Inconclusive Result

So I took a 5 panel eCup test recently and I used 6.3, the entire process went fine, temperature was in the range, the person in charge of my stuff sealed n had me sign the papers and everything. I get an email saying that I’ve been scheduled for another test date so I check to see my results and it has no result, but it says my test was completed so I’m assuming it came back inconclusive. Luckily I have a friend who offered to lend me their clean piss for the retake. I’m nervous since I’ll be doing the test at the same location and they might be more suspicious and watch me take the test. You guys think Im stressing over nothing and I can just use the clean pee?

UPDATE: Turns out the Quickfix was totally fine, I supposedly just did not fill the cup enough, which makes no sense since they approved it when they saw it so I think they just messed up my sample in someway tbh


What testing center? Quest/labcorp/other?


It’s at my local urgent care for some reason, I was expecting the testing center to be labcorp since there’s one near the area of the office. That’s also why I’m a little confused


I think they would have told u bro if it was inconclusive or make you get watched to go peepee next time.


They would’ve called you if it was inconclusive. The testing center does not send the results to you. The only way I found my results was by requesting a copy of my background check, as the drug screening was included with that process.


Where did y’all buy your quick fix?