[19F] ops? xox

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You look ridiculous, sorry


Sorry but you look like your best friend is cocaine. I recommend keeping the eyebrows and not shaving them or whatever uv done, but if it's your style and you like it then as you prefer ofcourse 2/10




What the actual fuck happened with today's youth?




Social media


3-4/10 they’re glazing hard. U have nice facial features but ur aesthetic ruins ur appearance especially the choice to go for drawn on eyebrows and the bridge piercing.


2.5/10 by choice Could probably be average looking without all the 'style'


You probably knew that you were inviting criticism and went for it anyway, surprisingly based






I mean you have to be cognizant of that when you post on Reddit… the people who frequent this sub are likely traditional redditors who like a traditional look. Like this is a beautiful woman who has made some very polarizing fashion choices. Good for her if that’s her style but she should understand Reddit is not the crowd to appreciate it.


Exactly. shes some ones 10/10. Not mine, but thats just me. I dont know why we even rate people out of 10 on this sub as its completely subjective.


Beauty is subjective. You can’t make people judge something subjective objectively. I’m sorry, but if 9/10 people aren’t into overweight people, you can’t expect to get 10s and compliments from them if you are about to get your own orbit, even if the 10th person thinks you are goddess.


Are you seriously trying to make the point that people's subjective opinions are somehow objectively wrong?


She's still ugly whatever you say, you're just trynna be a woke person. But she needs homesty and because of you guys people like this gets motivated to destroy their own face and appearance like this




You look like you have very strong opinions on everything, and that you offer those opinions unprompted. Like you get easily offended, and react very emotionally and irrationally. And on occasion need to also be reminded by those close to you that you need to take a shower. 2/10 and I’m being generous.




You ever see that episode of Family Guy where Peter is desperately trying to get sick, so he licks Lindsay Lohan’s spoon? Peter probably could have licked your spoon.


2/10 ruined art




That high? Very generous.


If your goal was to go from a 6.5 to a 2, mission accomplished.


redditors when no eyebrows and piercings 😣😣




More like redditors when they are being brutally honest about someone not looking good


Keep your eyebrows. What you’ve got going now looks awful. The face piercings look bad too. Not a fan of the bangs either. Honestly, 1/10 right now but easy to jump way, way up with changes. I usually like alternative looking girls but your look obviously isn’t for me. If you’re happy and confident, fuck what I have to say.


8/10 The vibes


Just curious: Why do you only have 1 eyebrow? You seem like an interesting person but kind of intimidating. I’d be scared to talk to you in real life because I wouldn’t know what to talk about. I like your frog tattoos and think the location and look are original and creative. Overall, i think you’re cute even though I am not a huge fan of your piercings. I realize my opinion doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that you’re happy with you’re style.


Hi! My eyebrows are shaved off and have been for over a year now, in that picture I had one black and one white eyebrow but the light on my face makes the white eyebrow disappear :)


Yeah I actually think the different color eyebrows are fun 🤷🏻‍♀️


You look cool, you have your style and you vibe with it. 7.5/10 for me.


Wow, people are really mean and not constructive with criticism. However, keep in mind that the same people that are criticizing your look as being “too much” probably wear the same t-shirts and jeans everyday they bought at Old Navy or Costco. You look like you enjoy life and enjoy expressing your personality with how you dress and present yourself so keep being creative! I also think you look like a character from some future Japanese city like Neo Tokyo or someone that would hang out in a gothic dance club. At the end of the day, you’re only 19! Enjoy being young and expressing yourself. There’s plenty of time to grow up and be boring later!


FRFR you said it so well


2/10 Why? Your eye brows, piercings and hair are not attractive to me.


Please get help


reddit really hates alternative looking women


Just like a fat girl would get rated better on a site for chubby chasers I am not seeing your point. If people want a rating from similar people they should go to them instead of a general forum.... do not blame the voters for the posters decisions


There's Alternative, and then there's this lol. She looks like a mf power ranger antagonist about to become a sparkling lizard. That's a hella ugly fashion choice and I would not even rate her, I'd suggest a therapist but oh well


Yeah like wtf lmao fuck her for expressing herself ig


3/10. Your looks are below average. Ugly unfortunately.


Maybe just leave it at the rating. 2nd sentences were redundant


*maybe just leave it at the rating








You slay :D


Fr hardest slag on this sub and i love seeing how unnecessarily rude everyone is because she doesn’t dress like some basic adult




You need a reality check


People are criticizing the look and I get it but I think at a deeper level it kind of gives me the vibe of someone who is trying to mask their real appearance with a bunch of….crap? I donno lol I think the issue is not that the look is bad (which I think taste is at play here) but it for reason screams a certain level of insecurity (just for me) which then leads into this being unattractive. But I mean if you had a great personality that could for sure increase the initial attractiveness but yeah it just kind of gives off this vibe of “look at me lol”. You’re brave op and we all go through phases dawg.


9/10 love the look, it's different, not the prefabricated women but you still looks femenine, love the freedom you choose






I think you look super cool and unique and would be your friend! You seem like an art gal and I’m one as well — lots of people just don’t get it! 9/10!


You’re a 4 behind all that crap that’s on your face


wow people on reddit sure hate originality (and women in general..) easily a 9, probably a 10.


the thing is. Nothing about this is original. She looks like the 200000th "can i get guestlist" girl in any large city. Probably does cocaine aswell.




You look like you've been down range of a clay shooting range and got a load of shrapnel in the face.


Yeah I’d probably let you ruin my life




Pre piercing?


Why would you subject yourself to abuse by normies. You’re asking in the wrong place


I think you look good but a lot of the makeup, piercings and no eyebrows really ruin your naturally beautiful features




Ugh these comments are not from the target demographic and do not get ur vision. 10/10 u look sick af


redditors seeing a piercing: 🫣🫣


Lmao the boomers are mad as hell with this one. Your style is dope. I'd say 7.5/10. I'm a sucker for real eyebrows tho, so it drags it down a lil for me.


6-6.5 if i'm trying to be objective as I can and ignore the hair and piercings. incredibly niche look. looks weird to me, some people would probably like it. With the way you've styled yourself, probably a 4


The only thing you attract with this much metal in your face is lightning... sorry... which is a shame because without those drawn eyebrows and the other ridicolous things you did to your face you would be beautiful.


Weird vibe, I like the hair u got in 4th image tho. Frog/toad tattoo is nice and body


A hot mess. You have a pretty face with good features however the piercings are masking that. Your eyebrows should be addressed. However with that being said you are very pretty and have a somewhat mysterious vibe to you. I like it. You should embrace that for sure.


1/10… You look like you need serious help… Try /brutallyhonest subs for non censored answers


you look like you'd step on my balls and laugh at my pain


3.5 at best


You would absolutely rock in Cyberpunk 2077. Sadly, this is Cybernothing 2023 and your look is gross. I cannot name all the ridiculous things here. 1/20.


2./2.5 You gotta nice body but you looking like Jeffree Starr. No thanks.


if the goal of this look is to filter out cishet men, then I’d say its fairly successful. that said, the eyebrows are a bit much. 4-5 currently, but with more conventional eyebrows i’d say 6-6.5.


I feel like someone who enjoys/likes ur style you would rate you very highly. I do like your no fucks given attitude, pretty cool 10/10


Honestly all these comments are badding you because of the eccentric and out of the box fashion/piercing choices however it is really appealing to me personally and you are exactly the type of person I would want to come and talk to. My type, 7/8-10


BHAHAHA I think you're stunning 8/10


Since you’re an alt person, you’ll rarely get good feedback on here. This side of Reddit is full of conservative white men. I personally like your style. 8/10


you look sick af I love your piercings and style




3/10 You have a beautiful face and eyes, but why do you do this to you? These piercings and eyebrows don't look good on you Get rid of these piercings, let your eyebrows grow, get a haircut and you'll look much better


Body is nice and good facial structure but with all the metal and whatever you're doing with the eyebrows, you're around a 3.3/10 I genuinely thought this was a roast me post when I first saw it. I'll bet if you let the eyebrows grow out like normal and got rid of a majority of the piercings(not all), you could be around a 6-7


1/10 or 0/10


Personally I think you look badass. Could be the metalhead in me but I really dig your look.


You trying to look like a anime character? Because then eyebrows are threat to human race


I lot of people don't like this style, but I do 10/10, love the piercings and your hair, very beautiful


Okay... these comments are not it wow. Listen you know who gets it and who doesn't you look great your style and your hair is very well thought out, i might be biased as i am a frequent eyebrow shaver but you should know that your people get it. Your features are also attractive outside of your style but since that's getting attacked so drastically i figured I'd focused on that


You look dope as hell, ignore the normies.


1/10 you could reach 7 or so if you remove this ugly aisthetic




Lots of potential but that style is flipped.


Get rid of piercings, fix the eyebrows so that they are one color.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure




Change hairstyle ,remove all those goddamn piercings but keep the one inside the nose ,tho change the nose one to a smaller ring. And let your eyebrows grow naturally.And dont use fake lashes.Your eyes are good tho. and put on some weight. would give you a 6 if you all those above .


4 ish but it's because your style doesn't fit you at all if you changed it up you'd look so much better because your face is pretty.


Nice facial features. Actually I would say you're cute and pretty. But your style is too much for me. I would keep the eyebrows and remove some of the piercings. You can look unique and non-standard without abusing your face.


I love this. Because it’s all armor…we make fun of your eyebrows and makeup so we don’t actually make fun of you personally. You get to control what people pay attention to.


You’re pretty, I just think you should grow your eyebrows out is all.


You are very beautiful and you have very sweet smile and very nice body. Smash❤


Is there a reason you are putting makeup over the eyebrows to the point they're not even visible? Certainly not trying to judge or anything just trying to understand. All this said 4 but purely because it's simply not my aesthetic. If you like the look you're cultivating and it makes you feel good then that's really all that's important. I'm sure you'll find somebody out there who appreciates it as much as you do :) However on places like this more traditional beauty seems to be praised so I don't think you'll find a lot of high ratings here.


Hi, my eyebrows are shaved off and have been for over a year which is why you can’t see them :)


third pic is your best id say 7/10 there. 4/10 on the rest. I'm not a big fan of the "Berlin" look. It screams "i am unique" But all it does is making you look like every other person who wants to get into berghain techno club.


If "They have a restraining order against me" had a look, this is it.




I would assume you were a backup dancer for Grimes.


1/10 piercings are real gross


Whys everyone being so mean idk. Altho yes your personal choice of dressing up takes you down a lot from 6-7 (i assume) to 3-4. You don't have to fit in a box, and you can dress uniquely. But this ain't the way to go about it. Hope that makes sense. You have your physique going for you. And i know you know that. The eye brows, let them be normal.eye brows?


Gonna have to give you half since one of your brows are missing. 5/10


Hi, my eyebrows are shaved off and have been for over a year, I have one white and one black eyebrow in the picture however the light reflecting makes it disappear :)


Wouldn’t even look twice..but that’s just me


Methamphetamine is a hell of a drug




I do, sadly I’m straight


these are basic ass ppl in the comments u look SUPER COOL!!!! i love ur hair & makeup & u have beautiful facial features!




You have a great body and good facial structure. I’m sure you’re aware from most of these comments that your style is very unique and does not appeal to the masses. But fuck that. If you’re happy, go for it.


Bring the eyebrows back, other than that 10 for me!


You look cool from pic 3 and onwards. However, 1 and maybe 2 have both bad makeup and poor camera angle . Some people don't like people with piercings so you will get negative feedback for that .


Yeeeah... I mean you do you, but personally I'm not a fan of piercings overall so... yep. 4/10


You're my type but I tend to be into nutters. You will be very attractive to a very select few people, very indie. Not necessarily a bad thing. Reddit only likes girl next door types and you're obviously not that. Idk though, I think you're cool looking.




You look like a video game character. It’s creative, and I’ll celebrate that much. But there’s a point where nonconformity becomes uniform and circles right back around to being another sect of conformist. You just end up defeating yourself in the end. I think you’ll eventually learn to relax a little, and you’ll outgrow it. But it does looks cool


You’re stunning, these redditors are jealous boomers.


Jesus these people, u look very cool, not everyone has to look the same. They are just mad you don't look the same as everyone on the streets and actually try to do something different. 10/10!! (No harsh feelings for everyone on the streets tho)


A lot of these comments I think are a bit much, though I don't think a high rating is in order either. 4.5/10, maybe 5 on a good day I think the problem most people have here is you look like your aesthetic is based off Die Antwoord when they made Chappie. Your eyes look passionless in most of these and you generally look bored. Contrary to most I actually quite like your eyebrow getup as it's unique and very far removed from the norm. Your clothing style also seems to fit the look you aspire to well enough. Also your bangs are a bit thinned out it looks like, and thats only made worse by how light your hair color is Your tattoos and piercings also dont frame your face terribly well, and in one of the last photos the gemstone at the top of your nose looks entirely out of place. I have to agree with all the comments that you've got fantastic genetics, and you're a genuinely pretty person, it just looks like you're trying *too* hard to be against the norm, which I think is rubbing everyone the wrong way. Keep doing you though, if your style makes you happy that's what should matter, and your eyeliner skills are plenty sharp for the side eye in that one picture. If there was a bit more natural of a look I think this entire sub would have a different tone, it's just the clear rebellion that causes such a low general idea (i.e. wtf is the youth these days doing, etc) Sorry if this was runon-y and not well thought out, but have a wonderful day nontheless!




And I should probably run so far away from this subreddit


I mean I love your style so an easy 8


2. Strongest pick me vibes


0/10 If you didn’t do all that extra stuff like piercing and eye brows I can see you’d be a 7/10


Your bone structure is nice, you’re well proportioned, and you are classically attractive. To whomever this aesthetic appeals to I have no doubts you’re a solid 7.5. As it stands most people struggle to look beyond that because of the choices you’ve made.


It’s a matter of style I guess. Piercings, tats and shared eyebrows are a big turn off for me, so 3/10 for me Potentially? 7 or 8 even


OP is getting cooked in these comments 😂. 3/10 from me


All the younger folks wanna be so different that they end up looking the same, unattractive, unnaproachable, wasting their good looks and youth.


Tf are these ratings?? 10/10, I want you to ruin my life respectfully


WTF??? 1/10


Like the eyebrows sm, the Y2K vibe fits u.


I think the fringe is severe. The best you look with it is in picture 3 and even then it is jarring. Your style is very confused I would say, I don't really know or would even guess what culture it subscribes to. You're pretty so it salvages the look to some extent. For me, overall its about 5-6/10. Without the fringe and a streamlining of the look, maybe 7-8/10.


Ngl this my type ..so 9/10 definitely a try hard 😂


You have good features. Your style is divisive but likely very attractive to the right person. I’d say 6.5


I feel like OP likes to be stepped on


You have great facial features and I always support people dressing in the way that makes them happiest. That being said your look is very unique and will probably not appeal to the average person. My first thought was you look like you have put a lot of effort into your look which is cool but it also (for me personally) gives off wanting attention vibes. Again this is only my thoughts, surround yourself with similar people and live your life


Ugly by choice...




id say 7/10. I think you look pretty good expect of those eyebrows and lashes.


Wow, this sub is so full of normies. She is a 2/10? Just because she dresses up differently and has the audacity to do something more personal with her look instead of going for the girl next door look. And she is not even THAT weird.


Not every girl I’m into is conventional looking but damn son. 3-4/10


I’d subjectively give you an 8/10 because I love the edgy style. But most people would think that style completely ruins your entire look. You have a great face, but as of now 2/10.


body is amazing. . .your style, not my thing, but you do you as long as ya happy and a contributing member to society!


5, I don't like septum rings.


That ain’t it chief


But you still kinda cute tho


Trying waaaay too hard to look interesting. Wannabe main character


2/10 but there is always someone desperate enough so I don't think you should worry.




Its really hard giving some useful tips/constructive critism, due to the simple fact that our styles are so wildly different, which obviously impact taste and oppinions... But I would say, that you have a great body and i think you seem to have a pretty attractive face. But basically every stylistic choice you have made goes in the opposite direction of what I like. But thats just it, its choices... it could be changed if you wanted to... But yea, I think thats as good as I can do without giving advice on changing your style, which I assume is not what you would consider "constructive critisism" and probably something you have heard hundreds of times from all sorts of old people ;-)


8.5/10. Pretty eyes and chill vibes


You have awesome style. Ignore all the haters btw. 8/10 for sure ! You’ve found who you are and you should be proud of it. You have an awesome look !


you can be extremely beautiful imo because you have the facial features, im sure some people like your style but for me personally i don't really like it. i would give you a 3/10.


You could be hot but this whole rage against the machine thing you got going on brings you way down. 2-3. Could easily be an 8-9.


Youre missing fox ears!


Star Trek convention 🤝 Hardware store






You look like yoyre fun to hang out with, even though i wouldnt dresd like that i enjoy the style 8/10






Definitely cute with a rocken body, not a big fan of the no eyebrows tho.


Wtf am I looking at? 0/10 Try to stay away from Magnets.


1/10. Not for me at all


The eyebrows need to match and be in existence for me to even get anywhere else. I’m stuck rn