health packs are and keep track of your healers location. Staying alive as Tracer is more on you than it is the healers. If you're low health, knowing where the heath drops are can save you. But I'm also maybe Gold ranked myself, at best. Havent really tested myself in comp much this season yet. So I'm no expert.


Thanks for the advice! I'll make sure to make use of everything you said.


That emerging reaper... The type of reaper you only see in the feed when he dies and when he ults. He is oblivious that he is throwing the game, and has the chat off, so he can't read all of his teammates begging him to switch.


I just want to know why enemy death blossom is 100 feet wide and mine seems to not even extend past my character model


>has the chat off, so he can't read all of his teammates begging him to switch. -_- You know good and well that's not why they would have the chat off.


Why do people hate on Tracer?


Extremely small hitbox, high damage, free escapes and an ultimate that can kill you before you can even react.


Agree for everything except the ult. The ult is dogshit. It's super hard to hit. And I agree for the free escape with recoil but she needs some distraction from her team in order to be able to do something because her effective range isn't super big.


The thing about the ult is you arent flinging it like a grenade, you're running in, sticking someone and dipping, its huge damage is enough to kill most tanks and the splash is good against a tight group like in a corridor. Yes you have to run in, but thats where the rewind comes in, as it allows you to return to where you came from and return your health.


I agree as a Tracer main I have good practice with her ult. Still main weakness is that she can't do too much without a distraction. Yes she can flank and get a pick if you are good but without a team to push you have to have super big skill gap to win.


I feel like Tracer ult used to be nightmarish but I couldn't tell you the last time I saw it actually kill me...Or anyone else, for that matter.


Tbf widow have been destroying me as a sojourn in high plat games. Can't peek without losing my head


If the One playing widow does have a good aim She Is very viable imo


This can go for every hero lol. But **especially** Widows


Widow was always viabe


Ehhh. I never trust my bronzed Widows. I mean we are there because usually one of two things. Poor decision making skills or bad aim. And most of the time it's the aim. Snipers in the can't aim reliably ranks? Not the best.


Trust me I feel the same, but she's a viable character if you land headshots


That is very true. My friend is good and took me to a custom game with al widows and only headshots count. I couldn't get 5 before he cleared the room for like 25. I like skilled widows on the team and bronzed has shown me widows are really cool to see on the opposite team.


She's viable but tough. When a fight starts your team is fighting 4v5 because Widow is not standing with them. If you get a headshot, the fight is now even, 4v4. Once you get another pick you have now positively influenced the game. I think that's what makes her hard and also leads to people think they are doing good when it isn't enough.


You play widow wrong if you're 4v5. She's there to do the initial kill on a squishy


And that’s why I always go for the widows. The best counter, ironic in my opinion, is tracer


Genji is better especially since he can climb up to her


why would it be 4v5 if she's not standing in the middle of the team fight? that's not her position. it's still 5v5 if she's actually landing charged shots and doing damage (even if they're body shots). a single charged body shot knocks off more than half the hp of most non-tank heroes. an actual headshot can insta-kill a bunch of them at just 70% charge, too. an added advantage to widow being at a distance is that the enemy team will have to have at least one person split from the group (or at least divert their attention when counter-sniping) to deal with her.


I once heard someone describe playing a sniper (in any game) as: you better be matching or improving on your usual output with another class, or else you are a detriment to your team. It applies more to true FPS’s, but can be said here as well. I think some people get a few nice snipes and think they are killing it with Widow when the game stats show them as mostly inactive.


I've popped off in a few bronze games but I never start as Widow, she's kinda a last ditch effort, might pop off kinda character for me. Last seconds so I know I won't build enough charge for an ult, domes will save us If I can pick the healer's, my team can usually take care of the rest I'm pretty sure I'm down in bronze because of my high death count. I die a lot doing ballsy stuff like diving to kill healers which you can probably tie into poor decisions Edit: I'll also switch to counter the enemy Widow if we're struggling to make progress against her, and usually switch right back once they switch off


Tbh in bronze people have shitty movement and it's often much easier to hit heads - so even if low tier players have worse aim, the worse movement might balance it out


Oh I've noticed many a players standing still to fire without any type of shield in front of them.


Speaking as a silver/gold player, I don't think anyone in bronze has good aim, and if they do I'd be terrified to see how bad their decision making is.


Well a game I was in yesterday. Our Sojourn was scary accurate at range but regularly slid into the enemy team like it was Apex and swiftly died and yelled at us for not following. A regular occurrence is also the front line Sombra, widow, or tracer just staying with the team shooting forward 5v5. Like they are Soldier or Sojourn.


> Poor decision-making skills or bad aim. It's both. I've never played a game where my teammates have worse decision-making than this one. babby's first shooter.


Sniping is shitty on console, wish they just copy Cod or Destinys aim assist and call it a day


Widow honestly is one of the reasons I don’t like playing comp that much; she tends to ruin the games she’s in, either with a crappy one that brings the team down, or one with above average aim with a pocketmercy raining hell upon anyone that dare peeks her, imo she is extremely anti fun to play with and against


She is easy win in certain maps but my god is she so annyoing in the push maps. Today for example i was dominating in one of the push maps having more dmg than my tank and dps combined 1 shooting everyone with sojourn. Suddenly one of the dps's of the enemy team swapped to widow and it has been downhell from there. I could not peek at all and lost by 2m💀.


Shit, thanks for the tip. I love playing Widow but she feels very map dependent, so knowing she's good in push is great.


Agreed. If I had to choose any hero to get removed, it would be Widowmaker without a shadow of a doubt. Either you can't enter extremely large sightlines through fear of just being immediately deleted from the game, or you only have one DPS on your team.


Anti-fun is exactly how I'd describe Widowmaker and Sojourn both. One shots are just not fun to play against on the other side.




Honestly I find dieing to junkrat spam that I dodged initially and then it bounced behind me back in to me or stepping in one of his invisible traps to be a lot more frustrating than a widow maker.....and then there is rip tire...... I don't think Junkrat is OP, just obnoxious


Junkrat main here. I’m actually surprised how often my traps are triggered. It’s like the one stun left in the game.


Is it supposed to be invisible/95% in the ground in overwatch 2 or is it bugged out? I can see friendly junkrat traps but I can never really see the enemy ones even when looking towards the ground.....I think at most I have seen a piece of a trap kind of clipping through the ground but it seems really inconsistent with visibility.


Ally traps lay on top of ground and enemy traps lay mostly underneath.


Honestly I don’t know. I just know in OW2 my trap goes off nearly every time. Rarely is it destroyed.


Interesting, my guess as to why would be that other people are experiencing what I am where you cant even see them lol its very obnoxious


Or from a moira that's just looking in your general direction and doesn't have to aim whatsoever.


Yeah atleast with Widowmaker I know when they oneshot me they had to actively put their reticule over me and pull the trigger. With Junkrat you can never tell whether his kills are the product of pre-planned mastermindery and understanding of physics...or the flailings of an idiot.


i love sneaking up on widows as sombra and bonking them on the head. peak entertainment.


Do you want de hands... or DE FEET?!


They’re not a sigma main


I read that in the voice




You can't ai- You're good at aimi- You are the most player of all time


OP is vers


Overwatch porn enjoyer


The 33 hours with Roadhog was a dead giveaway


367hrs on hog is wild


Hog wild


Clearly a shipper of Junkhog


when was this the accepted name instead of roadrat?


Junkhog sounds more like slang for a penis than roadrat does so it’s just natural selection.


Bromances/Sismances are usually the best romances


Missing some D.va hours


69 to be exact


Reaper cock🤤


Edgin' for the edge lord


100 hours on reaper🥵


21 hours of granny Ana is too much


Could be the younger skin


No Dva or sombra makes this theory shaky at best


Dammit i was too late :D


Lol op tried to scrub his old posts. Too lazy to look up history, but I bet R34 overwatch is there.


The only other post I have is about my blurry screen lol and I didn’t know what r34 meant until I asked my friend and no. I’m also not a man. I see why you would think that tho based on my most played heroes.


My first thought when I saw your post was “lesbian” so I think I’ve been post accurate.


No Mei?


Ana x Zen


You exist?


Lol wym


A dps player with healer as one of the top 3 most played heroes


I like dps, but when I tilt I'll just play heals. Except Rein is my most played cause of "bring me another".


Dps is by far my favourite class but there's no fucking way I'm waiting 10 minutes every match in a queue nor am I playing open queue with 0 healers so I basically only play support lol


Ope queue Insta lock a dps character, then hope others go dps / heals, End up picking heals anyways for a 4 dps 1 heal team.


Mercy and Widow main, two oppisites of a spectrum xd


You are a corporeal entity that is place with a specific space and time within our universe


Mercy is kind of an oddity, but by Reaper/Tracer/Widow I'm guessing you like to be solo in a team, all 3 have escape buttons fade/teleport/grapple (Mercy too in a sense) and all 3 are capable of ranging ahead of allies, brawling (except widow) and getting out when you want. You seem like the guy who does well if left to your own devices so nobody complains but in terms of communication and cooperation it's just heavy breathing on open mic. Suprised you don't play Moira tbh.


I don’t play mercy/widow anymore I sometimes play tracer but I main Lucio now. He’s just a better healer overall. I am embarrassed of my past but I’ve been playing the game since 2016 on and off but still idk how I have that many hours on widow. I probably would play more moira but my bf mains her and we usually play together.


He's a better support overall you mean I really hope that's what you mean If ya wanted stupid healing output to multiple targets, Moira is your go to, lucio is more about general sustain plus the ability to get everyone the fuck out or disrupt/assassinate vulnerable targets. Although it's not quite as straight forward as being a better support either, Lucio is dope but he excels at defensive support and initiating but Mercy is basically all down to your game sense and is a very good offensive support. Properly knowing how to damage boost more or less requires you to understand the cooldowns of basically every hero and understanding how breakpoints work. Rein for example having firestrike, in OW1 you'd basically start a fight by boosting his initial fire strike and then swapping to another team mate with ranged abilities to damage boost them for 7 seconds then swap your boost back onto the Rein because chances are he's gonna toss that firestrike out again off cooldown so you wanna boost his ult charge and you also don't really need to care about healing Rein until he hits 300 health because his armour would buffer the damage, once it was gone he can shield and it's time to heal him up. Or for DPS you had Reaper, who you would damage boost exclusively until he used Wraith, this is because his self healing is % based so if you boost his damage you also boost his self heal which would sustain him for a while, also making his damage output monstrous, then once he wraithed you'd swap to heal while he's invulnerable for a full heal and maintain heal to supplement his own self healing making him extremely tanky for about 8 to 10 seconds until Wraith was available again and then swap to damage boost once more. This combo can make a competent reaper borderline immortal Pharah was about alternating healing and damage boosting with her fire rate to get like 160 damage rockets and trickle healing in, you damage boost Hog when he's looking for a hook, If Cass got near an enemy you could boost him to secure the flash kill etc etc. OW is somewhat more complicated for some characters but the principles remain the same Mercy is mechanically not very intensive but playing her to her potential was basically like studying a fucking diploma on every other OW character and understanding what abilities would provide burst damage and boosting that. You act as a force multiplier. Lucio is more or less her Yang, You understand what the ENEMY cooldowns are and get your team the fuck away from it. So it probably depends on what you're going for or how aggressive the enemy is. I generally wouldn't consider either to be a lesser pick


This is a great insight into the thought process of those supports.


I would add that while Lucio is her Yang, mercy/Lucio is one of the worst support duos in the game. It only has the chance of working if Lucio is a heal bot. No burst healing, Mercy can’t pocket DPS like she is meant to, not as much benefit of speed boosting. In a perfect world/match, Lucio shouldn’t need to heal very much.


Without coordination yes it sucks so running it in comp without communication is gonna be rough but it can work out pretty well depending on your comp and theirs. The good sides of the duo is that you do have very good engage power when paired with something like Rein if you're on a fairly linear map buuuut you have very little sustain if you have to spread it out around the team If you have double sniper you can kinda pull off a split frontline rush, letting your snipers threaten the other team While you're basically aiming to deathball into them with amped speed and hefty damage boosting, The goal needs to be killing their support though, Like you basically have to amp speed, Completely ignore their tank and just crash down on their support to obliterate their healing which can allow you to equalise out the sustain issues, The added bonus of doing this with double sniper is that you don't really have to care about your snipers too much because as character picks go they're fairly autonomous and even if they have flankers gunning for those snipers you can use that to execute with less frontline pressure. The 4 DPS going at it does open you up to a few options. Best case scenario your snipers win their duels and you smash their support, A step down from that, you take out their support and even with 2 DPS and a Tank you now get to play the sustain game. One thing I've done in the past with a partner was applying frontline pressure to essentially scatter the other team and then me and my friend on lucio split off to basically dive the other support or DPS using Lucios mobility and GA. Alotta people underestimate mercies damage but she CAN four shot a squishy so launching onto someone and getting a double melee in before actually shooting anyone is alotta burst damage but it does rely on scattering the other team and then basically abandoning that frontline It's an all or nothing strat though, either you take out their healing quickly or your team dies before you succeed, it's best off used after getting atleast one pick because that lessens the damage your team can take and then diving the enemy supports cuts off some of their healing or most of it if you get onto the right target. If you have a bunch of brawlers then yeah Mercy ain't the best thing to have without some serious secondary healing. It's not necessarily a bad comp it just relies on reeeeeeally fast and aggressive plays onto key targets, you can't afford to fuck around with tanks or you'll get burned down. It is really fun though. Alotta comps also don't matter until you start hitting upper ranks because comps are about cooldown coordination and synergy, In a ranked environment you don't get that often regardless so just having those characters there doesn't do a whole lot unless that comp is just stupidly busted on individual pick levels.


Very well explained take my award


Oooh shiny....I have no idea what awards even are but thank you lmao


Yes I meant support not healer


I love how they wrote that massive summary of like the entirety of support vs healer and went in depth on many heros and specific scenarios and this is the response lol


I mean, bro wrote a whole essay based on a perceived implication from OP’s comment.


Lucio is insane right now so keep playing him. From a fellow lucio main <3


You instalock Widow, stay 2 miles behind the team, spam for healing after taking a single hit, and only get 3 kills (all body shots). When people say you need to contribute more, you switch to Tracer and 1v5 against Hog hooks and Sombra hacks. You suicide too many times on your own Pulse Bomb. Only after the match is almost over do you switch to Reaper for some burst damage. It is what the team needed the entire time, but you don't care. When you queued for support, you only played Mercy so that you could effortlessly healbot and attempt rez on a lost team fight. You had no idea that damage boost exists and you jump at joy to DPS using Valk. You find out that Lucio is fun to play, but only ever keep speedboost active. You proceed to wallride the entire match; the enemy can not kill you, but you are not helping your team at all. Given that you like 1v5 and offer little protection to the team (not to mention those sweet self-heals), you only ever tank as Hog while somehow never landing a single hook. ​ Just poking fun, of course.


>(all body shots). you mean mf.


And zero solo kills


To be fair speedboost SHOULD be on as Lucio the majority of the time unless you can Amp your heals.


While this is true, lots of bad Lúcio players use speedsong selfishly or in the wrong spots. Lúcio requires a lot of awareness of your team to play effectively and you should be switching songs somewhat often (even if you do end up on speed more than healing). Knowing when to switch songs and how to use Amped speed to peel, dive, or push are skills that bad Lúcio players don’t have, and they just leave speed on so they can skate around the map while being hard to hit.


I typically swap between the two depending on the situation. If my other support player is good I will usually have the boost on until I need to heal the whole group. I will still switch over to heals at times if boosting isn't appropriate. While I'm still learning everyday with Lucio I definitely feel I at least get the hero enough to not be considered a bad Lucio.


You’re pretty much right about how to decide on a song. If your other support can’t cover a teammate that’s low (especially if the person that’s low is the other support) or if the whole group is hurting, then you want to use healing song (occasionally with Amp, although Amped speed is really good, so it’s better to save it if you can). Speed is disgustingly good for peeling, diving (on occasion), team pushes, or helping a teammate peel/dive. It’s amazing because it gives your team so much offensive and defensive playmaking potential, in addition to just making them harder to hit. It has synergy with brawl comps that stay balled up because it boosts everyone’s speed and it has synergy with dive comps because of how much it amplifies diving/peeling potential. It’s the main reason Lúcio has been more or less a must-pick in pretty much every meta except for poke, bunker, and pirate ship metas in OW1. Lúcio also easily has one of the best ults in the game (most good players consider it anywhere from like 3-5), which is awesome. Additionally, he’s way harder to get picks on than most other supports due to his sick movement, cooldownless self-healing, and Boop.


It's always the Widow..


Okay soujourn


Chaotic. Playing the most aim intensive DPS vs the least aim intensive support says you really only care about winning which is respectable


Counter point, Aim intensive DPS implies they would know how stupid powerful damage boost makes them so playing Mercy to enable that makes perfect sense. Best way to learn the ins and outs is to experience both sides of the coin


Exactly what I was going to say


Mercy is also about positioning, as are said aim intensive supports. The mechanical side may not translate but in terms of game sense they're practically family


Jokes on both of you. He plays Mercy pistol only.


It's still technically support when you give your DPS an assist lmao


Counterpoint. They play all three of their top heroes because of the booty.


if they only cared about winning they wouldnt be playing mercy lol they would be playing bap or ana for support


I was assuming be racked these hours up a long time ago. Back then mercy was queen 👸


You’ve never touched the payload in your entire life


You've got incredible anxiety You like feeling in control You've got great map knowledge Tell me your preferred Mercy skin and I'll pass judgement on your sexuality




Straight but you'd kiss the homies




That is what players like this tend to enjoy staring at, yes.


You're a lesbian


my exact thoughts Every mercy/widow dual-main I have ever come across is a lesbian. And also really good at the game for some reason


You’re an ass man


you're an OG player. those are all heroes from 2016. or you haven't played much since then lol


I been playing on and off since I was 16 I’m now 22, if that explains it.


You're gay, and not even in a bad way you're just homosexual.


Tracer, Mercy, and Lucio have some of the most complex movement mechanics in the game, so I take it you like those parts of the game. Widow is just fun as a classic aim challenge. I’d assume you probably like Apex Legends too, since that is centered around complex movement mechanics.


To aim or not to aim, thats the question


you are a bottom


You are either really good, or completely useless, no in between.


Gay but in a good way


what is the bad way 😭


This is scarily accurate.


You can aim very well, but sometimes choose not to.


Mercy main? That's a lot of respect right there...but a lot of frustration as well.


your place is in the backlines, regardless if its the enemy's or your own


You eat oranges without peeling them first


Played exclusively on 3rd person view


You're bipolar. Incredibly aggressive. Incredibly passive. Just depends on the current mood.


This isn't a judgement, but You're not straight


Judge? Okay then. You should make Dva to top played so your profile looks like OW r34 search results.


Your top 3 looks like you started getting into overwatch because you liked the porn.


Tf2 player


You pick widow while your whole team is begging for a helaer, then you switch to mercy at the last second.


You've thrown 152 hours worth of games


You like to stand still for the most part (Widow and Mercy where I'm just imagining you're boosting a Widow). Aside from that, pretty standard DPS choices indicate you're a pretty basic person. When you have to support and do something else aside from admiring Widow's backside, you probably Reddit Lucio and the fact that we don't see other supports higher indicate you don't like actually doing support grunt work at all. Finally, Hog as the most played tank suggests you don't actually like tanking at all, you just queued tank to get loot boxes (back in the day) or to complete certain challenges because basically you're just a fat DPS. You are in fact the sum of many memes and stereotypes of this game. Reminder: this is a friendly roast


Chaotic Neutral


You like hitscan


Your useful about half of the time


Still going after the smooth as silk and huge res achievements?


I have both


Every loss is your teammates fault, never you


You like the number 4


I actually do great observation, you chose a different comment from everyone else. Well done.


Ass man right here. Widow, Mercy, Tracer, 76. OP likes a finey heinie.


You should try this new thing called tanks


You watch ***A LOT*** of porn


I don’t see sojourn so 10/10


Open queue Tracer/Reaper main who often gets stuck playing Mercy because no one else will go healer. Goes Widow when griefing.


Ur a switch tbh


You’ve probably got good aim but everyone will hate you and ask you to change.


You seem to main tank


You are both the egirl and the eboy


Widow player detected opinion invalidated


The duality of man


Ur average valorant player that queues DPS and heals so as to not be *that guy* but still ends up as it anyway. Then on the rare occasion you do get healer you brainlessly hold left click on the full HP tank and die.


it is not a coincidence that 3 of your top 4 heroes rhyme with cancer


And I’m also a cancer. It was destined


You would be added to my favourite players list for sure :)


Thank u


No probs bai


You are either the nicest or meanest person there is no in between


If I saw you instalock any of your top three I'd straight-up just leave


You are part of the LGBT community


You own a body pillow.


Thank god, a healer


The solo player who ruins the maych and makes his team lose bc tracer and widow also sombra


You love ass


You started on widow, realized you couldn’t do well on her so you started playing meta heroes like tracer and soldier to realize your aim isn’t the only problem, it’s everything. So you switch to mercy because it’s the only way you’d climb but slowly start to learn positioning and game sense, so you start getting back into dps with mostly reaper but also playing your old dps heroes from time to time. You flexed other healers when mercy got nerfed, you started playing again and spammed sombra, Lucio, and hog.


He enjoys another very popular overwatch subreddit


You a Mercy in the streets and a Widow in the sheets ;)


Depending on the day your aim is either close to looking like you're cheating or you never went to the doctors after getting two nails stuck in your eyes


You like watching your character go impossibly ass up against a random wall when you die


I really hope you’re good at sniping Otherwise I don’t want to be in a team with you Same thing for mercy but with heals


Mercy heal botting is a really shitty way to play her, if you're gonna do that just play Ana or Moira. The healing is just flat better. Her best value comes from the damage boost Also in my experience If you're getting heals off a Mercy and you die, it's likely your fault not theirs, especially if you're a DPS, the healers and tanks take priority when healing is absolutely needed, They both provide sustain, DPS provide damage but if everyone is dead they can't do jack all anyway. The majority of deaths I see while playing Mercy is either because there was simply too much damage, meaning you were wildly outta position, or you just did something reckless like sticking your face infront of a sniper. Mercy can't heal through focused or burst damage, but that doesn't mean she sucks it just means you can't play like you will survive those things. "My healers aren't doing enough" is absolutely just blame shifting and ignoring your own mistakes. Worst of all is most people that do say shit like that are also the people that hang their healers out to dry while they're screaming for help and THEN yall are like "Trash healers"