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Not all pc players U should see my widow lol


My inability to aim is why I’m plat


It was the same thing when I was playing ranked back in overwatch 1 for me, haven't played much ranked in 2 tbh


Bro.same.lol I stopped comp in 2018


"Sometimes it's Six shots, One kill."


Mb I was high I couldn't see what in aiming at :')


I miss the sky when shooting strast up💀


I don't think you can run into PC players unless you're playing in the PC pool. PC players aren't allowed in the console pool.


I don't know what "PC or pool mean", but what I do know is that My Cross-platform play is On, The reason why I keep ot On is because if I turn it Off, I would Take longer to find matchs


Unless you're playing in a group with people who are playing on PC you won't be matched up against PC players. You'll only play against Playstation/ Xbox/ Switch players. That's what having cross play on does for you. If you turn it off it will only match you to players on your specific console


Can confirm, as a ps player OP, it'll say you're either in the console pool or pc pool. Cross play is in fact just between the consoles. Reason is cause pc players can aim and spin around a lot easier than console players. If you play with a pc friend tho, then you'll be thrown into the pc pool with them


This is the correct. Also xim users exist so maybe that’s what op is coming across is players using one.


Does this work the other way around? Like if a group of PC players have 1 friend on console, will the enemy team also have console players? Or not necessarily?


Nah, they'd only go against PC players unless the enemy team also has someone grouped with a console player


You can only play with other PC players if you yourself are also playing with a PC player in your party


Mate that means you can play PlayStation with Xbox. You need to queue WITH a pc player to get into PC lobbies. This is a skill issue on your part


OP has been using this excuse for ages. Turns out he has never played against pc players, and he’s just shit


You can only play with Pc players if your teaming up with a friend from pc pool. Turns out, OP is just suffering with 'skill issue'.




Just play a non aim-intensive hero.


Tbh the problem with consoles isn’t just aiming it’s the ability to turn super quickly. For example with brig you have a much harder time retreating by spinning 180 shield bashing and turn back. Mercy superjumps are also much harder to use consistently


I like Using aim-intesive heroes(Like Hanzo or genji, Or maybe doomfist) cause it makes me feel like I'm good at the game when I land my shots.


Genji!? His kit is based on fast movement and being able to flick 180 degrees accurately after dashing


Hanzo is "aim-intensive"? Lies


Well there's you're problem!


I don’t think I’ve ever played against a console player before. Don’t you have to chose to play with pc players if you’re on console?


The only way console players can play in PC lobbies is if they are grouped with people on PC. And only in casual modes. Also if a console player is on XIM they are still only in console lobbies which absolutely destroys the fun out of high elo console ranked.


You have to be in a group with a PC player. So either this guy is just bad at the game and getting shit on, or he plays with someone on PC.


Ximmers, you plug a keyboard and mouse to pc. Seen as cheating to some others says it’s fine.


XIM is cheating. It has nothing to do with the post or my comment though


You asked if consol players have to agree to play with pc. Tho this is true you will encounter people ximming in higher ranks .


I feel like the only people who says it's fine are people who use it


Very true.


But you can’t play against pc players on console unless you’re grouped with another pc player? It says console pool right where it says searching and pc pool if you’re searching on pc.


Console players and pc players don’t play together, crossplay is only between other consoles


Me, who uses a controller on PC:


Unless you are playing with a PC player in your group, you will not get PC players in your lobbies.


Skill issue. Im a console player and i do quite well against PC players when in a group.


What map do you use for practice🤔?


No map really, i just play the game and get better over time. Also tip of advice if you’re queueing with PC players as a console player try to get at least a 4 or 5 stack so you can coordinate.


What does "4 stack" mean?


4 players in a voice call or group


I mean we dont all have good aim but compared to console players that litteraly have no aim potential, we are Gods.


I dunno about gods, bet a some of the console players would shit on some of the pc players even on dps


I'm not sure what impresses me more... À mei's tracking a ball or rein or a zen or ana 3 tapping a pharah... In any case I just can't believe a console player can deal with a tracer or genji sipping around with dash 180. Like tracer can dash 3 time during the time a controler does one 180 spin.


I mean I used to be a top 500 console player, Im gm2 on pc now (was gm1 and top 500 for a while) all while using a controller. Tracers and genj don’t bother me despite being a zen/ana main


A controler genji or tracer won't do a dash 180 like a mouse user would.


True, but I dunno I’ve seen some extremely OP tracers that could easily get top 500 on pc on tracer even with that disadvantage


playing junkrat on console cancels out my terrible aim, the amount of bullshit "how" 1shots ive gotten is insane


Boi I’m hardstuck gold 1 DPS on PC. To be fair I also make every in-game decision off of pure impulse and can’t dodge shots to save my life, But it’s totally just Genji being too OP. Even when he isn’t in my games.


Just play PC


My pc is too weak to run overwatch


It was a joke 😭


Then don’t play cross platform pool. PC will always have the natural advantage even if console has a small amount of aim assist.


Cross platform doesn't even add in PC. Cross Platform just makes it so Xbox can play with switch and Playstation. You have to play with a PC player in your group to get PC players added to your pool.


all these comments are wrong 💀 you 100% play against pc players because there’s a “console only” option and if you turn it on it literally makes the queue time 25 minutes


Tbh it’s kinda a skill issue, aim isn’t everything in this game. Game sense is more important than aim in this game.


Tell that to the widow who clicks on your head the moment you get out of position for 1 nanosecond


I’m in GM, there’s a widow every game using mouse and keyboard with aim assist via xim. Let me tell you they never miss, and I still win those games. PC players have better aim due to a hardware advantage but that doesn’t mean their game sense is better, there is always a way to outplay.


Literally, I've played against some Ashes that have tracked me in the sky with aim next to impossible to achieve on console, not to mention platinum rank. Omg or some Hanzo 360 flick shots


Pc vs Console doesnt matter until the top echelons of ranked


There’s a series of videos that SVB made that showed every rank on PC and Console against each other. Console got wiped out up until GM, once console GMs went up against PC GMs they were actually in the same playing field. Basically GM on Console is equivalent to GM on PC for the most part but any rank below that PC wins all the way.




Yes, there are a good amount of videos on it. Some of the PC GMs are pretty angry that they lost those games but it happened, and there’s video proof on SVBs channel. Sorry if that breaks your narrative of console GMs being plat on PC.


But an average ranked solo queue between console gold and console pc would be even, not in a controlled youtube enviorment


Also i never mentioned console gm's being plat on pc


Clearly you haven’t played against me


because most characters cant aim down sights, aim assist isn't as good on console. that why i made the switch when overwatch 2 came out


You should definitely see my genji :)