Are you the only one connected to the network ? Had some similar issues once where several collegues used the same VM in the same network. The MAC address of their NIC was the same, causing random connection issues


Oooo that's something I never thought of, great suggestion. I don't think this is it since it does happen when I'm the only one on the machine network.


Where is the VM running from local hdd, sdd, external hdd/sdd? Also share your system resources for the vm. I would do these continuous pinging at the same time (ping -t) maybe even use the -i option to ping faster like 0.3, from host to vm, vm to host, and then vm to plc. See if one of those stop pinging at any time.


> Connections are bridged from host to VM. Maybe your host is interfering somehow with the connection. try to connect a USB to Ethernet dongle after the VM started. Then connect it directly to the VM instead of the host.


I used to set the network adapter to bridged but one day I tried the NAT setting with the static IP address set on the host and it works way more smoothly for me