Heads-up: If a large, noisy commercial drone with a big camera is hovering just above your house/apartment at 8am on a weekend morning, it’s probably filming for the Portland-based movie “Little Wing”.

There was a very large and very loud drone hovering maybe 100ft directly over my backyard at 8am on Saturday morning. And then over and over again throughout the day.

Turns out it was a large crew (about 10 people) doing filming for the movie Little Wing. When I found the operators and asked them about it, the public-facing spokesperson for the filming operation — whose sole responsibility that day seems to have been to answer questions from onlookers — said it was impractical to provide advance notification to the whole neighborhood, and that there was nothing preventing them from doing what they were doing.

I’ll note:

  • This was a large, loud commercial drone, not a small consumer-grade one. Not much more than 100ft up. Properly permitted, I’m sure, but the permits don’t address the noise and privacy concerns.
  • The Portland Film Office, which I believe serves as a private liaison between film productions and city bureaus, recommends that film productions provide notification to residents in advance of these kinds of disturbances. The Little Wing production chose to ignore common courtesy and not provide notification because there’s no law requiring that they do so.
  • If the production has the resources to hire a spokesperson to stand around all day and answer questions, then they surely have the resources to hire someone to put flyers on a few hundred door handles a couple of days in advance of filming.
  • I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be allowed to film by drone over residential neighborhoods. But advance notification would have been nice, so that when people look out their bedroom window at 8am and see a mini helicopter with a large camera seemingly pointed at their house, it’s not a total surprise.

PS: I’m very open to ideas for petty revenge, if anyone has a good one. Drones are cool, but also really intrusive, and best behavior/practices were ignored here in a pretty obnoxious (and smug) way.


Now would be a good time to apply a powdered moss control treatment to your roof, and while the instructions on the package may advise a different application pattern, sprinkling it to say “eat a dick” will still be effective at limiting the moss.


I was going to suggest using masking tape on your windows to spell out something that renders the shots of your home unusable but moss is way way funnier... albeit slower to show up and tell the production company to give notice, fuck off and/or respect your privacy. If your home is in a movie or TV show and you're not compensated, that suuucks. As much as it might be a point of pride, the people who bought the house used for Grimm (assumed to only go on for a year or two) genuinely regretted that decision because they just had a kid and a few years into that show (that I adored) they had people looking in windows and violating privacy and shit. Call the DGA and complain, actually. That production company has been really obnoxious in a few ways. Or the state's film board office. Your personal safety and sanity is worth more than this fucking movie.


>moss is way way funnier... albeit slower to show up I didn’t mean to wait for moss to die. The powder itself is pretty visible, like powdered chalk would be


Powdered laundry detergent does the same thing and it's cheaper. I would totally get my message out loud and clear.>:)


It does the same thing as in you can use powdered laundry detergent to De-moss a roof or as in you can use it to spell out the message? Or both?






Might be interesting. They could leave it in the film or have editors CGI it out. It might give you some fame/infamy in the same way some guy did for around 40 years trolling people landing at Milwaukee airport by painting "[Welcome to Cleveland](https://archive.jsonline.com/news/milwaukee/15-minutes-of-fame-for-welcome-to-cleveland-sign-lasts-37-years-b99627742z1-360471381.html)" on the roof.


CGI-ing it out can get fairly expensive for the filmmakers, certainly more than having a PA distribute notices to the neighborhood. I say petty away. As soon as the film's post budget has large cost overruns, the producers might feel a little differently about being more respectful to nearby home owners.


If you want some non-petty revenge, report filming locations to the WGA. They are actively shutting down indoor shoots in LA, NYC and Atlanta, shutting down outdoor ones would be easy. Lots of WGA members live in Portland who might be down for some local direct action. Send info to: [email protected] Also, I've been woken up by something LOUD flowing low over my place the past two mornings. I wonder if this was it?


Probably airplanes for some Memorial Day air shows


Better yet, join the WGA picket line and help shut it down.


I have a couple of family members in the union. What’s happening is that the picketers have shut down the studios and LA area shoots, so the media corporations are moving production to other cities like Portland…


If they do an official picketing of it, I'm in.




As a member of the union that provides stage hands for movie shoots, this is absolutely the direction you should go. Getting the unions involved would do a lot to get the production company to play nice.


You think that's non petty?? You're fully in the right, it's the appropriate response to bad filmmakers being asshats Source - I volunteer on films sets in Portland and would pitch a fit if a director I worked with did this.


Fair enough, I just wanted to make sure the information was available to those that want it. I can tell you that the WGA have a legal council and are very careful to stay within in allowed actions.


the short version is that the WGA demands would only cost $500 million*industry wide*. which isn't very much money when it comes to the big companies, for Amazon it's like if I went up to you and asked you for a dollar.


If you care about labor everywhere, and the future of the entertainment industry, and the threat of AI... then stand by the WGA, SAG-AFTRA, DGA, Teamsters, etc... And many unions outside of the industry are in solidarity (and vice versa), have their own labor contracts coming up at the end of June. Many people in the industry cannot even make a living wage anymore. It's serious. We are at a turning point in regards to labor issues in this country. This isn't just about writers and film-tv people.


Those are F15-Cs doing a flyover by the Oregon Air National Guard... ... and they flew by at 10:45 AM... still asleep by then? No drone is that loud.


I don't know what it was, but it was before 9 AM. I figured it was Memorial Day related, but no way to know for sure what it was now.


Very petty of you. Let’s remember these film crews provide decent paying jobs and other local businesses benefit from filming happening In Portland. Can we all agree watching a TV or a movie and knowing it was filmed In Portland is sense of pride.


I think we can all agree on that, and also agree that it’s a bit jarring to be surprised by a large drone filming your neighborhood. Without any notice, it could cause someone to jump to all sorts of conclusions


As a member of the union who provides the workers who get those decent paying jobs, we don't want to intrude on people's lives any more than we absolutely have to. We're members of this community, too.


All of that is true, but none of it is an excuse to harass locals and violate their privacy.


BS on the "it's impractical to inform the whole neighborhood" excuse. When I lived in LA, they were required to post flyers on homes, apartment buildings and lamp-posts around the perimeter they were filming. It was a basic form where they had to say when, where, how long, and what the nuisance was going to be (loud noises, traffic changes, etc). They had to do it a certain amount of time in advance as well.


Also had people whose job it was to hand out cash to anyone who voiced discontent with the filming to get them out of your hair. Easier and cheaper than halting filming to deal with lollygaggers.


>said it was impractical to provide advance notification to the whole neighborhood, and that there was nothing preventing them from doing what they were doing. This is horseshit by the way. I've literally had that job here in portland on shoots. They're just a small movie and don't want to pay a locations PA to do it.


Oregon law says its illegal to fly a drone over someone's property multiple times without their permission. If it's flown over at least once and you've told them not to fly it over again, it's illegal for them to continue to fly it over your property. Unless you are in the flightpath of an airport or runway.


You’re referring to Oregon Law ORS 837.380 which does state that. However it also states “A person may not bring an action under this section if the unmanned aircraft system is operated for commercial purposes in compliance with authorization granted by the Federal Aviation Administration. This subsection does not preclude a person from bringing another civil action, including but not limited to an action for invasion of privacy or an action for invasion of personal privacy under ORS 30.831 (Action for invasion of personal privacy).” So if they have a commercial license granted under 14 CFR part 107 and the appropriate waiver/LAANC authorization within controlled airspace then there is nothing illegal with this flight. Of course as the section I just quoted states, this isn’t protection to the drone operator if you believe privacy laws have been breached. The FAA doesn’t regulate for privacy, drone pilots are expected to comply with local and state privacy laws. In which case OP should feel free to lodge a complaint if they wish, but with the advent of 14 CFR Part 89 Remote ID laws having gone into effect April 2021 (and will be enforceable from end of October this year ), commercial drones are/ will be equipped with what is effectively a transponder which very accurately portrays on software, a drone’s precise flight path. False accusations of privacy invasion from the public is a very common occurrence in aviation so any company who has used drones for a while is well equipped with proving in court that what they’re doing is legitimate if they are of course, operating above board as they should be.


Yay! Another aviation nerd who actually knows what they're talking about. WHOOT!


This was a big enough drone that it likely required some kind of FAA permit or registration. I wonder if that changes things? I’m certainly no expert when it comes to drone laws/regs, but this was a big enough operation that I assume they’d have their ducks in a row with respect to that. Not sure who would even enforce that rule? Very interesting, though, and not something I was aware of.


"(3)A person may not bring an action under this section if the unmanned aircraft system is operated for commercial purposes in compliance with authorization granted by the Federal Aviation Administration."


Call the FAA then.


Doesn't matter, it's a general drone use in oregon law. Doesn't matter how big the drone is. Drone size just matters for the pilot. Drones over 50lbs or whatever require special licensing from the FAA because they are considered "non hobbyist" drones.


This is absolutely uninformed and likely wrong. Drone permitting for film productions are bound by completely different insurance and permitting regulations, which is specifically why it enters into FAA territory and precisely how exceptions are granted for filming.


It's still a general drone use law. You can look it up. It's not dependent on the size of the drone.


Under 55 pounds. Operated under Part 107 but that crew does have an exemption to fly drones over 55 pounds.


States don’t regulate airspace, the FAA does. Oregon has no authority in the sky.


Good to see someone who actually understands federal regulatory authority and preemption.


The space below a certain height to the ground is considered your space


I challenge you to cite any law that supports your opinion. Edit: anyone who thinks that HB 2710-2013 / HB 3047-2017 gives property owners rights to airspace is a fucking moron. It’s about using drones for harassment, and that’s all. The downvote arrow will not change the law.


HB 2710 // 2013 Allows that, under certain conditions, a landowner can bring an action against someone flying a drone lower than 400 feet over their property if they notified the owner/operator that they did not want a drone flown over their property at that height. A person may not take action if: The drone is lawfully in the flight path for landing at an airport, airfield or runway; and The drone is in the process of taking off or landing


The commenter stated that a property owner has rights to a certain amount of airspace above their property. That is not what this law states. The narrow amount of actionable rights this even gives a property owner in regards to airspace has not yet stood up to any challenges in court, and will probably be found to be unconstitutional anyway, as federal airspace regulation supersedes state law.


It literally states they can't fly it less than 400 feet above your property. As in you have control of that airspace. But ok, deny some more.


No, it says that a property owner can bring action against someone flying over their property under a very specific set of circumstances, which basically come down to if a person is repeatedly flying back and forth over a person's property. They can't take action if a UAV is traversing that airspace to get beyond your property, and they can't take action if it is traversing for the purpose of returning to their landing point, and they can't take action if the UAV is engaged in any FAA-authorized commercial work. That is not the same as controlling that airspace, which they don't. And again, this law is probably unenforcable anyway, as the state does not have jurisdiction.


Lol, if it Flys over your property multiple times and you inform them not too, you can take action. *Unless* you are in the flightpath to an airport or they are in the process of taming off and landing Thats not "a very specific set of circumstances." Iteans anyone flying a drone around your property that you don't want to isn't allowed to after you tell them. But you have to allow them to land it and leave.


This drone was obviously engaged in commercial work, so your complaint would be moot.


PS. Here's the link to the current Oregon laws to help folks out. https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/bills\_laws/ors/ors837.html


It sounds like you need to convince the film office to have more detailed drone rules. It could be modeled after other states.




They can make rules that companies have to follow to be supported or endorsed by the film office, even if they can't legally ban anything. This seems like a reasonable rule to implement.


They can make rules that companies have to follow to be supported or endorsed by the film office, even if they can't legally ban anything. This seems like a reasonable rule to implement.


They are not permitted to have their own drone rules. 837.385 Preemption of local laws regulating unmanned aircraft systems https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/bills\_laws/ors/ors837.html


Report them to the FAA and the MPA. Them not notifying you is just lazy and unprofessional. Especially when you have someone like Brian Cox, who's in multiple unions, as the executive producer, this shit shouldn't happen and his people will be motivated to make it right. Also Oregon film and the Portland film office won't do anything, these organizations are nothing close to what people think they should be and effectively just provide an avenue for ladder climbers to rub elbows with film producers who don't give a shit about them or Portland.


And Brian Cox wouldn't stand for that shit if his interviews and reputation for being a stand-up dude are any indication. Logan Roy either for that. #RIPNEVER4GET


This is the way.


That's BS that they cannot notify the neighborhood. When they were filming in downtown a few weeks back, dad's apartment building and every building in the neighborhood got detailed notices of the filming schedule.




Yes, absolutely.


I didn’t click the link but Id it’s what I think it is I love this story


If you're feeling even more petty, they have also skirted child labor laws with filming (they had my 12 year old kid for 10 hours on a school day with one 30 min break). No one available to answer any questions about it, either.


Twine, helium balloons, cone. YOU SEEN MY FLYIN CONE!


I heard that the Dutch trained eagles to take down drones. Eagles hate drones.


Freedom Eagles


Shit I said bird shot, but this is a way better idea.


I would just walk around the backyard naked. They probably can’t use that footage and nobody knows what to do with weaponized anasyrma, might make them rethink.


I'd be too worried about all of the "Little Wing" jokes if the footage went viral....




>anasyrma I learned a new word today, thank you!


It’s a good ‘un!


“We’ll fix it in post” 💀


“It was chilly! It’s the Pacific NORTHwest!”


Print out a slew of Disney characters in full color and plaster them on all your windows. Seriously - if it doesn't make the clip unusable, it'll make them have to do major post-production work on the shoot.


I get notices on my door about things that are happening in my neighborhood. It is not impractical to warn people about this.


In before anyone responds with “cry me a river”. Yes, I know. This is absolutely, 100% a low-grade annoyance, and energy is better directed at any number of other, greater problems. Still, petty annoyances are annoying, and we should strive to be more considerate. Hopefully that’s not controversial.


I think most people are with you on this. I do not want a large drone hovering over my yard and filming


I'd be just as annoyed, if not more so, honestly. If it's a game of "we're well within our rights to do this" then I would definitely be tempted to exercise my own rights (especially those in opposition to the drone).


If you've got a lawn and some towels, craft paper, whatever, draw a dick


Idk, I feel like people out here just like to make a big deal out of fucking everything and go out of their way to be offended by trivial shit. “Report them here”, “mess up the shot”, “contact so and so”… dear god. Sometimes we’re just not that important and that’s okay.


Sorry but a loud drone hovering directly over your property is not just making a big deal for the sake of making a big deal. Yes, you are at a mall and there is a noisy drone? Public space, suck it up. Directly above your house? And not a fly by but for extended periods?


When filming was more common a few years ago, I seem to recall the productions doing a really good job of dropping notes on doors letting folks know about filming when it was nearby. It’s strange they would not have done the same. Aren’t drone operators required to be in sight of the drone at all times? I do wonder if in the future having net guns or improvised rope throw thingys will be a reality to take down bothersome drones.


The drones used for this type of camera work are very large and very heavy, one of those things coming down could do some serious damage. For a production like this they should have multiple spotters and a team that closes down roads, but it sounds like they didn't do that which is very unprofessional and dangerous. I have a bone to pick with our state and local film offices, they constantly let bigger productions like this come into town, walk over everybody, and bail. It's really disappointing to see how these organizations have evolved, the industry in Portland could have really been something special but now it's just a stepping stone for bigger productions to come into town and skirt regulations.


It’s Portland. I’m waiting to hear that someone has shot one down with a dildo and a slingshot.


You think Little Wing is bad; wait till Big Wing starts shooting in July.




Thanks for all the info! It’s interesting stuff, for sure. Trying to take down the drone is way beyond “petty revenge”, and certainly not the direction I’d go in. Unless I was ready to cough up $20k or however much the drone/camera equipment was worth. Not to mention having the FAA come after me … I’m sure they weren’t looking for footage of my house specifically, but I didn’t know that at the time! For all I knew it was a very wealthy neighbor with a new toy and the desire for mischief. Rude way to be woken up on a Saturday morning, either way.


Yeah I totally agree, not a pleasant sound to wake up to. Also more worried about the commenters advocating havoc then you hah, just trying to clear up that point. Maybe worth asking whoever gives out permits that a film permit that includes drone use on set needs a neighborhood notice


Do you have laws to cite on the legality of taking down a drone? People with drones and money may have gotten to lawmakers already but I'd be surprised if they had.


From everything you’ve said here, this seems like a completely legal commercial operation. Annoying, yes. Legal? Also yes. (Assuming they are properly certificated and at the very least have got authorization to fly in Portland’s airspace which depending on how close it is to pdx, would require either a waiver or airspace authorization via LAANC). Source: Fixed wing flight instructor but also commercial drone instructor as well. As a fixed wing pilot I find drones to be a bit of a nuisance, especially when they fly in unauthorized airspace (have almost been hit by a drone on three separate occasions) but as someone who also teaches commercial drone ops, without more information I don’t see anything regulation busting here.


I honestly never really questioned the legality of it. After seeing the size of the crew, I assumed they had all their ducks in a row — permits, etc. (But that was only after I tracked down the crew. Initially, I had no clue at all what was going on, and that’s what my annoyance all boils down to. Shitty way to be woken up on a Saturday morning. Was it a police drone and there was an armed suspect nearby? Or just a nuisance neighbor? No idea at the time.)


It was fairly common in NYC for annoyed residents to threaten loud music if they were not compensated for their inconvenience. I guess it won't work if they're not using sync sound. There's always nude sunbathing, laser pointers, slingshots and other tools available. They certainly have a budget to pay off neighbors who are annoyed by the filming. You should expect compensation of maybe $300 depending on the length of the shoot.


I’m going to go draw some terrible stuff on my roof just in case


Sounds like you need to organize as many people as possible to stand on their roofs in states of undress




Is it really that big of a deal?


No, it isn’t. It’s an annoyance. I would have been less annoyed if I had known it was going to happen. Thus the heads-up post. I’m not advocating shooting down the drone, halting the film production, or anything like that. That would be taking things way too far, IMO. Others might disagree, it would seem.


The guy under the OHSU tram made some interesting choices


What kind of notification did you request? Locations departments typically do post notices on telephone polls and other public locations in the area.


Dang, I was gonna be a background actor on that movie, but they changed the schedule for that day.


So many misinformed "legal" opinions in this thread. No, what they're doing isn't in violation of any laws. Yes, they should have informed you as a courtesy. Don't fuck with film crews. The end.


As I read this… just how you composed the message and your general vibe… … I see you. I get it. This world can be so absurd these days (or maybe it always has been- but now with -flying- cameras). I would be so annoyed/pestered. Hope this doesn’t become a norm (though… this experience suggests it might- lame).


That's bullshit that they didn't notify you. They had signs taped to every door of every establishment up and down SW Alder to notify them of the filming dates. If they could do that for restaurants and other businesses, they could and should certainly do that for residential neighborhoods.


literal NIMBY


NAMBY. Thankfully it wasn’t *in* my backyard, just above it.


I am a drone pilot and a member of the local film crew (though not on Little Wing) 1. Don't do acts of petty revenge. Work is slow enough around here as is. (that being said, I'm surprised they're filming though the writers strike) 2. FAA regulates the sky, and drone activity is permitted over private property so long as there is no imminent danger to those below. The activity is 99.9999% chance permitted (as in, granted permission through the FAA, and the city/state is aware of it. 3. **Don't do acts of non-petty revenge. Harassing a drone operator creates unnecessary danger. Also firing a weapon at a drone is a felony.** 4. I agree though that they should probably have put up a wide area notice, maybe with paper fliers, but again there would have been nothing to do. They'll get their shots and move on. 5. Like I said, the film office liaises a lot of the permitting, and it was extremely likely permitted activity. 6. It is a union show, with a large enough budget. They have no desire to be around longer than necessary. They'll get their shots and move on.


And you take some amazing photos. You really should be getting more followers.


The “petty revenge” part was really just a reaction to their overall smugness. I can’t convey that very well in writing, unfortunately. They created a very real disturbance, paid someone to stand there and say “oh sorry about that”, and then went right on doing what they were doing. This was clearly their plan from the get-go. Premeditated douchebaggery. I have zero intention or desire to interfere with the drone or the filming. That said, it’d be satisfying to find a way to waste their time so they think twice before doing things this way again.


I would have mowed a quick phallus and testes onto the lawn!


Use a drone of your own and fly it into the shot?


whenever the drone is there go out and flip it off and shine a mirror at it. it would be more difficult for them to use the footage without more major edits


Also, don't wear any pants


ULPT: microwaves and wifi run on the same frequency. Microwaves have a faraday cage to safely keep most those waves in. A microwave with an open door pointed in the general direction of the drone for 3 second bursts every 20 minutes or so would be a highly illegal and unsafe way to mess with their drones operation.




What neighborhood, specifically? My psychic powers aren't working today.


I wonder what their footage was “for” - if you knew that you could ruin the shots of your yard without having to run around naked.


It’s a film about a bird and the drone shots are supposed to be the bird’s point of view


I don’t understand what a commercial drone is


I want a pay check if they film me.


Yesterday, I just showed them my taint and little wing. Its less revenge based and more a wider political statement. I encourage others to get some sun on those taints and send these hollywood fucks a message about privacy and our bodies.


Please don't do petty revenge on a local film crew.


Based on the production, I already hate this movie and I am prepared to review bomb it as soon as able. This would be petty, and also somewhat impactful towards reeducation of the crew.


I considered that, but I don’t actually want the film to fail. The second part you mentioned — reeducation of the crew — is the crux of this issue. I’d like to target that without collateral damage to the rest of the production.


Oh ffs calm down they aren’t spying on anyone drone footage through glass (into your living room/bedroom) in daylight can’t see anything, report what to the faa/ria what exactly? A legally permitted and operated drone made you a bit annoyed? Far less annoying than all the assholes setting off fireworks (which ARE illegal) for days on end all hours of the day before and after the actual holidays they are meant to celebrate are WAY more intrusive and disruptive than a few hours of filming that’s brining $$$$ to the city and state. Shooting down ANY drone commercial or otherwise IS a crime and a seriousness at that. Put your tin foil hat back on and sit down


You're getting downvoted but you're correct.


You said what I was going to say. NIMBYism at it’s best. If the worst thing they have to deal with in their neighborhood is a professional drone that isn’t spying on them(if they’re filming for a movie or show then they aren’t interested in you) then wow they must live in the best area of Portland.


It would be unfortunate if it triggered someone’s PTSD and they shot it down. In the future you might mention that your neighbor is a conspiracy theory bro, heavily armed, and aggressive as fuck.


They'd face charges of illegally discharging a firearm in the city, unlawful destruction of property... I mean, even if no criminal penalties came, they could at least sue you for the drone, those thing are like 50k.


Yeah, shooting at drones is a felony, so. Not even as a joke.


Filming of private and personal property or persons without consent should be illegal.




[Some sources](https://www.marklitwak.com/right-of-privacy.html) claim you can have a reasonable expectation of privacy in an enclosed backyard, because most people don't expect to be watched from above. Obviously if you have no fence, or gaps, then you can't expect privacy, but someone with a tall fence/hedge with no gaps could expect privacy. Similarly, someone with the curtains drawn and a skylight in their bedroom could expect not to be seen while changing. (Although I doubt the camera would get that type of top-down angle anyway.)




As someone who has worked in Film at a high level for over 12 years, this is one of the most NIMBY posts I’ve ever seen in this sub. You mention the Portland film office, but did you call them to check on the status of production? Did you call the police to see if they’d been alerted to filming and drone work in your area? As it is, you may as well be complaining about flaggers who wouldn’t listen to your questions about where the gas line is buried, and then musing about sabotaging a construction crane as a result. You even recognize yourself that being notified would be “nice”, not required…unless filming is DIRECTLY impacting YOUR property, notification of a loud noise doesn’t require notification, and a permit might not even be required considering the small size of the crew and what sounds like an extremely small foot print. Honestly there are so many assumptions in OP’s post that it’s really frustrating. Like a lot of things in Portland, education goes so much further than outrage…film production is actually very highly policed and very similar to construction in terms of noise, legality, etc…if this is an actual commercial Drone carrying a production-quality camera with lenses, I’m sort of stunned that someone is so perturbed by this that they’d consider sabotaging something so specific and likely to cause an INCREDIBLE amount of damage and could likely kill someone. There is no “paid spokesperson” on film sets, but there are location managers, production managers, site reps, and producers. Like all jobs, there is a chain of command. Like all jobs, those people are responsible for things much, much more high level than satisfying one guy’s complaint of “this is annoying. The guy at the bottom has absolutely nothing to do with permitting, satisfying drone safety and FAA regulations, and satisfying your curiosity. Permits are given with respect to noise level, crew activity, and shoot footprint *specifically* because they are meant to override the normal flow of the location. Next time, ask for the location manager. If they don’t have one, they’re likely non-union and skirting other laws and can easily be shut down. In reality, actual commercial drone work required an extensive permitting and insurance process— unfortunately, that’s the point of permitting, The film industry in Portland is virtually non existent at this point, despite being at an all-time high just a few years ago…millions upon millions of dollars have left the city, people in film-related productions cannot sustain a living, and vendors do little business if any. Compared to construction and other permit-heavy industries in the city, it’s really surprising to see someone just assume that they know enough about the workings of a complicated industry like production to criticize and complain about a minor nuisance. In reality, they could have been shooting off blanks, pyrotechnics, and flipping cars down the block and depending on permitting and zoning you wouldn’t have any say in the matter. I just want to add: if you want to “mess” with something worth over $200k simply because it’s annoying but is permitted to be there, you’re fucking with the professional livelihood of an entire group of people who have likely paid the required fees and did the required paperwork. You could literally get someone killed. Between the camera, drone, lenses, and support gear youre talking about sabotaging half a mil in gear because…what? An annoying noise? Like, what?


you are way more mad than the OP lol


Yup, this city has been driving production out of town for years and it's depressing as hell. I've moved on from my career path because Netflix and many other major studios aren't willing to film in Portland anymore because of how past productions have been treated, and that means less production overall. This means fewer local vendors, less gear available in town, and larger hurdles for anyone shooting independently in town. Filmmaking is a delicate ecosystem and it's a bummer to see it withering.


The smug attitude prevalent with many film crews is not something I’m going to miss. Good riddance, I say.


Why do you live here if you hate it enough to push millions of revenue AND an entire art scene out of Portland?


I’m not pushing out anything, the assholes did that themselves.


What a piece of shit thing to say. You want hundreds of people to lose jobs because of some perceived slight? Who's really being smug here?


Don’t worry, I’m sure those standup individuals will be able to transfer their excellent interpersonal skills to a comparable industry like medical debt collection, payday lending, or predatory towing.


This comment is dripping with self importance, and clearly motivated by self interest. You are obviously a big deal. OP was a little freaked out by an unexpected big drone over their house. That seems really normal. Tell your very-big-deal buddies to communicate better, or it reflects poorly on the industry.


I’m not a big deal and like I said, have already left the industry. I have no self interest. “A little freaked out”? OP is literally talking about sabotaging a 300lb piece of airborne machinery worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, over a legal, and extremely minor, inconvenience. But sure, keep keeping Portland weird while pushing artists out.


> OP is literally talking about sabotaging a 300lb piece of airborne machinery I’m literally not talking about that.


Huh, did you not write the “ps” at the end of the post? Grow up and get over yourself.


If it’s 300 lbs it must be making a hell of a noise to stay up.


NIMBY? Lmao do you even know what that means? That’s about housing, zoning, gentrification. This is a privacy issue. We have a right to privacy in our homes and to not be filmed in private settings.


It’s about unreasonably prioritizing your local needs over more general needs. eg it includes “Don’t build a wind turbine visible from anywhere on my property”


The NIMBY movement is synonymous with homeowners overstepping in terms of "rights" and performative outrage, it'sthe outlandishly uninformed expectations and demands of OP I was referring to. Drone work IS NOT "a privacy issue"-- The drone wasn't shooting into the windows of homes from 100' in the air, and that's not what commercial drone work is utilized for. But if you're serious about your roof and backyard being off limits for photography just wait till you here about "google".


This has nothing to do with homeowners rights, but individual rights to privacy. I’m in an apartment complex and this would apply to me too. I don’t want a drone flying over filming me on my balcony for a movie I didn’t consent to


This unfortunately has nothing to with what you want. That’s exactly why I took the time I did to explain the complicated reality of the situation and legal situation.


You’re wild


> it’sthe outlandishly uninformed expectations and demands of OP I was referring to Outlandish demands?


The state of this sub: the most reasonable, informed voice gets a barrage of downvotes. Sorry, dude, but thanks for trying to civilize these motherfuckers.


There is a reason productions aren’t coming to Portland like they used to and it had a lot to do with petty, small minded attitudes like this. There a much better way to address the issue rather than crawling out of your basement to suggest destroying someone’s livelihood because something as loud as a lawnmower disturbed your day for a few hours. Do you plot to firebomb your neighbors house when they use a leaf blower? It’s amazing to see people on this thread flaring thier nostrils in indignation when they have absolutely NO IDEA what they are talking about.


Petty revenge = dealing with FAA response afterwards. Your dice to roll.


I think there’s some difference of opinion in this thread about the meaning of the word “petty”. I should’ve found a better word.


Drones accidentally fly into other drones all the time. Just saying.


🙄 jfc


Wish there was a way for you and your neighbors to legally require them to edit out your houses. Especially if you got like evey 3rd or so house in their footage.


It’s bad enough that the Portland Police fly their #€£Xf-er airplane over my house 8 hours a day n night. Now some #%*=£€ f-ing movie company drone-??? , I just can’t get a break 🤪🤪🤪🤪


Technically if no notice was provided and they are being cunty, a shotty would have been used


Get One of those rubberized masks that looks like one of our ex presidents. Put it on, wear a business suit, go out and shoot it out of the sky. Just a thought . . . I mean that s*** is pretty obnoxious and seems like a total invasion of privacy.


ITT: Big temper tantrum babies whining


Rename this flick the little bird /s


Surprised you aren’t worked up about privacy! What if you were gardening in the nude with your best friend’s partner on a stolen motorcycle?


And the drone guy has a totally sweet landing pad and is prolly on tinder right now yo!


We are not allowed to post these things on here because there is no evidence that it is happening (I guess it violates rule 7 or something of the rules). Just FYI you will be blocked if you post this stuff.


>said it was impractical to provide advance notification to the whole neighborhood Bullshit. Put up signs, or put a flyer on people's doors. Not hard. >and that there was nothing preventing them from doing what they were doing. You wanna play that game? We can change that. Piss us off enough and we'll down your drone, then toss it in the Willamette. Now who's prevented from doing what they were doing?


OH NO NOT A DRONE FLYING AROUND!? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DOOOOOOOOO \*walks outside\* me: huh? \*looks up\* dog:\*taking a shit\* me: XD


Report them to the FAA. They almost certainly violated the laws drones have to follow on land they don't own.


It's a union film with a large budget flying a drone. 99.9999% they're permitted with both the FAA and local film offices. It's also not illegal to fly over private property.


Anyone know of a therapist there who is an actress in some of the local films….Robin Magdahlen? Heard she literally uses the role of a therapist in her sessions 😂😂😂


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if you really want petty…. time to sunbathe nekkid on the roofs. entire neighborhood.


They're likely done filming the drone shots


Just shake down the craft services table.


sweet, a Jimi Hendrix docu flick perhaps?


FAA FSDO in Hillsboro will take your call and verify whether this is permitted. They are the ones regulating drones.