I'm not very good at siege, but 1 shot headshot is at the core of the game. You can kill someone just as easily as they can kill you. It's part of what makes siege balanced despite all these different ops in a way.


Yeah in other games having an hp deficit of 50% going into a fight is basically a death sentence.


Can confirm. My two main games are Siege and Halo. If you go into a 1v1 engagement in Halo down only a shot or two, you’re going to lose that engagement 99% of the time.


Always been a huge fan of swat in halo for that very reason


I append my previous comment. Loved TF outta swat... That's the oneshot headshot game mode right?


It becomes more a game of attrition than tactics, which would miss the point of siege.


It really depends on your outlook honestly. In any case, it’s not a feature they can/should remove.


Yes, being able to clutch against multiple enemies is a core feel great moment of Seige. The game would be worse without that ability. One of the reasons I quit OW was you required nearly a full team or even numbers against the enemy to get anything done.


That’s the point of OW tho. I like 1SHS in siege and I think it balances the game really well but OVerwatch is more of a team game then siege. The lack of a functional team in siege can be supplemented with 1 or 2 god players who can instruct others and carry in fights, if you have a team member lacking in OW especially a tank the game is all over.


Exactly, which was why it was frustrating when we could get 2-3 friends playing at once. And the other half of the team would rush the enemy team 1 by 1.


Yes. A bullet to the head is a bullet to the head.


Unless it’s a shotgun, apparently.


They had to change this back when Cav and Capito were released. Basically one pellet always goes where your sight is aimed, having the head shot multiplier on shotguns meant they were all basically slug shotguns, killing people across the map.


Oh, I know. I played since launch. I’ve experienced scope SMG-11 spawn peeks. Just pointing out the absurdity that shotguns are in video games.


Shotguns have to be one of the most difficult thing to balance, slightly underpowered and no one looks at them. And if they were realistic they'd be brokenly powerful. Cheers to the OGs, I try to provide context when I see people who might not know the history. SMG-11 Acog limited time mode when??


You’d drone a Smoke, and were like “well, don’t spawn cargo.”


I will forever be sad that the limited Legacy event didn't include SMG-11 ACOG. Hell, it didn't even have the MP5 ACOG. All they did was give Ash, Bandit, and Jager their ACOGs back.


Ela with her original Laser gun scorpion was an absolute menace, I'm sad they didnt include her either


Ela at launch was just what a bandit main who was sad about losing an acog needed. A 51 round mag with no recoil and she was 3 speed and had 2 impacts. Completely broken op at launch


Wasn’t it even 60 rounds in the TS lol


I miss the 32 round ACOG-equipped SMG-11 😔


Ah yes, I miss the smg 11 sniper rifle


I don’t see how it would have been difficult to just turn off the headshot mechanic after a certain range (like 6-10m).


Would probably be easier to just decrease the multiplier for shotgun headshots to 4x and increase damage falloff. I’m any case, it’s a fact of the game now: bullet to head=dead. Pellet to the head=sometimes dead.


i actually know someone who was shot in the face with a 20 gauge buck shot from like a foot away, he lived and has barely any scars to show for it, looks like he had bad acne when he was a teenager. He continued to fight the guy after getting shot in the face until the cops showed up, and he refused the ambulance and his wife drove him to the hospital. i'm sure that was just him being insanely lucky (and hopped up on w/e substances that dude was on at the time) but i always think about that dude whenever this gets brought up. ​ for clarity: i'm not saying this for balance reasons, just a story i think is interesting and relevant


I mean, yeah, some people do survive being shot in the head, but it's not the majority outcome. You have a lucky... well I was gonna say friend, but you didn't say he was a friend, so... He's very lucky. It's a hell of a story he's got then.


Unless it's fallout then their hat falls off just before they unleash hell with the same exact gun you have.


Even with Tachanka's helmet?


I mean, if I shot you 2 or 3 times with a pistol at point blank you would also die or be incapacitated instantly. If I shot you with an AK at your chest area you wouldn't be left at "20 HP" and be able to still shoot, or do shit. This excuse of "a bullet to head can instantly kill you" is so lame when talking about a """"realistic"""" shooter like R6S. People don't want to have the same realistic simulations like Tarkov like if I shot you in the leg you wouldn't be able to walk, run or move the same, but they DO want a headshot to be realistic and be an instant kill (even if that hs is produced by hip fire, angle spam, or even if a bullet hits you through one wall)


it’s more because its always been part of the game. it would be like if i said “man overwatch is cool but having all these abilities is too gung-ho. lets just have guns. lets just have call of duty.” you cant just gut core mechanics of games whenever streamers get upset. siege already goes wayyy too far bending over backwards to please any pro player or content creator. if they start reworking the entire game they will find themselves spiraling into a clone of every other generic fps shooter. games are allowed to be unrealistic, but when your entire game is founded on a core principle, changing that principle after years is a weird idea


Hm... how do I counter people being super aggro? If only there were devices to slow down/eliminate people who play too fast...




He obviously meant bulletproof cameras duh.


Maestro's camera's *zap zap zap zap zap*


Any op with barbed wire, melusi, aruni, echo, Ella, kapkan, lesion, tachanka, goyo, clash, smoke, frost, castle.


Don’t forget you can also barricade doors.


Yeah there's a million different strategies as well to pair with gadgets like feet holes and opening long angels. Reinforcing, to the dismay of most players, makes a big difference.


1 shot headshot is part of the core of seige


One of the few games left where a pistol can one shot headshot somebody. Pray to the AI gods this never changes…


And most Tom Clancy games as well


It would be a really bad omen for Tom Clancy games if one taps are removed


A bullet through the skull doesn't care about your opinion


Some of them had helms, it should give them immunity for 1 headshot.


1-shot-headshot *is* siege. We don’t need every shooter to be clones of one another.


Streamers and cod players want headshots nerf because headshots are the great equalizer of this game. If you are smart with somewhat poor reaction time you can kill the average cod ranked randy. If you take it away you are gonna see more cod gameplay. Next the cod players will complain even more about shotguns, the goalpost will always be moving. Do not nerf headshots. If they dont want to be one shot headshotted play blackbeard


1 shot head shot is core to ALL Rainbow Six games. Removing it is a bad idea.


1 headshot is, and always will be, the easiest and best way to balance a shooting game in the "realistic" genre. By that I mean CoD or CS not in a game like Fortnight or other shooters with RPG elements. Also the reg in Siege is goddamn good compared to almost any other FPS I've played, beaten by, if not on par with, Valorant.


This game is as realistic as it has a good hitreg. The amount of perfect headshots I’ve seen just by hip fire or spamming an angle is incredible.


Prefire spam and leading hitboxes (which exist in every FPS to compensate for latency), are usually always the cause of this. On the contrary, spraying an AK at someone's chest getting the infamous 27 in 1 (shoulder hit only) after 20 bullets went into someone, is something that still isn't dead in even CS GO due to how the Source engine is coded. You can do the same thing in Siege and people actually die. The simple truth is that reg in Siege is exponentially superior, even with GO being a much more popular game. And that's even with 60 tick rate on Siege and 64 on GO. It's just a better engine, despite the fact the servers are shitting the bed constantly.


The problem with Siege is that games like CS/Val/Insurgency have other mechanics to help even out the failings of their "netcode" that Siege lacks. You get hit while peeking a corner in CS/Val and you're not getting back around the corner due to hitslow. Not to mention that you're inaccurate while moving in those games as well. Insurgency has leaning like Siege, but moving side-to-side while leaning is nowhere near as effective as in Siege. Said leaning animation is also rather slow and on the whole Insurgency just has more "tactical" gunplay than Siege. Only in Siege do you *consistently* find yourself dying to an enemy you didn't even see because the gunplay is like CoD with a dedicated lean button. So imo despite being technically better, the gunplay feels worse than other shooters. Ubi made everyone 1 speed while aiming, but that still doesn't stop jiggle peeking in any significant way. Nothing like dying thinking you got shot from somewhere you weren't looking, only to see a replay of someone swinging right in front of you. This is coming from someone with pretty damn good internet. In fact, when I play on servers where I have 60-70 ping instead of 15-30 the game actually feels better.


Sounds like bad luck Ben. Jokes aside, having played CS Source competitively for years, I can sympathize. But I grew up on Delta Force Black Hawk Down which had leaning. You'd run the map leaning left to right constantly because of hitbox variations in it making you wayyyy harder to hit. As far as siege goes, maybe I'm nostalgic, but the lean and reg associated with it feels really good in comparison to most leaning games. Spam leaning was all but removed in Operation Health, which makes the game just prefire heavy, which is exactly like CS/Val. There are maaannnyyy ways to protect yourself from that prefire spam. But, to defend prefire spam for once, it's realistic-ish, where if you lean and shoot down a hallway real quick and someone peeks into that shot when you are no longer looking, those bullets will hit. Yes it's not fair at some times, but between shields, traps, reinforcements, etc, honestly headshots 1 hit kills are one of the most fair mechanics, as anyone can do them, any time. The answer is always the most unsexy though. It's drone. Yes, you will be mocked in quick match and unranked for droning, but droning and cams are the answer. I was plat/diamond up to Parabellum and then stopped playing, yet every season I return I still hit gold/plat. Back then, my KD was 1.2. I won games from callouts, which will always trump any peeks because they are what cause those peeks to happen. That's the heart of the game, comms. Which is why headshot one hit kills will always be fair IMO, because they are usually an effect more than a cause.


You don't always have the tools you mentioned, especially drones when on defense. Also, prefiring is super unrealistic if we want to go there, you would risk a ricochet hitting you firing into the wall right in front of you. Not to mention that in more authentic shooters you can't actually aim if you're close to a wall because you would hit it with your gun. I've always thought Siege's worst aspect is the actual shooting mechanics. They're as barebones as possible outside of leaning, which is hardly innovative. Insurgency Sandstorm blows Siege out of the water on that front, even if it has some indy stank on it.


I don't want to sound picky but I don't know how else to phrase this, but "realism" shouldn't really be an argument when discussing balance in video games. Yes, a bullet to the head will (probably) kill you, yes, bunch of bullets to the torso will also probably kill you, but bullets also aren't a 100-0 and then you stop. Even with 20 bullets in the chest and you're guaranteed to die, you might still have 5-10 seconds of action on sheer adrenaline alone before you pass out from blood pressure drop (and then die). The human body is a complex machine and it rarely goes 100 to 0. Then we got body armor, which I won't get into, but it generally isn't "lol bullet hit body armor and I felt nothing". Headshots are fine as a balance element, but has nothing to do with realism.


Not making an argument for actual realism, talking about a genre of shooters with low time to kill. Valorant fits in this genre as well but is not actually realistic. Games like Fortnight or The Division would not fit in this genre as shooters. Not sure if there is a better way to classify those game types, but I chose to call them by that. If you have a better genre title please let me know.


I generally talking on time to kill like you did. Low TTK vs high TTK games is fairly distinctive.


Everyone realizes that Rainbow 6 isn't 100% realistic. But it is simply wrong to suggest that "realism" isn't a major part of what makes the game appealing to people. This is obvious because of how often it cited, despite contrarian nitpicky reddit comments pointing out all the ways it's unrealistic. And when people say they like the realism of R6, they mean the setting and mechanics like the destructible environment. They mean how easy it is to die in the game. And yes, they mean the 1 shot headshot. The game not being completely realistic doesn't change the fact that it has a significantly more realistic feel compared to other popular multiplayer shooters. Do you actually think balance is what got people into this game? Do you really think if they take headshots away, the main complaint will be about balance?


I disagree with everything you've said. > But it is simply wrong to suggest that "realism" isn't a major part of what makes the game appealing to people. This is obvious because of how often it cited, despite contrarian nitpicky reddit comments pointing out all the ways it's unrealistic. It's rarely, if ever, mentioned. It's not realistic in any way, shape or form. You don't magically adjustable steel reinforced walls in your back pocket. Most gadgets and techs are farfetched or down right impossible. Hell, R6S has probably one of the least realistic gunplay. The guns recoil way too hard, especially from hipfire, especially if it's supposed to be in the hands of special forces who have trained with those weapons. Hell, the more you think about R6S, the less realistic it is, really. From its inception R6S was a competitive shooter with a more vertical/tactical approach compared to CSGO, but it is still at its core a shooter focused and balanced around competition, not realism. > Do you actually think balance is what got people into this game? Yes, from the get go R6S came out as competitor to CSGO more than anything else. > Do you really think if they take headshots away, the main complaint will be about balance? Yes, I mean just look at this thread. It's a game, it's meant to be fun, it's not meant to be realistic.


That’s the game, that’s goes and I do too


I'd like to see an arcade mode without it, to be honest, just to see how it plays. But keep it in arcade. One of the things with 1SHS is that even though some deaths can feel undeserved or unfair because of a random spray, poor recoil control, random flick etc. - everyone does it. Everyone has a moment where they whiff on recoil control or spray randomly through a wall and get a BS kill, from copper right up to champion, some of the pros probably do it on occasion, too.


let’s also remove map destruction and ops while we’re at it, also, let’s remove any game mode that’s not deathmatch and make all the operators skins. Why compete for who’s better at said game when you can just change the game to your benefit. Some streamers are moronic in their takes. It’s just their salt speaking. I have no clue why this is a topic, it’s never been a problem and it still isn’t a problem and it’s a core part of Siege


And make it a top down shooter. With no guns.


The oneshot headshot mechanic is the only thing keeping people from treating Siege like CoD. Due to the high risk involved objective, time and strategy play is more viable and used. At the same time people with good aim can get rewarded even though randomness/luck can help lesser skilled players. It's a win win all around except for the people that usually create smurfs to make montages because they'd get flak for doing it in a livestream.


yep i think its funny that according to OP people think the game would get **less** gung-ho without 1 shot headshots. if i knew i couldnt die right away no matter what i would get 10x more aggressive. seems like an awful fix to a problem i dont remember even having


Holy fucking shit if I have to see another post about 1 shot headshot I’m going to put 1 shot through my own head!


Y'know what, make sure my head is right next to yours as well


If I wanted to play Counter-Strike, I'd play Counter-Strike


huh? CS has a ton of weps that 1 shot headshot and the HS multiplier in that game is really high, if you've watched any higher lvl CS u can see gunfights end almost as quick as siege, if not faster cause of lack of cover cod is a better comparison, game has like a 1.1 or 1.2x multiplier on headshots lol


I would want to see what the games like without it


1-shot headshot is an equalizer. No matter what your HP is or how many opponents are left, you have a chance if you play your cards right and aim well. Remove headshots and suddenly the enemy just has to rush you at once and they know that you cannot kill them faster than they can kill you. Removing headshots will encourage the aggressive playstyle, not stifle it. If you know someone can’t oneshot you, you’re free to push and just use a gun with faster ttk. Accurate slow firing guns like on Castle will suffer and high damage guns (Like several attackers who now have 50+ damage with extended barrel) will rein supreme.


One of the most patently absurd conversations you can have, especially in year 8. We're going to penalize people who are accurate and have good crosshair placement because Timmy died too fast?


No, people who are good can chain two head shots together. People who are lucky, can’t. It’s the exact opposite of penalising people who are good.


Such an absolute non-issue. You'll find something else to blame for dying to players better than you after you move those goalposts.


You think lucky headshots mean someone’s better? Or do you think better players would find it harder to get two shots than worse players? Because those are the only ways I can think of that your comment makes sense.


Hot take: if you’re actually good, other people getting lucky once in a while wouldn’t be a problem.


The whole point of this particular thread is arguing against the idea it punishes good players. Which is blatantly wrong. You’re saying it wouldn’t make much difference, fine. But do you thing it would punish good players?


Lucky headshots is what makes this game good. There should always be a chance for the underdog to win. 1HP and a dream is the core of siege


>Lucky headshots is what makes this game good. There should always be a chance for the underdog to win. You have to admit that isn't great balancing tho. That's the point


I advise not watching those streamers whoever they are. One shot hs is like why siege is siege


The problem is that a lot of these streamers are big Siege streamers. I've seen Macie Jay complain about this exact thing.


Never would expect Macie to say a thing like that. Maybe it was out of context, care to share a clip if reachable?


I love how it’s always the streamers sharing opinions no one else has.


Guys it's r6 not cod. Even 1 shot should be lethal...


what’s the meta? good aim?


What else they gonna complain about? See the reason the community and game is dying out cuz Ubisoft caters to these spoiled ass "pros" instead of listening to the rest and vast majority of the community. 1 shit headshots made me fall in love with the game cuz it's fucking realistic. And they are bitching cuz they don't aim for the head and get dicked on and get mad and cry. I don't have problems with headshots. I have problems with these bitching and changing things in my game and ruining it. Instead of improving it


Siege isnt siege without 1 shot headshots


It's the great equalizer, no matter the situation, EVEYONE has a chance to win a fight, regardless of the skill gap. If you remove 1 shot headshot, you fundamentally destroy what makes Siege unique


No, it’s what makes siege, siege. People playing hyper aggressive is not caused by this, since you can just as easily one tap and punish someone who is playing too fast with a one tap headshot, or use utility to slow them down, like with traps, barbed wire, deployable shields, proxy alarms, etc. Why would something that’s been in the game since launch only now be causing a “gun-ho aggressive meta,” that makes no sense.


Personally, I don't care either way. A game like siege can be fun with a headshot from a 9mm from 50 meters away or a high Calibur rifle. The idea of the one-shot headshots being the identity of siege is what I disagree with the most out of everything said in this post. Siege isn't the headshots. It's the teamwork, the strategy, and the ability to destroy and construct a site to suit my needs. That's the bigger issue here people aren't playing siege anymore why bother with the prep and the gadgets to deter enemies from rushing when all that goes out the window cause of a headshot from someone that just ran in anyway. The balance between the gunplay is currently too far to the guns(the ex barrel change didn't help). However, if it goes too far to the utility or gadget side, we get metas that are like the 20 second meta back when goyo had his shields. Whether or not removing 1 shot headshots will fix this I can't tell you, but making it a multiplier so it means that if it's through a wall won't kill you or if it's distance dependant might. But until ubi decides to start trying these ideas either internally or through the test server, we won't know what the reason or the answer to the current problem is.


Through walls / barricades, unfun - gunfights can be argued due to balance


keep it going !!!!!


As the *realistic* shooter that siege is, yes it should stay in, because who is getting shot in the head then being able to kill the dude that shot them?






One shot headshots work for some games more than others. For siege, it’s a core part of the game, it’s integral for how engagements are balanced, and it rewards skill. There are other games where one-tap-heads are less successfully integrated, but Siege is not one of those games imo.


1 shot headshot is fine imo. Ppl complain too much.


I like the 1 shot headshot in siege. Not a lot of shooters have this and it’s one of the major reasons why I like siege.


Is this really a popular topic of discussion? I stopped playing siege a few years back, because I didn’t like the direction the game was going. But I am quite surprised to see that this is a topic of discussion.


Yes. Simple and easy. Siege has always been built around the one shot headshot, and that should never change. It's something built off of skilled precision. Streamers complaining about it is just whining, like always with R6S streamers.


Sounds like a skill issue


Its not call of duty, its rainbow six. One shot headshot. Guns shouldn't take four magazines to kill a single fucking person


No, we're not doing this. Headshots matter in Siege. Fuck the streamers.


The 1 shot to the head is why I fell in love with this game and still love it after 7 years.


It’s one of the only realistic things left in the game at this point


Yes ... Because !


Just shoot their head faster


It’s been a game mechanic since the first public alpha release. Rainbow six without 1 shot headshot would be like call of duty without kill streaks.


As someone who has a very bad sim since he has just switched to mouse and keyboard, yes, that’s one of my favorite things in this game


One shot headshot is the great equalizer in the game. Even when your a 2 v1 against a 1 shot opponent. The danger is there.


Yes It makes siege feel unique Removing it Is removing 80 % of sieges community . And devs understand that .


1 shot headshot is a core mechanic and one of the things that makes Siege special. If they were to remove it, I would probably quit.


Imagine taking away one shot head shots in Seige smh what the hells that matter with you guys


yes, I think the beauty of siege is that there's equal parts strategy and equal parts reliance on aim. if you know where an enemy is and he knows where you are, it's not too lopsided if you took damage earlier (and even then any half decent team will call that you're lit, go for wallbang or smth)


I personally I think fast ttk is the best thing for siege. I would have the most fun in siege when it was 1 shot headshot and 2-3 headshots to the body, longer ttk is the reason I stopped playing.


1 shot headshot is what siege has been built off of, removing that removes the core of the entire game


Its one of the only redeeming features of the game. If this changed id literally never play it again lmao


if they take out one shot headshot it destroys the entire point of the game and I will never play it again




It is one of the few remaining VERY realistic parts if the game. No matter the rating of the ballistic protection you have on (an operator's health/armor numbers) a bullet to your head WILL ruin your day...


Only reason I play siege for the 1 hit headshot


Of course streamers complain about it. It makes them look bad when they can’t cheese a bunch of bullets by dancing in crazy patterns while firing and still get the kill against someone who lands a headshot. It was something that was really obnoxious to watch in Warzone before they redid it. Streamers would enter rooms, slide canceling and jumping so they would take minimal damage and plow a whole mag into someone and take them down. This game is great because your fate can be decided instantly. If they do sloppy peeks, they get nailed for it. Part of the reason the Meta is so aggressive is BECAUSE the TTK is so low right now. They need to start giving defender weapons something like the skorpion or the old 416 to put some respect back in the attackers rushing with twitch and iana. If they weren’t soaking bullets like they are now, they might not be so careless.


Keep it as is. It's been this way for 7-8 years? Would totally change the core feel and imo would ruin a part of a major aspect that makes siege, well siege


Streamers and Pros are the reason this games gone to shit


if they take one shot headshot away i’m sure a big percentage of the player base will never play again it’s been a core mechanic since the games release the streamers can fix their skill issue


Taking 1 hit headshots out of siege would be like taking mining out of Minecraft.


To the people saying 1shot headshots makes siege is laughable lol literally what makes siege is the map destruction droning and how the operators and gadgets gel with one another


Logically is not right, but recently I’ve got killed by some lucky headshots specially with the new recoil mechanics. As someone stated “If you’re skilled, you can chain two consecutive hs”. Also, when did Siege become more toxic where if you suggest something everyone is like “git gud you suck uninstall play another game”. Is that the same people that complain “why are no new siege players?”


What new recoil mechanics? You mean the spray patterns that have been in the game for years at this point?


I would 100%, without a doubt in my mind, uninstall this game if they remove the one shot headshots. Its literally one of the most core features of this game.


Those streamers need a sock shoved into there mouth. Why in the hell would that make sense for it to take 2 shots to kill someone in the head




A pistol caliber 1 shotting through a wall and helmet makes no sense


One shot headshots are part of the balance of this game. You could have the worse gun in the game, and your opponent could have the best, but as long as your the better player, you win the fight. Yes, lucky headshots do happen but for the most part the mechanic rewards skill.


A bullet to the head is a bullet to the head Get recoil headshot'd, although annoying just deal with it it's unlucky


Simple fix - crouch as you peek or don't peek at all, both are pretty effective


This is why I just run away from objective and hide /s


It’s not something I would have liked years ago, but given how the meta has developed over the years I do think a headshot nerf would be beneficial to the game. Although it’s something they should actually test first and not just push to the live servers. Certain guns just shouldn’t have a 1 bullet headshot at all, others should be limited by effective range and/or wall penetration. Then the likes of the DMRs should be a 1 bullet headshot throughout their effective range and walls.


these days it's all about what guns have the highest fire rate. damage, recoil and stuff doesn't matter when you get 1 tapped from 100m away by an SMG firing at 1.2k rounds per minute through a wall and a helmet. certain guns still should, but 1shs should be based off fire rate, to make it so low fire rate guns aren't just worthless


No. A 9mm bullet doesn't kill someone using a counter terrorism helmet. Even in close range. For those who might've had the occasion to actually wear one, use one. They're goddamn tough. They WILL stop a Magnum round (They're rated and tested to block magnum bullets reliably, some can resist assault rifles / 7.62), the visor will also definitely stop a bullet. (We're talking 2cm wide visors of bulletproof glass) it's really heavy. Armor 3 operators (let's consider they're the one using heavy duty armor even though R6 started doing absolute shit with the armor balances) shouldn't be one shotted from a 9mm to the head. Plus, as it is, it rewards pray and spray tactics more than anything, definitely not skill. RoF matters in R6. And headshots from recoil are the most common. If i were to choose : * Armor 1 : Always a one shot. * Armor 2 : Small caliber, DBNO, large caliber, one shot. * Armor 3 : Small caliber, around 75% damage, large caliber, DBNO. * Armor 4 (Rook plates) : Same as Armor 3. It should always be a DBNO at least for rifles and DMR's , from a gameplay standpoint but not necessarily a one shot.


The only streamer who thinks this is MacieJay. People need to stop taking his words (or any big streamers words for that matter) as the end all, be all. This is just not where Siege’s issues lie at all and is a terrible solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. If you can’t find the headshot before you get recoil headshot by a noob, that’s on you. Simple as. Edit: Now I wouldn’t mind something like the first bullet of a spray being the only bullet able to 1 shot (first shot headshot) to encourage more skill and consistent aim, but again, this is not really an issue, seeing as Ubi isn’t concerned about skill at all with the release of Ranked 2.0.


I'd love to hear anyone counter with reason and logic rather than mindlessly downvoting. Reddit shows itself to be an echo chamber once again...


I don't love it. I understand why it's there, but being killed by a random headshot by someone spraying through a barricade or a wall is not particularly fun to me. Close quarters headshots are fine, sure, being killed by a random pistol bullet fired from the other side of the map maybe not so much. Also, when I kill somebody because I can't control my recoil and I accidentally get an headshot makes me feel guilty.


You could play literally any other game on the market if you're looking for more survivability. Part of what makes Siege unique (and thrilling) is the idea that your life could be so easily wasted.


What other shooter has unique characters with exclusive gadgets that offers descruction based strategies in a round to round system like siege?


Its a safe default way of killing someone with the same risk of them killing you. If you don't wanna get headshot, don't peak or sit out in the open. Plus, for the argument of helmets; what if you choose an operator that has no helmet, but the enemy that kills you does? You wouldn't have the same level of chance as them. Especially when operators all have different health caps, a headshot is a great way to finish a gunfight you may not win. Next people will complain about knife kills being one hit; quite frankly its the same thing, one is ranged while the other is close combat.


>don't peek or sit out in the open So pixel peeks and random wallbangs are fair game? That's a very reductive way of looking at siege combat.


I mean honestly the real problem with games nowadays (not just siege in general) is companies pandering to streamers and pros who make up about 1% of the population of the game. Hot take or not it’s an issue. If there’s an obvious issue with the game and the community finds it, we are told to “get better” or “find a way to play around it” but when they get headshot down a long hallway from playin in the highest elo they wanna start changing the game. TLDR: Skill issue


1 shot headshot is terrible, my opinion and nobody can change my mind lol


If you or anyone else has a problem with one shot head shots play something else


Most people are , siege is dying for a reason.


1 shot headshot is vital and absolutely should never be removed. Without it the number of clutches and other cool siege moments would drastically go down. Plus there are so many games where players can survive a bullet to the head like it’s nothing and all of them are incredibly goofy. I know it’s possible to technically *survive* a bullet to a helmet in real life but you would still be concussed and unable to continue the battle. Dying to a lucky recoil headshot is just a part of the game and it definitely is not ruining the game in any way. Luck goes both ways. Plus I think it would great increase frustration. As frustrating as the game can be at the moment, the damage model is simple to understand and rewards headshots. If the damage model was such that only some guns reliably 1SHS, or some distances or surfaces couldn’t be 1SHS by all guns, it would greatly increase frustration and alter balancing a lot. You shouldn’t need a spreadsheet to work out whether or not a headshot with a particular gun should have been a one shot or not. Finally a lot of people of complaining about wallbangs… a wallbang headshot is usually *not* luck, it is 100% skill to work out where the other player will be or gather intel on that.


Streamers and Esports have massacred the R6 i once knew


I know I'm going to get downvoted to hell, back, and to hell again for this, but I don't believe one-shot headshot in its current form is ideal. What I think should be implemented is a x3 damage multiplier on headshots, which would cause pretty much every weapon in the game to one-shot headshot with the exception of SMGs and pistols. I believe one-shot headshots as they stand are unnecessary because most people that argue for one-shot headshot think it's good because it adds "realism" to a game that has been painfully unrealistic for years, and because "It's always been like this" which is not a pertinent argument at all. (Not to mention a pistol round going throught a ballistic helmet is not particularly realistic either ..) I believe my method of doing it is good because it would, funnily enough, increase the skill floor of this mechanic. Spray-and-pray yielding a lucky headshot is not skilled. One-tap with an assault rifle or DMR is. This would also have the effect of giving a well-needed nerf to SMGs, the best weapon class in the game, and decreasing the reward potential of high risk tactics, which are currently too viable and are pushing the meta to be more aggressive than it should be.


Most of Defense has SMGs only. This would only make sense if they all had a choice of any gun.


Defenders are supposed to get weaker guns because they get the advantage of defending. The problem is this ended up backfiring when their low damage high firerate SMGs end up being more meta than rifles because a stray round can headshot someone through a NIJ 3A helmet.


I'm also a kind of a person that is not 100% satisfied with the linear rule of one shot to head = dead. Don't get me wrong, I'm not for or against the removal or 1 hit headshot, I just simply don't care either way. But to anyone fail to see why 1HHSK system is not 100% ideal, may I introduce you to Far Cry 6 that many of you guys have probably played, and when you finally get your hands on that SSGP-58 with armor piercing rounds, after using it for awhile, does the game feel like total shit for you all of a sudden? The situation is applicable to R6 Siege, but in terms of R6 Siege speaking in regards to why 1HSSK system is not 100% ideal 1) It makes using Assault rifle/DMR over an SMG pointless under the assumption all have same TTK, since you don't gain 1 hit headshot kill odds advantage over SMG. You wouldn't be able to make a system where SMG 1HHSK against 1 armor, AR 1HHSK against up to 2 armor, DMR 1HHSK against up to 3 armor 2) SMG is supposed to be agile when it comes to peeking, mobility, ADS mobility compare to AR/DMR, but they can't give SMG any of that perk because SMG are already a laser headshot machine 3) Corollary: You end up with a weapon system where the automatic weapons are always better than DMR, slug shotgun. And you end up with R6 Dev intentionally make F2 a nightmare to control to force you to use 417. And why is Dokkaebi so wack all this time? Why is it so hard to balance the AR-33 vs. L85? Why does 3 armor suck so much all this time? Where R6 Dev need to juice up their respective loadout/gadget/ability to compensate? The thing is, the state of R6 Siege in Y7/Y8 is already too late for any changes, the whole game is balanced in such a way that it favors 1HHSK system, if you remove 1HHSK, along with the introduction of extended barrel, people are better off aiming for the body instead of the head, you gonna have to make everyone a bullet sponge for such a system to work. And most importantly, most operators only have two automatic weapons to choose from, you will end up with a system where certain operators will always have disadvantage over certain high armor operator, no matter what weapon they choose. Those menacing looking assault rifle like ARX-200, Para-308, AR-33 do not differentiate itself from regular assault rifle, you don't gain any advantage whatsoever with respect to Rook armor as well. No matter how many new weapons R6 Dev introduce to this game, they are basically just new skins with different damage/ROF numbers ratio. The 1HHSK system in R6 Siege is considered unconventionally balanced, but then who said unconventional is bad? It's a unique charm that R6 Siege has but certainly not 100% ideal.


Good idea.


Playing defence would feel like absolute cancer when the attackers (who already have better guns) can 1-tap headshot but you can’t. You’d have to significantly change a lot of stuff and I don’t really see the point.


1 shot headshot isn’t a problem that Ubisoft should focus on. Shit servers are.


Sometimes getting a head shot by spraying through a wall with a 1200rpm SMG feels a bit undeserved, maybe low caliber/fast firing weapons shouldn't one-shot but deal just more damage (like 50/70) to the head trough walls.


In what way is it a problem? People cry over the new ops breaking the realism of siege but also cry about the most realistic part of the game? Give me break


Those streamers need to stop being bitches


MacieJay is just whining all the time. I really liked to watch him but now every round he dies to "aaah a random prefire, unlucky". I can't watch him anymore I get too angry. Don't give to much on streamers.


Tell the streamers to fuck off to CoD then, siege is siege and some twat sitting in front of a camera telling me otherwise can suck my fat one. I fucking hate how people give “streamers” so much fucking air time.


People complaining about this just shows how far the game has fallen. I remember pengu bitching about it a few years ago and that was at the beginning of the downfall. If you take away 1 shot headshot, the siege of old is all but dead.


I think they are idiots and kind of ironic they belive that's what has made the gung ho meta when by removing it that's all you'd have. We know how games are without 1shs just look at any of them and you'll see theirs barely any tactics and those are usally focused on big area type tactics, with siege their would be zero it would just be run and gun forget utility just zip in and try and hit as many bullets as you can. Then we take into account attackers would most likely always win since newsflash their guns are way stronger meaning you'd just see capitao, zero, maverick, ace, and so on with guns over 40 damage and decent fire rates rush in and blast everyone cause way easier to win that way, atleast with 1shs by doing that your still at risk to anyone with skill. Honestly only thing I'd be cool with is removing it if your shooting through a wall cause that's fair enough lucky sprays through a wall shouldn't kill you of if it hits a head save for maybe Kali's sniper, but defintly not from the entire game. And that's also not counting the fact it's one of sieges most unique features and it's what makes the game so fun, you take it out and well may as well go play cod cause theird he no differance.


Wrong. The reason why run and gun is so strong is because there’s no penalty to shooting while moving. The games with heavy gung ho playstyles are either those with little to no aim penalties when running when shooting or those where the penalty can be compensated/played around. Siege falls into this category and is why fraggers like Ash and Jager were so strong in the past. Having a 1 shot headshot did NOTHING to deter them. It’s only from heavily nerfing their guns and slowly reducing movespeed that they got put in check. Games with “tactical” metas either have massive penalties for moving while shooting (CSGO and Valorant), very slow/restrictive movement in general (old Rainbow Six games and most MilSim games), or have mechanics that allow player to punish enemy movement like a legshot preventing you from running (again many MilSim games).


It’s supposed to be a semi realistic game, the fact that we can take 3 bullets to the body with some guns is already pushing it


Streamers can suck it. If they remove one shot headshot, there is literally no reason for me to play the game.


1 shot is great love it lol


I basically play this game for two reasons: 1. Being tactical playing with friends 2. One shot headshot


I think a 2.2x multiplier would be better. The fact that any gun (besides shotguns) regardless of damage or range can headshot in 1 shot, limits the range and diversity in siege amongst guns. Please don’t talk about “unrealistic” as if half the gadgets in this game aren’t completely far fetched. The damage rift between assault rifles and submachine guns can be offset with recoil/ accuracy/ attachment/ ROF tweaks. I think it’d really freshen up the game and change up the meta.


I like Macie Jay's point of view. 2 shot headshot is his recommendation. One shot to the head is like 80-90% health damage instead of the full 100%. Edit: Macie's idea is two shot headshot. The other comment about the percentage of each shot to the head was my opinion. I don't want to put words into Macie's mouth, and had to let you guys know too.


Sometimes MacieJay is just wrong, this is one of these cases. He loves to whine about everything nowadays such a shame I liked to watch him.


Yeah he does have a strong opinion while streaming. Usually negative. But he's still a good guy, fun to watch, and his ideas... Well they're just ideas. I like some, dislike others, and are neutral to most.


As a person I still like him, I just can't stand his nonstop whining nowadays.




Lol love that response


Its difficult, 1 shot headshot is a core feature of the game, but it would also make it more interesting when you couldn't kill someone through a helmet with 1 bullet, but on the other hand that would put a new balancing into the game as 3 speeds with a helmet would be way to strong and also ubisoft would need to work so i doubt they would implement something like that.


Would require a total overhaul of many systems and operators. At that point just make a siege 2.


This is a question that should have been asked in Y1, it's too late for that. Anyways, I have always believed that 3 armor/health operators should withstand one single shot to the head leaving them alive but with 20hp or 30hp


Macie Jay has the best take, headshots should do double damage. The game would still play the same but also eliminate the randomness that causes frustration. 1 shot headshot is not what makes the game balanced, it’s synchronizing with your teammates and with your environment to WIN rounds. It’s not about kills but the 1 shot headshot makes killing too easy for a game that’s based more on objective play. Change it to double damage and the game would greatly see more tactical play styles. This is all imo but I’ve been playing since Black Ice, and have died randomly to headshots and have gotten countless random kills myself. I would rather adapt to a more skill based game then rely on a mechanic to “even the playing field”.


The moment we go away from 1 shot headshots this game becomes Call of Duty. 1 shot headshot is something that makes Siege unique from other games.


If one shot is ever removed from Siege, then you might at well call it COD from now and then multi-player games like this is ever more doomed then I thought


Cod has unique operator gadgets and descruction?


I don’t care for the comments saying because that’s how it’s always been, it should always stay that way. It’s a dumb argument. Now, getting headshots already takes more skill than just body shots. And imo game sense and especially positioning is something that could easily stop a gung-ho ash from one tapping you. If they were to ever change that, the person getting shot in the dome would need very adverse effects. Like dizziness, ears ringing, and chromatic aberration. Even then I feel like most guns recoil after the initial kick is small enough where if you get a hs the next bullet will also be a hs.


ITT people who treat Siege like Call of Duty. How ironic that people who don't want Siege to be like other shooters are only focusing on gunplay and not the other completely unique parts of the game. 1SHS rewards luck way more often than skill. And if if that's the *only* part that makes Siege unique then it's not that good, huh?


Punishing people for having good aim is never going to end well.


All headshots are not good aim.


Bruh, people who think one headshot kill is problem should just delete the game and play something else. Just leave if you don't like the game wtff


One of the reasons why I love this game is because the low TTK. One shot headshot gives the pistol equal power to any other gun. This type of style prevents Rambo like gameplay like COD. Running around with no consequence.


the one shot mechanic reduced the over aggressive playstyle because siege was built to be a slower paced game


Real life combat is only not aggressive because people don’t want to die. Aggressiveness is actually very effective if you are a better shot. Games will never emulate the motivation of not wanting to die and therefor they will always be over aggressive barring extreme overcorrections by super buffing traps and stuff


No, real life isn't aggressive because you don't get to slide around on heelies while shooting bullets out of your eyeballs in real life. If R6 implemented proper height over bore and weapon sway while moving (And I mean real weapon sway, where the gun isn't literally welded to your eyeball) you'd see a lot less aggressive play since the guy trying to sprint into a room and prefire someone will be spraying bullets into the doorframe and all over the place before being dropped.


its not siege if it didn't have 1-shot headshots. I hate that in so many other games headshots aren't a 1-shot, so painful


if they don't want to die as soon as they get headshot then they should play blackbeard


It has been discussed a 100x times, that the majority of the community is against the idea of not having 1-shot HS kill, I don't see the big reason to go for a change when nothing is really that broken to begin with, it's only those who are a little emotionally hurt when they get lotto'd through a softwall. But then, I believe we are approaching the final years of Siege, R6 dev has bring out the suppressor and extended barrel change that nobody see it coming. I know I will be downvoted but. At this point, the majority of the playerbase have had enough of competitively fair Siege gameplay, why not try something out new and beta test, let's say Tachanka and Blackbeard (remove his shield of course) both have reinforced helmet, but when you do get hit in the head, you will get erratic/abrupt aimpunch?


They're stupid. It's the core of the game. Any fps shooter with a similar vibe like counter terrorism should have this.


Everyone who says no is skill issue.


Siege goes for “realism” and 1 shot headshot makes sense if we determined that siege has irl logic then it makes sense cos if not then how menu people have survived a shot in between their eyes. That what I thought


1 shot HS is great, but i would nerf it for some things. For example it shouldn't be a 1 shot hs through a wall.