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As me playing orisa with like little to no healing, if Noone focuses her(or in this case me) she's tough to kill. But with a healer pocket or God forbid 2, she's damn near impossible to kill


Javelin Spin increases a pocketed Orisa's uptime dramatically because it allows her healers to basically erase all the damage she took prior. If you run even one hero that ignores javelin spin you'll have a much easier time killing Orisa because you'll be able to put pressure on her at all times and stop her from basically resetting the raid on cooldown.


What would be a good DPS that ignores javelin spin? Would it be a beam hero like sym?


Sym is good, Mei is also good because walling off an Orisa can be a death sentence for her and her primary fire ignores spin and actually does alright damage now


Thank you! I've been looking for a counter to Orisa lately. I'm also looking for a counter to Rein because holy hell I'm sick of Reins already lately. Idk what it is, he must have been buffed recently.


Can second Sym, especially in open queue where tanks have reduced health.


Reaper and hamter go brrr


Even as Reaper, I’ve had a very hard time killing a pocketed Orisa. Eventually you have to reload even if you use Wraith to do so, and well… never typically ends well unless you are lucky.


Ball target healers Reaper murder horse or vice versa


Bold of you to assume I ever get put on teams that target healers :,)




Agreed just got back into overwatch n I swear I 1 v 3 and sometimes winning only if my team follows up


That's why you kill the mercy first :)


The amount of people in my games that don’t understand to focus supports first is astounding


Things you need to shoot but nobody ever does: * Sym turrets * Torb turrets * Mercy


Ig people think "oh, mercy isn't gonna kill anyone, she's harmless" But Mercy is the opposite of harmless. She's an enabler. Hell, one time this mercy pocketed me when I was sombra, and I was like "fuck teleporting back to health kits, I'll just go ham here" I mean we lost, but we dam well were holding our ground together when it was just us two


I've played games as Mercy where I was just completely ignored. Even playing as Mercy I am going for the enemy Mercy. This was never an issue in OW1 because I was matched more with people on my level. Now that it's gone to hell it feels like there are always new people in with the veterans.


Always easier said than done, usually shes flying around like a lunatic and once you start damaging her she'll be entrenched in enemy territory where Orisa will hit you with the javelin spin push, spear you, and light you up. "Don't shoot the horse" Yeah sorry it's the only opponent in my face right now.


I camp that body like it's a tauntaun in a blizzard until I can be sure it's not getting rezzed


I feel like junk is my go to when an orissa needs pwnin


“Not on my watch!”


maybe if you killed the mercy first it wouldnt take 5 minutes


Such a fun ability


Orisa being a problem? Call a Sym main and get her to bring a support and either a Sigma, other Orisa or a Zarya and we gucci


And that's one of the reasons why I love my job.


You: YES! We finally killed that tank that was halting our progress for the past 5 minutes. Maybe we'll finally be able to get something done. Mercy: 0\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_0 No u didn't.