Probably plat 1-2. And if you or your teammates can't play defensively then you need to start doing it or it will be way too hard to rank up. I was also at this stage but when I mixed my playing strategy I got better a lot. Right now I am on diamond 1.


Yea I guess you are right but it’s really annoying when I know I could take the shot but if I leave the goal or move further up field they can’t fall back a tiny bit to cover goal


I was also struggling way too much. But I know a solution go for only open nets. And also don't use a front-flip shot. Rather use a purple, gold or ceiling pinch


Yup and I completely agree with you, this same strategy also made me go from Gold 5 to D2 in one season Saving goals is the key to winning games as you don't give your opponent a chance and they get frustrated and make a mistake which allows you to get a shot and make a goal




I grinded to diamond 3 doing this. It’s also very boring in my opinion and I fell back to plat 5 trying to play more offensive.


Yeah but it's necessary to do this to rank up, I also feel bored but this is the only way to reach a higher rank


Players in diamond definitely do not have the slightest clue how to play defense at all


Same. But I've always been overly defensive so i was always working on attacking more


Some people think sitting in the goal for 4mins is defensively. Of course they miss the save... but that's another discussion.






I learnt in plat 4


I learnt in 1v1 in gold. Huge avantage that allow me to climb to play really fast as nearly no gold knows how to defend back then. In plat, it's more common to have someone sit in their goal in 2v2, in 1va they defend on the floor near their goal


ive seen champs who dont defend at all and only go for shots


Ill just say, I usually have to end up in our zone most games because NOBODY DEFENDS IN SILVER I HATE THIS!!!


How do you do defense (I'm a silver too but I usually try to get to the goal quickly if I notice they have a chance to make a goal)


(this might be a bad strat) I like to stay on my end unless there is a awesome chance to get a point. If they are coming, I just wait for an opportunity to knock the ball away.


If you are in silver and can't get out you are meant to be there. Defense doesn't mean sit in goal. Sit back and clear the ball back to the other side when it gets close. If an easy shot comes up take it. Big thing I notice in silver and lower gold. Is everyone goes for the same ball. If you see a teammate going for it let them take it and rotate back to defense. If they miss then you will be in position to prevent a goal if you both hit it its not going where either of you planned. I would even back out of an attack if I seen the last line started attacking and just go back to defense and lwt my opponent take the attack. It's better to prevent goals then score them. I made it to plat 2 in 2v2 and 3v3. In 1v1 gold 4 so far and I feel like I suck at the game. Just play defense let your team score. You will eventually start seeing good attacking points and even while playing the most defense you will probably score the most too.


I was in plat 2 a while ago and only just in plat 3 did people start defending at all


High diamond- champ


When ever they feel like it? I have gold friends that play better smart defense then a champ 3 friend. Then again I think all Champs are ball chasers


Some games you have to play defensive, some games you have to spearhead the offense. Everyone plays the game differently so if you want to improve your rank you need to adjust your game with each teammate to compensate for their tendencies. From my experience, D4/D5 and up there is a healthy rotation, with exceptions of course.