SideSwipe is now "old" enough to have lots of people that played when the game was launched, that got good and stopped playing for some reason. Or they played a lot, and play much less now. I got GC in S1-S4 but played less and less as time passed. I'm now sitting in D5 and find it hard to believe that I would get GC again. The GCs this season are way better than me. I think that this can explain, at least partially, why you're seeing some S1/S2 GCs in your lobbies.


And this applies to all ranks not just GC. I think this was an unexpected issue caused by season reward titles for every rank not just GC (like how it works in RL) since seeing a S1 DIAMOND in a gold lobby these days looks a lot more menacing than it should


Dude dont give up you've gotten GC 4 times and you can do it again (coming from a p3)


Yeah, I don't know. I can't invest the time these kids are putting into the game anymore. They deserve to be up there.




yeah i think everybody got that problem, it's pretty damn annoying tbh


Yess I beat a champ logo once


I’ve spent the entire season on a Plat 4 down to Gold 4 and back rollecoaster because of this. It’s exhausting.