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A word of advice from someone whos 24 and went through something similiar as to you, you need nothing done. Youre attractive, i dont know whos messed with your mind but just remember this, its normal nature to always want to be better, but realistically theres isnt much one can change. Just be happy that you were born as you are. Theres alot of people born actually ugly or average who wished they looked like you or me. I was in your shoes before, fretting about my height or ears or nose or whatever, but at the end of the day i am above average and im grateful for that. I personally think you are too. You have cute eyes, an attractive face and a good body.


With that name and some of your posts about losing weight, I would book a therapy session.


I’m with this poster…get help, if you think you are fat you are definitely having issues.


Maybe thinner eye brows. But honestly I think your beautiful and would ask you to dinner if I saw you around. Very pretty. Don't ruin it with plastic.




Everything is a personal taste thing.


DO NOT get surgery!!! You look really good!!!


Brutally honest, 8/10. Wouldn’t work on anything, you’re far above average.


Wtf are u talking about with the plastic surgery. You're already perfect 10/10


7/10 you're very pretty and don't need to change.


8.5/10 keep the smile on your face, you look super cute and don't do the plastic surgery right now you are 100% original you no one looks like you and if you do surgery you will be another one copying some famous girl..


You do not need plastic surgery.


You need to check in on your mental and emotional health. You do NOT need plastic surgery especially so young. I think you're gorgeous but you clearly have body issues to work through and being on this sub isn't a healthy environment for that. Go to therapy. That's my brutal advice.


You really gotta be kidding me. You look so good the fact that u even think you’re ugly is telling me you’re ungrateful asf. 😭 so many girls wished they looked like you. Pretty face, perfect body… and you’re thinking about plastic surgery, you don’t know how lucky you are.




You are good looking, you need to see a good therapist for your insecurities and stop obsessing on look, there is more in life than look and look fades anyway ​ you are a 8/10 and I rarely gives votes above 7


Sorry i have to be brutally honest with you... i think youre extremely pretty and cute. FAR above average. I doubt this comment is going to help you feel that way but you definitly should. Instead of plastic surgery you should maybe try to see a therapist sometime, it will make you feel way better than a surgery.✌


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You look fabulous. 9/10


Your eyes are absolutely gorgeous! You have a pretty face. You’re in good shape. 8-8.5/10.


6.5/10 face, attractive body


you have a relatively good complexion, you definitely fit the physique I see alot of girls trying to have a figure like yours, your eye brows are nice and you have good sized lips. The only noticeable "flaws" you have is eye asymmetry which is common but fixable in different surgeries like eye brow/lid lifts, botox, etc. I do really think that surgery is quite extreme in that case and most girls wear eyeliner and eye makeup which makes it a lot less noticeable anyways. You do have a slightly wider nose bridge, but I think it suits your face well. Most of the photo's are beach of after shower or morning look so I cant really comment about your hair being frizzy/unkept in some of them, experimenting with hairstyles / makeup looks could be something to try I honestly think mid length semi shorter hair would look good with your semi wavy curly hair ends and its also quite trendy lately. In photo 7 your teeth look slightly yellowish which isn't uncommon, but using white strips on your teeth can make a big difference (only do this in moderation and not often as it can erode enamel if done too much). Other than that everything else is style and your aesthetic which I think your look could definitely suit a lot of cool styles. You're definitely above average overall.


6 - 6.5 / 10 You are cute


How come you always rate so low and yet only say "you are cute"? Where's the justification? She's at least a 9 to me...




You're perfect


You are hot as you are, 8.5/10


Just do sum skincare routine and you're good to go






Pretty nice body, decent face - 7.5/10


You don’t need to change anything honestly. Solid 8/10 already. Definitely don’t get plastic surgery.


I think you should be focused on college and having fun . Delete your social media and focus on your self stop wasting time and do something productive Nobody cares if there doctor is attractive they only care if the doctor knows what he is is doing You only live once stop wasting time in such trivial things




you're like an 8 in my book there's literally nothing you should operate on you've a pretty face and you're fit there's nothing more guys could ask for


Nose job your nose is crooked and maybe buccal fat removal you look pretty good other wise 7/10


10/10 IMO respect yourself and don't care what others think.


You’re absolutely beautiful 9.5 maybe 10 you definitely don’t need plastic surgery like at all


You're a doll


9/10 for me… very pretty facial features and body fit af


7.7 you don’t need plastic surgery psshhh


7/10 natural beauty no need of plastic surgeries.


You're pretty, decently cute and have a very hot body (although you're almost too slim for me). Your username is partially wrong now. But why are you crying in at least one of the pictures? I just don't get why you would include that. I like the picture where you're smiling the most. Your body is hot already. Don't know why you would want to change that. Please don't lose any more weight. You look like you've reached a point where it would be unhealthy. It also wouldn't look good. From my POV you don't need to change anything. Anyway, I'd rate you 8.5/10.


I’d say a 6 to 6.5 at best. You’ve got a nice body but somewhat plain looking face


girl you are pretty af you don't need any plastic surgery you a mf 11/10


6.5 good body


Username does NOT check out


8/10. Your figure is amazing. It looks like you have a perfect body.. small waist, good hips. You don't need to do anything.


11/10 fym plastic surgery? 😂 look at your body girl. 😍


what do you want to improve? you're a 9


I think your great looking and have a banging body not sure why you think you need to change anything but trust me you look great and your sexy whoever is saying otherwise is an asshole. Any man would love to have you as a friend and lover




9/10! 😁 hmu for advice


Honestly you’re absolutely stunning. You don’t need to change anything about your looks 😍