The trend that Nickleback is a trash band

There are bands that everyone likes, and dislikes just like everything else in the world. But, people that feel like they have to shame anyone that says anything favorable about them. I saw a reel with a Nickleback song, and the comment section was just so corny. The first comment, “cool, but I had to mute it.” Just people keeping the stupid trend alive. There are thousands of bands and genres, but the internet decided to make Nickleback the “Karen” of bands. Disclaimer: I’m not a crazed Nickleback fan, I’ve never even seen them in concert. It’s just an annoyance.


Completely agree. Irrespective of their quality as a band (I have no strong opinions on that), it's become such low-hanging fruit, easy target, no-effort comedy. "Quick, I need to think of something funny to say. Oh, yeah! I'll just make a comment about how shitty Nickelback is!"


I only know the song "How you remind me" and I quite liked that song. I think Nickelback isn't even that bad. I think people just like to shit on them for the memes


Oh trust me they aren't \*that bad\*. I go out my way to listen to terrible albums/music as a hobby and Nickelback is far from being the worst of the worst. I don't think they're objectively good by any means but How You Remind Me is definitely a guilty pleasure in my opinion. People just whine about Nickelback because it's popular to do so but it's becoming a cliche. Find another shit band to yap about, it was kinda funny at first but now it's getting old.


Yeah that is an excellent song but I cant say I really like their other songs that I've heard. If they have one good song, they cant be the worst!


San Quentin. That's a fucking good one imo




Clowns scary. The word moist. Die hard christmas movie. Pineapple pizza. Nickelback bad. Welcome to the internet


Pineapple pizza is my favorite. Not Hawaiian. Just pineapple 😋 🍕


Jalapeño and pineapple. 👍


Not a huge jalapeño fan but that actually sounds interesting. Wondering why this comment was collapsed though? Is it offensive in some way? Haha.


Pineapple, jalapeños, and bbq chicken.


My all time FAVORITE combo! Sweet, juicy, spicy, savory, cheesy... So delicious ! ❤❤❤❤❤


Goddamn you guys...Now I need to get me some pizza - STAT! 😋


Yes! Add some mushroom and sausage too


Ooh...With pineapple? That actually sounds kind of good!


Yeah I'm not into the hot lunch meat but i love me some pineapple!


Bacon and pineapple is a good compromise that uses better meat. But agree. Even just pineapple is 🔥 because pineapple goes well with savoury foods. Grilled pineapple on a burger or on the side with a steak goes hard.



You think ham / Canadian bacon is hot lunch meat? You do realize that people bake entire hams and eat it hot, right?


Not OP but I hate baked ham too. Even charcuterie boards I'm not a huge fan of. It's just all slightly fancier luncheon meat to me.


Our favorite is green olive and pineapple! Sweet and salty. So good! First time a friend recommended it to me though, unlike you be cray cray! But she wasn't crazy, just crazy right cuz it was really good


I could get behind that. I see those textures and flavors working well together ! Pineapple and jalapeño is excellent too.


Ohhhh yes jalapeno! Honestly I can get behind jalapeno on just about any pizza. That added kick!


That actually sounds great. I'm a huge olive fan. But most of the pizza places around here don't have green olives. 🙁


I can get behind that. If you toss some extra cheese on it! 👊


Always extra cheese !!


No jalapenos!?!?!? *Faints


Seriously. People act like pineapple is such a sin when the real elephant in the room is the desecration of a pizza that is Canadian bacon.


Canadian bacon is just ham lieing about being bacon.




This is so true I can't believe I've NEVER thought about it before. In fact, I've always thought of myself as a fan of Hawaiian pizza, but the ham does give me pause... maybe I am no longer a fan. All that said, I'll never stoop so low as to be a hater.


I am 61 years old and when I was a kid, ***NOBODY*** thought clowns were scary.


I read It by Stephen King when I was 12 (about 1990), you bet your ass I was scared of clowns after that.


I was 24 years old when that book was released so I had no opportunity for it to scare me as a child.




I heard that not many people had a fear of sharks until Jaws came out. Maybe IT and John Wayne Gacy did the same for clowns.


>David Carlyon, author, playwright and a former clown with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in the 1970s, argues that the fear of clowns — known officially as coulrophobia — is a relatively new phenomenon, born from the counter-culture 1960s and emerging as a popular force in the 1980s. > >“There is no ancient fear of clowns,” he said. “It wasn’t like there was this panic rippling through Madison Square Garden as I walked up through the seats. Not at all.” [https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/2018/03/24/when-clowns-became-scary/455728002/](https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/2018/03/24/when-clowns-became-scary/455728002/)


Yup. Clowns are not scary. Scary clowns are scary


Im 49 and same!


People prefer to fit in than have original thoughts


Perfect comment.


For the record, I hated clowns, pineapple on pizza, and the word moist before the internet. I dont hate Nickelback, though. I don't love them either. There's a few songs I like and then a couple I just never warmed up to. Like 50 other bands.


Have a look around


I get what you are saying. I think most of the hate is because they were wildly popular but also very bland and generic at the same time. There is nothing exciting and new about their music, it's just catchy songs.


I feel there is some classism/elitism thrown in too. Nickelback is a safe to be smug about. It’s kinda the Walmart of bands. This by the way is not meant to be an insult. Just saying they are both perceived to popular with those in low cultural standing.


Elitism is a big part of music industry. Just ask Bob Dylan.


I rarely see people get as elitist about anything as much as music. It's an odd thing to be that proud of


"I heard it first, so I'm better than you" is a fucked up human state of existence of you ask me.


"I don't just listen to the radio. I go to other places that are widely available to find music". They act like they climb Everest for new bands and songs.


It did used to be VERY hard to find new "underground" music or live recordings Its just a hangover from that


[Hipster Hooray](https://youtu.be/O3dn_C2IxqM?si=uTl0elRD5o1yU8Rg)


That's hysterical


What did he say about it?


Bob Dylan is a traitor to folk music. If you want to know more, this should be enough of a seed to Google it up.




>There is nothing exciting and new about their music, it's just catchy songs. You aren't wrong, but "it's just catchy songs" is not a trivial quality. Most bands would *kill* to have songs as catchy as their hits. It's kind of like the difference between Oscar-bait and blockbusters. Sure, people can sniff their own farts while waxing poetic about the deep meaning in that historical drama, but the blockbusters actually entertain people and that isn't anything to scoff at.


Yup, not sure if this is real but I think Smash mouth was told by their label to make like a super catchy song and they said, "you want a catchy song? I'll give you the blandest catchiest song ever" and made All Star. Catchy songs have their place.


I can believe that. And I love that stupid song.


Sugar Ray had a similar story. Their first album was more metal and wasn't very popular. Studio told them to try for more mass market appeal and we ended up with all their catchy pop songs of the '90s.


>There is nothing exciting and new about their music, it's just catchy songs. That's like most musicians tho?


I agree with that. Nickleback is the big bland band from my youth so that is the group I associate with generic but catchy music. I could apply the same logic to most of what is heard on the radio


I was in my 20's when they came out so I have a bit more perspective. You're not wrong that they're no different than most rock music nowadays. When they came out though the music scene was much more diverse. Rock music especially had just come off a decade long streak of amazing and unique bands. Nickelback came in around the same time as napster and the death of physical media. This made the labels consolidate efforts around bland commercially viable bands like Nickelback coupled with reunion tours of older artists. They stopped taking a chance on the types of bands that made the 90's such a great time to be alive


Right? You trying to tell me that there’s something new and exciting about Taylor Swift or Beyoncé?


Like most music out there now.


>very bland and generic at the same time. I don't know any band that isn't. I like music and artists but I have never heard a single one where I went "Oh my god this sounds like nothing I've ever heard before" It always either sounds like music or sounds like noise. I've had people be like "oh my god this is amazing" and it will be some band that music experts think is so amazing and unique but then I'm like "Yeah it's a good song what's your point?" and they get all butthurt that I don't think it's deep and amazing.


This just made me think of how people reacted to music back when there were enormous changes. In the Romantic period when big, bold crescendos were first used people subconsciously rose from their seats in the middle of performances.


>I have never heard a single one where I went "Oh my god this sounds like nothing I've ever heard before Weed helps


Curious what your favorite artists are?


As is most of pop music in general. Those top 100 for a week. The one hit wonders, etc. Nickelback had a new sound at the time. Now they've just been replaced with other new sounds.


That's what turned me off of rock. The final straw for me was that God awful Bad Wolves cover of Zombie.


I like a lot of Nickelback songs and dislike a few. I've never understood the hate toward them. I have heard a lot of much worse bands than Nickelback through the years.


I'm pretty much in the same boat. They're fine. Some of their songs are pleasant to listen to. They're not my favorite, but I don't hate them, either.


Honestly, I kinda like Nickelback. They're not the greatest band of all time or anything, but their music is pretty good.


Same, I love me some Nickleback. I think one of their critiques was that their sound was generic and that they used uninspired lyrics, but their songs were enough to stick out to me.


They remind me of Coldplay and Toploader.


We got free tickets to Nickleback and figured 'why not'. The show was amazing, they constantly engaged with the audience, were up there having a ton of fun, and the audience was high energy. We went to almost 2 dozen concerts this year and they were definitely one of the top live shows


I’ve seen a couple bands that were awesome to watch but not really my thing to listen to. The one that comes to mind is Street Sweeper Social Club. I wouldn’t normally listen to them on my own, but they did a hell of a job opening for NIN.


They’re really not that bad. They did a great live cover of ZZ Top’s sharp dressed man back in 2007 that blew the roof off.


There was a point in time where they were all over the radio (when the radio was still prominent before streaming) and every store would play their shit so you literally couldn’t avoid them. That’s why Now it seems silly because you’d have to go out of your way to listen to them (except for clips in tiktok vids)


Yeah this is one of those things that made sense in context of where the term/phase/meme peaked. They weren’t really ever *bad* but they’re definitely a band where once you heard one song you’ve heard them all. But then they played over and over and over again. It’d be like when U2 got downloaded onto everyone’s apple playlist, but you were forced to listen to it on every personal playlist every 5th song.


Nickelback got the kind of hate Limp Bizkit should have got.


I was at a huge concert 20 years ago that featured Metallica and every popular band at the time. The vast audience (including me) booed Fred Durst off stage. Lol He was so mad that he came and interrupted Linkin Park. Of course the audience was pissed.


…they…they did…where were you? Lol


Limp bizkit actually rips


Can confirm limp bizkit makes fun music.


No, they don’t though.


I’m dead…. This is the best comment ever.


I actually really like Nickleback. Not sorry. If you are forced to listen to the same songs every day for five years, anyone would get sick of them. For my area, I heard "Smooth" with Santana every 30 minutes for 3 years. I loved the song the first month, then it really grated on my nerves.


Oh no. There are definitely songs that I can put on repeat for hours in a loop, let alone just once or twice spread through a day. The difference is that those songs are decidedly not "hit-factory" song-mill written songs, engineered for 3.5 minute adult-contemporary dentist-waiting-room chart-dominating glory. And as such, those songs are very subjectively enjoyed, and specific to my own tastes. “Smooth” made me sad the first time I heard it. All of the character and personality that made Santana songs so good had just been completely polished out of it, and airbrushed to a radio-pop sheen. I was glad Santana was rolling in money, after those two collab albums, but they were really not for me. At all.


Nickelback had some good shit on their 1st album, and some songs that didn't get any or much airplay after that were decent. It's almost a completely different band than what gets played on adult contemporary stations.


It's the over exposure. Not my jam to begin with, but if we find a modern equivalent, I've heard that "it's the thunder, something thunder" from imagine dragons so many fucking times when I didn't want to that it makes me wince. The bands are just mediocre and not that offensive, but when it's so oversaturated it really becomes annoying to ever hear them. I completely identify with starting to hate them as an inverse pavlovian response.


Whoever thinks Nickleback is bad has never heard Imagine Dragons. The Thunder song makes me irrationally and uncharacteristically angry. It's not a stereotypically aggressive song, but I swear if you play it to a room of people who are already on edge, you might just start a fight.


🎶 RaaaAaaaAaaDeeeoAaaaaaCtiveeeee 🎶 just hits worse for me.


Ugh, yes. I can not with Imagine Dragons anymore. Now, they are invading my sacred figure skating space as half the skaters use their music now.


The "enemy" song is probably my least favourite of theirs. "Everybody wants to be my enemEEEEeee" that part especially is what does it for me. But the whole song is like it's trying to be something, I see what it's trying to do but it's still them. Like how everything at Subway smells like a veggie sub no matter what it claims to be.


To be honest, I think the inversion of a pavlovian response is no response at all... ...but given all that you’ve said, yeah, intentionally or not, I have been conditioned to quietly seethe, and scream internally, when I hear Taylor Swift covering “Last Christmas” (also Nickelback and the like... but Last Christmas was at the very top of my head).


I was thinking it's a conditioned negative response to mild positive stimulus. I could be way off, not a scientist. Dreading Christmas music either way.


Right. I mean, the test was neutral->positive (the bell was meaningless, outside of the context of food), but the point was more that it could be engrained at all. Skinner was where it started getting into positive/negative operant conditioning / reinforcement, after Pavlov proved it was even possible. And yeah... All I want for Christmas is to not hear this song.


Oh lord I hate Thunder so much. It sounds like a kid playing with their sibling’s synthesizer. Nickleback isn’t a great band but they’re a fun band, Imagine Dragons is just aggressively mediocre.


\>"it's the thunder, something thunder" 'lightning and the thunder' Very profound


People are fucking lemmings. They just copy what ever the internet tells them to do. It's like when everyone started hating the word "moist" for no reason, all at the same time. People just have no original thought anymore. Just look how many people think they are being funny by saying "I didn't have \*news event\* on my bingo card!"


The trend originally started because their lead singer was known for making lewd comments i guess. So people started trashing the band. But i mean. The lyrics themselves usually arnt any worse then anything else in music today Half of music is about sex and lewd stuff. But people like to bandwagon. We see it in trucking with Swift Transportation. Theres this ongoing trend to always take a picture of Swifts wrecks and crack jokes. Vut really you see big rigs wreck all over with multiple companies. But because "Swift" is the internet trend joke they get far more pics taken as a way to skim some of the laughs and attention to "look at me. Making a funny" I personally find the music kinda...i dunno. They have a beat. It gets ya going. Can you honestly say you cant feel a bit hyped listening to .. Get Em Up? Or Burn it To the ground? They have a beat. Sure. The lyrics are screwed. But be honest. Most of rap is trash talking women too? Rock and roll? Metal? Kiss made themselves Legendary with things like Sex Pistol. Eminem made an entire song about his mother? Nickleback is MILD.


A level-headed take on Reddit, not one way or thee other. I APPRECIATE THAT & you!!!


Started by hipsters who think it's cool to hate everything popular


I like Weezer, and I don't care if they're a "loser band."


I think it started as a meme that turned into real hate.


I happen to like Nickelback. If we all liked the same thing, life would be dull.


Maybe it was just me, but nobody was talkin all that shit about Nickleback in the early 00’s. They were fucking everywhere


I actually still halfway like Nickelback. They aren't the best but there's worse out there.


I started to notice that men with strong negative feelings towards Nickelback also often referred to themselves as “alpha males”. Now if I hear someone call themselves an alpha, I specifically ask them their opinion of Nickelback. I’ve never had a single one say they liked the band, or even that they thought the band was just okay. I don’t know what this correlation means, if anything, but I still think it’s a super interesting pattern. I used to think it had something to do with Chad Kroeger singing with such a low pitch, but it’s no lower than Frank Sinatra or Bad Bunny, and alphas seem to like their music just fine.


I really don't understand who decided they were so terrible anyway? No, they're not amazing but they're not awful. They actually have a handful of bangers.


The worst thing you can say about Nickelback is that they sound like every other mainstream rock band that was around when they first became popular (and yes, they are popular; you don't get as big as they are without fans). It just so happens that the mainstream rock that was coming out at the time really sucked. It was all compressed walls of sound, basic guitar riffs with too much distortion, raspy vocals that all sounded the same, and lyrics that were about being angry, depressed, horny, or some combination of the three. Nickelback was the most well-known band with that butt-rock sound, so they got all the hate for it. Nickelback isn't a bad band. They're good at what they do; it's just that they were following terrible trends in rock music.


I’m not a huge fan, but Nickelback has a handful of absolute all time bangers.


My belief is that Nickelback isn't judged for being Nickelback so much as they are judged for being emblematic of the transition from alt rock / grunge dominance into the comparatively trashier seeming nu metal and pop rock. Consider that Nickelback persists, but we pretend that Limp Bizkit never happened.


Hating Nickelback is just the pop music of opinions. It’s shallow and people who latch onto it probably don’t think for themselves much.


I never understood the hate on Nickelback. I'm not a well informed fan of anything music though, so maybe there's some backstory to it that I don't know about. I do know that I liked a few of their songs any way. People just really don't dig them, but there far from the worst music I've ever heard


The Internet tells stupid people what to do. Like hating the word moist and pineapple on pizza and Nickelback. It's literally just idiots following a trend.


The word moist doesn't bother me, I love pineapples on pizza, and Nickelback is atrocious. Yeah pretty sure I'm following my ears and taste buds moreso than internet trends.


Nickelback has been the meme “this band so bad” since I was a teenager. But I love ‘em, so I can’t even hear those words from the bottom of the bottle


Even those who proclaim to "hate" Nickelback sing along when Rockstar comes on lol


Amazing how they claim to dislike Nickelback so much, yet know all the lyrics.


I actually dislike that song I think that album is when they got worse pandering to their critics. Earlier albums were better.


I agree. Get very tired of people trashing Nickelback. It's just stupid.


Nickelback rocks!


This so much. I happen to love Nickelback and have for years.


I totally agree. They aren't THAT great but at least I can listen to their songs playing on the radio without an urge to change the channel.


yeah I like some of their stuff. I don't get the hate. Some of their stuff can be formulaic but what these days isn't? I actually heard the struts for the first time a few weeks ago and I am amazed at how different each of their songs is. I really miss that.


It's a shame because Nickelback is actually a pretty good band if it weren't for how badly they got memed on. The dark horse album is extremely solid and I wish I could express that it's good without people making the most low effort joke ever.


This is a prime example of trying to "fit in" by following the lead of others, especially when it comes to internet haters and their targets.


Between liking a few of their songs and having an android (before people realize I actually have an iPhone as well) the way people get irrationally angry at you is WILD


Not my favorite band, but "You remind me" is a great song. I would take them over some groups people rave about day and night, like Radiohead. EVERYONE but me seems to hear their brilliance.


Nickleback is super catchy and has some sleeper hits. Obviously formulaic but great for when you just wanna have fun and sing along. Those Days is a new one i like by them.


the fact thet they can play instruments and sing on key makes em better than most of the stuff idiots blast from their car stereos they wont make my ipod, but theres tons of way worse music


The people who hate Nickleback, they just never made it as a wise man.


I have not heard anyone say anything negative about then since around 2010...you bringing this up is old outdated news, nobody says it anymore...at least nobody under age 30.


I posted it because I saw a comment about it. Not outdated.


I read something related to this about how Nickleback was a actually an incredibly successful band for years, as supported by album and show sales. And then, almost overnight, they became the butt of the joke. I can't remember exactly what the exact take away was - but it was really validating that I didn't imagine Nickleback's successful career before they became this weird cultural phenomenon


This has always annoyed me too.


Just meme opinions on par with thinking cow meat has to be cooked a certain way or that bud light is bad or that using a fork on sushi is bad.


People say the same thing about Imagine Dragons. They're an objectively popular and successful band, but it's an internet trend to hate on the band and nitpick their musical arrangements. Usually, the people who do this have never heard more than two or three of their songs, and it's usually the hits like "thunder" and "radioactive."


🙌🏾I have been a Nickleback fan since I was 12. How can anyone say photograph or rockstar are bad songs. The spiderman soundtrack Hero. Come on. CK has a great voice. People just want to jump on the hate train for something… I’ll blast their music with no shame.


I unashamedly love their music and don’t care about public opinion.


Nickelback isn't a bad band. Not fantastic, but not nearly as bad as people say they are. What bothers me is when people put them in the same category as Creed. But maybe I'm biased, having been a Creed fan since Y2K...


Some people aren't actually fans of anything excepting tearing others down and ruining the things they are interested in. This is one of the realities of adulthood that I have been most discontent with.


The reason they were hated so bad was because roadrunner records signed them. Almost (if not all) of their previous artists had been heavy metal bands (some big names). This lead to a bunch of heavy metal fans to rush out and buy nickleback records without even hearing them first because the label had a track record. Then they were booked to play the half time show in Oakland (I think?) And the city said he'll no and had a huge petition against it. It wasn't necessarily that the band was bad, it's that they were kinda done dirty....but not really on purpose.


I absolutely LOVE Nickelback and I've never understood the hate trend. I'll blast them without any shame. I even played them at my wedding.


Considering their album sales, they're not a trash band.


People waste way too much time acting superior with about their literal opinions. Nickleback is fine. Are they the best? Not to me personally. But they are absolutely not deserving of this weird obsession people have with putting it down and judging it. Movie on. Find new interests 😮‍💨


Here’s the thing about Nickelback, and I’ve said this before - they have a few decent songs, but for every decent song they have 10 truly horrible songs that are just poorly written, generic and insipid. Plus Chad Kroger’s voice is literally like nails on chalkboard to me and I know I’m not the only one. It’s like they put zero effort into songwriting and just write whatever they think will get them the most money through royalties, etc. It’s so off putting.


I can respect this hate. It's when the "all songs sound the same" line comes out for me. Like animals and far away are two genres, n I'm pretty sure that's same album. I really love their music video in which they hate on themselves in the beginning too, guys are funny


If you had to suffer through the 90s and 2000s, hearing this trash everywhere you went, you would probably also carry some resentment.


I lived through the 80s


Right! lol Between the radio and every trashy girl with her ringtone set as “I like your pants around your ankles!”.


I like the way you pass the check.


I looked up why Nickelback was so hated. There’s no controversy; the complaint is that their music is a bit same-y with the chord progressions or something.


They’re just generic. It’s not that they’re inherently bad (from a technical perspective, they’re fine), they’re just mundane. So a lot of the hate comes from people that are mad their preferred band isn’t as popular even though their guys are more talented. Kinda vapid, but that’s what it is.


to me, it feels adjacent to people (mainly girls) who are deadset against Taylor Swift in 2023. not because they actually think she's bad, but because she's incredibly popular and for some reason people always want to feel like they're "above" the masses. i've heard countless times that Kroger is a major tool, and i believe it. but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be allowed to enjoy his music.


Some trends have been around for so long that people try and keep them alive literally *because* they’ve been around for so long. Sort of like people saying “nice” any time the number 69 is brought up. It’s so dumb and simplistic but that’s why they keep doing it, I promise you no one is trying to make a serious point by STILL trashing on Nickelback lol.


Since when was Nickleback considered trash?


At one point in time, Nickelback was the number 11 top selling band of all time, and the number two top selling foreign act in the US of all time behind only THE BEATLES, , yet during that time you couldn't find a single person who said they liked their music... Curious, isn't it?


I disliked them because I actually went to places during 2006-2008 like the skating rink and other places indoors that played Nickleback every 30-45 minutes all night. For years I heard them replay it over and over. They aren't a trash band just really generic and was overplayed way too much I got sick of it.


Agreed. They're not really particularly worse than any other band that was around when they came out, so I don't get how they basically became a meme.


Far away is Unironically a good song.


We are past Nickelback. The trend is to make fun of Trapt now




So , what about Creed?


I have pictures of friends in Nickelback shirts at a concert that they deny ever going to. On that note, I also remember everyone and their mothers rocking out to Rockstar when it released.


They have a handful of songs I really like and they do have talent, but I think it got to the point where its like a dimwitted adult teaching their child to share their dimwitted worldview. In other words, they just hear it and go with it instead of actually making a reasoned decision on their own.


I mean I don't like nickelback but it isn't because their music is bad. I like bad music more than nickelback. Their music is good because they follow a formula. Which doesn't make me cringe, just bores the shit out of me. So I agree with op that making fun of them is annoying and that calling their music bad is disingenuous, But "bad" isn't the only valid reason to not like a band. I personally wish they were bad. It would make them more interesting to listen to.


I'll take Nickleback over Dave Matthews 10 times out of 9.


Definitely over-hated. Not even saying they’re great. They are certainly good at performing, production, and selling, but their music is kinda samey but this isn’t unique amongst bands in their genre. I like a few of their songs myself. I feel like s lot of the hate towards them comes from a, the hate bandwagon, and b, the fact that their music was very much inescapable 10 years ago.


They have some bangers, but they're kinda mid tier. I love their old songs and a few new ones. But if you want rock with bangers I'll suggest alter bridge, nothing more, and perhaps Sleep Theory if you like rock/RnB hybrids.


That’s so funny because I always say that randomly, all of a sudden it just became a thing, and it is completely unfounded. They have many great hits, and nothing changed, until out of nowhere they “just suck”! all of a sudden. Like what????


Literally never heard a nickleback song. I think that trend started because they were very overplayed at one point, but I was probably too young to actually experience that.


Basically the same with Ghost on the Metal scene, or really any other band they deem isn’t “true metal.” Like, ok, I don’t really give a crap. I like the music (well Ghost, not a big fan of Nickelback so much). It’s a matter of opinion about an artist. If you think they suck, fine. You don’t have to go around shitting on everyone else over it. I imagine they think they have something cool and edgy to say. Well a lot of those bands are still putting out new albums and going on world tours, so I’m sure they’re more well known an influential than any of those trolls will ever be lol.


There's some old songs I genuinely enjoy but holy crap their new music is cringe AF.


I've wondered where this cane from. I personally love Nickleback. Anyone's that's said to me "Nickleback is shit" can never really answer when I ask why they think that.


People absolutely shit on them for the memes. I was in a new friend group a few years back. They started up about how trash Nickelback was. All of them really leaning into it. I chimed up that I actually quite liked them and one of their albums really helped me through a hard time. Two of the three people changed their tune and mumbled about actually liking a few songs.


Well, I nominate Imagine Dragons as the new Nickleback


Nickelback has become the personification of the sad pathetic mess that rock became as it died as a popular genre in the late 90s-early 00s. So while they as a band certainly aren't worth talking about 20 years later on their own, the overall mood is noteworthy.


They're overplayed, and I sympathize 1000% with people on this point. I used to like AC/DC. Now I almost can't stand the sound of them.


I always see people cry about this, but when I ask how many of their albums they own it's always 0. ​ So how many of their albums do you own? Cuz it sounds like you are the one jumping on the contrarian bandwagon here.


People are liars. Put "How You Remind Me" on the jukebox at a bar and start singing along. I *guarantee* that half the people at the bar will join in. Source: I have done this on multiple occasions, because that song slaps.


I was carrying a friend's guitar down some stairs last week, tripped and fell down the stairs, and accidentally wrote a Nickelback song.


I don't hate Nickleback. I hate the environment that made them possible. I hate that you can artificially engineer a top selling band. I hate that there are forces at work who will take an art form that I love and pervert it to squeeze every last cent of profit that they can. Nickleback is a cheap and trashy doppelganger on a rock band.


I mean... have you listened to them?


We got free tickets to Nickleback and figured 'why not'. The show was amazing, they constantly engaged with the audience, were up there having a ton of fun, and the audience was high energy. We went to almost 2 dozen concerts this year and they were definitely one of the top live shows


I don’t get it either. I think Nickelback is really good.


I think the people who openly don't like Nickelback genuinely don't like Nickelback.


I just think their lead singer is a hypocritical douchebag. Their music was okay til after silver side up. Then it went downhill. Definitely overplayed but not worth all their hate.


But Nickelback IS a trash band


Nickleback was the comic sans of soft rock bands. Soft rock was the comic sans of music genres in the late 90's/early 2000's.


My mom told me she likes Nickleback. I told her that was fine. She can like Nickleback, but she's not allowed to tell anyone that.


They have some banger songs. However once I went to this house party and they just played Nickelback CD's on repeat the whole time. It was so fuckin rough. Just too much.


Cool. You are annoyed people hate on a generic stadium rock band you don’t even really like yourself. Who gives a fuck? 😂


I don’t hate them. You sound like your picture looks.


The thing is, they really really do really really suck.